A grandmother’s fetish


Taylor couldn’t have picked the worst time to show up for another one of our special “plays”. That’s because my daughter Faye and her 21 year old daughter Tori were visiting from Tennessee.

He came in while we were all in the living room having tea. He had his revolver, of course. He always had it whenever he “broke in” to have his way with me.

He was startled at seeing three of us. Then he smiled as though he’d just stumbled across an unexpected blessing. I shook my head at him… “Not today.” But he just made us all strip.

He tied my wrists behind my back by using my bra. Then he used Faye’s bra to tie her wrists behind her back. He even used Tori’s to secure her wrists as well. Then he stuffed their panties into their mouths so they couldn’t speak up in protest.

I now regretted the extra rope I had hidden behind the couch for his “visits”. We used it whenever he wanted to tie me up and have his way with me. There was plenty on hand, and he sure put it to good use.

He used it to hogtie my daughter and granddaughter separately. They seemed shocked to see it miraculously appear from behind my couch like that. They gave me questioning looks as though asking, “What is all that rope doing back there? And how come he seems to know all about it?”

He stood me up and marched me naked to my sewing room in back. The chair we often used for our plays was right there where I usually left it. So was the hook up in the ceiling.

Thankfully, Faye had never asked about it. Maybe she had not looked up to notice it. Or maybe she simply thought it was for something other than the purposes Taylor and I used it for.

He found the noose I had hidden in the closet. He quickly strung it up through the hook in the ceiling. My crotch immediately got wet just thinking about what he was going to do to me.

He noosed me up before undressing. Then he sat naked in the chair. Taylor had me sit in his lap facing away from him, impaling me with his erection while the noose was around my throat.

He added tension to the rope, making me ride him as he pulled me up and down. I could feel how erect he’d become inside me. It had been six months, and I’d all but forgotten our little breathless “break-in” sessions.

“What are you doing here?” I finally hissed quietly. “I thought you’d forgotten all about me!”

“Who’s in the living room?” he whispered into my ear as he reached around to grope my boobs.

“Quiet!” I whispered back. “That’s my daughter and granddaughter from Tennessee!”

“Fresh meat,” he replied with a smile. “Thanks, Rose. I think I’m going to enjoy this visit way more than the other ones.”

“Taylor, you wouldn’t dare! Not my – AWK!”

He pulled on the rope until my pussy gave me away. It had been so long, and it felt so good. I could not stop myself from shamefully rasping, “Tighter!”

“Miss me that much, did you?” he whispered dangerously into my ear. Then he pulled on the rope even more. My breath was all but cut off.

This time our session played out a little differently. He pulled harder than I was anticipating. Soon, I was seeing stars.

The sensation of the rope tightening around my throat went straight to my wet pussy. I loved it, of course. But I was also aware it was becoming much too tight for me to withstand.

I tried to rasp that he was pulling too hard and being too rough. That’s when it suddenly occurred to me. Was he going to kill me, now that my family was here and had seen his face?

I could not breathe at all. I saw stars as my lungs heaved in my chest. The climax I experienced, coupled with the fear he might take me all the way this time, battered me into orgasmic oblivion……

I awakened to the sound of grunts in the room. I tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head, only to discover my panties were back in my mouth. Then I opened my eyes.

My 21 year old granddaughter was now sitting naked in his lap. Her back was to him, my noose snugged tight around her neck. She was blindfolded, the panties still in her mouth.

He played her naked body the same way he’d played mine. He groped and fondled her boobs from behind while reaching down to finger her button. I should have been horrified, but for some damned reason I was perversely turned on at the erotic sight.

Her nipples really stood erect upon her chest. I could tell her pussy was gushing fluids. She may not have appreciated the noose around her throat. But her body certainly seemed to be enjoying it. I know mine sure was, just by watching her rasp and suffer.

Taylor grinned at me as he pulled on the rope to Tori’s noose. She grunted as she squirted her arousal in my direction. “She’s multi-orgasmic,” he panted at me with a smirk, loud enough for both her and I to hear.

