Shelly in Cancun 2


Chapter 2 – One-way trip

Jake leads the way in his crisp, white captain’s uniform and hat. His jaw is set, his eyes steely. He strides with purpose, knowing what must be done.

In his hands is a 20 pound concrete block with an eyebolt screwed into the top of it. He regally carries it before him with great pomp. I’ve already seen it and know the purpose for which it’s intended. Yet despite my anxiety, I’m filled with a terrible excitement.

I’m close behind, wearing a small, white string bikini that barely covers what it’s supposed to. My arms are bound together and crossed behind my back. I’m barefoot, but that’s because the condemned aren’t usually given the luxury of footwear. I figure I’m fortunate to be wearing anything at all.

They could just as easily have chosen to make me take the long journey from the condo to the harbor in broad daylight in the nude. That would certainly have added to the humiliation of my being paraded like this. It’s bad enough my arousal over what’s going to happen to me has soaked my bottoms and is visible to one and all. I’m doubly embarrassed because I can smell it as well.

Andria grips my arm tightly as she marches me forward. Her executioner’s outfit – if you want to call it that – consists of nothing more than a skimpy, black thong bikini. She is also wearing a pair of shiny black boots that zip well up her calves.

The thick, high heeled boots make a loud clacking sound as she hustles me along. She wears the boots to let people know who is the slave and who is the mistress. I think she also likes them because of the noise they make.

We soon become the object of everyone’s attention. I see individuals stop what they’re doing on their respective boats and yachts. They watch curiously as our odd trio passes by.

Our destination is a fancy sailboat at the end of the dock. Our itinerary includes a leisurely day trip out into the Gulf of Mexico. But it includes one small, yet significant distinction…

For me it’s a one-way trip. I won’t be coming back.

I feel every eye upon us, every eye upon me. They all watch curiously, yet no one speaks. No one lifts a finger to assist me.

Everyone is watching, yet I am not rescued. I have no friends here. Can’t they see I’m bound? Don’t they see the block in Jake’s hands? Doesn’t anything move these people??

Apparently not. After all, this is Cancun. They’ve probably seen it all.

Maybe they’ve been taught not to jump to conclusions. Maybe they think this young American slut is being taken out for some kinky fun. Maybe they’ve simply learned not to butt in.

I see them turn back to their duties without another glance at me. Is it because they truly don’t know the dilemma I’m in? Or is it just that they don’t care? They calmly return to their everyday lives with an attitude that says, “Show’s over; everyone back to work!”

A part of me wants to cry out for help, to plead with these bystanders to intervene. I want someone to show some compassion and humanity. Stop these two I used to call my friends before they take me out to sea where I’ll never be heard from again.

But I do not cry out. For some reason I can’t even open my mouth. The knowledge of what they’re about to do to me is affecting me in ways I cannot fully fathom.

I numbly follow along like a lamb to the slaughter. There is a lump in my throat as my throbbing cunt gets wetter by the moment. All I can do is march forward, my attention fixed on the back of Jake’s head.

I realize to my utter horror that my premonitions were 100% correct. I’m never going to see Stephanie again. My slave-boy back in the Northwest will never know what happened to me.

We reach the sailboat and come to the little gangway. Jake abruptly stops and crisply turns to face me. He deliberately displays to me the concrete block in his hands.

His eyes flash evilly. Clearly he wants to remind me what’s in store for me this trip. I come to a halt and inhale sharply as I stare at the ominous block of cement.

My fear ratchets up another notch. But so does my arousal. I find myself trembling like crazy.

I can’t tear my eyes away from the object of my destruction. My breath catches excitedly in my throat. A streamer of my arousal slithers sensuously down my inner thighs.

“Let’s go, missy!” Andria hisses into my ear as she jerks on my arm. “It’s time for your last boat ride!”

She forces me up onto the walkway with a hideous cackle. I shudder from a mixture of anxiety and immense arousal. Then I leave the dock and my last taste of solid ground for the very last time.

She marches me right on board. Then it’s directly to the steps that lead down to the cabin below. I’m left with no time to admire the vessel’s fine exterior.

At the bottom of the steps we pass through an open door into a lavish interior. I’m stopped at a cushioned bench near the stairs. That’s where Andria turns me around.

She forcibly sits me down with an “UUMPH”. “Wait here, bitch!” she orders sternly while waving a finger at me. “I’ve got to go back up and help Jake shove off! Don’t move or it’ll go far worse on you!” Then she turns and heads out the door and back up the steps to the deck above, leaving me alone to contemplate my fate.

