Melvie rides Victor’s guillotine (part 2)


Part 2

I have no idea how long I was out. But I don’t think it was very long. When I regained consciousness, the lunette was up off my neck. And my hands were no longer cuffed behind my back.

Chad smiled as he helped me sit up. “That was incredible!” he blurted out. “You were so tight that I couldn’t pull out until you passed out. That was one hell of a ride!”

“I’m not surprised,” Frieda told him with a knowing smile. “The guys seem to love it when their date cums in the guillotine, especially while he’s fucking her.”

“I can see why,” Chad replied with an understanding smile.

“The bench is really wet now,” Mera observed as she looked down at it. “All that cum…”

“I can get a rag and clean it up if you wish.”

Mera looked at Frieda and shook her head. “No, you don’t have to just yet.” Then she looked at her male companion as she started to strip before asking, “Donahue, how’d you like a blowjob while your bitch is lying in cum?”

Donahue curiously looked around at all of us. But we had no objections. Frieda smiled as she told him it was all right with her.

The brunette laid out on the bench until her knees hung off the back. She wriggled around in the sticky substance as though she was getting off on it. Then Frieda cuffed her wrists behind her back.

The lunette was quickly brought down upon her neck. Mera gasped as though things had suddenly gotten real. “Changing your mind?” Donahue asked her with a nasty grin.

“Yes… er, uh… no… oh hell, just do it already!”

Donahue pulled down his pants and briefs. He had a growing erection that looked pretty tasty to me. Then he carefully knelt right in front of the guillotine, leaving room in case her head came off so it would drop into the wicker basket below.

Mera opened her mouth and took him between her lips. His dick stiffened even more. My own lips began to tingle with longing as I watched her.

Frieda suddenly latched the lunette. I think it caught them both by surprise. The timers on both displays immediately started counting forward again.

Mera paused for a moment. “Oh gawd!” she gasped in a muffled voice. Then she went back to sucking on his dick.

We all watched with fascination as she gave him a sloppy blowjob. He gasped as he thrust between her lips. “She’s the best,” he admitted to all of us as we looked on. I noticed the other guys were watching with lust and admiration.

“The best? I’ll be more than happy to prove her wrong,” I replied sourly.

Mera wriggled around upon the bench as though trying to absorb all that cream underneath her. I had to grudgingly admire her oral skills. But I vowed to go even one better the next time I rode Victor’s guillotine.

She looked as though she was trying to get him off as she approached the fifteen minute mark. But Donahue pulled out a couple of times as though preventing her from finishing him off. She gasped, “What are you doing??” before he slammed his cock back between her lips.

The timer passed 16 minutes. But Donahue kept thrusting deep into her mouth. Mera anxiously cried out with a mouthful of meat.

At 17:23 Donahue pulled out and spurted all over her face. Mera anxiously cried out, “Shut it down – shut it down!” Then she shuddered in orgasm before Frieda calmly stepped up and flipped the latch on the lunette, stopping the time at 17:37.

Mera panted for breath, her face laced with streams of spunk. Donahue had given her quite an erotic glaze. She final got out a breathless “Damn you!”

“How was it?” Frieda asked as she worked at lifting up the lunette.

“He scared me half to death!” Then she paused before adding, “…but it was so fucking intense that I came really hard.” Frieda just grinned as she removed the cuffs before helping her sit upright.

Mera glared at Donahue. “What were you trying to do… get me killed?”

In response, he turned toward Frieda before asking, “When did you say the blade usually falls?”

“Sometime during the second hour.”

“So you were fine,” Donahue told Mera as though that settled things. She just glared daggers at him as he helped her to her feet.

“I guess I’ll ride it next,” Tekoma offered nervously. We all looked at her as she hesitantly started to strip. By way of explanation, she added, “If everyone’s going to have a turn, I’d better go now before it gets into the second hour.”

“Are you sure?” her companion Kimo asked her.

“Yeah, let’s do this.”

