The seductress 8



I was so startled at the sudden intrusion into the pool that I almost swallowed water. Instinctively, I disengaged from Mrs. Walker before shooting up to the surface and grabbing onto the ladder. She followed me right up, grabbing on as well.

I was so disoriented that for a moment I thought her daughter Carly had jumped in. But it didn’t look like Carly at all among all those bubbles. I had no idea who it might be.

I became tongue-tied, wondering who Mrs. Walker had invited over to join us. When the woman surfaced, I didn’t recognize her from anyone I knew at church. But at least she had a pleasant expression when she gazed at us.

“You’re back early,” Karen remarked with a smile. “Robert here is with our youth group. He’s checking out the place with me to see if it will work for having a pool party.”

“Hello, Robert,” the newcomer said pleasantly, treading water as I took in her features.

She had a nice figure: slender hips, full breasts, and dirty blonde hair. She looked to be a bit older than Mrs. Walker. I figured her to be in her early to mid-forties.

I forgot myself as I stared a little too long at her yellow bikini. It was very revealing. In fact, it surprised me to see something so risqué on a woman I thought would have dressed more modestly. Maybe I was thinking about the way most of the older women dressed whenever they were in church.

I stammered, “You’re, uh…”

“…the owner of the pool you’re enjoying,” she finished with a smile.

I immediately felt guilty for being in her pool. “Oh; I’m sorry.”

“No; it’s quite all right.”

“Robert, this is Bernice Van Ostrum. She’s the one who has offered to help host the pool party.”

I looked at Mrs. Walker before turning to look back at Mrs. Van Ostrum. “Oh, uh… that’s very kind of you.”

“Not at all,” she responded cheerfully. “Happy to do it.”

I suddenly felt very self-conscious. For some reason, I was thinking she wanted to enjoy a private swim. So I looked at Mrs. Walker again. She did not seem the least bit caught off-guard like I had been.

I nervously told Mrs. Van Ostrum, “I suppose you, uh… you want to use your pool now. Karen, uh… Mrs. Walker? I think the pool will work just fine. Anyway, I’ll just be getting out of the water now so you can use it and enjoy your…”

“Nonsense!” Mrs. Walker interrupted with a wave. “She doesn’t mind our being in her pool; right, Bernice?”

“Not at all,” the owner replied with a warm smile. But I still felt as though we were intruding.

Mrs. Walker smiled as she said, “Actually, you came at just the right time, Bernice. I really need to use the little girl’s room.”

Mrs. Van Ostrum waved dismissively. “The house is unlocked, Karen. Be my guest.”

“Thank you. I shouldn’t be long.”

Mrs. Walker climbed the ladder out of the pool. I was about to climb out with her when she turned and stopped me with a hand up. “Robert, you don’t have to get out on my account. You can stay here and get acquainted; ok? Ask her anything you like. I should be back in a jiffy.”

She paused as though thinking about it. “Well… maybe two jiffies,” she added with a sigh. “Ladies’ plumbing, you know.” Then she grabbed a towel off one of the patio chairs, using it to absorb the moisture dripping off her body before heading for the door.

I self-consciously turned back toward Mrs. Van Ostrum. She had been treading water the entire time. She just smiled as she said, “So you’re Robert, eh?”

I self-consciously replied, “Uh… yes I am.”

She stretched out a hand. “It’s nice to meet you. Robert. Karen tells me you’re one of the more respectable gentlemen she has in her youth group… a real nice guy.”

I blushed as I thought about all the times I’d been naked in the water with Mrs. Walker and her daughter. “Well, I don’t know about that,” I confessed, hoping she wouldn’t ask any embarrassing questions.

She chuckled pleasantly. Then she asked, “I wasn’t interrupting anything when I jumped in so unexpectedly, was I? I didn’t mean to surprise you like that.”

“Uh… no!” I replied hastily. “Mrs. Walker and I were just doing a little, uh… breath-holding on the bottom.” I figured I could tell her that, being as how it was mostly true.

Her smile broadened. “That’s wonderful! Karen tells me you like to do some breath-holding out at the lake. I take it the water here is much cleaner than what the fish out there swim in?”

I looked around before nodding my head… “Pretty much.”