My heart hammers in my chest as a swirl of thoughts and emotions dance in my head. I’ve fantasized many times about meeting my untimely end. But I never expected it would be at the hands of my roommate and her boyfriend. I figured it would have come as a result of some car accident… perhaps the result of a stupid disease.

Andria has always warned me about being careful when I’m in the water. I don’t know how many times she’s told me she never wants to hear I somehow managed to drown myself. Now here I am, sitting in some sailboat in a foreign country, about to be taken out to sea and then tossed overboard by my best friend and her conspiring boyfriend.

You think you know someone…

The problem is: I can’t even fight to save myself. My deep, dark fantasies have left me vulnerable. I’m helpless to resist them.

Surely Andria knows this. That’s why it was so easy for her and Jake to tie me up and then tell me what they were going to do to me. From there it was a simple case of marching me out to the harbor the way they did.

A part of me thinks they will only go so far before they put a stop to everything. That’s what I’m counting on. But something deep inside me tells me this is for real.

They’re taking me all the way. It terrifies me, yet excites the hell out of me. I know I’m simply not going to be able to resist them.

I’m shaking like a leaf just thinking about it. My bikini bottoms are soaked clear through. I should try to fight, try to find some way of escape. But I can’t.

The fantasy of drowning is overpowering. It’s my one and only kryptonite. The thought of it leaves me weak and helpless.

Damn you, Andria! I was counting on you to watch over me. Now you’re going to tie my ankles to that damned concrete block. Then you’re going to throw me overboard. I’d hate you if I wasn’t so damned excited!

I detect movement in the craft I’m sitting inside. That’s when I realize we’ve left the dock and are on our way out to sea. That triggers a new round of excitement within me.

I can’t help shivering erotically as my pussy oozes my arousal. I feel like I’m going to cum any second now! There’s no turning back; this is happening! They’re really going to toss me overboard with my ankles tied to that block!

I stiffen as a rush of warmth flows through my body. I shudder as a small orgasm overtakes me. I’m amazed I’ve been able to hold off this long. But I know it’s only going to get worse.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get where we’re going. But I know it’s going to be pure agony the entire time. A part of me doesn’t want this to happen. Yet a part of me can’t wait.

I hear the clatter of Andria’s boots as she descends the steps. I watch as she emerges from the doorway. “We’re on our way, missy,” she says with a wicked grin. “Won’t be much longer until I get to toss your sorry ass over the side. I hope you’re enjoying each breath you’re getting right now. Because once we get where we’re going, you’ll be sucking down ocean water.”

Her eyes flash sadistically as my pussy spasms with excitement. Her words set me to trembling again. Then she frowns as she makes a show of sniffing the air in the cabin.

“What’s this shit?” she asks, anger building in her voice.

She walks right up to me and sniffs again. That’s when I detect the strong aroma of my arousal from my soaked bottoms. She smells it too.

“Are you excited, bitch?? Does the thought of being tossed over the side so you can sleep with the fishes turn you on?”

I shake my head in denial. I’m afraid of what she might do to me if I appear to be too eager. “LIAR!” she roars.

I jerk and tremble as she roughly crams her hand down inside my bottoms to confirm how wet I am. To make sure, she works a couple fingers inside my quivering cunt. I inhale sharply before shuddering as she worms them around.

She pulls them out and shoves them in my face accusingly. “You ARE excited; AREN’T you, you little SLUT!”

It comes out instinctively. “NO! I’M SORRY -”

“SILENCE!” she roars.

She grabs me by my chin, shaking my head. Then she forces my mouth open. “CLEAN ‘EM OFF!”

Andria sticks her cum-covered fingers into my mouth. I tremble as I dutifully suck my arousal off her fingers. I continue until she’s satisfied enough to pull them out.

She turns toward the doorway as though contemplating something. Then she speaks upward toward the deck. “We have a little time to kill before we get there. Might as well make the most of it.”

She turns back to look at me. I see a dangerous glint in her eye. Then she quietly makes her way to the door before gently closing it.

“There’s no need to disturb the captain over this. He has enough on his mind as it is.” Then she turns and stares at me like a cat licking its chops at a cornered mouse.

I know I’m in for it as she strides over, grabs me by my arm and jerks me upright. “On your feet, bitch!” she growls. I can’t help crying out.

She forces me deeper into the vessel until we come to the main cabin. Andria roughly shoves me forward. I lose my balance, pitching forward onto the bed with an “OOMMPPHH!”

“So you’re all excited, eh missy?” I hear her rummage through a drawer. “Well, we’ll just see about that. Don’t move, bitch – I think I’ve got something for you.”

What’s she going to do to me?? My face is buried in the bedspread. I have no clue what she’s doing behind me. What’s more, I can’t stop trembling with anticipation.

