AF’s Payday (plus bonus chapter)


Allison and Tammi relaxed in patio chairs by their pool, enjoying their newly-acquired wealth.

“We sure showed that fucker, didn’t we?” Tammi said, referring to their boss.

“We sure did,” Allison agreed. “Even though he didn’t give us that raise? It didn’t matter to us. We went and made our own raise!”

“We should have strung him up by his balls while we were there and let him swing for a while.”

Allison laughed, picturing her boss hanging in the wind by his privates. She was giddy because of the briefcase full of money sitting between them. She was also giddy from the champagne

“Shall we make a toast?”

“Sure,” Tammi agreed, reaching for the glass next to her patio chair.

“To the raise we got from our own initiative!”

Tammi couldn’t help chuckling. She was also feeling giddy, excited over their successful heist. Now she wanted to go for a swim, eager to shed her bikini from the excitement of the moment.

She got up and walked down the steps into the shallow end. Then she set out across the pool. It wasn’t long before her two bikini pieces were floating around in the water.

‘That’s a good idea,’ Allison thought as she watched her friend take her suit off. She stood up and removed her bikini as well. Then she changed her mind as she sat back down to enjoy a little more champagne.

She grabbed the bottle and drank right out of it, thinking about their recent heist. She was becoming a little tipsy from their successful venture. But there was no harm in that, right?

As she took another drink she began to consider how they’d acquired the cash in the briefcase. The more she thought about it, the more agitated she became. Something didn’t feel right.

“Why should I share with her?” she slurred tipsily. “I’m the one who did all the work.” And with that a rather dangerous idea sprang to mind.

Removing her sunglasses, she walked to the shallow end and stepped unsteadily into the pool. That was a nice haul they’d taken in. But splitting it only one way would be so much more profitable.

She walked over to Tammi and drunkenly asked, “So what are you going to do with your share?”

“I was going to open a hair salon. You can join me if you want. We could pool our resources and be the best hair salon on the West coast.”

That confirmed it. Tammi had already decided how she wanted her friend to use her share. There was no way she was investing her half of the loot in a hair-brained salon scheme. She wanted it all.

Allison pushed Tammi down into the water. Her partner in crime bubbled drunkenly. But when she tried to get up she discovered Allison wasn’t about to let her reach the surface.

She bubbled and struggled, indicating she wanted up. But her coworker would not relent. Something was terribly wrong.

This didn’t feel like a drunken game in the pool or anything like that. Her partner in crime seemed serious! What the hell??

Tammi finally scrambled out from underneath her. She got a much-needed breath as she stood up. Then she shoved Allison backward into the water.

Allison reached out and snagged Tammi’s leg. Once more she was able to force her back down. This time she straddled her for better leverage.

Tammi managed to burst up to the surface. Moments later they were both on their feet. But Allison couldn’t stop now that she’d committed herself.

She began grappling with her coworker. Tammi gasped, “What’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t wanna invest in your stupid hair salon!”

“Ok – ok; you don’t have to!”

“I don’t intend to. I have my own investments to make. That means I want it all!”

“You bitch!”

Tammi caught Allison off-guard. She shoved her into the water and then got on top of her. The bitch couldn’t drown her if she was the one pinned to the bottom of the pool; right?

It finally registered in her champagne-addled brain what was going on. Allison wanted it all for herself. But if the stupid bitch were to “accidentally drown” she would get to keep all the money!

It would be so easy. They’d both been drinking. That would make it look like an accident. All she had to do was keep Allison down long enough.

Tammi grabbed her friend’s arms and pinned them behind her back. Allison struggled as she cried out, her red hair flowing all around. The more Tammi thought about it, the more she liked the idea of keeping the loot all to herself.

Allison struggled to get out of the grip of her co-worker. She finally broke away. Then she swam all the way to the edge of the pool where a weight belt beckoned to her.

For a moment Tammi felt regret. She called out, “Let’s not fight, ok? There’s plenty for everybody.”

In reply Allison declared, “I want it all!”

As her coworker approached she jumped onto Tammi’s back and pushed her back under the surface. She struggled with her and the weight belt, wanting to attach it if possible. Arms and legs waved everywhere as the two drunken women struggled with each other.

Allison finally managed to wrap the belt around Tammi, making sure to secure it. Then she stretched her coworker out along the pool floor with a firm grasp around her waist. The belt would help, but she needed to make sure her partner in crime never got back up.

