I had just finished taking some underwater glamour shots with the guys. Several had even been submerged with me. They took pictures with their cameras while others helped spot for me.

“What shall we do next?” one asked the others.

I looked around as my eyes twinkled. “Time for me to drown again?” That got smiles from just about everybody.

Someone asked how I was going to do it. “How about a hogtie?” another suggested.

Being tied up sounded kind of exciting. Besides, I figured the guys would all love seeing me wriggle and squirm in some sort of bondage. So I replied, “Sounds lovely. Anybody got anything we can use?”

One of the lads had a nice long strap that went with his luggage. He quickly went and fetched it. I noticed everyone else talking amongst themselves over how exciting this was going to be.

He returned with the strap. It was so long that we had to improvise when we used it to secure me. I knew the lads would work something out.

I sat on my bum as my wrists were tied behind my back. When it came time to tie my ankles together, I rolled over face down on my stomach by the side of the pool. I felt my legs being bent back as they were tied together.

I felt a surge of excitement ripple through me, along with the usual apprehension. After all, there was always a chance they might miss the signal. What if they didn’t get me back to the surface right away?

It turned out I was rather loosely tied. I had some slack to wriggle my arms and legs as I tested my bonds. I figured that would make me look more attractive during the show I was about to put on.

Kevin smiled and asked if I was ready. He said I looked good all trussed up. I should have known my bondage would excite my husband.

When I told him I was ready Craig calmly rolled me into the pool. I let out a surprised cry as I hit the water with a splash. I wriggled around until I ended up floating face up in my pink, one-piece the guys all liked so much.

Somebody called out, “All right; who’s first?”

Albert from Northern England said, “I’ll go!” Then he jumped into the water as three other blokes jumped in with their cameras.

Albert is one of the tamer lads who attends my parties. Still, he rolled me over until I was face down in the shallow end. Then he gently pushed me deeper.

I gave him a good show of wriggling and squirming. I blew bursts of bubbles for him as though I was panicking. I could see other bodies in the shallow end, all of them using cameras to capture the action.

Albert let me up before he’d pushed my lungs too much. I came up with my head out of water, my knees pointed downward. I let out a cry, telling him I didn’t know where the package was.

He grinned as he pushed me back under, picking up on the play I had in mind. Up at the surface I heard a couple of voices demand I tell him where it was. Everyone was getting into the spirit of the thing.

I held my breath until he let me up again. This time he rolled me over onto my back. My arms and legs hung down as I jerked them a little.

Once more I told him I didn’t know where the package was. He grinned as he rolled me back over onto my tummy, submerging me again. I wriggled and squirmed as I bubbled for him.

I looked around during my struggles. Right away I noticed there were a lot of bulges. It gave me a thrill knowing I was the cause of all that arousal. So I struggled harder, losing more of my breath.

Once more Albert let me back up, rolling me over onto my back. I told him I didn’t know about any package. He just smiled as he rolled me onto my stomach once more, submerging me yet again.

I bubbled and struggled while screaming and crying out. That made a couple of bulges I detected really stand out! It was quite the turn-on.

He pulled me back up for a breath. I thought he was going to dunk me a couple more times. Instead, he passed me off to Mike.

I shook my head… “No… NO!” Mike just pushed me under face up. The water stung my sinuses a little, but by now I’d been under a lot and was pretty much used to it.

I wriggled and squirmed as I bubbled, “I don’t know anything about a package!” Mike didn’t act like he was the least bit interested. Instead he reached down to grope and fondle my chest. Mike’s the “touchy-feely” one of the bunch.

He caressed me until I was really turned on. But he pushed my limits longer than Albert. I was losing my breath, about to give him the signal when he let me up.

I came up gasping and sputtering. He just grinned at me. I cried out before he pushed me under again.

He kept me face up, about a foot below the surface. He’s the one who loves me to see just how close I am to the air he’s not going to give me. I kicked and bubbled as I begged him to let me back up.

Once more he pushed my limits. Mike has this sixth sense about me. About the time I’m going to shake my head, he usually brings me back to the surface.

Once more I came up gasping for breath. And once again I got into my role. “No – no; I don’t know anything about a package!” Then back down I went.

He pushed down on my boobs as he groped me. I could tell it was having quite an effect on him. I didn’t mind so much, especially because I love being such a tease. He always tries to be respectful while still pushing every advantage he can get.

I wriggled and squirmed until my lungs were hurting. This time I had to give the signal. He dutifully pulled me right up.

I gasped and sputtered, telling him he had the wrong girl. I didn’t know a bloody thing about any package. That’s when Brian came up and grabbed me.

He pushed me under right between his legs. I was looking up at the surface as he held me there. I wriggled and squirmed while blowing my breath away.

His willie was making quite the bulge in his Speedos. I like that type of swimsuit on the lads because it lets me know how aroused they’ve become. Brian’s pretty easy to excite, especially when it comes to my drowning plays.

He really pushed me until I gave him the signal. He pulled me out from between his legs and let me float face up to the surface. I gasped for breath, starting to become a little winded.