She got undressed before stretching out face down upon the bench like we all had done thus far. Her knees also hung down. “You want me to fuck you?” Kimo asked as Frieda cuffed her wrists behind her back.

“No. I mean… I don’t want… uh, I’m not sure…”

Kimo looked around at all of us as though embarrassed his companion was not being sexual. “Ready?” Frieda finally asked them as she got ready to latch the lunette.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Tekoma sounded hesitant as hell. Then Frieda latched the lunette.

The timers started moving again. Tekoma gasped anxiously as though having just changed her mind. That’s when Kimo stepped up and began fingering her.

“What… what are you doing back there? Ohgawd; I think I’ve changed my mind!”

“Too late,” Frieda replied with a smile. Three other voices including mine chimed up in unison, saying the exact same words.

Tekoma started wriggling and whimpering. Kimo just fingered her even more. Then he pushed a thumb up her butt.

She let out a cry as she panted for breath. Then she began grunting as her companion thrust a little more aggressively into her pussy and ass with his fingers and thumb. I heard her mumbling, “Stop… don’t… no wait… keep going… stop… ohgawd, this was a horrible idea… stop… NO, KEEP GOING!”

She really whimpered; it was incredibly arousing. Then she appeared to go off, wincing hard as her body appeared to stiffen. Frieda was right there to mercifully stop the timers the moment they reached 22:39.

Tekoma panted like crazy as our hostess lifted the lunette up off her neck. Then the cuffs were removed. The poor thing seemed woozy as Kimo helped her sit up.


She looked at him before gasping, “Don’t ever let me do that again! Why would you let me do that??”

“Hey, you were the one that wanted to go for a ride!” She just smacked him in reply.

That left Petria. She and her companion were talking quietly to each other. When he asked, “Are you sure?” she just nodded her head. Then they both began to undress.

“Looks like the ladies are all going to ride it at least once,” Frieda observed with a smile.

“I’m going again after she’s through,” I declared, causing everyone to turn and look at me. Besides, I felt like I had to prove to everyone I was the sluttiest and most eager bitch of them all.

Petria lay face down upon the sticky bench. Her male companion was named Hernan and looked to be of Spanish descent. He knelt behind her and started fucking her before our hostess could even get her wrists cuffed behind her back.

“I see you two aren’t wasting any time,” Frieda remarked with amusement.

“Showoffs,” I muttered under my breath. That earned me a few curious looks from the others.

Frieda cuffed Petria’s wrists behind her back. Then she brought the lunette down upon her neck. She wasted no time latching it, causing the timers to start moving again.

Hernan gave it to her nice and steady. Petria moaned as she panted for breath. “Gawd; this is scarier… and more exciting… than I expected.” Frieda just looked down on her and grinned, telling her most girls usually felt that way about experiencing a ride in Victor’s guillotine.

She looked at the timer in front of her before panting, “Remember our agreement, Hernan!” He told her he hadn’t forgotten. We all wondered what that was all about.

At about 25:40, he pulled out of her pussy. Then he appeared to push his thick dick up her ass. She winced as she gasped, “Fuck, he’s huge!”

He got all the way inside before he began to thrust. Petria gasped and moaned. Then she anxiously asked Frieda, “Are you sure the blade won’t come down this early?”

“I said I hadn’t SEEN it come down this early,” our hostess corrected her. “I didn’t say it COULDN’T come down this early.”

“Oh, fuck! Hernan, maybe we’d better…”

“Oh, no!” he declared. “We’re going through with it!”

“Going through with what?” Frieda wanted to know.

“She privately agreed to ride it for me for six minutes: three with my cock up her cunt, and three with my cock up her ass. She wanted to prove she could do it.” Naturally that made me frown at her, knowing now that she really did want to show off for the rest of us.

“Gawd, Hernan; I’ve changed my mind!” That’s when Frieda prepared to step forward.
Donahue told her to wait. After all, he said they had agreed. She wasn’t supposed to stop the timer until after six minutes had gone by.


