Donna’s shore leave 2


Part 2

Donna piled up all her clothes on a round stone near the edge of the water. Then she waded in. The yeoman swam out and submerged herself again and again, pulling herself along under the surface as air burbled out of her nose.

Despite the sensuous feel of cool water on her bare flesh, she couldn’t shake the image of that tree out of her mind. That whole damned area back up on the hill – tree and all – was erotically disturbing. It seemed like a quiet, secluded little place… just right for an intimate necktie party.

Those two branches were perfectly angled. They looked just right for hanging a couple of innocent young females. Imagining they would get to watch each other swing gave her erotic tingles.

The yeoman came up gasping for breath, only to refill her lungs. Then she dove back down in an effort to clear the erotic thoughts from her mind. But the swim, refreshing though it was, was not helping matters any.

She began thinking about how arousing it would be if there were a couple of naked female wood-nymphs who used that tree for their perverse pleasures by hanging innocent young females such as herself. But who would hang from the other branch? A moment later she burst up again at the surface, gasping for breath as she tread water.

Her first thought was that of her former lover. But she dismissed that almost immediately. Leiani’s transfer had been deliberate – sudden and unexpected – leaving her with a bitter taste in her mouth.

In hindsight the promotion had been a good one. But she blamed her friend and lover for the way in which it had been handled. She’d felt betrayed, left behind to pick up the pieces of a relationship that had been abruptly severed by the immense expanse of space and time.

For now, she still hadn’t gotten over it. ‘So Leiani be damned!’ she thought sourly. ‘That insensitive bitch won’t be “hanging out with me” anytime soon, that’s for damned sure!’

So who would take Leiani’s place if the wood-nymphs struck? It didn’t take long for her to come up with another name. After all, she’d already been fantasizing about her new friend.

Was breath play something Janice Rand had any kind of interest in? The young woman was quite attractive, especially with that long, blonde hair. Donna often wished the yeoman wouldn’t keep it up in that damn bun all the time.

More than once she’d harbored naughty thoughts about getting Rand alone and playing breath games with her. She couldn’t help imagining what might lie underneath that red outfit she always wore around the ship. Donna often wondered what the young woman dressed in during her off-hours whenever she was feeling all relaxed and sensual.

On more than one occasion she’d actually pictured what Janice might look like naked with a bag over her head or a noose resting seductively around her neck. Then she considered that tree she’d seen earlier. Gawd; yeoman Rand would be perfect! …swinging from one of those branches in that red Starfleet uniform with that short skirt, her long blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders.

Donna imagined hanging from the other branch in her science blues. She pictured the two of them dancing together for the perverse pleasure of whoever was hanging them. On this planet it would probably be a couple of wood-nymphs.

The yeoman shook her head as though once more shaking herself out of some trance. “Gawd!” she gasped aloud. “What the hell am I thinking?? Janice would never consent to something like that. Besides, she’s got a massive crush on the captain. She’d never go for something like gasping games with me.”

Donna took a deep breath before diving for the bottom. She was trying to drive the erotic thoughts out of her mind as she pulled hard with her arms. Bubbles trailed out of her nose as she moved along the bottom.

Maybe she shouldn’t have seen that tree. Or maybe she shouldn’t have imagined what it could be used for. Her fantasies were only getting her all hot and bothered. Besides, Janice was off on her own brand of shore leave right now.

Had it been that long since she’d engaged in any kind of breath play? Had she kept the thoughts out of her head without giving them a harmless outlet? For the moment it felt as though her thoughts were starting to get the better of her.

They were thoughts she’d tried to squelch ever since Leiani had left. But her desires had never really died off. She’d simply tried to bury them with work while developing what she hoped would be a friendship with the yeoman.

Donna burst up and gasped for breath, water cascading down off her long, brown hair. She was about to go back down for another swim that she hoped would drive the thoughts and images right out of her head. That’s when she suddenly heard a cry of alarm that emanated from somewhere up the hill.

It sounded human and it startled her. She’d thought she was all alone out here! Then she heard it again.

Donna instinctively dove under, swimming below the surface while making a beeline for the shore. She didn’t want to be caught naked in the water by someone from the ship. She couldn’t possibly imagine who might have followed her.