I hear movement and the occasional grunt. Then there’s nothing but silence. Finally I hear, “Yeah… THAT hits the spot!”

There’s a hint of something sexual in her voice. I feel my arousal leak out of my pussy to drip onto the bed. Then I hear, “You ready for your last request, missy?”

I cry out into the bedspread, feeling terribly aroused. I feel her jerk on my legs until they are draped off the edge of the bed. My ass hangs out, dangerously exposed.

There are two quick jerks on the strings on either side of my waist. Then my bottoms are yanked free. That’s when I feel her hand on my soaked pussy.

She thrusts a couple of fingers inside. I can’t help clamping onto them. What is she going to do next??

I grunt as she thrusts hard… “UUUNNNGGGHHH!”

“The bitch wants it!” she declares sadistically as she yanks her fingers back out. “I guess I’d better give it to her, hadn’t I!”

I feel it press up against my opening. It slowly inches its way inside. Ohmygawd; she’s going to–

“Maybe I should call this ‘My last request’ instead of yours, you fuckin’ whore… although you might as well enjoy yourself before I drown your ass. I know I’m sure as hell going to enjoy myself!” Then she slams it home.

It rips a scream out of my lungs that’s muffled by the bedspread…

Andria rapes me for the better part of an hour. She alternates between fucking my pussy in every imaginable position and then forcing me to deep-throat the black strap-on she’s wearing. She loves making me suck it clean before shoving it back into my throbbing cunt.

My body is wracked with orgasm after orgasm. She gives me very few chances to catch my breath. It’s nearly impossible to pull air into your starving lungs when you’ve got a dildo shoved halfway down your throat.

To make matters worse, the bitch keeps me in a constant state of partial asphyxiation. Sometimes it’s by shoving my face into the bedspread as she fucks me from behind. Sometimes she wraps her hands around my throat while she’s on top of me.

Andria delights in telling me how excited she’s going to be watching the air burst out of my mouth as I drown. She proves it by frequently denying me a decent breath as she taunts me. She keeps asking me how it feels before telling me I’d better get damned used to it.

Those breathless orgasms are the worst. When they hit I feel like my body’s going to explode as my lungs struggle to pull oxygen into my system. That’s when the bitch pulls me off the bed onto my knees forcing me to suck it clean again.

Andria loves depriving me of a reasonable lungful of air. Then she throws me back onto the bed. It starts all over again until I wonder if I’ll even survive making it to my drop-off point.

The grand finale occurs when she throws me face down onto the bed. Andria fucks my pussy hard from behind, getting her strap-on all wet and lubricated. Then she pulls it out before slowly forcing it into my ass.

The bedspread muffles my screams as she anally rapes me. She gleefully tells me to take it up the ass before she drowns me. I’m hit by a devastating orgasm that literally shakes me to my core.

She finally stops and rolls me over onto my still bound arms. I gaze weakly up at the ceiling, a defenseless, shattered wreck. As a last act, she removes her strap-on, climbs on top of me and forces me to lick her messy cunt clean.

I’m numb all over. My tongue is barely able to function. Somehow I manage.

She verbalizes how she needs to clean me up before I go to my death. With her shaved snatch hovering over my face, she bends down and licks everything up around my quivering hole. I smell her arousal as I feel her tongue all over my labia. Then I shudder once more until one final orgasm sends me off into oblivion…
I’m not sure how long I’m out. I’m jerked awake as she yanks me to the edge of the bed and up into a sitting position. “We’re here, missy!” she hisses at me with wicked glee. “You’ve only got a few minutes left, so you’d better make the most of them.” A moment later I hear a faint “All hands on deck!” from somewhere above me. It’s Jake’s voice.

My stomach lurches as my heart leaps into my throat. Once more my pussy starts to moisten with anticipation. A moment later I hear what sounds like a faint splash.

I turn with a jerk to identify the source. The anchor perhaps? That’s when Andria grabs my chin and forces me to look into her leering face.

“You hear that, missy? You’re gonna make a bigger splash than that pretty soon! Now stand up, girl – it’s time for you to die!” There’s amusement in her voice.

I tremble like crazy as she stands me up. My hardened nipples press against the fabric of my bikini top. As if in a trance I allow Andria to escort me out of the cabin and up the stairs to the main deck. I feel weak, helpless and dizzy; unable to do anything other than submit to my fate.

Jake’s waiting for us at the top of the steps, still in his uniform. In his outstretched hands is the object of my impending demise. There’s a coil of rope wrapped around it, one end threaded through and secured to the eye bolt in the top. I inhale sharply as I set my eyes upon it yet again.