Tammi bubbled as she reached for Allison’s hands, desperate to pry them loose. The alcohol was affecting her ability to hold her breath as well as her ability to think clearly. She struggled to push herself up off the pool floor.

Allison sensed her coworker was about to break free again. She quickly wrapped a leg around her friend’s chest. She simply had to keep her from reaching the surface. A little more effort and she would successfully double her payday.

Tammi was becoming exhausted. It was getting harder to coordinate her efforts. This was crazy!

Allison sensed it wouldn’t be much longer. She stood up for a breath, gasping loudly. Then she placed a foot down on Tammi’s back, holding her down with relative ease.

Tammi grunted and bubbled as her chest heaved. She couldn’t rise up and she couldn’t get the foot off her back! She wriggled and squirmed, but she just couldn’t get back to the surface.

Allison laughed with wicked glee. Soon the money would all be hers. “I’m the one who did all the work, bitch! It should all go to me anyway!”

Tammi bubbled as she lost precious bursts of air. She was tired, and the alcohol was having an effect on her. What’s more, Allison was a better swimmer and breath-holder.

She coughed, sending air bursting out of her mouth. Tammi inhaled reflexively, sending her into painful spasms. She coughed, choked and gurgled as her lungs began to flood while her breasts bounced and wobbled.

Allison watched with intense satisfaction. She could see the air coming up in huge bursts. It wouldn’t be much longer until the money was all hers.

Tammi shuddered before she went limp. Stray bubbles slipped out past her parted lips. She stared lifelessly, a vacant look of shock and betrayal in her eyes.

Allison watched a last burst of air reach the surface. The woman under her foot grew still. It was all over.

Allison walked to the steps leading out of the pool. She looked over at the briefcase and smiled. Then she looked down into the water.

“Thanks, Tammi! I knew you’d see things my way.”

2004; 2020 (written Mar 14 ’04; ed. Jun 1 ‘20 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Aqua fantasies “Mermaids in Peril Vol. 6 and are for illustration purposes only.

Part 2

Allison dreamed Tammi had gotten the upper hand and was drowning her in the pool. She couldn’t break out of her grasp and she couldn’t reach the surface. She was going to drown because the bitch wanted all the loot for herself.

She tried to scream but nothing would come out. She tried to struggle but she felt as though she was submerged in molasses. Tammi’s grip was tight, her expression one of cruel vindictiveness.

Allison cried out as she sat upright in the patio chair. She panted heavily for breath over the dreadful nightmare. She was groggy from sleep and drink.

She looked down into the pool. Tammi was still there. The weight belt was still wrapped around her waist.

“I deserve it all!” she told the corpse. “I did all the work. Why should I share it with you?”

She reached down and found the nearly empty bottle of champagne. She took a long drink, almost finishing the bottle. The sun was warm and she was so tired.

She thought about going for a quick dip in the pool. But Tammi was still in the water. She hadn’t bothered to call anyone to get her out.

She looked down at the briefcase full of money. It was still there. It wouldn’t do to call anyone while the proceeds of their theft lay visible for the cops to observe. She would wait to call later.

She relaxed in the chair, thinking of what they’d done to steal from their boss. A smile crossed her face. No one would ever suspect it was them.

The sun was warm; she was still feeling tired. She thought about going inside and hiding their purloined cash. But she was getting sleepy again. Perhaps she would feel better after another little nap.

Once more Allison drifted off to sleep. And once more she dreamed of being drowned in the water. This time it was her boss who was holding her under, angry over her theft.

She struggled in his grasp. But once more the water felt like molasses. She could hardly move.

She tried to tell him it had all been Tammi’s idea. She tried to beg him not to drown her. Now he was tying her feet together in order to make her drowning more effective…….

Allison cried out again as she woke up. A figure blocked the sun coming down on her. She looked up to see Mickey standing over her. Lefty was kneeling while tying rope around her ankles.

With a fright she turned to look for the briefcase of cash. It was no longer there. “I moved it,” Mickey explained matter-of-factly as though guessing her next question.

Lefty was still tying her ankles together. On the cement next to her chair lay a circular, iron weight. Allison cried out in alarm.

“A present from Phil,” Mickey explained again. “He doesn’t like bitches like you and Tammi stealing from him.”

She inhaled sharply as her mind scrambled to recover the situation. Then she pointed at the water. “It was all Tammi’s idea! She’s the one who suggested we steal it! She was going to drown me, but I got her first!”

