Dude Ranch Barbecue


Dorothy had been watching the evening news when she got a knock on her door. It was her sister Emma from down the street. She had this incredulous look on her face as though something strange had happened.

“Hello, love,” Dorothy said with a smile. “Need me to babysit again?” She enjoyed playing aunt to her young niece.

“You’ll never believe what happened!” Emma blurted out. “I filled out some silly form for a contest, and you’ll never guess what happened!! I WON!!”

“Oh?” Dorothy replied, her eyebrows raised in amusement. “What did you win?”

“You’re not going to believe this, but I won this trip to the American southwest – all expenses paid for! I’m going to a dude ranch! I’ll get to ride horses and eat barbecue and EVERYTHING!”

Dorothy had to laugh. “I really don’t see you as the Western type, love,” she chuckled, shaking her head. “At least you and James will have a nice time.”

“But that’s just it!” Emma blurted out. “James has to work so he’ll be watching little Emma while I’m gone! I’m allowed to take someone with me and I thought you might as well come along! Bloody hell, love; it’s all paid for! You might as well take a holiday from work! You certainly need it! It’s only for a couple days! They fly you over to America and you stay at this dude ranch for a couple days and then they fly you back!”

“I don’t see me as being the Western type either, love,” Dorothy chuckled. “But you’re right about one thing: I COULD use the time off work.” Then she wrinkled her nose as she added, “Can you see the two of us riding horses and spitting chewing tobacco?”

“Oh get serious, Dottie!” Emma said in exasperation. “Are you coming or not? It’s set for next week and I have just enough time to make arrangements! That should give you time to move your clients around at work so you can take a few days off.”

Dorothy only had to think about it for a moment or two. Work had been rather stressful lately, and she realized she could certainly use the time away. “Ok, love; you talked me into it!” she said with a smile. Emma gave her a hug, telling her she was looking forward to it. Besides, they hadn’t done anything as sisters lately, and this promised to be quite an adventure together…

A week later the two landed in New York where they caught a connecting flight to Phoenix. Dorothy still couldn’t believe how excited her sister was about the whole thing. At least being in the United States was proving to be an enjoyable experience.

They landed in Phoenix where a chauffeured limousine was waiting for them. Emma was thrilled while Dorothy was confused. “This is all for us?” she asked in astonishment.

“Yes, ma’am,” their driver said, his speech giving away his Southwestern drawl. “I’ve been instructed to drive you both there in style.” Emma was heady with excitement while her sister still couldn’t believe the treatment they were getting.

There was champagne and appetizers awaiting them when they stepped inside. Dorothy nearly melted into the soft, cushioned seats. Emma beamed as she helped herself to a bottle chilling in a bucket of ice.

“What did I tell you!” she gushed, happily popping the cork and then pouring them both a drink. “I told you I won this contest, love!” All Dorothy could do was shake her head in amazement.

They helped themselves to drinks and hors d’oeuvres for the long drive. After awhile, both sisters became more than a little intoxicated. They giggled like schoolgirls, excited to be on the road to a real western dude ranch.

When they arrived they discovered the place was quite busy. There were vehicles in the parking lot from all over the country, the varied license plates representing numerous states. There were cowboys escorting female city slickers around, while over in a corral they could see tourists mounting horses for a ride around the ranch. The smell of barbecuing meat hung heavy in the air.

Dorothy was embarrassed she and her sister stood out like sore thumbs all dressed up in their English skirts and tops. But as the chauffer escorted them in through an opening in the fence they saw people smiling cheerfully at them. Besides, their alcoholic intake had helped numb them sufficiently so that they were feeling no pain.

They were escorted through the milling crowd of cowboys, tourists and horses over to what appeared to be a sizeable barbecue pit. The smell of roasting meat was tantalizing, and it made Dorothy’s mouth water. “I could go for a little barbecue myself,” she told her sister with a chuckle.

“Welcome, ladies!” a man cheerfully proclaimed as he walked up to them. He was dressed in the typical western wear, a large apron indicating he was one of the cooks. “The winner of the contest?” he asked, looking back and forth between them.

“That would be me,” Emma replied with a giggle, tapping her chest with a finger. “My husband couldn’t make it so I brought my sister along.”

“Splendid!” the man responded happily, clapping his hands together. “As you can see, we’ve got the pits going and we’ve got quite a hungry crowd! This way, please!”

Dorothy and Emma followed him to two rather conspicuous tables. Dorothy thought it odd they hadn’t seen anything cooking in their immediate vicinity. But the air was heavy with the aroma of various kinds of roasting meats, so something was obviously cooking somewhere nearby.

She could make out the delicious aroma of poultry and beef… and was that ham she detected? There were other smells she couldn’t distinguish, a flavor of meat she could not identify. But she could easily smell the distinct aroma of charcoal and hickory which were giving everything a wonderful seasoning.

