A wife’s fetish


I knew my husband was having affair. I suspected it was a woman from work. But I had long since stopped caring what he did on his own time.

As for me, I’d found something new and exciting to occupy my spare time. As a result, I spent a lot of time on the internet. It made it so much easier to engage in my interests whenever he was out of the house.

Sometimes I thought about divorcing him. But I had everything I wanted. All I had to do was fix a few meals, wash some dishes and wash his clothes every now and then. He seemed content with that.

It made no sense to ask for a divorce. Why spoil a good thing? As long as we were both getting what we wanted, what did it matter?

Things came to a rather abrupt end the night he wanted to take me out to meet someone. I didn’t really care about being introduced to anyone he knew. Besides, I was just itching to stay home so I could play with some friends on the computer while he was away.

He drove me over to a house on the other side of town. When he knocked on the door, a woman I recognized as one of his co-workers answered it. “Ellen, this is Linda. Linda, this is my wife Ellen.”

“Won’t you come in?” She was polite, but I could tell right away she didn’t like me.

I glared daggers at my husband. Why the hell had he brought me over to meet his mistress? He tried to give me an innocent look. But I saw right through it.

“We can only stay a minute,” I said haughtily as she let us inside. I had no desire to spend any more time than was absolutely necessary in the presence of this home-wrecker.

She smiled with sickening sweetness. “Oh, you’ll have enough time for what I have to show you. Right this way.”

My husband and I followed her down a set of steps into the basement. I was growing more irritated by the minute. Why the hell had he brought me here??

We rounded a corner and entered a room. It was all but empty. But what I saw inside made my heart skip a beat.

There was a nice chair inside. But that wasn’t what caught my attention. It was the noose dangling from the middle of the ceiling.

Underneath was a three-legged stool. A rope was tied off to one of the legs. The other end of the rope led over to the chair.

“What the hell is this?” I gasped in growing alarm. “Is this your playroom or something?”

Seeing the noose instantly made me wet as hell. Lately my new interests had involved ropes and strangulation. I’d even played with nooses in our den while my husband was away at night, no doubt fucking the woman who now stood before me.

“She guessed it, Bill,” the bitch said to my husband with a knowing smile. “You’re right, Ellen. This is my playroom. Tonight we’re going to let you to try it out.” Then she smiled like a serpent as she nodded at the dangling coil.

“But I don’t want to try it out!”

She laughed. “Who said you had any choice in the matter?” Then she began to forcefully take my clothes off.

I tried to fight her off. But my husband pinned my arms behind my back, allowing her the freedom to deprive me of my attire. I was naked in no time at all.

“C’mon, Ellen,” the bitch urged as she pulled me toward the noose. “We want you to take it for a spin. I know you’re just dying to give it a go.”

“No… stop… WAIT!” But my protests were in vain.

The bitch produced a length of rope she used to tie my arms behind my back. Then they forced me up onto the stool. My breathing was heavy and labored as she looped the noose over my head and cinched it tight.

Linda smiled after noosing me up. “So what do you think, Ellen? Do you like it?”

“Why don’t you ride it,” I stammered, trying to control the wild beating of my heart while attempting to maintain some level of indignation.

“I already have,” the bitch replied. “It was an incredible experience. Afterwards, Bill and I talked the matter over. We decided you’d probably get a kick out of trying it for yourself.”

“Very funny. Now would you get me down from here?”

“Not until we’ve had our fun first,” she replied as she went over and tied off the other end of my noose.

Did she have to secure it so fucking tight?? I was left partially strangled as I stood upon the balls of my feet. This was not good at all.

I watched as they undressed each other. Then Bill began mauling Linda’s tits. I became a little jealous as I remembered how he used to lustfully maul mine some years ago. But that was a different era back then.

Linda pushed Bill into the chair. Then she turned and grinned at me. “I’m going to suck your husband’s cock now, Ellen. You don’t mind waiting right there until we’re finished before we hang you, do you?”

“No; you two lovebirds go right ahead.”

It was a false bravado on my part. I was both frightened and aroused. It was humiliating beyond belief watching another woman pleasure my husband.

She really worked his cock over good. Bill didn’t seem to have any problems becoming aroused with me looking on. Was it because I was noosed and helpless?

She gagged herself on it a couple of times. Then she deep-throated him. I think she wanted to prove she was a better cocksucker than I had ever been.

They kept glancing over in my direction. My nipples stayed hard the entire time. And I couldn’t get my pussy to stop dripping from a shamefully fearful arousal.