She chuckled again. Then motioned downward as she asked, “So what do you think of our rings in the bottom? Having them in our pool has resulted in a lot of fun. Did they help with your breath-holding? Or do you prefer to hold your breath while floating face down? I’ve done both.”

“Uh… I like to be deeper in the water when I hold my breath. So the rings in the bottom of your pool work really well; yeah.”

“You think they would work with the youth group if anyone was interested in, say… having a breath-holding contest?”

“Yeah, I suppose they would.”

“I don’t suppose you’d care to show me, would you? I’m always on the lookout for ways of holding my breath longer in order to keep myself from drowning.” She laughed as she added, “I might be getting older, but I still try to keep in shape.”

I chivalrously replied, “You look just fine to me.” In fact, she was looking a little too fine, as my cock was starting to stir.

She smiled at me. “I see why Karen says you’re the most respectable one in the youth group. Care to show an older lady how a young man successfully holds his breath?”

I liked the idea of going down and showing her. But I wasn’t totally comfortable being alone with her. Still, she had asked… and it was her pool I was using…

“I, uh… sure. Which ring do you want me to use?”

“Pick anyone you like.”

For a moment, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. But if she was going to be nice enough to host the youth group pool party, I figured it was only polite to respond to her request.

I began taking deep breaths to prepare myself. She breathed deeply with me. Then we submerged at roughly the same time.

She headed down toward the ring in the middle. So I took the one closest to the glass. I went down, hooked the ring with my feet, and then faced Mrs. Van Ostrum.

She watched the way I hooked my leg through the ring. Then she did the same. But staring at her in her skimpy, yellow bikini was doing my cock no favors. So I deliberately closed my eyes, trying to concentrate on holding my breath.

I tried to relax despite my heart thumping loudly in my chest. But her sudden presence had thrown me off. I ended up surfacing after about only a minute.

She followed me up until we were panting quietly at the surface. I sheepishly told her, “That wasn’t a very good one at all.”

“Maybe not,” she replied. “But I like your form. How about if I show you how I hold my breath this time?”

“Uh… sure; lead the way.” After all, who was I to say otherwise?

We took deep breaths until we submerged together. I checked my watch before heading down. I watched as she knelt and grabbed the middle ring. Her knees were spread the same way Mrs. Walker’s had been during one of her breath-holds.

I grabbed my ring and spread my knees as I knelt and faced her. This time I was determined to do better. She was being so kind and friendly that I was beginning to relax around her.

A competitive streak soon rose up within me. I wanted to reach a minimum of two minutes at the very least. So I smiled at Mrs. Van Ostrum, occasionally releasing a few bubbles to ease the strain in my lungs. She released a few bubbles as well.

I got a good look at her, and immediately wished I hadn’t. My cock stiffened even more in my speedos. So I closed my eyes, hoping she wouldn’t notice. Her skimpy bikini was revealing quite a bit of cleavage. And seeing the way her bottoms cut through her crotch wasn’t helping matters any.

After a while, I carefully opened my eyes, thankful my arousal had diminished somewhat. Mrs. Van Ostrum was smiling as she looked at me. It made my cock stir again in my speedos.

I checked my watch, noting we’d passed two minutes. Then I nodded and decided to surface, not wanting my bulge to become too obvious. She followed right behind me.

“Two eighteen,” I panted as we were up catching our breath at the surface.

“That was a good one,” she replied with a smile. “I’ve always enjoyed kneeling and holding the ring like that. Now I’m curious as to whether or not you like lying flat on your stomach.”

“That’s a good one,” I replied. “We could do that next.”

“I’d like that.” Then she paused before adding, “I like this. This is certainly good for burning off a few calories; wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, it is,” I chuckled.

“I guess I need to cut back on all that wine,” she said with a smile. Then we inhaled deeply before submerging.

We went down and grabbed onto our rings again. This time, we ended up lying flat on our stomachs while facing each other. But that meant I got another unobstructed view of her cleavage.

Naturally, my cock stiffened again in my speedos. I mentally tried to will my growing erection to knock it off. But it just wasn’t listening to me.

We held our breath for quite a while as we faced each other. Then she did a couple of mock push-ups while holding onto her ring. I followed her lead, smiling at her the entire time.

I liked what we were doing. She was a lot of fun, and I was feeling more and more comfortable in her presence. But she still wasn’t helping diminish my erection any.