Petria was panting like crazy. I think she was suddenly terrified the blade was going to come down before Frieda stopped the timers. I found myself hoping like hell she would lose her head just for trying to show off.

Petria cried out until it looked like she was cumming, even though his cock was up her butt. Frieda stepped forward and got ready to flip the latch to the guillotine. Petria begged her to do it early. But she glanced at Hernan and saw him shake his head… “Don’t.”

Six minutes passed, causing Frieda to flip the latch. The timer stopped at 28:41. There were oohs and aahs from everyone watching. I just snorted as I remarked we were barely thirty minutes in and that there had never been any real danger.

Petria was released from the cuffs and from the lunette. Hernan helped her sit upright on the bench. But she didn’t act the least bit upset with him. It made me wonder if her whole performance had been staged.

“Pretty erotic,” Frieda remarked. “Even though it’s only been thirty minutes, it’s still one hell of a thrill wondering if the blade might come down.”

“You’re right about that,” Petria agreed.

“I feel the same way,” Tekoma added. She appeared to be feeling better from her ordeal.

“I’m going again,” I declared as I moved toward the bench.

“Better clean it off for her,” Petria remarked sourly with a dismissive wave. “She went first, so she’s probably used to a clean bench.”

I gave her a dirty look. Then I climbed on, stickiness and all. I stretched out onto my stomach before I obediently lifted my wrists behind my back, crossing them for Frieda and her cuffs.

“You’re up, Buck!” I demanded. “You get my cunt. Oh, and Chad? I’m not forgetting about you. How’d you like a blowjob?”

“Sure!” he eagerly replied as he came around in front of me.

Buck got undressed and knelt behind me as Frieda put the cuffs on me. He wasted no time thrusting into me as our hostess brought the lunette down onto my neck. That’s when I told our hostess, “I want to be in here for seven minutes, and not a second less. Ok?” When she smiled and nodded, I added, “Chad, get that cock over here!”

Chad thrust his dick between my lips. Then I heard Frieda latch the lunette. The timer in front of me started moving yet again.

I was all turned on like never before. Oddly, it didn’t have much to do with the guillotine. I figured the blade wouldn’t come down for another thirty minutes at least.

No, I was turned on because everyone was watching me. I was the center of attention. And I wanted to prove I was better and riskier than that bitch Petria.

I never once thought of Florio. He was just a nice guy to take advantage of. But it was guys like Buck and Chad who got my motor running.

I loved being spit-roasted in the guillotine. Oddly, I’d never been fucked by two guys before. But I wasn’t about to miss out on a golden opportunity.

I heard Petria remark what a slut I was. But I didn’t care. Next time, I was going to see if I could get her companion to fuck me in the guillotine.

Buck and Chad had no problem double-teaming me. But Buck asked Chad what would happen if I lost my head. Chad just laughed, telling him he’d better make sure his cock didn’t go all the way down my throat.

Their words gave me the chills. Petria said she hoped the blade would fall and cut my head off. A part of me got concerned it might possibly happen. But I figured it was still too early. Besides I was showing up everyone by having a real good time with Buck and Chad.

Just like that, it was over. “Seven minutes!” Frieda declared as she stood right there within reach. That’s when she popped the latch to the lunette. The timer in front of me stopped at 35:42.

Chad pulled out of my mouth, not having cum yet. Buck was just getting a good rhythm when he had to stop too. Frieda pulled the lunette up off my neck before freeing my wrists from the cuffs.

I sat upright before I stood up and grinned at everyone. “Piece of cake!” I declared. “That was fucking hot!”

Frieda smiled as she looked around at all of us. “Anyone else?”

Petria wasn’t going to allow me to upstage her. But before she could say anything, Mera turned to her companion and hesitantly asked, “Donahue, would you like to fuck me in the guillotine?” She still had cum on her face.

“Would I? Hell yeah; I would!”

I think Frieda was going to clean the bench for her. But she quickly climbed on it onto her stomach before our hostess could react.

