Paola’s end


Paola put up quite a fight. For a minute there I thought she was going to kill me. I had to struggle to keep her from firing the gun in her hand. Then I had to find a way to incapacitate her.

By the time I got done with her I had a rope around her neck and had her strung up against the wall. I had to fight to tie her arms behind her back with all the resistance she gave me. Then I was able to step back and catch my breath.

I watched as she shuffled around on the balls of her feet. I heard rasping sounds as though she couldn’t get a full breath of air down her throat. Her tits were swollen underneath her bra. I saw her nipples poking through the fabric.

I began to get hard as I stared at her. She glared daggers at me as she tried to stay on the balls of her feet. I could tell I’d humiliated her by securing her like that.

“What’s the matter, Paola? Didn’t I play fairly? You didn’t think I would leave you a clean shot, did you?”

She rasped some more as she shuffled around. I stepped up to her, smiling coldly. Then I put my hands on her tits and felt her up.

“I think I like you better this way, darling. It’s no fun when you’re trying to kill me. Now I can enjoy myself before you strangle yourself.”

I pulled out a knife and pushed it into her navel, twisting it a little as though threatening to stab her. Her eyes opened wide when she thought I was going to plunge it into her belly. Instead, I used it to cut the strings to her bra.

It fell onto the floor, exposing her heaving mounds. I groped and fondled them as she gave me a dirty look. She rasped again for breath, but I just smiled at her.

I felt myself getting harder as I reached down and rubbed between her legs. I could tell she was starting to get damp down there. Was it because of the adrenaline of our recent fight? Or was it because she was finding it hard to breathe?

I traced the tip of my blade down between her breasts. I paused with the tip in her navel again, once more threatening to plunge it in deep. Her eyes widened as though this time I might do it.

I traced a line down until I sliced one side of her bottoms. Then I cut the other side. They fell to the floor, joining her bra.

I rubbed my hand in her crotch. I could tell how wet she’d become. I smiled cruelly as I allowed a couple of fingers to slip inside.

She winced as she continued to rasp and gurgle. She squeezed my fingers as she tried to talk. But intelligent speech for her was impossible.

I thrust my fingers in and out of her. She winced as she writhed against me. Then I smiled as I removed my shirt.

I pulled my pants and briefs down in one tug, exposing my erection. Her eyes opened wide again when she saw how hard I’d become. Then I stepped right up to her, pressing my naked flesh up against hers.

I pressed my hard cock up against her crotch. She winced as though this was the last thing she wanted me to do to her. I just smiled cruelly as I told her, “Having trouble breathing, darling? You know how to fix that, don’t you?”

I humped against her as she rasped and gurgled some more. “C’mon, darling. One last fuck before you die? Or are you too proud for that?”

She rasped again as she glared at me. I pulled down on her shoulders, tightening the rope around her throat. Her eyes widened in alarm as she started choking.

Instinctively she wrapped her legs around me. She tried climbing me as though it would ease the strain of the rope around her neck. I smiled as I told her, “That’s right, darling. Climb me if you can. I have more time left than you do.”

I felt my cock shift underneath her. Then she lost her grasp on me. She slid down, only to impale herself on my throbbing shaft.

“I knew you couldn’t resist, darling. Go ahead and ride me. Enjoy yourself one last time.”

She rasped as she tried to climb off. But I was too deep inside her. She started going up and down, fucking me as her face began to turn red.

I groped and squeezed her mounds before pinching her nipples. She let out a yip as she lost her grip again. She slid down until she was fully impaled on my throbbing dick.

She tried to climb me, tried to ease the strain of the rope around her neck. I could feel her pussy clenching tightly around my cock. I don’t think she could help herself.

“One last cum before you die, darling? For me or for you?” Then I grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard inside her.

She rasped and gurgled as she fucked me in return. I don’t think she could help herself. By now her body had taken on a mind of its own.

I thrust harder as I pulled down on her. It got harder for her to breathe. Her pussy clenched wonderfully around my pulsing shaft.

Her eyes rolled as she began milking me. It felt so good that I couldn’t help myself. I shot my load deep up her cunt as she strangled while fully impaled on my manhood.

I slowly pulled out of her, my cum dripping out onto the floor. She could no longer stand on the balls of her feet. By now she was deeply strangled.

I smiled as I told her, “That last one was wonderful, darling. Would you like me to be merciful now?” Was she nodding at me? I couldn’t tell.

I walked over and picked up her weapon. Then I pointed it at her. “Killed by your own gun, darling; the weapon you tried to use to kill me. How does that sound?”

I fired at her right breast. The gun quietly spat led. Paola jerked as a red hole appeared in her tit, a trickle of blood slithering down to her stomach.

“Another one, darling? Anything you say.” Then I fired again.

She jerked as a matching hole appeared in her left breast. She could no longer stand on the balls of her feet. Now she was strangling to death as her lungs flooded with blood.

“How about one more, darling… for old times’ sake?” Then I fired again.

A hole appeared in the center of her forehead. That’s when her eyes began to glaze over. Now she was twitching and shuddering in her death throes as my cum leaked out of her cunt.

I walked up to her and thrust four fingers up her snatch. She was wet as hell. I could feel her still clenching and spasming as her life ebbed away.

“Cum as you die, darling. Cum as you die.” Then I fucked her hard with my fingers.

I felt her clench hard as she went into her death convulsions. By now blood was coming out of her mouth. She shuddered hard as she came all over my hand. Then she relaxed in death.

For Paola 10-30-19

Bonus ending for Paola

I gave her a nice, gentle squeeze. She looked at me in alarm. I squeezed her neck harder.

She began to rasp for breath as she tried to claw my gloved hand away. “No,” I murmured at her as I maintained my grasp. “It’s more intimate this way. I want to watch the life flicker out of your eyes as you die.”

She began to claw at me in earnest, wriggling and struggling. The way she rasped for breath indicated I was slowly closing off her windpipe. It wouldn’t be much longer.

I could actually feel her heart racing through her neck. I smiled as I told her, “First your heart speeds up. Then it slows down before it shuts down entirely.”

I had to hold on tight as she reached that point where her body panicked. She struggled to claw my hand away. But my grip was too strong.

Her rasping ceased as her mouth breathlessly opened and closed. “No breath left, Paola. Now your heart shuts down and you die in my grasp.”

Her struggles became haphazard as she began to jerk around in my grasp. I saw her chest heaving in vain for her next breath. She began to settle down. Then her eyes started to become glassy.

“That’s it, darling. I’m right here watching. Now you can die for me.”

There was a rattle from somewhere deep in her chest. Her arms fell away and hung limp at her sides. Then the life winked out of her pupils as she stared vacantly at me with those soulless, killer eyes.


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