Shelly in Cancun 17


Shelly in Cancun 17 – Revelations

Another man emerges from the shadows as though he just came from another part of the building. His sudden appearance makes me jerk with a start. I recognize him as the other man who helped kidnap me.

I shiver with dread. Now there are two of them. Our odds of survival have drastically diminished.

“I believe she’s in the building now,” the new one says to my captor in a similar Hispanic accent. “Now we will have our case.”

The first one nods. Then they both stand together and wait. I tremble like mad as I stand in the opening near the edge of the tank as far away from them as possible.

Somewhere on the floor below I hear a cry of alarm. I suspect Andria has just encountered Almonte’s body. It sounds like there’s a third Hispanic male trying to move her along.

I wonder who she might be with as tears fill my eyes. I firmly believe we’re both going to drown together. It makes my damn pussy throb again.

All of the sudden I hear a scream of horror. I know in an instant she’s seen Shiori and Emiko. A moment later we all hear “SHELLY? SHELLY??”

Feet race up the rest of the steps. I hear a Hispanic male voice telling her to wait for him. But I can tell she’s freaked out.

I’m certain all she can think about now is my safety. Gawd; I wish she wouldn’t have come.


She bursts in from the other side of the room, case in hand. Then she sees me. “SHELLY!” she screams in fear and relief, happy to see me alive.

Another Hispanic male comes up behind her. I assume he’s the one who accompanied her in here. But he’s not nearly as threatening nor as intimidating.

I get the impression he’d much rather be anywhere else. I suspect he’s nothing more than an employee of the aquarium. Was he someone they used to get inside the building?

Andria takes me in with a long look. Then her eyes widen in horror at my appearance. She sees me naked, standing near the edge of the tank with my rope tied to a concrete block.

She gasps in horror. I whimper with fright, wishing she wouldn’t have come. Now I’m thinking we’re both going to drown.

“No!” she cries out, her eyes welling up with tears. “Not my Shelly?! I’ve got your damn case! You can have it; just give Shelly back to me!”

“Slide it to us,” my captor’s companion says evenly, holding his hand out. “Slide it to us and you can go to your friend.” Andria frantically slides it along the floor toward them.

As they bend down to open it up she runs over to me. I’m trembling like a leaf, feeling like my muscles might give out any second. The last thing we both need is for me to go tumbling off the edge into the tank.

“‘Shel’, are you all right?” she gasps anxiously, feeling me all over. I “mmmph” at her. Then she holds me tight, sobbing into my shoulder as my eyes fill with tears.

We’re both in grave danger. But I actually feel better now that she’s here with me. I also feel sick inside, suspecting we’re both about to join Shiori and Emiko.

“I was so worried about you!” she gasps as she looks at me. “When I came back, the bungalow was trashed! You were gone and there was this note!”

She sobs again, holding me tight. I’m comforted by the warmth of her body. I can tell she’s trembling with fear.

She goes to pull the tape off my mouth. But my captor raises a hand to stop her. “Not yet, senorita,” he warns her. “First we must know if it is all here.”

“Yes – yes; it’s all there!” Andria gasps anxiously. “I didn’t open it; I don’t want to know what’s inside! Now can I pull the tape off? I’m going to take my friend and go, ok? What did you do with her clothes?”

She looks around until she finds them in a pile on the floor. She goes to reach for them until she sees they’ve been cut off my body and are no longer suitable for wearing. “What did you do to Shelly’s clothes??”

Her eye is suddenly drawn toward a lone concrete block. There’s a length of rope lying by itself on the floor. No doubt it’s waiting to be secured to her ankles.

A look of horror instantly washes across her face. “NO! You said you wouldn’t HURT us… not as long as I brought the case back to you!”

She grabs onto me and holds me tight, trembling with fear. I wish I could communicate something to her… tell her to run. But I suspect it’s much too late for that.

“Let her go!” Andria cries out anxiously. “Untie her; take me instead!”

Tears of love fill my eyes as I start protesting into my gag while shaking my head. There’s no way in hell I want her drowning in my place!