“You sure?” Frieda asked. In response, Mera obediently brought her arms behind her back. So our hostess promptly cuffed her wrists right then and there.

By now, everyone was naked except for Kimo. There was no point in anyone putting clothes back on if they were only going to come back off. Donahue promptly got onto his knees before thrusting into her.

“How long?” Frieda asked as she brought the lunette down onto her neck.

“Just five minutes, please.”

“Done. Enjoy the ride.” Then Frieda latched the lunette in place.

The timer began moving forward again as Donahue began fucking his companion. They hadn’t said whether they were dating, together as boyfriend/girlfriend, or engaged. There was no ring on any of their fingers, so I assumed they weren’t married. But I decided it really didn’t matter.

Mera seemed a little calmer about being locked into Victor’s guillotine the second time around. But she sure gasped and moaned as Donahue fucked her. I think she had a little climax at the end when Frieda stopped the timer at 40:44.

She had just finished uncuffing Mera when I heard Kimo ask Tekoma if she wanted to go again. She said she wasn’t sure… until Kimo reminded her the timer was only at forty minutes. When she saw us all looking at her, I think she felt pressured because she finally said, “Oh… alright.”

We all cheered and applauded her as she hesitantly lay naked face down upon the sticky bench. But Kimo had to talk her into letting him fuck her. When she finally agreed, he quickly got out of his clothes.

He knelt behind her and pushed his cock inside. “Are you sure?” Frieda asked as she brought the lunette down into position. Tekoma just nodded quietly.

Frieda quickly latched the lunette, triggering the timers. Tekoma began panting heavily for breath as Kimo thrust in and out of her. “Now that’s hot!” Mera observed encouragingly.

Tekoma’s eyes were wide as she watched the timer. She writhed and whimpered as though she was having second thoughts. But there was nothing she could do about it now.

Frieda soon stepped up and got ready. “You want me to shut it down after five minutes?” Tekoma vigorously nodded yes.

She panted heavily until she finally popped off. Frieda smiled knowingly as she shut the machine down. The timer read 45:45.

She got a cheer for her efforts as the lunette was pulled up off her neck. Then the cuffs were removed. Kimo helped her sit upright as she panted for breath.

“You ok?” Petria asked. “You look a little dazed.”

“I thought the blade was going to come down. It scared me… and then I came really hard.” Frieda just gave her an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

Petria pulled Hernan away and spoke to him in private. He asked aloud if that’s what she really wanted. She said she was sure. So he told her to go right ahead.

She came back over to the bench and smiled at Frieda. Then she gave me a smirk before asking if my companions would like to fuck somebody else. Before I could reply, Buck and Chad immediately agreed, saying I was just a friend and fuck-buddy. I gave them dirty looks, but said nothing.

She stretched out face down upon the sticky bench before dutifully crossing her wrists behind her back. Chad quickly took up a position kneeling directly behind her. Buck was left with the other end. So he knelt in front of her face, the wicker basket between them.

Mera and Tekoma were astonished at the sudden change in fuck-partners. Frieda was amused as she cuffed Petria’s wrists behind her back. I could tell the bitch on the bench was still trying to show off.

I wanted to be pissed. But what could I do? The guys were right about my relationship with them. I was mostly using them for sex anyway. So what did it matter if they fucked another woman? I could always hope she would end up headless in the next few minutes.

Frieda brought the lunette down onto her neck. “Give us ten minutes,” Petria confidently told her. Then she said, “Buck? I want to be wearing your cream when my ride is done.”

“Done!” he declared. Then he gave me a look that indicated he was going to fully enjoy himself. I just stood there naked and fuming.

Petria gave me a snarky look. Then Chad started fucking her as Buck thrust between her lips. That’s when Frieda latched the lunette, activating the timers. I found myself mentally willing the blade to come down and cut her head off.

Chad really gave it to her good. And she slobbered all over Buck’s cock between her lips. Mera looked a little jealous. Even Tekoma seemed envious.

