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Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 1-Electric Chair Teri) 4.4 (31)

Using the holodeck, I create a domineering Teri to creatively snuff herself in a variety of ways. The first thing she uses is an electric chair on her first duplicate to get me “in the mood”. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 2.2 (13)

Coming October rewards Emma owed them… so she ends up bound in a closet. A family goes for a midnight swim in the motel pool after a long trip. A couple does a drowning for OnlyFans. Sadie does a special … Continue reading

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My visit to the British Virgin Isles (1-2) 4.6 (41)

A trip out on a boat in the British Virgin Isles reveals a lot of women in the water who are eager to have some fun. But sometimes drownings can occur. Continue reading

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Mother and daughter at the Snuff club 4.5 (36)

Carrie and her mother find themselves on the Entertainment stage at the Snuff Club. Or are they? Continue reading

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A wife’s fetish 4.6 (67)

A wife’s fetish comes back to bite her when her husband starts an affair with another woman and wants to get rid of her. Continue reading

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Breasts and balloons 4.1 (38)

A woman is set up to take the fall for the crimes of another. She is punished and her tits are tortured. Then she is taken out to the lake for a special execution. Continue reading

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Slaughter in accordance with the law 3.6 (17)

Dorothy and Aneeqa get pulled over for speeding and driving under the influence, a capital offense in the county they find themselves in. But attempting to bribe the officers compounds the trouble they are already in. Continue reading

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Beheading emotions 4.6 (54)

The emotions she experiences as she is about to be beheaded. Continue reading

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Fetish swim 4.5 (22)

Lindsay makes many complicated swims for a rich man in order to help pay off her debts. Today he wants her to swim another one. Continue reading

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