Cumming and going


The double-ended dildo we shared felt wonderful. I was actually clenching onto my end, straddling Terrie while fucking her with it. It was a nice long, leisurely fuck, the two of us moaning our lust as I came down on her sexy body.

“Choke me, baby,” she whispered as she panted heavily. “Choke me just a little, ok? It really gets me off.” So I wrapped my hands around her throat and gave her a squeeze.

You can’t imagine how her body reacted when I did that to her, writhing and thrashing about underneath me. Her breath rasped sexily as I playfully squeezed harder and then let up. “Harder!” she pleaded. “It makes me cum so very hard!”

“You know me, baby; I am to please.” And with that I squeezed even harder.

She began to struggle beneath me, arching her back as though trying to buck me off. I eased my grip again, but she just begged me to strangle her harder. So I wrapped my hands a little tighter around her pulsing throat.

The first time she came caught me totally by surprise. But it was a wonderful surprise seeing her orgasm beneath me, her eyes rolling as she tried to scream her ecstasy. Naturally I was squeezing hard enough to cut off her orgasmic cries.

When I released my grip on her throat she panted heavily for breath, her eyes all glazed over from that look of euphoric rapture. I clenched onto my end of the double ended dildo and began those slow, gentle thrusts again, giving her a nice, sensuous fuck. “Gawd, baby,” she whimpered.  “I’m out of breath.”

“But isn’t that the way you like it?” I purred at her as I gently squeezed my hands around her throat again. “You said it makes you cum so very hard.”

“Got to… catch my… breath!” she rasped, starting to struggle beneath me again. I could smell the aroma of our flowing juices, of our coupling together. It made me giddy with lust, giddy to take her even farther.

“Why don’t I bring you closer to the edge, baby,” I purred seductively as I strangled her harder. Her body began to buck deliciously, our tits rubbing together as she writhed underneath me.

Her tongue peeked out of her mouth as she rasped for breath… “Please… not so… hard… can’t… breathe…”

“Oh, so now you want me not to choke you so hard?” I giggled. “I thought you liked it hard.” Then I sadistically increased the pressure to her throat.

She bucked and shuddered deliciously underneath me until orgasm number 2 made its glorious appearance. Then I eased my grip, allowing her to gasp wildly for breath. Her eyes were all glazed over again from having cum so hard.

I was almost there, but I’d been deliberately holding back. Maybe one more would push us both over the edge? “Gawd, you’re sexy as hell when I choke you out,” I breathed seductively at her. “How about we try one more, ok? Maybe I should take you all the way?”

“Wait!” she rasped. But before she could say anymore my hands tightened around her throat again as once more I began thrusting harder clenching onto my end of the double-ended dildo.

“Can’t catch…. my breath…”

“Who says you need to breathe?” I purred with a giggle. “It’ll only interfere with that orgasm you want.”

She really began to buck and struggle underneath me. It was a hell of a turn-on and it made me squeeze her neck even harder. “Don’t you want to cum as you die?” I breathed into her face.

I think she panicked a little as she tried to buck me off.  Then her hands came up and tried to wrap around my own throat. For a moment I felt an erotic stab of worry as it really jolted my throbbing pussy. Then her hands fell away; she was too exhausted, especially from her recent, powerful orgasms.

“I’m almost there,” I purred quietly at her as she weakly struggled underneath me. “C’mon, baby; I want you to cum for me. Because when you cum and go I’m going to cum so very, very hard.”

Her lips moved as though she was trying to talk me out of it. But all I heard were cute little rasping sounds. “Give it up for me, Terrie,” I whispered seductively to her, enjoying the sight of that tongue poking out again.

She suddenly found a burst of energy as she started to buck and shudder beneath me. That’s when I squeezed her throat just as hard as I could as it swelled within me. “YES… YES… I’M CUMMING TOO!” I cried out, my own body humping her violently as I clenched my end of that double-ended dildo and fucked her senseless with it. She was cumming and going… and it was erotic as hell!!

She suddenly went limp underneath me, her eyes all glazed over as she stared up at the ceiling. I felt her throat with my fingers for a pulse but there was none. She’d cum and gone… and I’d ridden her to my own glorious orgasm in the process.


Gawd, baby; that was incredible!” I gasped, my heart pounding furiously in my chest. “Was it good for you too?” Then I took a sniff and detected the heady aroma of our flowing juices.

“You must have really cum hard, baby,” I panted breathlessly. “I can really smell it! That one must have been the biggest one yet!” Then I giggled as I leaned closer.

“Dying orgasms are the best, aren’t they, baby? Yours was Grade A, number 1!”

I kissed my way down her body until I found her really hard nipples which I thoroughly enjoyed sucking on. My end of the dildo slid out as I kissed further down until I found her nub and sucked on that too. Her cunt was a sexy wet mess with her end of the dildo still sticking inside.

I pulled it out and feasted on her flowing juices, sucking and slurping away to my heart’s content. A couple times I thought her body twitched and jerked on me as though she was responding to it or something. So I grabbed the double-ended dildo and thrust it hard back into her wet cunt.

I fucked her really hard with it, enjoying the way her lifeless body rocked with my thrusts. She twitched and spasmed a little more, perhaps a result of dying nerve impulses. But I like to think I gave her a nice, sexy little death orgasm, not that she ever could have felt it.

I pulled her end of the dildo out of her cunt and began licking and sucking on it. I swallowed it until I was deep-throating it, savoring the flavor from her twitching dead cunt. Then I pushed it back inside her pussy, thrusting as hard and deep as I could.

I don’t know why, but something told me she wanted to be found that way… fucked and strangled to death. So that’s the way I left her…

© 2015

(written for Terrie St. A Apr 7 by riwa)

(Picture found on the Internet and used for illustration purposes only.)

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