I wanted to tell them to let me down so I could leave and they could have each other. But my breath was partially cut off as it kept hanging up in my throat. It never occurred to me when I started toying around with this fetish that I might soon end up facing a hanging for real.

She climbed into his lap, impaling herself on his dick. Then she started riding him. They both did a lot of grunting and moaning like a couple of pigs in heat.

There was nothing I could do but stand there watching from my precarious position. The noose was uncomfortably tight around my throat. And I saw the end of the rope to the stool below me within easy reach of the chair they were sitting in.

Linda let out an orgasmic cry that made me jealous as hell. Bill had once made me orgasm like that. Now our lives had diverged… and it looked like our relationship was going to be permanently severed tonight.

Linda finally reached down and picked up the end of the rope leading to my stool. She was looking right at me as she told Bill, “Your ‘EX’-wife has watched our little show long enough. Let’s give her a chance to put on a show of her own. Now she’s going to dance for us. Ain’t that right, Ellen?”

I inhaled sharply as she started to pull. Instinctively I cried out, “NO; DON’T!”

My bastard of a husband smiled as he told her, “Now this is my idea of a divorce!” Then the stool was pulled out from underneath me.

I hit the end of the rope with a little bounce. It helped tighten the noose around my throat. My feet pedaled for the floor below me. But it was just out of reach.

I twisted in place as I started to kick. My pussy dripped and throbbed. But this was far worse than the times I’d previously experimented with nooses.

My fear increased a hundred-fold. But so did my arousal. I thought the noose might strangle right out of me the very idea of climaxing with a coil around my neck. Instead, I became extremely turned on, the thought of dying on the rope filling me with a terrible excitement.

Bill and Linda rocked in the chair as they fucked each other. But their eyes were on me the entire time. I got the distinct impression they’d planned this out well in advance. Now they were getting rid of the one obstacle remaining to fulfilling their sexual desires uninterrupted.

I’d cum before with a noose around my neck. In fact, it was during a time I’d been sending private messages back and forth to a friend on the internet. It was a special video chat we’d organized.

I’d rigged up a rope with a bucket of water for some added tension. I’d even put a vibrating toy in my cunt. But that was nothing compared to what I was feeling down in Linda’s basement: the entire weight of my body pulling a noose tight around my throat.

I kicked and swung in her damn basement until it exploded inside me. My knees came up as I bunny-hopped in the noose. It was an orgasm unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

The bitch excitedly pointed at me. “Look at that, Bill! Ellen fucking loves it!” Then Linda cried out as though she was cumming all over again.

I kicked and suffered in agony that was exquisitely merciless. I could not reach the floor, and I couldn’t relieve the strain around my neck. The bastards watched me from the chair as I dripped copious amounts of fluid down my legs while my nipples remained stiff and protruding.

I began to grow all dizzy and light-headed. It felt like my vision was starting to dim around the edges. Then I thought I saw Linda climb out of my husband’s lap.

I suddenly crumpled onto the floor. Hands loosened the noose from around my neck until I could breathe again. My body quivered from an aftershock of pain and pleasure.

“Bill let me down when I first rode it,” the bitch explained after loosening my noose. “It’s only fair to let you down once. Now let’s get you back on your feet for round two.”

She grinned sadistically as she pulled the stool over and set it back into place. I was forced to stand upon it as she pulled on the rope, tightening the noose around my throat. This time she pulled me even higher onto the balls of my feet before tying the damned thing off.

Once more, she went over to the chair where she went back to work on my husband’s cock. It didn’t take much effort to make him stiffen. He was already semi-hard, perhaps from seeing me in such a perilous situation.

She sucked… and then they fucked as I shuffled around on the balls of my feet. The noose was just tight enough to strangle some erotic tingles out of me. I was frightened again, but I was also shamefully aroused.

“What do you think?” the bitch asked my husband. “Should we let her give us one last dance?”

“What do you say, Ellen?” my bastard of a husband asked. “One last performance for old times’ sake?” Then Linda gave him the end of the rope to my stool, telling him, “Hang the bitch anytime you want, lover.”

This time Linda bent over the chair and faced me. My husband knelt and fucked her from behind. He had the rope to my stool in his hand as they watched me, his eyes twinkling with sadistic lust.

I struggled to pull a decent breath down into my lungs. Was this it? Were they going to hang me for real? The idea was terrifying… as well as insanely arousing.

