Laundry day


There were only six machines for my large apartment complex. I don’t know who she was. But every time I tried to do my laundry she was in there with several loads of clothes.

Once I went in and found her there in her shorts and white tank top. Every machine was in use. And it looked like she had several more baskets that needed to be done.

I got disgusted as I looked all around. I finally got her attention and asked, “How long are you going to be?”

“All day,” was the reply.

“Don’t you have a life beyond the laundry room?”

“That’s none of your damned business!”

“Hey, you don’t have to get all bitchy with me.”

“Why don’t you just get the hell out of here?”

I hauled my clothes back to my apartment. When the hell was I going to be able to get my laundry done? It was starting to pile up on me!

As I was hauling my clothes back I ran into Eddy. “What’s the matter? She wouldn’t let you wash your clothes?”

“She’s got every machine tied up again. Doesn’t she ever go to sleep?”

“Not that I’ve noticed.” Then Eddy walked away. It was clear he was just as disgusted as I was.

I waited until it was getting late before hauling a couple of baskets over to the laundry room. This time I’d tossed something special into the baskets in addition to my smelly underwear. It was laundry day and I was damned well going to wash my clothes!

I was not surprised to see her still in there. She looked at my basket and snorted derisively. “Not tonight, you’re not.”

“Oh, yes I am.”

I waited until a couple of her washing machines finished their cycles. As she was pulling clothes out I was moving in with mine. “Oh, no you don’t! Those are mine! I still have more clothes to wash!”

“Not this time, honey.”

“I am NOT your ‘honey’!”

I had just finished filling the machines when she came over after putting her washed clothes into a couple of dryers. She started to pull my clothes back out. That’s when I grabbed the rope I’d brought with me.

She really squawked when grabbed her and tied her arms behind her back. So I took one of her white t-shirts, wrapped it around her head, and then ran rope through it so she couldn’t talk. That really pissed her off.

I ran rope around her legs so she wouldn’t try kicking at me. I wound several loops around her waist and above her boobs. If looks could kill I would have ended up a puddle of goo on the floor.

She kept trying to wriggle and kick as she spewed muffled obscenities my way. I just ignored her until my clothes got done washing. Then I went over to the two dryers she’d planned on using.

She kicked at me as I walked past. That’s when I’d finally had enough. I had one last length of rope left, but I was only planning on using it as a last resort.

I tossed it up over an exposed pipe in the ceiling that looked like it could hold her weight. Then I formed one end into a noose. “You’re just not going to stop; are you, bitch.”

Her eyes widened in horror as she started shaking her head. I grabbed her and struggled to get her to her feet. Then I looped the noose around her neck.

She broke out in a cold sweat despite the warmth of the laundry room as she struggled against me. “I guess you went crazy in here, honey. Maybe it was the heat that made you snap and kill yourself.”

Her eyes flew open in shock and horror. I pulled on the free end and lifted her up into the air. She winced as she started dolphin-kicking while struggling against the rope around her neck.

I tied it off before calmly walking around her to empty her clothes out of the two dryers. Then I tossed mine in and turned the machines on. By then she was starting to tire until she was hardly kicking at all.

About that time Eddy came in. His eyes flew open in astonishment as he gasped, “Holy shit; what happened in here??”

I gruffly told him, “She must have snapped and killed herself. Take any machine you want. My clothes are in the dryer.”

He started to point at all that rope around her body. Then he waved dismissively. “Fuck it; I believe you. Let me go get my clothes.” Then he dashed off as though excited he finally had access to a couple of machines.

She dangled quietly, her body still sweating as Eddy and I did our laundry. I waited until his were dried. When we were finished we put our clothes back in our baskets.

I looked at her dangling body as I walked past. Her neck had stretched and her face had turned all purple. At least she wasn’t going to use all the machines anymore.

On the way out the door I asked Eddy, “You think I’ll get the death penalty?”

“You snapped just like she did. Involuntary manslaughter. Hell, the whole apartment complex will probably give you a medal.”

“Thanks, Eddy.” Then he went off to his apartment with his cleaned clothes while I went off to mine…


Inspired by Corinne’s creation.

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