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Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 3 Upside-down Teri) 4.3 (15)

Upside down Teri is forced to give me a blowjob before she is impaled from her mouth to her ass. An electrified dildo for her pussy and an electrified dagger to her stomach help to finish her off. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon 4.1 (9)

Coming December rewards Katia 2 Af’s Hose monster Will she do it? Eagerly bound and drowned My queen, my noose The seductress 5 The US-UK drowning tournament voting semifinals. Guillotine lesson Miss Woodcock and Teresia Aravanna 2 Chloe 2 A … Continue reading

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AF’s Jodi’s last swim 4.3 (15)

Jodi is out using the pool when I decide I’m not going to let her get away with her cheating ways anymore. Continue reading

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Irina’s favorite drowning scenes 3.8 (14)

Irina shares her 4 favorite TV/movie drowning scenes. Continue reading

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My needs 4.2 (35)

A young woman discovers her own extreme masochism. She is taught about her urges by her own mother with whom she indulges, eagerly, in mutual torture and degradation. Continue reading

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Donna’s shore leave 2 4.1 (16)

Donna’s thoughts start to run away with her as she goes for a naked swim. Then she starts seeing things. A careful investigation reveals two creatures have kidnapped yeoman Rand and appear to be on the verge of hanging her. Continue reading

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Shelly in Cancun 2 4.5 (26)

Shelly is taken out on a one-way trip on Jake’s sailboat. But before she’s tossed overboard Andria uses a strap-on on her for awhile to soften her up. Continue reading

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