Wait a minute…

Oh, yes she could…

Damn! Had that determined yeoman followed her??

As much as she liked Janice, she was still too shy to get caught naked in the watering hole by the young woman. Donna climbed out of the water before hastily pulling her clothes back on over her naked, dripping body. She figured she’d eventually dry off in the heat of the day.

She heard it again, a sharp feminine cry of alarm. She could just make out a few words of horror… “Nooo… please… don’t DO this to me…!” It sounded like it was coming from that clearing back up the hill!

The sounds became muffled, the words hard to understand. It kind of sounded like Janice! Had she followed her and gotten herself into trouble?

Donna instantly pictured in her mind what she now thought of as ‘the hanging tree’. She gasped with alarm as her heart leaped into her throat. A moment later she began carefully making her way back up the hill through the brush and shrubs toward the sounds.

Her blue science dress that stopped well short of her knees clung to her damp skin. She clambered upward in her boots, the sounds getting nearer. She couldn’t make out what was happening, and she found herself wondering what the hell she was hearing.

As Donna drew closer, she thought she saw figures through the brush. They seemed to be hovering near that damned tree. Then she saw a flash of color that looked alarmingly familiar.

She thought she recognized that familiar red Starfleet dress yeoman Rand had been wearing during the beam-down. Had Janice indeed followed her, wanting to make sure she had a good time? Donna didn’t think so as she thought she’d convinced the yeoman she was going to be just fine.

She suddenly caught a glimpse of two other figures up near that tree she’d focused on earlier. Her heart skipped a beat. Now that was damned peculiar.

Her tricorder had revealed no other life signs except those of her crewmates. Where the hell had these two come from?? Who were they??

She reached a place in the brush that gave her a clear view. Donna ducked down to avoid being discovered. Then she stared in utter disbelief.

In the clearing were a couple of… what the hell WERE they?? There were two naked, young female-like creatures. They were not much more than 1.5 meters in height.

They were giggling around an obviously alarmed Janice Rand. The yeoman was teetering on the flat part of a small piece of tree trunk that had been stood up on end. It was no more than a half meter in height.

She had a hemp noose secured tightly around her neck. It came down from the limb above her, the one that branched out on the right side of the tree. Her arms were behind her back – bound maybe?

Several lengths of vine had been wrapped around her head and through her opened mouth, making it almost impossible for her to speak coherently. Her blond hair had been taken out of her usual bun. Now it hung clear of her noosed neck, draping freely over her shoulders.

Donna let out a gasp before lifting a hand to cover her mouth to remain silent. Her muscles locked up and refused to function. All she could do was stare in wide-eyed shock as shameful arousal flooded through her body.

Her heart hammered so loudly in her chest that she was sure she was going to be discovered by… what the hell WERE they anyway?? They looked like some kind of wood nymphs or something!

Neither sported any kind of male appendage down below. Then again, neither had much in the way of breasts on their chests. Their ears reminded her of elves’ ears, something similar to what adorned the Enterprise’s first officer’s head. There certainly wasn’t much in the way of hair on either one’s head.

She suddenly saw recognition flood the yeoman’s face. Janice had spotted her hiding in the brush. Rand’s eyes instantly went wide.

She started shaking her head as though trying to make little motions at her. Was she signaling she needed help? Or was she trying to warn her away?

One of the nymphs lifted up Rand’s skirt and curiously looked underneath. The other went behind the little stump and placed its bare foot against the top of it. Donna’s eyes flashed in alarm as she inhaled sharply… “No; they wouldn’t!!”

It grinned and chittered to its companion in a high pitched voice of excitement. It seemed to be asking something. The other nodded its head.

The first one gleefully pushed hard with its foot. It toppled over the piece of wood serving as a footstool for the noosed yeoman. Janice’s sharp but muffled cry was abruptly cut off as the rope grabbed her by the neck.

Donna inhaled sharply, almost crying out and giving away her presence. Rand began to swing back and forth. The yeoman’s legs flailed in a desperate attempt to relocate the stump that had been under her Starfleet issue boots a few moments ago.

The skirt of her outfit fluttered as she kicked and twisted. Donna got glimpses of the poor woman’s black undergarments. Yeoman Dangling was in total shock, her muscles still locked up.