I waited until my watch showed we were at two-thirty before heading topside. She was right behind me. We emerged at the surface panting heavily for breath.

“Wonderful!” she gushed. “I’m having so much fun!” Then she gave me a sly grin as she added, “Shall we dance?”

“Shall we what?”

“Let’s try a little dance; shall we? We won’t move around very much, or anything like that. I just want to see if I can do it is all. Besides, I think you can hold your breath long enough to make it feel like we’re on some dance floor.”

I frowned at her as I replied, “I’m not sure I understand.”

She just chuckled. “Come down with me to my ring, and I’ll show you.”

I wasn’t sure how well this was going to go. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in such close proximity to her. But it WAS her pool, and I figured I couldn’t very well say no to her.

We filled our lungs before submerging. I followed her down to the middle ring. Then we both hooked our feet so we wouldn’t drift upward.

She wrapped one arm around my waist. Then she took my other hand in hers as though we were in the middle of some waltz. Our movements were very slow as our outstretched arms went up and down a little.

It was kind of fun, although I was nervous being so close to her. I tried to keep some space between us. But she deliberately pulled me to her.

Her smile was infectious. But I thought we were awfully close. I was concerned she might feel my growing bulge pressed up against her.

We didn’t really do much dancing. It was more like swaying around. But we were definitely in the pose. So I suppose if someone was watching through the glass, they might have thought we were trying to waltz along the pool floor.

We didn’t keep track of the time. She finally disengaged and headed up first. I liked that I had outlasted her. But I was more than a little concerned about the erection in my suit.

I headed up and surfaced beside her, the two of us treading water. “You’re wonderful!” she gushed.

I blushed as I replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t go that far.”

“No really; I mean it! You hold your breath very well. And I liked the way we were dancing. Could we try it again?”

“Uh, sure; I suppose.”

To my surprise, she reached behind her neck and popped the strings to her top. Then she reached behind her back and popped those strings as well. Her bikini top loosened and then slowly floated away.

She smiled as she told me, “I hope you don’t mind. That thing was really feeling constricting. Besides, I like to swim with nothing on. Now let’s go down again, ok?”

Seeing her breasts sticking out like that did me no favors. Besides, her nipples were clearly erect.

I blushed as I started to protest. She just counted us down. I felt obligated to go along with her as we inhaled deeply before we worked our way to the bottom.

This time we were at the ring closest to the glass. I started to grab her hand in that waltz position. But she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close.

Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her waist. She moaned as she bubbled. Then we sort of swayed back and forth in a slow dance.

She startled me by kissing my lips. My cock stiffened even more. That’s when I felt her press up against my bulge as she kissed me hard.

I told myself we were only breath-holding. But instinctively, I knew it was still wrong. I hoped she would recognize what was happening and pull away. But she deliberately kissed me harder while pressing up against me and my bulge.

I was incredibly aroused. I could not believe I was breath-holding with another older woman. And she really seemed to be coming on to me. So where was Mrs. Walker?

I don’t know how long we were on the bottom. She kept kissing me while pressing up against me. Soon, our tongues were intertwining.

It felt like a long time before Mrs. Van Ostrum finally disengaged and headed for the surface, releasing bubbles along the way. My lungs were straining as I followed her up. We popped up at the surface panting heavily for breath.

She finally gasped, “That was fantastic!” Then she saw my expression before adding, “I hope you’ll forgive me, Robert. But I just couldn’t help myself.”

Her words filled me with relief. So I told her it was ok. Then I apologized for getting so carried away.

“No – no – no, Robert. I like to swim in the nude. But it’s not fair I get to swim naked while my guests have to wear their suits. So I apologize for not allowing you to remove your speedos. You can take them off now.”


“It’s quite all right, Robert. You don’t have to be shy around me.” Then she moved closer as she added, “Can I tell you something in confidence?”

“What’s that?”

“Karen told me you masturbate when you’re out at the lake while holding your breath. I don’t suppose you’d care to show me, would you?”

I blushed as my cock stiffened. “I don’t know if I should…”

“It’s quite all right, Robert,” she said with a dismissive wave. “My guests swim nude all the time. Besides, I want them to feel comfortable in my pool.”

To my shock, she slipped below the surface long enough to work her bottoms down off her legs. Then she came back up, a big grin on her face. “Ok; I’m naked. Now it’s your turn. I really want to watch you masturbate while you’re holding your breath.”