“It’s out of our hands, senorita,” my captor says, shrugging his shoulders.

“DON’T HURT SHELLY!” Andria screams in panic.

“They’re not going to hurt Shelly,” a new voice announces from the shadows.

The voice is familiar. We both turn in shock. Jake emerges into the dim light of the area we’re standing in.

“Jake?? Ohmygawd; they said you were dead!!” Then she rushes into his arms, bawling like a baby into his shoulder.

I’m relieved as hell to see he’s alive and well. But a moment later my brow furrows. Things are not adding up.

I remember my captor telling me they had to dispose of him. I suddenly have a very bad feeling about all this. It’s a feeling that’s confirmed the moment I notice Jake grab Andria by her shoulders and hold her out at arm’s length.

There is no affection for Andria in his posture. Then he turns and smiles at the two men standing with the case. “Didn’t I tell you she would come through for her friend? I told you I would get your case back to you if you just captured the other one.”

Andria is shocked and confused. “Jake? What’s going on? I don’t understand.”

But I understand all too clearly. He sees I know by the look of horror in my eyes. He gives me a sympathetic smile before he pats Andria on her shoulders.

“I’m sorry it has to end this way,” he tells her quietly. “But I had to find a way to convince them I’d get their case back and that I really want to be a part of all this. I’m sorry, babe. It was either you two or me. If it hadn’t been for that damn storm everything would have worked out fine.”

“Jake?? Jake, you can’t mean…”

Andria gasps in horror. I think she’s finally starting to get it. Her eyes open wide in complete and utter shock.

She takes a frightened step back. Now she’s looking at him as though seeing who he truly is for the very first time. Inside, my heart is breaking for her.

“It was the only way, babe,” Jake says apologetically. “Once you hid the case, there was no other way to get you to bring it here… not unless Shelly was involved.”

“Jake?? You mean… you mean YOU set this up?!” That’s when Andria backs away from her boyfriend in disbelief and alarm.

“DAMN YOU!” I grunt into the tape over my mouth. I feel an erotic shudder of horrific arousal course through my body. This is not going well at all. Now I can really feel the tank looming ominously behind us.

Andria looks down at the rope around my ankles before turning and looking down into the tank, knowing who already inhabits it. Then she gets this horrific flash of revelation in her eyes. She turns and looks at him in utter disbelief.

“Jake, you didn’t… did you??”

He nods as though somewhat proud of his accomplishment. Maybe he’s posturing for the others. “Had to be done, babe. No loose ends; no witnesses. If you’re going to play with the big boys, you’ve got to get your hands dirty.”

Tears well up in Andria’s eyes. “But they were our FRIENDS!” she wails with grief. “How COULD you??”

She looks over at the man who accompanied her here, hoping he of all people might show us some compassion and intervene on our behalf. He merely stands there with a frightened look on his face. Once more I find myself wondering if he’s just an employee.

The poor guy probably has a wife and kids. He’s no doubt hoping he can just get out of this alive. I see a flash of sorrow and regret in his eyes that he has brought someone to her doom. I’m betting he feels in way over his head, and I wonder if he will also meet an untimely end before daybreak.

Without saying another word Jake turns and kneels into the shadows before producing a roll of duct tape, confirming my worst fears. Then he advances on Andria. She backs away from him until she’s in the opening with me, almost up against the end of the floor. There’s nothing but tank and water laying one more step behind her.

“Sorry to have to do this to you, babe,” he says as he tears off a piece of tape. “But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!”

“No!” she gasps, shaking her head. “Jake, DON’T… MMMMPH!”

Her eyes widen in disbelief and horror as he tapes her mouth shut. I’m so sorry for her. I’ve never felt so bad for someone – or so utterly helpless – in my entire life.

“BASTARD!” I scream into the tape covering my mouth. He has to grab her before she pitches over backwards into the tank. Then he pulls her back in and spins her body around before taping her wrists behind her back.

The two men watch impassively. The employee watches with an expression of fear and utter helplessness. My heart hammers in my chest as my pussy drips with horrific anticipation.