“Unlikely,” Mickey replied in that damnably calm voice. “She barely knows how to type, file and make coffee. Phil knows it was all your idea.”

“It was all Tammi, Mickey! I was going to bring it all back; I swear! You know me better than that!”

“Yes, I do,” he replied evenly.

At that point Lefty began attaching the rope from Allison’s ankles to the iron weight. She gasped again as she sat up. Then she tried to beat on him with her fists… “Lefty, stop it!”

Mickey calmly grabbed her arms. He forcibly pulled them behind her back. Then he turned her around to get a better view of her backside as he began securing her wrists together with more rope.

Allison began hyperventilating. She was completely sober now. Phil’s two henchmen were scaring the shit out of her.

“Mickey, I was going to pay it back; I swear!”

“I’m sure you were, Allison.”

“The whole thing was Tammi’s idea! Mickey, you’ve got to believe me!”

“Sure, Allison; sure.”

“Mickey; stop!!”

“In a minute, Allison.”

In her panic she hadn’t realized she was still naked until now. Allison saw only one way out of the jam she was in. In growing desperation she gasped, “Let me go and I’ll do anything you want!”

“I’m sure you mean that, Allison.” He was still so damned calm.

“You know I mean it, Mickey! I’ve seen you giving me the eye! I know you want me! I want you too! Let me go and I’ll prove it to you! I’ll prove it to you both!”

“In a minute, Allison.”

She let out a yelp as he tightened the rope around her wrists. She was wide-eyed and panicked to see Lefty finish up with her ankles and the weight. In desperation she told him, “You know you want to; don’t you, Lefty? Tell Mickey to let me go! You can take the money back and I’ll suck and fuck you both! We only bought the champagne; the rest is still there! I’ll pay the difference; I promise – OUCH!”

“You get the legs; I’ll get the other end.” Lefty nodded. Together they picked Allison up off her chair.

“No… no… don’t do this! Mickey, I’ll do anything! Mickey, I love you!”

“I’m sure you do, Allison.”

“I mean it; don’t do this!”

They walked her around the pool to the deep end. Allison got a good view of Tammi’s naked corpse in the water, the weight belt still in place. She began hyperventilating at the horrifying thought she was about to join her.

“Mickey, don’t do this! Lefty, I didn’t mean it! You guys are making a big mistake!”

“Ready?” Lefty nodded in reply. Without any fanfare they calmly hefted her into the pool.

Alison let out a cry before she hit the water with a splash. The iron weight sank straight to the bottom, pulling her down with it. It bottomed out, leaving her head less than a foot from the surface.

Allison could see Tammi lying in the shallow end. That vacant, betraying stare was still there. But there was no way her coworker could come to her aid now.

Allison twisted as she struggled with her wrists. But they’d been secured much too tightly. She jerked her arms behind her back as she grunted and bubbled.

She looked up at the surface. Mickey and Lefty were clearly standing there watching her. She could see them right there by the side of the pool.

Maybe they were only trying to scare her. Maybe they were going to set her free. If that was the case, why hadn’t either one of them gotten undressed to dive in after her??

Her lungs burned in her chest. She tried kicking, but her ankles remained secured to the iron weight. She could feel the panic rising within her as her stomach began to ripple, her chest heaving.

She shook her head, her crimson tresses flowing around her face. She cried out toward the surface, losing a burst of bubbles. Panic made her jerk around against her tether.

Her chest heaved ominously. Allison gulped a mouthful of water. An explosion of bubbles burst out of her mouth.

Instantly she started hitching and convulsing. She began swallowing water while inhaling it as well. She hitched as she went into seizures, her convulsions bending her over at the waist.

She could see Tammi watching her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out other than a few bubbles. Then the pain lessened as darkness closed in all around her.

Up at the surface the guys watched the last of the bubbles come up. The surface of the pool became still. It looked like Allison was gently swaying back and forth as her red hair settled all around her head.

“Get the cash,” Mickey told Lefty matter-of-factly.

His accomplice nodded as the two men walked around the pool. Lefty picked up the briefcase that had been sealed up, the cash safely secured inside. Then they calmly walked out of the backyard, leaving Tammi and Allison to share the fruits of their ill-advised payday.

2020 (written Jun 2 ’20 by riwa)

(Pictures found and used for illustration purposes.)

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