Breasts and balloons


Note: a repost formerly known as “Tit-tortured and Drowned”

That bitch Elise! It was all her fault!

She broke into Mistress’ bedroom. While she was in there, she stole some jewelry. Then she planted it among my possessions and claimed I stole it.

That witch has always hated me! I’m surprised it took her this long to implicate me in something. She’s certainly not that bright, although she damned well found a way to cook my goose!

Mistress was furious when she discovered the missing gems in my possession. No amount of protestations was going to save me. Out in the hallway I saw Elise peek around the corner and smirk at me.

My punishment was brutal. My tits were roped off close to my chest until they protruded all purple and ugly. Then I was caned good and hard.

To top it off, Mistress used her strap-on. She raped me multiple times, and I screamed and screamed. Every time I had an orgasm, Mistress gleefully shoved another hot needle all the way through one of my swollen mounds.

It was a vicious cycle, especially since my suffering was my own damn fault. You see, I’m a masochist, and Mistress knows it. And my tits are my worst feature.

The more Mistress punishes them, the harder I orgasm. I was doomed from the start. She brutalized me while making me cum over and over again.

When she was done with me, she inserted this horrible pear into my pussy. Then she began expanding it with deliberate cruelty. My poor cunt was stretched all out of shape.

I howled and orgasmed again. That only earned me more hot needles into my tits. It was sweet agony of the worst kind.

The inflatable plug was next. It went deep in my ass. Then she made it swell until I could hardly stand it.

There were more canings. That meant there were more orgasms. And THAT meant there were more needles until my tits looked like nothing more than pin cushions.

I had hoped that the caning and tit-punishment would be enough. I was more than willing to thank her for the multiple orgasms I had endured despite my exquisite agony. But then she had one of the servants tie small cement blocks to my roped tits, about 20 pounds each. I suspected I was really in for it now.

A large mask was fitted over my face with a hose attached so I could breathe. The hose was tied off, running down along my legs and past my feet. I was bound and secured, unable to get away. Hell, I was barely able to wriggle and squirm.

The end of the hose poked out past my bare soles by about a foot or two. That’s when I really began to panic. Mistress can be quite creative with her punishments.

She had a number of large balloons filled with air before they were attached to my feet. Then I was rowed out into the middle of the backyard lake by her servants. Elise was among those who took me out.

“Figured it out yet, you stupid slut?” she smirked. “You’re going into the drink! Those balloons are going to keep your feet at the surface while the weights pull down on those tits of yours! I bet that’s really gonna hurt!”

“You BITCH!!” I gasped in horror. “YOU’RE the one who did this to me! It was YOU who stole those gems!”

Elise cackled with sadistic cruelty. “Mistress thinks it was you. And that’s just the way I want her to think!” Then she cruelly tugged on a couple of the needles that were still inserted, adding new sensations of pain and pleasure to my body.

“You’re going into the drink,” she explained. “Then Mistress is going to engage in a little target practice. She’s going to fire one shot at a time. And those balloons attached to your feet are going to pop. You’ll go lower and lower into the water, the top of your air hose getting closer and closer to the surface as it sticks out above your feet. All it will take will be that one last balloon popping before the weights on your tits overcome the remaining balloons at the surface to take you down to a watery grave.”

I stared at her in shock. I was absolutely horrified at the delicious cruelty of my demise. Then she ordered the other two servants to help me over the side.

“NO; WAIT!” I cried out. But my protests fell on deaf ears.

I screamed as I hit the lake water. It was incredibly cold as I hung upside down. I bobbed directly below the surface. But there was nothing I could do about it.

I gasped instinctively into my face mask, fearful I would start to drown right away. But the balloons kept my feet bobbing up at the surface. Those damned weights pulled on my poor, tortured tits while the hose stuck up past my feet out of the water by a foot or more, enough so I was able to breathe.

I screamed again as they rowed away, leaving me alone and adrift upside down out in the middle of the lake. Then I began to orgasm so very, very hard. They were brutally intense, especially with those weights pulling mercilessly against my swollen, sensitive tits.

My boobs were on fire. My ass and pussy were filled with incredible pain. What’s more, I knew I was going to drown.

I thought I heard a gunshot. Something popped up at the surface. My body jerked as the weights pulled on my tits. It hurt so much I was certain I was going to cum again!

There was another shot. My body bobbed up and down again as another balloon popped. Meanwhile, those damned weights jerked on my swollen, skewered mounds.

I frantically gasped into the facemask attached to my head. I could not help wondering when it would be water I would be breathing next. Then there was another gunshot.

There was another popping of a large balloon up at the surface. My naked body did more bobbing up and down. I began to panic.

All I could hear were my frantic gasps for breath. I began pleading for Mistress to come save me, begging her not to do this to me. But she couldn’t hear me. Nobody could.

It was incredible agony. Which popped balloon would spell my doom? It was excruciating… and terribly erotic.

There was another shot… and another popped balloon. I bobbed up and down again. Those damned weights tugged mercilessly on my tits.

I couldn’t help myself, and I screamed for salvation. There was another shot. Another balloon popped.

The weights jerking on my skewered tits were enough to set me off again. I had another devastating orgasm. It was so intense that it battered me senseless.

Maybe I should have been grateful for my many cums. But I desperately wanted to live. Then I heard another shot followed by the popping of a balloon. That’s when my bare feet slipped below the surface.

I cried out in horror. Yet I was still able to breathe. I began to tremble, knowing one more might just about do it.

I heard the fatal shot, followed by the popping of a balloon. A moment later I found myself descending into the cold blackness of the lake. The weights overcame the buoyancy of the remaining balloons at the surface, pulling me down by my roped, skewered tits.

I started to scream; oh how I screamed! I heard the explosion of my breath out of the end of the hose. Then I inhaled, knowing I would soon be drowning.

There was a muffled burst of one balloon after another. They were exploding under the pressure of the approaching depths. I began plummeting faster and faster.

The lake got colder the deeper I went. It was the coldness of drowning and death. I could not help myself, and I began to hyperventilate.

That’s when I sucked in a lungful of water…

A moment later I began thrashing around in panic. I sucked more and more water down my windpipe. The more I struggled, the more those weights pulled on my tits.

I began bucking and convulsing, my body jerking in agony. My cunt and ass were horribly filled. Then I was hit by a mammoth orgasm of devastating proportions.

It sucked the life and energy right out of me. I finished my descent to the bottom of the lake, grunting and gurgling the entire time. Then the weights finally hit bottom.

There I was, tethered upside down in the cold, murky darkness. My naked body slowly swayed back and forth as my feet stuck upward. I stared with a lifeless, horrified gaze.

Stray bubbles trickled out of the end of the hose. My body twitched and jerked in the throes of death. Consciousness finally faded away into the cold depths of merciful oblivion…

2013; 2021 (written for “Bethany” Oct 18 ’13; ed. May 30 ‘21 by riwa. Inspired by a fantasy she shared with me.)

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