Andria screams Jake’s name into the tape covering her mouth as he finishes taping her wrists together behind her back. Then he motions toward my captor. The knife is pulled out and thrown in his direction.

He manages to catch the handle without cutting himself. Then he starts cutting away his former girlfriend’s clothes. Andria shakes her head as she cries out in despair and anguish, her world shattered into a million pieces.

I can’t cry anymore. I know what our immediate future holds now. Despite my fear of dying, I’m feeling a shameful arousal. All I can do is watch in sorrow and helplessness as he cuts Andria out of her street clothes, saving her shoes and socks for last.

We both watch him walk over and pick up the other concrete block with its length of rope. Jake shows no remorse whatsoever. Then he brings it back to where we are standing.

Andria tries to back away from him. He simply grabs her and steadies her before he starts tying the end of the rope to her ankles. “It’ll all be over soon,” the bastard says to us both in a soothing voice as though trying to reassure us.

I hear Andria whimper through the tape covering her mouth. I think she’s begging him to reconsider. But I can already tell it’s no use.

The Jake she knew and loved is long gone. In his place is a cold-hearted, drug-pushing, murdering bastard. After all, he’s the one who’s responsible for the deaths of Almonte and our two Japanese friends. Sadly, Andria and I will both be joining them in a matter of minutes.

My pussy throbs with a terrible ache at our impending fate. Jake finishes binding Andria’s ankles as she whimpers and sobs, her heart broken. My own heart breaks for her.

I feel a sudden calmness at my impending demise. Then I give him a disgusted look as he stands up and looks at us both. He now acts as though he doesn’t give a damn.

“Sorry I have to do this, girls,” he says coldly, “but you both have seen the case. I’m sure you know what’s inside. You’ve also seen my two comrades in arms. Obviously we can’t afford to let you go.”

Andria shakes her head in terror, her eyes wet with tears. I just give him a disgusted. He’s nothing more than a worthless insect that needs to be squashed underfoot.

I risk a glance at our other captors. The looks on their faces make me wonder how much longer they will tolerate his presence. The naïve fool probably doesn’t suspect a thing.

“Sorry to have to do this to you, ‘Shel’,” he says, patting me on the shoulder. “No hard feelings?”

I make a gesture of spitting at him. But it stays in my mouth behind the duct tape. He smirks at me, knowing I can’t hurt him.

Jake looks at the two men who are watching him carefully. I see a brief flash of concern in his face. That’s when I get the impression he’s nothing but a two-bit punk, trying to show the big boys he’s on their level.

I get the feeling that if it had not been for him they might actually have taken the case back and allowed us all to live. Now he’s doomed us all. Will the moron figure it out before it’s too late? Probably not.

The bastard turns back in my direction. I see a wicked smile cross his face. Then he reaches for his zipper and pulls it down.

In an instant I know what he wants. He just has to play one more card. It’s one more attempt on his part to prove his fucking manhood to the others.

Damn him!

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, Shelly.” I grunt as he turns me around and bends me over the nearest section of railing. Then the bastard sticks his hardening prick up my cunt and starts thrusting.

I’m humiliated at my penetration. It’s certainly not because of his sexual skills. It’s merely because my damn arousal at my impending fate has made me wet as hell, making it easy for him to slide right inside.

“Well what do you know,” he tells me with a cruel smile. “You’re wet and raring to go, ‘Shel’.”

“FUCK YOU!” I scream into the tape covering my mouth.

Andria’s scream of horror is muffled. I try to give her a disgusted look. I want her to know this little prick who used to be the man she loved isn’t worth the effort anymore.

He cums in no time at all. I give him a look of utter disdain. The only thing I feel ashamed about is the fact my damn pussy enjoyed being filled one last time… and by HIM, no less!

The bastard zips back up, only to look over at the two men he is in league with. I can tell by the looks on their faces they are not impressed. Then he turns back toward the two of us, deciding he’d better get on with it.

“Time to go, girls,” he says, trying to sound all tough and business-like.

2009; 2021 (written May 26 ’09; ed. Aug 11 ‘21 by riwa)

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