Frieda caught me looking over at her and smiled. “Sometimes Victor’s guillotine brings out the slut in all of us.”

I quietly growled, “I hope she loses her fucking head.”

“She just might. You never know.”

Everyone drew closer as though eager to get up close and personal. I wondered if maybe they wanted to get a little blood on themselves in case the blade fell. But I was jealous as hell over the attention Petria was getting.

The guys thrust a little harder the longer they fucked her. She began to wriggle like crazy. Maybe she wanted off??

Chad let out a cry as he thrust hard into her cunt. Buck pulled out, leaving cum on her lips. But he had enough left to splatter her face. Petria screamed in orgasm before Frieda calmly reached in and flipped the latch, stopping the timers. The time read 55:48.

“Fuck!” she panted as Frieda pulled the lunette up off her neck. “That was really intense!” Then the cuffs were removed.

She sat upright, panting heavily. She wiped some of Buck’s cum off her face with a finger. Then she stuck it in her mouth and moaned over how good it tasted. “Thanks, guys! That was incredible!”

I looked at the timers, my heart racing. It was getting damned close to one hour. I wanted to go again just to show the bitch up. But did I want to do it with that much time on the timers?

“Gonna go again?” Petria asked me with sickening sweetness. Then she turned toward Frieda and chuckled, “Better reset the timers to zero so the poor thing won’t freak out.”

“Fuck you!” I replied icily. Then I deliberately sat down on the bench. A moment later I went over on my back, lying face up.

“You want to ride it face up?” Frieda asked with an amused smile.

“Why not?” I replied confidently. “I want to show everyone what it’s like to go for a really erotic ride. But first, I want to know who’s fucking me and who will I be sucking. Hernan?” and I turned and faced him. “What to play with my boobs while you’re fucking me?”

He didn’t even give Petria a look to see if it was ok with her. He just came over and knelt at the end of the bench. Then he took my legs and put them up over his shoulder as he slowly slid into me.

Frieda cuffed my wrists under the bench so I couldn’t rise up. Then she brought the lunette down onto my neck. “How does it feel staring up at the blade?” Tekoma asked nervously.

“What a fucking thrill!” I gasped with forced bravado. Then I added, “Kimo, does your cock want my mouth?”

His date was not agreeable as she declared, “Kimo, don’t you dare!”

“Then Donahue,” I suggested. Mera just motioned for him to go right ahead. She looked pretty silly still wearing his cum on her face from her first ride.

I was glad I was going to get to suck his dick. It was a really nice one. I figured he was really going to enjoy gagging me with it.

I tipped my head back to take him into my mouth. I saw Frieda looking down on me with a smile. So I told her, “Eleven minutes for me, ok? I want to beat Petria’s time.”

“Anything you say,” she replied with a smile.

“Gawd; I’ll bet she’s gonna cum really, really hard!” Mera said quietly to Tekoma. But it was loud enough for me to grin inwardly.

“Gag me, baby!” I purred at Donahue. Then he thrust into my mouth. He hit the back of my throat as Frieda latched the lunette, starting the timers.

Hernan really gave it to me good as he thrust hard into my cunt. My legs were up his chest as he enjoyed my tightness. I was the center of attention again… and I fucking loved it!

Donahue pushed all the way down my throat. I gagged for him as he grasped onto my skull with both hands. My head was tipped back so I couldn’t see either the hovering blade or the timer in front of me.

What if the blade suddenly came down? The thought was terribly arousing. It both scared and thrilled me.

What happened next was a blur. I heard an audible gasp in the room. A split-second later, I felt something sharp, as though it had gone right through my throat.

I suddenly couldn’t feel anything below my neck anymore. I heard a scream, which sounded like it came from Tekoma. Then I heard Hernan cry out, “She’s clenching like crazy! Hold onto her head, Donahue!”

All I could see was Donahue’s groin and balls. I couldn’t seem breathe anymore. But I could still feel his hands on either side of my head.

