Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 7 Lesbian Teri hangs)


The next display opened up. But there was no one there. All I saw was what looked like a young woman’s makeup room with a door on one end.

On the wall near the door was a cosmetician’s mirror. A long table contained brushes, makeup and hand mirrors. A rather ornate wooden chair with a fancy cushion and decorative backrest was pushed up to the table.

A full-length mirror with a fancy carved wooden frame stood away from the rest of the objects. I found it odd that it stood so far away. That’s when I noticed a hangman’s noose dangling from above, not far from the full-length mirror.

I looked at it with growing curiosity. Then I looked at ‘Microkini Teri’ as my cock started to stir. She just smiled coyly at me.

She giggled, “We’re missing someone; aren’t we, Master? If you’ll excuse me, I won’t be but a moment.”

She walked over to the door and opened it. Then she disappeared through it. I was more than a little confused.

The door reopened with virtually no time passing. Teri stepped on through. She was helping to escort her blindfolded twin sister.

Her lookalike wore a black, lacy garter that clipped onto a pair of sheer, black nylon hosiery. She stood upon black, spiked heels, appearing a little unsteady in them. She wore no bra or nylons.

I got a good view of her crotch. I could tell her pussy was glistening. They were in mid-conversation when they emerged through the door.

“… careful now; I’m none too steady in these things.”

“You’re doing fine, honey. Not to worry. You’ve got me drooling over you right now.”

Her unsuspecting twin giggled. Then she asked, “Why do you have me blindfolded?”

“It’s a surprise, honey. You’re gonna love it.”

“Did I have to leave my panties off? Damn, baby! I’m positively dripping here!”

“I know it, honey. Actually you’ve got me dripping too.”

“I can’t stand the suspense! Where are you taking me?”

“Steady now; we’re almost there. We’re just going to do this in your makeup area.”

‘Microkini Teri’ steadied her twin until she was facing the full-length mirror. Then she removed the blindfold. Her replica looked at her reflection in the mirror, admiring herself.

“You look sexy,” my escort told her. “Just look at you.”

I didn’t know how to refer to her. Apparently they were programmed to be lovers? I decided I could roll with that.

‘Lesbian Teri’ giggled again. Then she caught sight of me standing there naked, my cock hardening. Her smile faded almost immediately as she pointed at me.

“Who the hell is that? What is HE doing here?! I don’t do men, baby. You know I’m a confirmed lesbian.”

“I know that, honey,” my Teri purred at her. “But you’ve got to admit you’re turning him on something fierce. It’s too bad he won’t get to touch you. I’m the only one who gets to do that.”

“So why the hell is he here then?”

“Because he’s here to observe, that’s why.”

“Observe WHAT? …the two of us playing together??”

“He’s here to observe this,” ‘Microkini Teri’ stated.

She turned her sister around until she finally saw the dangling noose. Teri’s twin caught sight of the coil of rope. That’s when she gasped in shock.

Her eyes went wide as she started to tremble. My Teri smiled as she told her, “Remember that fantasy you’ve been telling me about? It’s the one where you hang for my entertainment? Well guess what, honey? Today’s the day.”

‘Microkini Teri’ came up behind her twin. Then she started groping her tits. The poor thing let out a low moan as she stared at the noose.

‘Lesbian Teri’ seemed incredulous. “You’re not serious, are you?”

“Honey, I’m serious as the cold vacuum of space. But don’t you worry. You won’t be feeling that kind of cold, I assure you. You’ll be feeling the cold of death that settles over a sexy body like yours after you’ve been hanged.”

She continued caressing the body of her quivering twin. ‘Lesbian Teri’ let out another low moan. Now my escort began taunting her with her words, just as she’d done to her previous victims…

“What you’ll be feeling, honey, is delicious asphyxiation as the noose tightens around that sexy neck of yours. You’ll feel the coil slowly strangle you. Your lungs will heave as you fight for breath. Baby, that’s when those luscious legs of yours are gonna start putting on one hell of a show!”

Her twin panted heavily, her eyes wide as she stared hypnotically at the noose. She looked like she was hyperventilating, her chest rising and falling. But I could distinctly detect an arousal dripping out of her slit, little droplets slithering sensuously down a nyloned leg.

She gasped, “You’re really going to H-HANG me??” Oddly she sounded more excited than frightened.

“No, baby,” my Teri purred seductively into her ear. “Actually, you’re going to hang yourself.”

My cock dripped pre-cum as I stood there listening. I was aroused as hell. It was incredibly erotic the way Teri explained how her lover was going to off herself for us.

“You’re going to hang yourself for me, honey,” my escort went on, breathing heavily with excitement. “And you’re going to do it willingly. Do you have any idea how turned on I am right now? You know how much I want to watch you dance. But I know your dark secret. Deep down, you really want this too.”

“But it’s just a fantasy!” ‘lesbian Teri’ gasped in a trembling voice.

“Oh no, honey. This is the real thing. You can see the noose right in front of you. I can tell by the way you’re trembling how much you want to swing for me.”

‘Microkini Teri’ kept fondling her quivering twin, breathing seduction and death into her ear. Then her hand strayed downward. I saw her reach around and finger the lesbian’s well-lubricated opening.