The sight of it with the rope now attached to it makes my pussy drip copiously. I don’t think I’m suicidal. Yet I find myself shaking from a terrible excitement. They’re about to drown me, yet I’m too weak and sexually aroused to resist.

Jake motions with his head toward the port side of the vessel. Andria roughly escorts me along the railing to the back of the sailboat. She stops me near the bench that crosses the stern.

She roughly spins me around so that I’m facing forward. Then she crisply steps aside, still in her shiny black boots. The captain walks forward, bends down and deposits the block right in front of my feet, nylon coils and all.

All I can do is stare down at it with a wild look in my eyes. “Secure the prisoner to the object of her execution!” Jake’s words send a shiver of erotic terror coursing through my body.

I almost cum right then and there. My heart hammers in my chest. “Aye-aye, captain,” my roommate says much too eagerly.

Andria turns and gives me an evil smile as she bends down at my feet. She lovingly caresses my calves before taking the end of the rope and wrapping it around my ankles. She makes sure the knot is tight.

She gives it one last tug to make sure it’s secure. I inhale sharply as a low moan slips out of my mouth. Then she rises and turns toward her boyfriend.

“Finished, captain.”

“Very well. Remove the prisoner’s garments. She is to be executed wearing nothing but what she wore the day she came into this world.”

“Yes, captain.” They certainly are playing it up.

I pant heavily as Andria turns back to me, giving me a lascivious grin. She reaches behind my back and slowly pulls on one end of the string. The knot comes loose, instantly causing the two small triangles of material to dangle loosely over my heaving breasts.

She reaches behind my neck and ever so slowly pulls on one end of the string there. A moment later that knot comes loose as well. My bikini top falls away, exposing my painfully rock-hard nipples.

The top dangles by the end of the string she still holds between her fingers. Andria turns and holds it out toward her boyfriend. “What shall I do with this, captain?”

“Toss it overboard,” Jake says as he motions with his head. “The prisoner no longer has need of it. Neither do we.”

“Aye, sir.”

Andria turns back toward me and grins as she flicks the flimsy garment over the side. All I can do is stare at her as if in a daze. An erotic quiver ripples through me once again.

“Now the bottoms.”

“Yes, captain!”

Oh, fuck! They’re both going to see how wet I am!

That lustful grin returns. She looks into my eyes as she slowly pulls on a string on the left side of my waist. The knot comes free until I gasp as a twinge of embarrassment creeps up my face.

Andria’s grin gets even bigger as her hand moves to my right side and finds another string. She pulls slowly as though dragging all this out. Her eyes twinkle as I tremble like mad.

The knot comes undone, my soaked bottoms falling away to dangle in her hand. What’s revealed is my recently shaved pussy, engorged labia and dripping cunt. Andria lifts the mess to her nose and inhales deeply. My face flushes red with humiliation.

“Dispose of those at once.”

“Yes, captain.”

I see a twinge of regret in Andria’s face as she tosses them overboard. Did she want to keep them as a souvenir? She looks over the side with longing in the direction the bottoms went before turning her attention back to me.

She lustfully looks me up and down before turning back to her boyfriend. “Permission to fondle the prisoner, captain?”

“Permission granted.”

The first thing Andria goes for are my quivering breasts and erect nipples. Her soft hands brush my pale skin. It sends little jolts shooting through my severely aroused body, pulling a whimper out of my quivering lips.

She slowly runs her hands up and down my trembling flesh. I see the longing in her eyes. Does she really want to drown me??

She turns back toward her boyfriend. “Permission to taunt and molest the prisoner one last time?”

“Permission granted,” Jake replies with a smirk.

Andria turns and roughly grabs my chin. She fiercely hisses, “I’m SO going to enjoy watching you drown, you little whore!” Then she lashes out and pinches my nose shut before kissing me violently, plunging her tongue down my throat as she takes what she wants.

My eyes widen in alarm as I try to hold my breath. But on a good day Andria can hold it just as long as I can. She can hold it even longer if she catches me unexpectedly, just as she’s done right now.

It isn’t long before my lungs start to heave. The labors of my arousal stream down my legs as I start to squirm. I struggle, desperate to pull air into my lungs. But Andria won’t let up.

As I try to pull away, she uses her free hand to hold my head close. There’s nothing I can do but suck on the stale air from her lungs. She denies me even that.

My body shudders as I’m hit with a devastating orgasm. I squirm and struggle in her grip until it passes. She finally breaks away with a little pop, leaving me weak and breathless as I pant heavily. A streamer of drool stretches between our mouths.