He reached around to grope and fondle her boobs some more. Then he pulled on that damned rope, making her ride his erection. It was shamefully arousing the way he abused my granddaughter like that.

He finally pulled her all the way up off the floor into the air. Then he used the nearby cleat on the wall to tie off the rope. Yes, I had shamefully set up my sewing room for everything.

I shook my head no as he hanged my granddaughter. Her head jerked this way and that as though she was trying to understand what was happening to her. She still couldn’t see, and with the panties in her mouth, she couldn’t speak out in protest.

Tears filled my eyes. I was in agony watching my daughter hang. I was also experiencing a shameful arousal as my pussy throbbed like crazy.

Tori kicked and pedaled as he groped and fondled her. He even stuck fingers in her pussy and wriggled them around. “She’s really twitching and clenching,” he told me with a grin. “She must love it every bit as much as you do.”

I watched as he stepped behind her. Then she jerked and grunted. I was sure his cock had just gone up her ass.

Her legs kicked in vain. Then Taylor grabbed her just under the knees and pulled her legs up. Now my granddaughter looked as though she was squatting in midair on his prick.

I was given a shameful view of Tori’s wet, dripping pussy as he spread her thighs open. I also got a good view of Taylor’s cock up her ass. That’s when I winced as a humiliating orgasm flushed warmly through my quivering body.

He let go, and her legs dropped. It seemed to pull disturbingly tight against the noose around her throat. Her bladder released as she hung limp, still impaled up her ass on his cock. It was so shamefully erotic that I climaxed again, even as more tears filled my eyes.

He pulled out and left her to dangle. Then he came over to me. He gave me a stern warning before pulling the panties out of my mouth and shoving his cock down my throat.

He choked me like that, as he usually did after my ass-fucking. Then he pinched my nose shut. My eyes rolled until I could not breathe again. “Nighty-night,” he whispered as consciousness left me again……

The sound of more grunts awakened me, my panties having been returned to my mouth. Tori was now lying in a heap on the floor. Her wrists were still tied behind her back.

This time, he had my daughter Faye in the chair in his lap. She was also blindfolded, her panties still in her mouth. The noose was around her neck as he jerked her up and down on his dick. Her back was too him so I could see the grimace in her expression.

She grunted each time he added tension to the rope. But I could tell her body was also enjoying it too. Her nipples were incredibly erect, her pussy dripping as he fucked her hard.

I shook my head as more tears filled my eyes. But I wasn’t crying because I knew he was going to hang her too. I was crying because my own body was betraying me by how shamefully turned on I was. Damn this fetish!

“She’s really clenching too,” he panted admiringly. “It must run in the family. Let’s see how she likes it when I take her all the way up.”

I shook my head while trying to grunt, “No – don’t!” Then Faye was hefted up off the floor. Her legs kicked haphazardly as she grunted and struggled.

I watched as he molested my daughter while she dangled in mid-air. The eroticism of it all shamed me. Then he went around behind her, and I knew what was coming next.

I saw her jerk as his cock went up her ass. And with that, I was cumming all over again. It was utterly humiliating. The only good thing was the panties in my mouth preventing me from crying out in perverse pleasure.

He played with her boobs while fingering her cunt. He didn’t lift her legs up like he had with my granddaughter. It didn’t really matter, because she still squirted until she dangled limp.

I shamefully climaxed again the moment she pissed herself. He pulled out and left her to hang. Her urine dripped onto my sewing room carpeting.

He came over to me. Once again, he pulled the panties out of my mouth. Then he rammed his dick down my throat, gagging me with it.

Had he always intended to hang me to death? I might have enjoyed it more had my daughter and granddaughter not been present. Oh hell; who was I kidding? I had climaxed shamefully to both of their hangings.

“Your turn, Rose,” he told me as he pulled out of my mouth. Then he lowered my daughter to the floor. He removed the noose and laid her out next to my dead granddaughter.

I could not cry out. I was too numb with shock, mixed with the perverse thrill of knowing he was going to hang me as well. In any event, I’m not sure it would have done any good, as I doubt anyone would have heard me.