“Baby, you’re wet,” my escort breathed seductively. “I really think you want this more than I do! Am I right?”

“No!” the poor thing gasped in a trembling voice. “It’s just a fantasy!” But her eyes remained fixed on the coil as though she was in a trance.

“Climb onto the chair now, honey,” my escort purred softly. “You know you want this. Go get that chair over there. It’s the one you’re going to step off when you hang yourself for me.”

“I’ll go get the chair,” ‘lesbian Teri stammered. “But I’m not going to climb up onto it.”

I watched as she walked over to the table. She grasped onto the chair. Then she dragged it back over.

“Right underneath the noose, honey,” my escort instructed, slowly rubbing her own tits. “Right there. Damn, baby; you’ve got me all worked up just thinking about it.”

Her twin positioned the chair directly under the noose. Then she just stood there looking at the dangling coil. She certainly looked like she was terribly conflicted.

“Now go back over to the table, honey. In that top drawer on the right hand side is a little length of rope to tie your hands up with. Go and get it for me.”

As though in some sort of hypnotized state, her twin walked back over to the cosmetics table. I heard her mutter, “Ok, I’ll get the rope. But she’s not going to tie me up with it. It’s just a fantasy. We’re not going through with this!”

I got the feeling she was trying to convince herself. I could tell she was struggling to believe her own words. It was as though she knew where she was going to end up… and she was resisting in vain.

She found the rope and brought it back over. She handed it to my Teri who had her arm outstretched. Her seductive twin smiled knowingly at her.

“Now I want you to climb up onto that chair. Go right ahead, baby; deep down you know you want to. Don’t worry; I’ll help steady you.”

Her twin whimpered as she dutifully walked over to the chair. “I’ll climb up onto it. But I’m not putting my head in that noose.”

She murmured loud enough for us to hear. But once again her words sounded unconvincing. Just who was she trying to convince?

She was trembling as she climbed up onto the chair. She nearly lost her balance in her heels. They were not making things any easier on her.

She finally steadied herself, only to see the noose dangling directly in front of her. She let out a gasp as though it might strike her like a coiled snake.

‘Lesbian Teri’ reached out toward it as though she was going to touch the dangling coil. Then she jerked her hand away. It was still hard to tell whether she was more frightened or aroused.

“Now look over at the mirror, honey,” my escort urged her. “Just take a look. See how sexy you look standing there… a woman about to be hanged?”

‘Microkini Teri’s’ twin looked over at her reflection in the mirror. She moaned softly at the sight. I heard her whimper again.

I saw her writhe as though she had to pee. Was it the excitement getting to her? Or was the fear finally settling in upon her?

My Teri purred, “Now reach up and slip that noose around your neck, baby. You know you want to; am I right? Don’t you want to put it on and see what it looks like in the mirror? I know how turned on you are right now. But you should know you’ve got me squirming like crazy over here. Can’t you tell?”

I know I sure could. My sadistic tour guide was writhing and squirming. I easily detected little streamers of her arousal slithering down her bare legs.

‘Lesbian Teri’ reached out with a trembling hand. She tentatively grasped onto the noose. She only paused a moment before stretching her body upward enough to get it around her neck.

She inhaled sharply as the coil touched her flesh. “Now snug it tight,” ‘Microkini Teri’ purred seductively. “Move the knot under the left ear. You know how it’s done.”

Her twin whimpered again. Her body appeared to writhe in sexual agitation. I was surprised she actually did as she was told.

“Now look at yourself in the mirror,” her wickedly seductive twin encouraged her. “See how sexy a lesbian slut like you looks all dressed up for an intimate little hanging for her lover? I’ll bet you want to cum now, don’t you? I’ll bet you can’t hardly stand it! Oh, but you can’t cum yet, honey. Don’t you fucking DARE; do you hear me? You only get to do that once you’re airborne. Do you understand?”

The poor thing whimpered. Her thighs actually clenched together. She looked like she was in sexual agony.

My Teri just kept talking… “Now show me you want me to bind your wrists behind your back. You want the full effect; I know you do. It’s all part of your hot little fantasy, isn’t it? You want to feel helpless as you get ready to step off into eternity; isn’t that right? C’mon, honey; do it for me.”

“Lesbian Teri’ looked as though she couldn’t help herself. She whimpered as she reluctantly crossed her wrists behind her back. “That’s a good girl,” my escort cooed at her.

‘Microkini Teri’ stepped behind her with the rope. I heard a yelp as she started to cinch the wrists tight. Then I heard another low moan.

“Slut!” my Teri muttered as she tied her twin’s wrists together. “Always strutting around in those lesbian bars, getting every other bitch to look at you… always sneaking a kiss when you think I’m not looking… always being such a tease… and then teasing the hell out of me? Not this time, honey. Now we both get to have our fantasies fulfilled. Tonight you get to hang… and I get to watch. Tonight you’re dancing for me, and not for any of those other bitches!”

Her twin moaned and whimpered. I could tell she was shaking from the fearful excitement of her impending hanging. Her nipples were hard, her juices dripping copiously out of her wet slit.