“Just giving you a taste of what’s to come, you little whore! I’m looking forward to watching you try to breathe underwater, bitch! There’s just one thing more…”

She slides a hand down my body to my crotch. Andria finds my soaked pussy with a couple fingers. She viciously inserts them, thrusting hard in and out.

I’m instantly hit with another orgasm as my body shudders yet again. My legs go all rubbery on me. Andria has to help me until I can stand on my own.

She lifts her soaked fingers to my face. “Last meal, missy! SUCK ‘EM CLEAN!”

She grips my chin again, forcing my mouth open as she shoves them inside. I suck them clean as best I can. That’s when she begins the final process of mind-raping me before they toss me over the side…

“Are you ready to drown now? Are you ready to die, you miserable whore? Are you ready to take your last breath, you fuckin’ BITCH?”

She finally pulls her fingers out of my mouth. Andria contemptuously shoves my head off to the side with her other hand. “The prisoner is ready!” she spits out.

I inhale sharply. I’m moments away from experiencing my deepest, darkest fantasy. And I can’t stop shaking!

“Very well,” Jake replies. “Remove your footwear.”

Andria quickly unzips and removes her boots. Jake reaches into a nearby cupboard that supposedly contains sailing gear. He produces a pink, oval dive mask in his hands.

When Andria finishes, he hands it to her. She smiles appreciatively as she straps it onto her face. Then she turns to me, giving me an icy, lustful stare.

“Secure the block,” Jake commands, pointing down at it.

Andria bends down and lifts it up. There’s about 4 or 5 feet of slack in the nylon between it and my ankles. It’s just enough for her to lift it up above the rail.

Is this really going to happen?? How far are they going to take me during this incredibly erotic game? My muscles fail me, right at the moment of truth.

Jake is forced to catch me as I start to fall over backward. “Gotcha!” he says, conveniently scooping me into his arms. My feet point in the direction of Andria and the block she holds in her hands.

“Time for you to die, missy,” Andria says to me with a sneer, hefting the block up for me to see.

My eyes widen; they both seem serious. Ohmygawd; is this it? Am I going to drown for real??

My mind screams, ‘TELL ‘EM TO STOP!’ But my throat is dry; my lips won’t move. All I can do is moan helplessly as I tremble like crazy.

I’m mere seconds from being tossed over the side. That’s when I feel it charging toward me like a thunderous avalanche. I struggle frantically to fill my lungs. But my chest is heaving. I’m too worked up, unable to get a decent breath.

If this one hits before I go over the side there’ll be no way in hell I’ll be able to hold my breath for the journey to the bottom. I’ll start to drown right away, even as I’m being dragged down to my death. I’ve never been so scared in all my life… or so unbelievably aroused!

“Shelly, we now commit you to the ocean depths.” Jake says it solemnly. It’s the first time he’s used my name since we left the condo.

“May God have MERCY on your soul. We shall now proceed with the execution.” Then they step over to the edge of the boat.

My breath catches in my throat. When are they going to bring this erotic play to a stop?? With a “One… two… three” I’m over the side.

A scream is ripped out of my throat moments before I hit the water with a mighty splash. A moment later I’m cumming violently. My body jerks and spasms as I feel the nylon tug on my ankles.

The concrete block pulls me down, down, down. A stream of bubbles spew out of my parted lips. I scream away the last of my air supply, incredulous they’ve actually tossed me over.

Bubbles mark my descent as I squirm and thrash about. Then my air is gone, a massive orgasm having stolen it from me. That’s when my lungs open up.

A moment later I’m cumming violently. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s getting darker and colder as I sink to the depths… cold and wet… I’m so wet, wet, wet…. wet……… wet………..wet………………………………………………………………


The orgasm shudders through my body as the dream starts to fade. I open my eyes and see it’s daylight already. The sound of the splash I made when I was thrown overboard now takes on the familiar sound of the shower in the room next to me. One of my condo mates must already be up.

Gawd; what a dream!

Damn them for keeping me in such an aroused state like they did all last night. No wonder I had that for a dream!

I could hear them going at it after I went to bed. No wonder I dreamed about Andria fucking the shit out of me! It sure sounded like she was getting the shit fucked out of her! Now I’ve got to take a shower and get all cleaned up.

I rise up out of my wet, sticky bed, wondering what the maid will think when she comes in and cleans our condo. I suspect she’s going to find a mess in both beds. She’ll probably think a couple of sluts spent the night in here.

Sighing heavily, I wobble into my private bathroom. I’m grateful Jake had the presence of mind to get a place with two showers. With two females to deal with, he may still have a hard time getting all cleaned up over the next two weeks…

2007; 2020 (written Apr 29 ’07; ed. May 25 ‘20 by riwa)

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