Too much champagne


I was devoted to her. I totally loved her. I should have known better.

Friends warned me she was after my money. But I didn’t believe them. She’d convinced me it was a love that would last forever.

The first sign was when we stopped being intimate. She kept making excuses. But as time went on I began to suspect there was more to it than that.

One of my friends told me he saw her out clubbing with her friends. She was all over some guy on the dance floor. Another friend told me she’d been seeing that same guy for several months.

One of her girlfriends felt sorry for me. She said I was a good guy and didn’t deserve the way I was being treated. Then she dropped the bombshell.

Lorissa was planning on divorcing me. She wanted to take half of what I owned. She hadn’t filed yet, but supposedly she was seeing a lawyer friend who was willing to take her case. And apparently she and the lawyer friend were becoming extremely intimate.

At first I was devastated for being played. Then I became angry. I wanted revenge.

I did a little investigation just to make sure. Everything that had been revealed to me was only the tip of the iceberg. Apparently she’d been riding the cock carousel almost as long as we’d been married.

I went out and purchased a bottle of champagne as a gift to her. I already had a bad habit of spending a lot on her wishes and desires. Only now did I realize she was taking advantage of me.

That night she said she had to go out to meet up with a sick friend. I had her followed. The “sick friend” turned out to be that lawyer she’d been seeing. And he wasn’t the least bit ill.

Lorissa came home really late. I made sure I was still up when she got in. I told her I was interested in a little intimacy. She said her friend was really sick and her visit had taken a lot out of her.

I offered to draw her a bath. Then I told her I’d bought some champagne. She was definitely interested in having some of that.

She got naked in the tub as I went to pour her a drink. I heard her voice from the bathroom calling out and asking where her champagne was. It was just like her to be impatient with me.

I brought a glass in for her. It was the type of champagne she really liked. I suppose that’s because it was so expensive.

I asked how her friend was. She told me the woman might be sick for a few days and might need some comforting. That told me she was eager to go out and meet back up with the lawyer for another game of “find the salami”.

She drained her glass and asked for more. I went back into the kitchen. This time I dropped one of her sleeping pills into it along with one of her anti-depressants that made her drowsy. She often took them before she went to bed. I think she took them so I wouldn’t bother asking her for sex because she would be so out of it.

She worked on her second glass. I told her how beautiful she was. She loved the attention, but she quickly shot me down by reminding me how tired she was and that she would be going to bed right after her bath.

She drained her second glass. I asked if she wanted one more. When she said yes I went and poured her a third one.

I returned and set it down on the edge of the bathtub. She picked it up and took a big swig out of the glass. But her hand was a little unsteady. She was starting to get drowsy.

“Ready for bed, honey?” I asked solicitously.

She nodded… “Mm-hmm.” Her eyelids drooped until her eyes were hardly open.

Her arms floated weakly in the water. She looked like she was out of it. I quietly asked, “Too much champagne, dear?” She just murmured, “Mm-hmm.”

I reached in and picked up an arm just to see how conscious she was. Lately Lorissa didn’t even like me touching her. But she didn’t let out a single peep of protest.

“Nice bath, darling?” She barely murmured a reply. The champagne and the two ingredients I’d added were definitely having an effect.

I could not help myself as I reached in. I began to develop an erection in my pants as I caressed her breasts. They were still just as gorgeous as ever. She just sighed without the slightest protest.

“Feeling good, darling?” She did not say a word. “Want me to put you to bed?” She sighed as she hardly stirred.

I reached between her legs and gently rubbed her crotch. She kept it nicely trimmed. No doubt it was for her lawyer friend she was going to use to divorce-rape me.

I grabbed her legs and slowly pulled. Lorissa slid lower into the water. She finally floated face up, her eyes still closed as she breathed quietly.

“Darling, I think you’ve had too much champagne. Don’t you?” She said nothing.

I pulled on her legs until they were up out of the water. Her head slipped below the surface as her hair flowed. One arm stretched to the back of the tub behind her.

“I definitely think you’ve had too much champagne, darling.” Then I slowly rotated her over onto her side. Bubbles came out of her mouth as she exhaled her breath.

All of the sudden her eyes flew open. It was as though she knew something was horribly wrong. But there was nothing she could do about it.

She went into little hitches and spasms that were so minor I almost missed them. Her arm jerked a little as her toes flexed. More bubbles came out as her breasts wobbled ever so slightly.

I reached out to touch her ass. And what a lovely ass it was. Pity I would never get to enjoy it again. At least that lawyer friend of hers wouldn’t get to enjoy it either.

Bubbles kept coming out of her mouth. Her eyes were open in surprise. A part of her was conscious she was drowning. For that I was grateful. I wanted her to suffer a little.

“Darling, I know all about the ‘cock carousel’ you’ve been riding. I know you’re planning on divorcing me and taking as much of my assets as possible. I wish you hadn’t decided to do that as I really didn’t want it to end this way. I was in love with you, you know. But now my eyes are opened. I see you for who and what you really are.”

I lovingly caressed her ass again. The bubbles coming out of her mouth began to lessen. Now it was only a solitary bubble or two, trying to escape her flooding lungs.

“Darling, I warned you about drinking too much champagne before bedtime. Did you take one of your pills? Darling, you should have known better than that. Maybe you just weren’t thinking. Or maybe you were so distracted by that ‘sick friend’ you visited that you weren’t thinking clearly.”

I got up and went to the den. Lately I had spent so much time by myself wishing things could have been different. Well, they were certainly going to be different now.

In just a few minutes I had become a widower. I was going to miss my Lorissa. But I was not going to miss her as much as I would have had I not learned the truth about her life outside our humble abode.

2020 (written Apr 10 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by a Rue Morgue clip and the screengrabs I created.)

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