I told him I didn’t know a thing about any bloody package. That didn’t sit too well with him. Back down I went, right between his legs so I could look up at the surface as well as the bulge in his speedos.

I wriggled and squirmed, my legs kicking a little beneath me. I had some wriggle room, but it didn’t help me all that much. I had to give him the signal again.

He pulled me up to the surface where I panted for breath. I cried out they all had the wrong woman. By now I had the attention of every lad inside the pool room.

I looked up at my husband. He just smiled evilly at me. He was also sporting a noticeable bulge.

Back down I went, wriggling and bubbling. Once more I went between his legs. Brian always did enjoy holding me there while looking down at me so he could watch the bubbles come up.

He kept me down for a really long time. Again I had to give the signal I was running out of breath. By now I was starting to have a few doubts as to whether or not the guys might actually drown me. In my current situation it would be all too easy.

All of the sudden Craig stepped up the moment I surfaced. He grabbed me and snarled something I couldn’t understand. Then down I went, my face pressed toward the bottom of the pool.

He was much more aggressive with me. Normally he’s pretty careful whenever he’s keeping me down. But this time his attitude was such that I couldn’t help wondering if maybe he might take things a little too far.

He was rough on me, so naturally I reacted accordingly. I screamed and bubbled as I fought him the entire time. He kept a good grip on me as I wriggled and squirmed like crazy.

He pulled me up to the surface where I gasped mightily for breath. But I wasn’t up there long. Back down I went, crying out a froth of bubbles.

I fought like crazy, trying to break out of my restraints. By now it was less of a performance and more a desire to really free myself. The way Craig held me down made me want back up in the worst way, despite how many times we’d played these drowning games in the past.

He pulled me up and I came up gasping and sputtering. By now I was incredibly aroused. So were all the lads standing in the water and up on the edge of the pool. It was exciting, yet alarming, both at the same time.

Craig snarled if I couldn’t produce the package, we were going to have to do this the hard way. Then back down I went. I really bubbled as I put up a struggle.

At this point I began to question the wisdom of my being in the water all trussed up. These lads could easily drown me. What’s more, there wouldn’t be a bloody thing I could do about it.

My husband Kevin would not be able to overcome them either. There were too many lads attending my parties. Hell, for all I knew, he might even be in on it with them, drowning me for the insurance payout.

Things really took a turn when Foe joined in. Foe’s a bloke from the states. He’s one of the lads who really gets turned on when they’re “drowning” me.

He grabbed onto my legs and held on while Craig kept me under. By now my heart was hammering in my chest. My head told me I was going to be just fine. But my emotions in the moment questioned whether or not I could be certain of my safety.

They pulled me up and I cried out in growing terror. By now it was all too easy to add an element of realism to my performance. My mind kept questioning whether or not I was going to survive the ordeal.

Back down I went, wriggling and squirming like crazy. A few glimpses of the lads in the water confirmed they were all “saluting” my performance. But my mind was starting to cry out how I wanted them to come to my aid and put an end to this.

Craig and Foe pulled me back to the surface. I coughed and sputtered as I tried to get my breath back.

There’s a special word or phrase I use if and when I need it. But I hate to use it as I know the lads will all back off and be extra nice to me, ending some of our drowning plays for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

“She doesn’t know anything,” Craig finally told Foe.

“No witnesses,” he replied. “Better drown her then.”


I gasped sharply as they pushed me back under. I felt an erotic jolt I may have bitten off more than I could chew on this one. But I felt I had to act it through all the way to the end.

I bubbled and struggled like crazy. Then I acted like I had swallowed water. My lungs were already starting to hurt as I went into my “spasms and convulsions”.

I was terribly aroused, yet understandably anxious. What if this drowning performance turned out to be the real thing? I could only trust the lads to look after me properly.

I went limp in their grasp, my eyes open wide. Then they let me go. I floated up to the surface facing downward, still pretending to hitch and lose bubbles.

I’d lost so much air that I wasn’t at the surface long. I slowly descended until my body reached the pool floor, resting on my tummy. My lungs strained as I tried to hold what little breath I had left. Then I began violently shaking my head.

At first no one came to my aid. Bloody hell; where were they?? Then I felt hands pull me up to the surface.

I came up gasping like crazy. I heard a voice ask, “You ok, love?”

My first urge was to yell at them for treating me so roughly. But I thought they might drown me for real if I did. Besides, it had been bloody erotic. And I really wasn’t all that much the worse for wear.

“Fine,” I panted. “How did it look on camera?”

“Got some great pics.” one voice called out. “Looked good from over here,” another added.

I nodded as I tried to catch my breath. Then a voice asked, “How about we tie her to the ladder? Or hook her up to the pulley in the deep end? She’s already hogtied.”

“Good idea,” Craig said with a grin as he looked at me. Then he chuckled as he pushed me under. I felt an erotic jolt as my mind cried out, “Bloody hell; here we go again!”

2020 (written for Wendy and her party lads Oct 27 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by her “Hogtied” clip)

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