Her mind cried out, “What the hell are you doing? Go help her, damn you! Help her before she hangs to death… NOW!”

Donna tried to leap forward from her position. But the horribly arousing spectacle had turned her legs to jelly. For a few precious seconds she still couldn’t make them function.

She was absolutely frozen in place, unable to move or cry out. She was utterly astonished that what she’d been fantasizing about mere minutes ago was actually coming to pass. What’s more, she was ashamed she couldn’t make her muscles work by going to the aid of her friend.

For several agonizing seconds all the poor yeoman could do was watch helplessly as Janice kicked and swung. “MOVE, DAMN YOU!” her mind screamed at her. An instant later muscle function returned in a rush, along with an incredible burst of adrenaline.

Donna shot forward as though having been launched out of a torpedo tube. She was totally ashamed she’d been so incapacitated with arousal and horrified fascination that she hadn’t leaped forward sooner. Damn her fetish!

But she could move now. There was still time to free Janice. So yeoman Dangling charged forward with a cry, determined to save her friend while making the two woodland creatures pay.

The nymphs were enjoying their handiwork and were momentarily caught off guard when Donna burst toward them. But they recovered with alarming speed. The two of them met her attack almost nonchalantly.

They gleefully scooped her up into their grasp as though absolutely delighted by her presence. Within moments Donna was squirming and struggling to break free. She cried out toward the strangling, dangling yeoman while trying to reach out toward her.

Janice continued to sway and dance on air while gasping and gurgling horribly. Donna cried out, “NOOOO! LET ME GO; SHE’LL DIE!” As an Enterprise crewman, she felt a deep sense of duty and loyalty in trying to save her friend.

Donna suddenly became aware that something was horribly wrong. Her struggles were lessening. In fact, she wasn’t fighting with them nearly as hard as she should have.

What the hell was wrong with her? Why wasn’t she scratching their eyes out? What was happening to her?

She watched in horror as Janice’s struggles lessened. She could see Rand’s face turning red. The young woman was losing her strength to fight the noose.


For some reason she was barely putting up any resistance anymore. She felt shamefully helpless. All she could do was watch in horror as Janice hung limp in her noose, her body twitching while swaying softly.

There were tears in her eyes as Donna was pulled backwards. For some inexplicable reason she didn’t resist. It was as though something was sucking the energy to struggle right out of her body… and she couldn’t identify the source of it.

She felt herself being lifted up until she was stood up on something. Glancing down, she saw the piece of tree stump she’d been placed upon. It was quite similar to what had been under Janice’s feet. That’s when Donna let out a low moan, knowing what was coming next.

Noooo! Ohmygawd – they’re gonna hang us both!

She began to tremble as she soaked her undergarments from the discharge of a terrible arousal. She tried to open her mouth to speak. But the words hung up in her throat.

Donna’s eyes remained helplessly fixed on Janice. She noticed with fear and trembling that Rand’s dance of death was just about done. The two nymphs occasionally glanced at the dangling woman while giggling and chittering at each other. They seemed thrilled they were about to enjoy the delightful sufferings of a second victim.

Donna tried in vain to snap herself out of her trance-like state. But she simply couldn’t make herself move. It was as though the erotic display she was witnessing was sapping the energy she needed to put up any kind of resistance.

Her arms hung limply at her sides. Donna cried out to Janice, begging her over and over to forgive her. Then one of the nymphs wrapped several lengths of vine around her head and through her mouth, muffling her unhappy cries.

One of them pulled an arm behind her back. She gave it up almost willingly. The other arm was next.

She felt her wrists being secured together with some sort of vine similar to what had been used as a gag for her mouth. Donna put up no resistance whatsoever. It shamed her as her body tensed in preparation of a massive orgasm. The whole time, her eyes never left Janice as the poor woman hung limp.

Donna saw the noose being pulled down over her head. She whimpered helplessly as its touch upon her skin sent a jolt of arousal flowing through her body. Between the feel of it upon her bare flesh and the sight of Janice twisting lifelessly, she almost came. She was so horribly aroused… so terribly ashamed.