I felt strangely weightless. Then Mera said, “Fuck! His cock is peeking out through her neck stump!”

“She’s really bucking back here!” Hernan called out. “And she’s so fucking tight!”

“Let her see herself!” Chad declared.

“Impale her through the other end!” Buck added.

I felt myself slide off Donahue’s cock. Then my vision did a one-eighty. It all felt so surreal.

I felt something come up through the back of my throat before protruding out of my mouth. The tip of Donahue’s cock emerged out past my lips. I blinked as I finally got to see everything.

My naked body was bucking upon the bench. My neck stump was furiously pumping out my life’s blood. Hernan groped my boobs while thrusting hard into my cunt.

“Mera, come on over!” Donahue demanded. So she came right over. Then he told her to kiss me.

She took the tip of his cock into her mouth until our lips met. I thought I tasted his cum spurting out of his dick into her mouth. Or maybe it was the cum still splattered onto her face. That’s when my vision failed me as my expression sagged tiredly.

For the next few minutes, I was the most popular bitch in that basement. The guys took turns fucking my cunt and neck stump while others used my head to fuck my mouth and neck. The girls licked my face and kissed my lips whenever a cock was poking out of my mouth. Hell, even Tekoma kissed my lips.

I got way more attention than I ever thought possible. But it was not the kind of attention I had been seeking. I certainly got noticed the most when I ended up roasting over Victor’s fire pit.

I would never learn that Florio gave up access to my head. Buck and Chad both wanted it. But Donahue wanted it too. And since he was the one in my mouth when the blade fell, he was the one who got to keep it.

2023 (written Sep 28 ’23 by riwa. Inspired by a manip created by Thor.)

This is the original short story that triggered the longer one. Call it an epilogue, if you will.

Melvie and I were not really an item; at least not yet. We’d been casually dating for a while now. But she was starting to grow on me.

One day, we drove up to this mansion. She said there was something there that she wanted to see. She’d been invited, and she wanted me to tag along.

When we got there, I discovered there were others on the premises. After introductions, several of us followed a young woman named Frieda down to the basement. There, we were introduced to a guillotine.

We were told it operated automatically. A timer could be set for the blade to fall randomly. Otherwise, if anyone wanted to try it out, it would be perfectly fine with her.

Several of the ladies laid out on it and tried it. However, the timer was not engaged. They just stretched out on the bench and stuck their heads through, just to see what it felt like.

Melvie took a turn along with the others. Then someone wanted to know if the timer could be engaged. Frieda set it up to randomly go off within five minutes.

We all watched and waited. At 3:23, the blade came whooshing down, causing all of us to jump with a start. There were screams and cries of laughter. Then we headed upstairs.

There was an outdoor barbecue. I saw Melvie talking with Frieda. Then we went home.

She acted like it was no big deal. But I wasn’t so sure. I could tell the event had made an impact on her.

A few days later, Melvie contacted me. The guillotine was going to be put into operation if anyone wanted to ride it and take the risk. I asked her if she really wanted to risk riding it. She said she was thinking about it.

The event was going to take place on Saturday. I reminded Melvie I had to work that day. I’d switched shifts with a coworker and couldn’t get the day off.

She told me it was quite all right. She said she would meet me there and would wait for me to arrive. So I said ok.

I went to work on Saturday and put in my time. Shortly after lunch, I contacted Melvie and asked how she was doing. She said she was on her way to Victor’s mansion. She said she would see me there once I got off work.

I finished the rest of my shift. Then I tried to call Melvie. The call went straight to her voicemail. I sent a text, but it was not responded to.

I didn’t think anything of it. I just assumed she was in the middle of something and did not want her phone to go off at an inopportune time. So I went home and changed clothes.

I tried calling her again before I left. But once more, the call went straight to voicemail. I tried sending another text, but it, too, wasn’t answered.

I noticed she had not returned my call from earlier. Had she been off her phone this whole time? I thought that was a little unusual for Melvie.