Several people were standing around outside a fenced off area as though they had gathered to watch. There were whoops and hollers over the attractiveness of the two English guests. Emma blushed as Dorothy felt a pleasant warmth spread between her legs at all the attention they were getting, especially from the males.

All of the sudden two cowboys with long, metal poles stepped forward, much to the cheers of the gathering crowd. “I see the boys are ready, ladies,” the chef told them. “Now if you’ll get out of those clothes and onto the table we’ll get started.”

“Out of our clothes?” Emma stammered in shock.

“Get started?” Dorothy blurted out in alarm as a chill ran down her spine. “Get started for what?”

“Why get started with the spitting, of course!” The crowd laughed and applauded at that.

“What?” Emma gasped nervously. She looked all around as though seeking an exit. But there were people everywhere with cowboys standing at the ready to lend a hand if necessary.

“I don’t understand!” Dorothy blurted out. Then she caught a glimpse of the roasting pits a short distance away, and she blanched at what she saw…

Naked women were rotating on spits, metal poles impaling them from head to crotch!

“Bloody hell!” she gasped. Then she turned in horror to her sister. “They’re going to barbecue us, love!”

“What? NO!” Emma blanched in horror. The crowd laughed again as the chef smiled at them.

“Well, ladies,” he told them. “We can do this the easy way… or we can do it the hard way. “It’s totally your choice, of course.” Other cowboys stepped closer as though indicating they were ready and willing if not downright eager to assist.

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy murmured to her sister. “What kind of a contest did you enter?? You just turned us into the afternoon meal!” Then she promptly wet herself.

“S-sorry, love!” Emma stammered. Then she nervously looked all around. When a couple of cowboys took another ominous step forward, she blurted out, “All right – all right; we’re getting undressed!”

Dorothy was red-faced as she began to work herself out of her skirt and blouse. There were more whoops and hollers, from females as well as males. “I hear British birds are good eatin’!” Some cowboy hollered out, causing the crowd to laugh and cheer. That’s when Dorothy’s sister Emma wet herself.

Both ladies finished undressing, self-consciously trying to cover their private parts as the milling crowd looked on with eagerness. They were instructed to climb onto the metal tables and lie on their backs. The surface wasn’t long enough to fully support them, causing their legs to bend at the knees as their heads hung over the ends of their tables.

“How about a last fuck?” a male spectator called out.

“Yeah; flavor the meat!” a female added with a laugh.

“All right, folks!” the chef agreed, summoning a couple cowboys to step forward. “Richard and Roland here have been working hard all day! I’d say they’ve earned a reward, wouldn’t you?”

There were more whoops, catcalls and applause as two cowboys stepped forward. Both of them shed their jeans, revealing rather noticeable erections. Dorothy and Emma couldn’t see them as their heads were tipped back. But they trembled with fright each time the crowd laughed and cheered.

Dorothy felt her cock first, gasping and whimpering as it started to push its way inside. “Hey; she’s already wet!” Richard proclaimed. Dorothy whimpered with embarrassment as he began to thrust in and out of her as she lay right there on the preparing table.

Next to her she heard her sister start to grunt from each thrust she was given. Dorothy turned her head to look over at her sister. She saw Emma all red-faced, an expression of shame and embarrassment in her features as she mewled from her fucking. “At least we’re getting one last shag, love” she whispered encouragingly to her.

She suddenly heard someone tell the cook to put their mouths to use since their heads were tipped back in such a tempting position. The chef said something unintelligible and Dorothy stiffened, whimpering as her pussy was royally fucked. Then she thought she heard two more zippers as the crowd cheered again.

A cock suddenly appeared within her line of sight. Resigning herself to her fate, Dorothy dutifully opened her mouth. “Hey, she wants her last protein shake!” a watchful cowboy called out to the crowd, eliciting more laughter.

Dorothy grunted and gurgled, her body rocking from a cock in each end. She tried to look over at her sister but she couldn’t see her very well. It was embarrassing as hell, being fucked in both ends while what felt like the whole bloody United States looked on!!

All of the sudden she felt the cock in her pussy explode, filling her with a satisfying warmth. It was too much for her overly excited, humiliated body to take. Dorothy screamed into the cock in her mouth as she orgasmed shamefully on her table.

“Give ‘em a few more; we’ve got plenty of time!” a spectator with that southwestern drawl called out. There was more laughter and cheers. The cock pulled out of Dorothy’s pussy, only to be replaced by another.

It was horrifying; it was embarrassing; it was humiliating as hell! They were being prepared for slaughter by being fucked in both ends! Then the cock went off in her mouth, leaving cum dripping down her face and into her eyes before a second cock replaced the first one.

It seemed like their fucking lasted forever, although it probably wasn’t more than a good fifteen or twenty minutes. Dorothy even heard her sister cry out in orgasm a couple of times! It was erotic as hell, and it was enough to trigger a second climax of her own.