I was shocked beyond words. I was also shamefully aroused. “I’m not sure I should, uh…”

“Are you going to make me come over there and pull them down myself?”

“No, ma’am. It’s just that I, uh… I have this growing problem…”

She laughed. “Growing problem… that’s funny! Now take ‘em off, Robert! It’s my pool, so please do as I ask; ok? It’ll be all right.”

My face was beet red as I submerged long enough to pull them down off my legs. My cock immediately sprang free of its confinement. Then I surfaced with my speedos in hand.

“Toss ‘em over there,” she pointed. So I tossed them out of the pool along the edge.

“Now show me what you do at the bottom of the lake during a really long breath-hold. Please, Robert? Do it for a middle-aged woman like me? In three… two… one… NOW!”

Instinctively, I filled my lungs right along with her. Then we submerged together. But somehow we got turned around. This time, I was at the middle ring facing the glass, while she was on the ring closest to the observation window as she looked back at me.

I reached down and grabbed my cock. But I was very slow in stroking it. I didn’t want to cum in her pool, even though I was incredibly horny.

She smiled at me as she caressed her sagging mounds. I carefully pulled on my dick, trying not to spew cum into her pool. I didn’t know what kind of system she had and whether or not she wanted to see my cream, much less have to deal with it floating around later.

I was extremely nervous… and incredibly aroused. But I was careful the way I touched myself. I was so self-conscious that I barely stayed down for a minute before I had to surface.

She came up with me until we were both panting for breath. “That was incredible, Robert! But I know you can stay down longer than that. Can we go down and try it again?”

“I, uh… are you sure?”

“Would you please? I would greatly appreciate it.”

“Uh… I suppose so.”

Before I could change my mind, she started taking deep breaths. I took them with her, matching her with each inhalation. Then she counted us down again.

We submerged and went to our separate rings. She motioned at me as she nodded… “Go ahead now; show me!” So I grabbed my dick again.

She caressed herself as I carefully stroked myself. She hadn’t given me permission to cum yet. So I didn’t want to do that right in front of her. Besides, I figured it wouldn’t be right.

She caressed her breasts before reaching a hand down and rubbing her crotch. Then I heard a bubbly moan. Was this what she did with her husband when they came out to use their pool??

My cock was quite rigid. I was concerned I might spew my load if I wasn’t careful. So I made sure not to stroke myself too hard.

Mrs. Van Ostrum seemed to love it. I heard another bubbly moan. She really seemed to be turned on. Her nipples sure looked hard.

I looked beyond her at my reflection in the glass. Then I thought of Mrs. Walker again. What was taking her so long??

What if she came out and caught us both naked at the bottom of the pool? How would she react? Would she tell my parents?

I was concerned enough that my cock softened a little in my hand. But I still had to be careful. I knew it could rise up and spurt at any moment if I wasn’t cautious.

I decided to close my eyes. That way, I wouldn’t have to see Mrs. Van Ostrum’s nudity. I think it helped a little.

I stayed down for as long as possible. I made it a point to work on my breath-holding. She stayed down with me until we were both forced to go back up, releasing bubbles along the way.

We popped up, panting loudly for breath. “Incredible!” she gasped. Then she smiled as she asked, “What do you think of the observation window and the way it acts like a mirror?”

“Yeah; it’s, uh…”

“Not used to seeing your naked reflection; are you?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Such a nice young man… so formal. You don’t have to be formal with me. Now I want us to go back down and hold our breath again; ok?”

“Sure, I guess.”

This time, I want you to take the ring closest to the glass. I want you to masturbate while you’re looking at it, just to see yourself. I’ll be right there with you. Ok?”

“Uh, ok… I guess.”

“Do this for me, Robert?”

“Uh… ok.”

She counted us down, giving me virtually no chance to change my mind. Then we inhaled and submerged.

This time, she swam with me to the ring. I hooked it with my foot and started touching myself. But I was a little unnerved the way she knelt right beside me.

She wrapped an arm around me as she knelt beside me. She was way too close for comfort. But I still grabbed my dick and slowly stroked it the way she wanted me to.

I could see myself in the glass. I could also see Mrs. Van Ostrum kneeling beside me. Occasionally she watched me as I stroked myself. Then she would smile at the glass.