I drove to Victor’s, wondering why she couldn’t get away long enough to check her messages. I checked my phone again while I was on the road. But there had still been no response to my calls or texts.

An idle thought went through my mind. What if she’d tried Victor’s guillotine and had not been so lucky. I didn’t think she would do anything so foolish. But the more I thought about it, the faster I drove.

I pulled into the mansion and found a spot next to some other vehicles. I anxiously pulled out my phone and tried again. When she didn’t answer my call, I sent her a text telling her I was on the premises and was looking for her. There was no response.

I was anxious as I walked to the door. I went inside and asked someone for Melvie’s whereabouts. They didn’t seem to know who I was talking about.

I asked some Asian chick where my girlfriend might be. She asked what her name was. When I told her, she looked at me in shock.

“You’re Melvie’s boyfriend??”

I told her I’d been at work all afternoon and had just gotten off. Then I anxiously asked, “Where is she?”

She got a rather bemused look on her face. “Um… that might be a little hard to explain. Maybe I should go get Victor. Wait right here.”

I frowned as I waited impatiently. Two minutes later, Victor came in from the backyard.

I told him who I was. He said he remembered me from the other day. Then I told him I was there to see Melvie. I said I was her boyfriend.

“Her boyfriend?” Victor seemed confused. “Ok. Uh… follow me. It’s right this way.”

He led me to a back room. “I’ll only be a moment.” Then he passed through a door.

I heard him ask, “Is she ready? Her boyfriend’s here to pick her up.”

I heard a female voice reply, “Boyfriend? But I thought…”

“Her boyfriend… is here!” Victor declared.

“Oh; ok. Well, I got her cleaned up as best I could.”

“Fine – fine” was Victor’s reply. “She looks lovely.”

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they were talking about. Then Victor came through the door. To my shock, he was holding Melvie’s head in his outstretched hands.

“I think she wanted you to have this,” he explained. “The rest of her is, uh… well, she’s out cooking on our barbecue. You’re welcome to stay for supper if you’d like.”

I was stunned. Then he handed her head over to me. I was shocked as I held her in my hands.

Her lips were parted, her eyes glazed over. There was this strange look about her. “What happened?” I wanted to know.

“Several of our guests wanted to try the guillotine for real. So we set the random timer. Your girlfriend wanted to try it as well. I wasn’t there when it happened. I guess the guillotine choose that particular time to come down. It sliced her head clean off.”

I stared at her head in disbelief. Now I understood why she hadn’t responded to my calls and messages. All I could do was stammer, “Melvie? What the hell did you do?? I was… I was starting to fall in love with you!”

“She signed a waiver,” Victor said hastily. People have to sign it because of the risks involved.” I think he didn’t want me to hold him accountable for her beheading.

“I see,” I murmured sadly. “Well, I guess it’s not your fault.” Then I paused before asking, “You people are really going to eat her?”

“It’s all a part of the waiver she signed. I know how to cook them. You’re welcome to come out back and stay for dinner.”

Thinking about eating my girlfriend gave me a weak stomach. “Thank you, but I think I’ll pass.”

“I understand,” he said sympathetically. “They did a good job on her head, don’t you think?”

“Yes they did,” I replied. She looked so lifelike.

“Her head belongs to you now, if you want it. But I know a couple of people who are willing to pay you top dollar for her head in case you’re not interested.”

Something told me there was so much more to the story. Did I really want to know about it? Maybe it was better to sever all ties with her once and for all.

I handed the head back over. “She’s all yours. Give her to whomever wants her.”

“Let me go get you some cash,” he said as he turned to go with the head in his hands.

“Don’t bother,” I replied with a dismissive wave. “It was nice meeting you. I, uh… I hope my girlfriend is good eating.” Then I turned and headed for the exit, leaving Melvie and her head out of my life forever.

2022; 2023 (Written Oct 11 ’22; ed. Jan 16 ’23 by riwa.)

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