Perkie’s birthday beheading


I led her into the room blindfolded with her arms cuffed behind her back. She was completely naked of course, no doubt expecting a good fucking on her birthday. To be sure, I was planning on not disappointing her.

“Ok, kneel down, Perkie,” I instructed. She dutifully knelt as I held her arm, helping her to her knees. “Now lean forward,” I instructed, helping her lean over.”

“Wait, what are you doing; I’m going to fall!” she blurted out.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” I told her as I gently lowered her down. Her neck settled into the lower part of the lunette and she gasped for breath.

“Comfy?” I asked as she started to tremble. Now I think she was beginning to get the picture. I’m pretty sure she fully understood when I brought the top half of the lunette down upon her neck.

“Oh, FUCK!” she gasped as she started to hyperventilate. Then I removed the blindfold. The first thing she saw was the wicker basket waiting to catch her head. The second: my hard cock sticking out in her direction.

I pushed it forward, and she willingly parted her lips, taking me into her mouth. I thrust nice and slow, allowing her tongue to savor the flavor of my manhood. I let her get me nice and hard until I pulled out of her mouth.

“Are you going to fuck me here in the guillotine?” she asked, panting heavily for breath.

“I’m going last,” I told her with a smile as I grabbed the rope and pulled down.

It freed the blade from its locked position, and I told her to open her mouth. Then I put the rope between her teeth. “Bite down hard,” I commanded, “or you might lose your head on your birthday.”

Her eyes flew open wide as she bit down. “I’m letting go now,” I warned her. She appeared to bite down even harder as I released my grip on the rope. Then I backed away to sit down in the chair directly facing her.

“You’ll have my cock just as soon as you have the first three I’ve brought in for you,” I told her with a smile, her eyes registering surprise.

I saw the first man enter buck naked. He knelt behind her, smiling appreciatively at me. She grunted as Boyce slid into her unexpectedly from behind, the burly fellow commenting how nice and wet she was.

Perkie writhed and moaned as he began thrusting in and out of her. “Bite down on that rope now or you’ll lose your head!” I commanded. Her eyes rolled, and I thought I detected a mixture of fear and arousal in her expression.

My cock was hard and I stroked it in plain view of her face as Boyce fucked her good and hard. She whimpered and grunted with each thrust, making me wonder how long she could keep that rope between her lips. “Don’t open your mouth, or it’s all over!” I warned.

All of the sudden Boyce roared out his release. Perkie winced as she appeared to bite down hard on the rope, screaming as her body shuddered. Then Boyce pulled out and left, leaving her whimpering as her body heaved from the after effects of her orgasm.

“Did that feel good?” I chuckled at her. “You’ve got two more to go before it’s my turn. I promise to fuck you, but I can’t promise your head will still be attached when I do.”

She moaned weakly… and then she started to grunt and shudder as Yarnel entered her next. “Nice and wet!” he observed. Then he started thrusting as well.

Perkie looked at me in alarm, grunting as she began to rock in the guillotine again. The look on her face was priceless, and I thought I saw beads of sweat pop out all over her forehead. “Oh, did I forget to tell you Yarnel’s dick is bigger than Boyce’s?” I told her with a smile, stroking myself at the eroticism of it all.

She really grunted as Yarnel pounded her hard. Her pendulous breasts shook as they hung down, her whole body rocking from his thrusts. I looked up to see if the guillotine was holding up. But the only danger was the razor-sharp diagonal blade coming down if she couldn’t keep the rope in her mouth.

“Oh fuck; I’m cumming!” Yarnel blurted out.

“Already?” I chuckled. A moment later he thrust in hard, roaring out his release. Perkie closed her eyes and winced hard, screaming into the rope in her mouth as her body shuddered yet again.

The rope stayed between her teeth as Yarnel pulled out. She panted heavily for breath, desperately trying to clamp the rope tightly between her teeth. “One more to go, and then it’s my turn,” I told her with a smile. “I hope you’re enjoying your special birthday present.”

I looked up and saw the third naked man approach Perkie from behind. “Here comes Clayton,” I warned her. “He’s got the biggest dick of the three, even bigger than mine.” Her eyes flew open in alarm, and I thought I saw her shake her head a little.

She really grunted as he pushed into her cunt, filling her to the full. Then he started thrusting good and hard. Perkie looked at me in desperation, making me stroke my cock even harder. “If you can hold on through this one, I’m next,” I told her.

She grunted as her body shook in the guillotine, her hanging breasts swaying with each thrust. Clayton, like the other two, was appreciative I was letting him fuck my girl. I had told them Perkie liked the risk of being fucked in the guillotine, but had said to them all I had rigged it so the blade would never come down. That way they could freely enjoy themselves without worrying about making her lose her head.

It was an innocent little lie…

He grunted as he pounded her, gasping out, “Fuck, she’s hot! I can’t hold back!”

“Then fill her with your spunk,” I told him. That’s when he rammed her good and hard.

Perkie suddenly screamed in orgasm; I heard it quite plainly as I saw her mouth open. A couple seconds later the blade came whooshing down with a thunk, silencing her voice forever. Her head dropped out of sight into the wicker basket as her upper body instinctively lifted up, blood spurting out of her severed neck.

I stood up, walked up to the wicker basket and pulled Perkie’s head out. She had the most astonished look on her face you would ever want to see. I smiled at her and then shoved my cock into her mouth, allowing her spasming muscles to get me off as I began to spurt cum out of her severed neck.

Clayton probably had the most shocked look of all. “I didn’t…” he started to protest, but I waved him to silence as I continued fucking Perkie’s head.

“Not your fault at all, my friend,” I explained to him, deep-throating her mouth as the tip of my cock peeked out of her bleeding neck stump. “She lost the rope from her teeth so I’ll have to put the blame squarely on her. I DO hope you enjoyed it though.”

He looked at me in shock and then remembered he was still inside her. He hastily pulled out, stammering, “Uh… yeah… I mean… when the blade fell, her cunt did amazing things to my, uh… well, thanks man, but I’ve got to be going now.”

“Thank you for making Perkie’s birthday so special,” I told him as he beat a hasty retreat. Then I pulled out of Perkie’s mouth and stared at her lifeless eyes.

“I guess it’s just you and me, honey,” I told her. “Oh yeah; I did promise to fuck you after Clayton, didn’t I! I think I’m going to give you a nice long going-away fuck if you don’t mind. Would you like to watch?”

She didn’t reply, although I assumed her answer would be yes. So I brought the chair over and sat her head upon it so she could watch me fuck her corpse. Then I knelt behind her and slid my cock inside, more than happy to settle for sloppy fourths as long as she had enjoyed her birthday present…

© 2015

(written for Perkie May 2 by riwa)

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