It happened without warning while she still had a cock in her mouth. One minute she was being throat-fucked, the next her pussy was being filled with hard steel. Hands suddenly grabbed her arms and legs to hold her in place while others pushed down on her sides. She hadn’t even heard them make an announcement or anything!!

All of the sudden she heard a muffled scream from her sister. She managed to glance over enough to see the poor thing writhing like crazy with yet another cock forced into her mouth. Several cowboys were holding her down to steady her. But she could just make out some cowboy forcing a pole in between her legs.

Dorothy felt a painful rupture inside her; the pole had penetrated her cervix. The agony was horrific and she screamed anew. Then she understood why her sister was writhing around as all those hands pushed down to steady her. She was going through a similar torture, and she writhed against the hands that sought to steady her.

The pain pushed into her stomach, moving around inside like an alien invader. Then she felt it start up her esophagus. Dorothy began to writhe anew, coughing as she instinctively tried to fight against the metallic invader that seemed to want to kill her from the inside out!

All of the sudden Emma’s screams became all too clear as the cock left its deposit in her mouth and then withdrew. Then she was gagging and gurgling as though she was choking to death. Dorothy could hear the sadistic crowd cheering the whole time as her own pole began to gag her from the inside.

Her sister’s cries were reduced to muffled grunts, her naked body spasming in anguish. Then Dorothy glanced over just in time to see the tip of the metal pole emerge out of her sister’s mouth, forcing her head to tip way back. It was strangely arousing in a horrific sort of way.

She felt a new pain as the spit pushed through her throat. Dorothy felt it forcing her head back. Then she stared in absolute horror as the metal tip slowly emerged out of her mouth to the cheers of the gathered spectators.

She became numb with shock, and things got a little fuzzy from there. She though she heard something about removing pussy hair, although she couldn’t be sure. Then she felt an agonizing flame scorching her cunt. She writhed in agony as she tried to scream, wondering how the hell she could still be alive through all this!

She could no longer see her sister, but she could definitely make out the sounds of her suffering, hear the sound of the torch as it burned away Emma’s crotch hair. She heard her sister trying to scream, could hear her wriggling and writhing in grunts of agony on the table. Then a cheer went up from the crowd as her own pole was lifted up.

Dorothy was rolled over facing downward on the table, her head looking straight out. Seeing the spit protruding out of her mouth was an unnerving experience. Her body had no way to process what was happening to her, resulting in much dizziness and nausea. But she couldn’t even vomit despite feeling her stomach heave!

She eventually felt her arms being tied behind her back with some sort of metal or wire or something. Then her ankles were secured to the pole. A cowboy stepped in front of her and grasped the front end of her pole, and she was lifted up off the table to the cheers of the crowd.

It was disorienting being carried along fully impaled by a metallic pole. She had a feeling of falling as her body had no way to process the sensation of being carried along fully spitted! She grunted each time the pole bounced from her handlers taking another step.

The barbecue pit came fully into her line of vision, and her eyes flew open in horror. Truly there were several females already roasting, some with body parts having already been sliced off! It was bloody horrific… and she and her sister were about to join them!!

She was placed on a set of metal posts that stuck up out of the ground, the ends in the shape of a V to hold each end of her pole. Next to her she could barely make out the form of her sister Emma being placed upon a similar set of posts. There was activity at her feet, as though they were making some sort of attachment to her pole.

She grunted in horror as pieces of aromatic wood and bark were spread out below her. Some sort of oil was sprinkled upon the wood, supposedly to help it all burn uniformly. She was numb all over, her mind trying to process how this could be happening to them!!

“Light ‘em up, boys!” she heard a male voice declare. The next thing she saw was a flaming piece of wood thrown onto her kindling. It caught with a whoosh, and she screamed into the pole protruding out of her mouth. Then she began to rotate over the inferno below, twisting face up and then face down.

Dorothy screamed and screamed from the flames hungrily lapping her body. Next to her she got hazy glances of Emma twisting and suffering and grunting, fully impaled upon her own spit. The two English sisters rotated together, muscles twitching and bodies writhing.

Dorothy cried out from the never-ending flames leaping up to caress her naked flesh. She suddenly shuddered, letting out a muffled cry from an involuntary orgasm. She could not help herself, and she heard a sudden sizzle as though she had wet herself, her spray hitting the flames below.

She heard the anguished grunts of her sister roasting next to her, getting an occasional horrific glance at her. Then everything in her line of sight slowly retracted all around her until all that she knew – all that was left of her world – were the flames and her suffering and the smell of barbecuing meat. Her senses continued to spiral inward until she finally succumbed to the shock and the heat of a good old fashioned, southwestern barbecue…

© 2015

(written for Dorothy and Emma Jan 8 by riwa)

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