“Gawd; he’s fucking my ass!” Linda panted breathlessly. “At least you won’t be a pain in my ass much longer, Ellen.” Then Bill playfully tugged on the rope to my stool, nearly tipping me off.

He fucked her harder. Then he asked her, “When do you want me to pull it?”

“Hang her when I cum!” Linda panted excitedly. “Gawd; I’m so fucking close!”

I shuffled around on my feet as I tried to clear my throat. I wanted to tell them they could have each other and to just let me go. But I sensed that wasn’t going to happen.

Was all this a result of my exploring this deadly fetish on the Internet? Had it all come down to this as a result of my asphyxia enthusiasms? Did it really matter?

Back home I was already beginning to search for bigger thrills. Was this my ultimate ending? Hell, maybe I was going to accidentally hang myself back in our den. What if they were only hastening a demise that had already been preordained?

I was embarrassed the way they were looking at me. It was clear they wanted to watch me hang to death. It was humiliating as hell, yet a part of it was terribly erotic.

Linda began to cry out, “Fuck… fuck… I’m gonna cum!” Then she appeared to stiffen. That’s when I saw Bill get a good grasp of the rope in his hands.

She screamed “YESSS” as she shuddered in orgasmic bliss. My eyes widened in horror at my husband as I rasped out a “NOOO”. Bill just blurted out, “Dance, bitch!” before pulling hard on the rope.

The stool was yanked out from underneath me… again. I bounced a little on the end of the rope. Even though I’d experienced it once before, I still wasn’t the least bit prepared.

My toes fluttered for solid footing. The floor was no closer than last time. That’s when I began to pedal as my legs kicked.

Bill let out a guttural cry as he rammed the bitch’s ass. She shrieked out she could feel his cum up her butt. That’s when it swelled unexpectedly within me.

My knees jerked upwards as I spurted my orgasm all over the floor. I was totally overwhelmed with an intense feeling of white-hot pleasure. I rubbed my thighs together as I swung back and forth. Then the pleasure faded, only to be replaced with agonizing pain around my throat.

I went crazy, my naked body kicking and twisting. I danced, kicked and pedaled as my feet searched for solid footing. Linda kept crying out how hot it was watching me hang to death.

I thought about the time I’d done that chat with a noose around my neck. The guy on the other end had told me how hot it was watching me touch my boobs with a noose around my neck and a toy up my cunt. He said I looked sexy as hell when I climaxed for him.

Now Linda and Bill were getting off to my death. That’s when I suddenly lost all control. It was as though my body wanted to please them, just like that private chat with that individual.

I kicked; I jerked; I fought like a hellcat. Bill just kept fucking the bitch’s asshole. At least she deserved it.

Linda kept crying out how hot I looked and that I must have been enjoying myself. She started calling me names: snuff-bunny, noose-whore and rope-slut. The names were humiliating, but I could not stop myself from responding in kind, kicking it up even more as I danced and suffered.

A second orgasm was ripped right out of my electrically charged body. My nipples were so painfully hard that they hurt. My cunt spurted as my knees jerked upward, much to Linda’s amusement.

I reached the pinnacle of my dance by humping the air with everything I had. Linda shrieked as she climaxed again. Bill just kept pounding her ass as he gasped, “Hot-damn; I married a fucking noose-slut!”

I finally exhausted myself. The noose was so tight I could barely get more than a sliver of air down my windpipe. My feet cocked and curled as my fingers wriggled in vain behind my back.

Bill and Linda panted for breath. A few moments later I started losing feeling in my legs. Then she got to her feet and walked up to me, still trying to compose herself.

“What about it, noose-slut? Got anything left for us?” Then she cruelly thrust her fingers into my soaked twat.

I squeezed instinctively until I soaked her fingers. “Fuck, the slut just came all over my hand!” I quivered as my tongue protruded out of my mouth, drool spilling onto my heaving tits.

The bitch felt me up all over, enjoying my sweaty, naked body. I stared until I couldn’t see anymore. I could only feel her molesting me.

She twisted my nipples, but I hardly felt it. I think she shoved a hand hard up my cunt. I don’t think I reacted at all.

“Hell of a show, noose-slut!” Then she kissed my nipples before sucking on the tip of my tongue. One last thrust up my cunt proved I was beyond caring.

I had finished with one hell of an O. Now it was all over. My dying hope was that Bill would tire of her and would enjoy hanging her from her own noose until she died just like I had.

2021 (written Oct 20 ’21 by riwa. Inspired by the shooter drawings.)

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