It was incredibly erotic. My cock was hard again. I felt the whole thing was kind of wrong. But I rationalized it away in my head, telling myself we hadn’t gone too far just yet… certainly not the way me and Mrs. Walker had done.

Once again, I was careful the way I touched my dick. Mrs. Van Ostrum even blew bubbles at it. Thankfully, she didn’t touch it or anything. She just kept watching either me or our reflection in the glass.

I don’t know how long we were down before we both had to surface. We popped up panting loudly for breath. I didn’t even check my watch, so I don’t know how long we were down.

Mrs. Van Ostrum was all apologies again. “I’m sorry, Robert. You probably want to cum; don’t you?” Of course I wanted to cum! I just didn’t want to tell her that.

She smiled as she told me, “One more long breath-hold; ok? Can you do that for me?”

“If you wish.”

“I wish, Robert.” Then she started taking long, deep breaths.

I followed her lead until she counted us down. Then we filled our lungs with air and submerged.

We went down to that ring closest to the glass, me standing and her kneeling. But before I could touch my dick, she grabbed it for herself. She glanced over at her reflection as she carefully stroked it, smiling the entire time.

I knew it was wrong. But I didn’t want her to stop. I was too horny, and I wanted a release. It was no fair the way she was driving me crazy.

She blew a few bubbles at my erection. Then she licked the tip of it as she stroked it. It made me twitch in her hand.

To my shock, she slowly kissed the tip. She paused before licking it like an ice cream cone. Then she slowly took me into her mouth.

At that point, I knew for sure I was sinning. But I couldn’t stop myself. I was too horny, and I just wanted her to keep going.

She came off my dick before taking me into her mouth again while losing a few bubbles. I tried to thrust into her mouth. But she teasingly backed off before taking me deep again.

I couldn’t keep from letting out a bubbly moan. She must have heard me because she started sucking harder while bobbing up and down. More sexy bubbles dribbled out of her mouth and nose.

I thrust into her mouth, causing her to back off before starting all over again. But she kept glancing over at our reflection with a sly smile. It was incredibly arousing.

A moment later, I thought I spotted movement on the other side of the glass. So I tried to peer intently. I thought I saw shapes, but that was about it.

My mind instantly came up with a worst-case scenario. Was someone in there? Gawd; what if it was her husband??

She suddenly started sucking and bobbing, coughing up a few bubbles. It swelled within me until I just couldn’t hold back. A moment later, I was shooting a huge load into Mrs. Van Ostrum’s mouth.

I instinctively kept thrusting. She just kept sucking like a vacuum cleaner. It felt wonderful, finally experiencing that release after so much erotic frustration.

She finally stopped sucking before slowly climbing up my body. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. There was an awful lot of tongue.

I had that post-nut clarity again. But I just gave in to the inevitable. I kept telling myself it was her pool and her rules, even though I knew it was wrong.

I don’t know how long we were submerged before my lungs started screaming at me. That’s when I weakly tried to push her away. She just stubbornly clung to me.

We both headed up, still locked in an embrace. We finally popped up at the surface, gasping loudly for breath. I had no idea how long we were down. All I could think of was that I’d done it again.

Mrs. Van Ostrum must have seen it in my expression. “Please forgive me, Robert,” she panted. “That was all my fault. You seemed so self-conscious that I didn’t want you to worry about cumming in my pool. So I swallowed it for you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Swallowing? She was only worried about swallowing?? That was the furthest thing from my mind at the moment!

I finally stammered, “I’m sorry… that was so wrong of me… I shouldn’t have…”

“Nonsense, Robert. That was all my doing. I don’t want you to stress over it.”

“But I just shouldn’t have done it is all.”

“It’s ok, Robert; really.”

I was going to apologize again. That’s when a voice from the side of the pool got our attention… “I see I can’t leave you two alone for five minutes!”

We both turned to look. Mrs. Walker was standing there buck naked, hands on her hips.

Mrs. Van Ostrum smiled as she said, “What took you so long, Karen?”

“Ladies’ plumbing. But then I got to watching from the observation window. Now let’s really have some fun; shall we?” And with that, she dove head first into the water.

2023 (written May 30 ’23 by riwa. Renders courtesy of JustPaul.)

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