She heard gleeful chitter from the one behind her. A split-second later she saw Janice jerk and kick as if her body was fighting one last time for a breath of air. It was enough to cause her orgasm to rush toward her.

She moaned with arousal and shame. A moment later the stump was driven out from underneath her. That’s when the rope took her full weight.

Donna came violently as she started to swing. Her knees instinctively jerked upward as her vaginal muscles contracted around nothing inside her. A moment later she stretched her legs down to search for the stump. But she couldn’t locate it. That’s when her legs exploded into a series of kicks.

She watched as the two excited nymphs walked in front of the tree. Now they had a full view of her deadly dance. They seemed incredibly joyous watching her suffer.

As her body swung and rotated, she caught sight of poor Janice. Her friend’s head was pushed off to one side. The woman occasionally twitched and jerked in her death throes, her face a nasty shade of purple.

Yeoman Rand softly swayed back and forth. It was clear she was no longer among the living. But there was an astonishing look of peace and resignation in her lifeless eyes.

Her tongue lolled out of her mouth. Spittle spilled off the tip and splattered onto her Starfleet uniform, streaking the red fabric on her chest. It was almost as though she’d given in to the agony of the noose at the very end.

The two nymphs swung back into Donna’s line of view as her body swayed and rotated. They chittered happily, pointing gaily at her as her boots kicked and flailed. But her body had a mind of its own, and she struggled and danced for them.

Donna felt the noose constrict tighter around her neck until she could barely breathe at all. Each little attempted gasp gave her nothing but an incredible desire for even more air than what she was getting. Her wet uniform clung to her body, her breasts sticking out through the blue fabric of her outfit. Her hardened nipples were visible as they tried to poke through.

Once more her body twisted slowly until she caught sight of Rand’s lifeless form. For some reason it was enough to help trigger a second orgasm. She came more violently than the last time, this one tearing through her body like a tornado.

Donna jerked her knees upward. Then she kicked helplessly. Her hands flailed wildly behind her back until her strength finally gave out.

The strangled yeoman swayed limp and lifeless, too exhausted to fight anymore. But at that moment, she felt a strange peace start to fill her. Thoughts began swirling through her oxygen-starved brain…

Her first consideration was sorrow over the fact the captain was going to have to deal with the death of two of his crewmembers. It was well known he took the death of everyone under his command rather hard. But the death of one in particular was liable to affect him even more, considering how fond he was of yeoman Janice Rand. Now Donna was embarrassed she and Janice had perished while on some stupid shore leave on some rock far away from her home planet of Earth.

Her second thought was a strange disappointment the two of them had not been hung together naked. She would have liked to have seen Janice fully unclothed at least once. She would have liked it even more if they would have been hung together naked, humiliating though that might have been. At least they could have gone together.

Her last thought was of Leiani. Oh, how her former lover would have enjoyed watching her and Janice dance together, that little pervert! Even now she could picture the rapture in that bitch’s eyes… could envision the heavy breathing and heart palpitations.

If only Leiani was hiding in the bushes right about now. Would she rescue them? Or would she enjoy watching them hang together? Probably the latter…

Woman…? In the bushes…? Was that a woman hiding in the bushes??

Leiani? What the hell was SHE doing here?? And then Donna’s thoughts began to drift away as darkness closed in on her…

‘You just gonna sit there and watch me hang to death? You gonna watch two Enterprise crewmembers hang for your amusemmm……..?’

Her thoughts winked out as her body suddenly heaved. Her lungs fought in vain to pull just one last breath of air into her chest.

For a moment her legs exploded in a series of small kicks as her body instinctively fought to breathe. Then darkness claimed her. Her struggles abruptly ceased as she swayed lifelessly in the noose, spittle falling out of her open mouth onto her damp uniform as her tongue peeked out past her parted lips.

Two female Enterprise crewmembers hung limp in the little clearing on the hill. Two heads were tilted awkwardly in their nooses. One of them was wearing red; the other wearing science blue.

Two fully unclothed creatures with feminine qualities watched and chittered happily amongst themselves. But another individual whose presence they were apparently unaware of watched secretly from the bushes…

2008; 2021 (written for Donna May 9 ’08; ed. Oct 19 ’21 by riwa)

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