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Boy, that sure escalated in a hurry. “There will be wars and rumors of wars?” Sounds kind of biblical to me, doesn’t it? Is this going to be our new normal?

The weather has started to change. Lately, my morning walks have consisted of pants and a jacket. Afternoon walks occur while I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. But now we’ve got snow coming in. So this afternoon, I really added extra layers so as not to make myself sick. After all, I’m… well, I’m a couple decades older than 42 now. Note: I was just out walking when I discovered how icy it is. Many slide-offs and a neighbor fell and broke his shoulder. Be careful out there in bad weather.

I ran some errands for mom today. I’m so very thankful I still have her with me. Sometimes she will fix a meal for herself. But she usually cooks for 2-3 people. So she puts the extra in a bowl and sends it home with me whenever I check up on her. Lately, those boomerang bowls have had a variety of things in them. She’ll buy grapes, a pie, or some watermelon, and then send part of it home with me. She’s very thoughtful and appreciative of my efforts to help out.

I’m so very blessed to have her. So I’ll be counting my many blessings this Thanksgiving. I hope you can find things to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful I can write for you to distract you from what is going on out in the world. So please be safe out there. And thank you so very much for being my patrons.

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