He came for me, pulling me to my feet. He looped the noose over my neck and snugged it up tight. Then he sat down upon the chair and pulled me down until I was fully impaled upon his shaft with my back to his chest. Amazingly, he was still hard.

“No blindfold?” I gasped sarcastically. “No panties between my lips to shut me up?”

“I want to hear you enjoy this, Rose. Then I want to see the life fade from your eyes as you hang for me.”

“Did you have to hang my daughter and granddaughter?”

“They enjoyed themselves, Rose! Hell, you enjoyed it too! I saw it in your eyes. Don’t tell me it didn’t turn you on watching them suffer the way I enjoyed them in the noose.”

“I didn’t like it, Taylor… not one damn bit!”

“Yes, you did, Rose,” he laughed. Then he pulled hard on my noose. It strangled an orgasm right out of me.

“All you bitches are noose sluts, Rose. Did you train them or something?”

I don’t know why I felt compelled to explain myself. “They knew… nothing about this… Taylor.”

“They never found your playtoys?”

He pulled so hard that it choked off my reply. I squirted as I came again. He just chuckled.

“You are such a noose-whore, Rose. And so were they. The way they climaxed in the noose? Surely you must have trained them. That, I would have loved to have seen.”

“I didn’t… train them… and I didn’t… tell them about… you and me… gawd…”

“I can feel you clenching like crazy, Rose. Are you picturing your granddaughter dancing in the noose for you? Are you remembering how your daughter looked as she hanged to death?”

I don’t know where the words came from. All I could do was shamefully whimper, “Gawd, this is… such a… turn-on!” Then my face went red with shame.

He laughed as he pulled harder. I heard myself tell him, “Pull it… tighter. No, wait. I want you to… hang me!” I know I certainly deserved to die.

“Like mother, like daughter and granddaughter; eh, Rose? All right. Have it your way.”

He pulled hard on the rope. I went straight up into the air. Then I started kicking.

I caught sight of Faye and Tori. Seeing their naked bodies lying there, and remembering how they had died, shamed me. But it also gave me such a perverse thrill.

Taylor stood in front of me, too far away for me to wrap my legs around his waist. He molested me until I climaxed all over again. Then he moved behind me.

“One more fuck in the ass as you die, Rose? You’ve talked and hinted about going all the way once before. At least you won’t have to taste your ass on my cock this time… ‘cause you’ll be dead.”

I felt his cock push up into my ass. It brought back memories both painful and glorious. Then I was ass-gasming all over his hard, thick member.

He was inside me for quite a while. Usually, I know how to get just enough leverage with him up my butt to stay alive. But then he pulled out, leaving me to dangle all on my own.

He came up in front of me and molested me again. I barely felt his fingers in my cunt. “You’re still squeezing, Rose. But don’t worry. It won’t be for much longer.”

I thought about Faye and Tori. It made me clench involuntarily around his wriggling digits in my cunt. “Cumming one last time for me, Rose? Or are you cumming from remembering how erotic it was to see your family hang?”

Damn him! But there was nothing I could do to stop myself. Besides, my internal organs were starting to fail.

His fingers were still in my pussy. But I could no longer feel them. Then I felt consciousness spiraling away, perhaps for the very last time.

“Time to go to sleep, Rose. I’m going to leave you dangling until someone else finds you. But if I know you, I know you’ve always wanted it this way.”

His words gave me one last, perverse thrill. Then my vision started to diminish. I heard a voice from somewhere in front of me murmuring, “There goes the light from those eyes, Rose.”

I could no longer see him, and could no longer feel his fingers in my pussy. But I felt his lips on mine. However, I was too far gone to be able to kiss him back.

“Nighty – night, Rosie.” Then I think he gave me a push. I was barely aware of swinging back and forth as my bladder gave way before all my senses shut down, sending me to merciful oblivion.

2023 (written Jan 4 ’23 by riwa. Inspired by the shooter drawing I included.)

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