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Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 2 Snake-dinner Teri) 4.3 (12)

I wonder why the second ‘Teri’ is in what appears to be a large hamster cage… until a large constrictor makes its presence known. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 4.2 (9)

Coming November rewards A series about a woman named Katia who is being trained for something special. A pool encounter with the neighborhood Karen. The US-UK drowning tournament voting quarterfinals. A series of shorts about older women. Teri’s last house … Continue reading

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The consequences of snooping (an Emma story) 3.9 (21)

When Emma gets caught snooping in a hotel guest’s room, she is ordered to report down to the indoor swimming pool after midnight for some erotic punishment or risk losing her job. Continue reading

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Finals Week – Sadie 3.3 (28)

Sadie has failed two courses during finals week. So she arranges to have herself snuffed for the pleasure of others. Continue reading

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AF’s Deadly game 3.7 (20)

She thinks her boyfriend wants to play a game with her. But it turns out to be an intruder’s deadly game instead. Continue reading

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Donna’s shore leave 1 3.8 (17)

Yeoman Donna Dangling beams down to the planet’s surface for a little shore leave, unaware that the Captain of the Enterprise was not kidding when he instructed all crewmembers to be mindful of their thoughts. (a fanfiction) Continue reading

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Shelly in Cancun 1 4.3 (25)

Shelly has misgivings when she’s invited to tag along on a trip to Cancun with Andria and Jake. But once there, her misgivings turn into tingles as Andria threatens to drown her after their playful frolic in the water. Continue reading

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