Her chest rose and fell as she gasped for breath. Her body writhed and gyrated as though she desperately wanted to cum. I couldn’t help myself, and I began stroking my cock at such an incredibly erotic display.

My escort finished binding her twin. Then she came around in front of her to give her the once-over. “Now look at yourself in the mirror,” she said proudly. “See what a sexy lesbian slut looks like before she hangs herself. Take a good look at yourself, baby. I want you to be able to see what I’ll be seeing when you dance for me.”

“Lesbian Teri’ looked over at the mirror and examined herself. It only seemed to get her even more worked up. She wriggled and squirmed as she moaned softly.

My Teri moved in and began fingering her poor twin’s wet snatch. “Don’t you fucking cum just yet!” she told her sternly. “You’ll know when I want you to cum… and not one second sooner!”

She moved in with her mouth. ‘Microkini Teri’ began licking and sucking on her quivering sister’s dripping pussy. ‘Lesbian Teri’ moaned again as she squirmed and whimpered.

She writhed in place, causing my escort to pause long enough to demand, “Don’t you fucking dare!” before going back to licking. By the time ‘Microkini Teri’ pulled back, her twin sister was groaning and gyrating. My cock leaked more pre-cum at the erotic sight before me.

“It’s all up to you now, baby,” my escort purred at her as she started rubbing her own dripping pussy. “You know you want it. And you know how badly I want to watch. You know how much you love it when I take your breath away. Can’t you feel that rope teasing your neck? Can’t you feel it calling out to you, wanting to strangle the very life out of your shuddering body?”

My escort purred, “Honey, this’ll be the biggest ‘O’ of your life… and mine as well. So do it, baby. Step off and hang yourself. All it will take is one small step to send you into orgasmic oblivion.”

“Besides,” she added as she snuggled up to her twin’s trembling body while caressing her quivering flesh. “You know how hard I’ll cum just watching you swing. You know how much this turns me on seeing you like this. You’re just a submissive little lesbian slut anyway. So go ahead, baby. All you have to do is take one little step.”

My Teri stepped back. The poor thing hesitated, moaning and trembling like mad. “Do it!” ‘Microkini Teri’ demanded. “You know you want to! Step off and feel that noose take your breath away! You wanna cum, you sexy lesbian slut? Then step off and enjoy the ride! Kick that fucking chair away!”

‘Lesbian Teri’s’ chest heaved, her pussy overflowing from her arousal. She suddenly stepped forward into the air. A moment later the noose took her weight. Her keels kicked back, knocking the chair over behind her.

Her eyes flew open wide as she started to swing. Then her knees came together. She started jerking them up and down in something of a bunny hop.

She instinctively thrust her chest out, her breasts proudly sticking outward as she came violently. “Oh, FUCK; THAT’S HOT!” my Teri cried out. “CUM HARD FOR ME, BABY! LOOK IN THAT FUCKING MIRROR AND WATCH YOURSELF CUM!”

My bitch cried out in orgasmic ecstasy, writhing as she watched her twin sister dance on air. It was too damned erotic for me as well. I frantically stroked my cock until my cum arced out in spurts, splattering the floor of the holodeck.

Teri’s twin kicked as she twisted in the noose. I could hear gasps and grunts as her legs flew outward. She had a certain flair for hanging; it was almost as if she was born to it. Her legs danced like a ballerina as she grunted and gurgled.

The moment she started to slow down, my escort rushed forward. She grabbed her by the legs and lifted her up. I think it gave her some slack and a little bit of air.

“Not yet, you don’t!” she gasped excitedly. “I want a fucking encore!”

I saw her reach around behind the woman’s ass into her crotch. I could only assume she was finger-fucking her. ‘Lesbian Teri’ gasped as she got more air into her lungs.

She tried to wriggle around a little. “Oh, no you don’t!” ‘Microkini Teri’ blurted out. “This is only a small reprieve, honey! You’re going all the way, you sexy lesbian bitch!”

She gave a hard thrust into her lover’s pussy with her fingers. My escort gradually let her down until the noose had taken up her entire weight. She stepped back just in time as her asphyxiated twin started to kick up once more.

“Dance for me, baby!” my Teri gasped breathlessly. “This time you’re going all the way!” Then she jammed her fingers into her own crotch, furiously getting herself off again.

‘Lesbian Teri’ started to kick harder, fighting the noose as she gawked and gurgled. Her face turned a deep shade of red as she swung back and forth. I caught her trying to glance over at the full-length mirror a couple of times. Then I saw her body start to stiffen as her knees came together again.

“Oh, FUCK – HERE IT COMES!!” my Teri gasped as she watched her dying sister. Then her twin in the noose started jerking her knees up and down hard. Her eyes rolled as she inadvertently jerked the coil even tighter around her neck.

“FUCK; SHE’S DOING IT!” my bitch screamed. She popped off again, shuddering hard as ‘lesbian Teri’ suddenly squirted hard from her climax. Then the poor thing went limp until she softly swung back and forth.

Teri rushed up to her and grabbed her body. Then she turned her in the direction of the mirror. “Just look at yourself!” she gasped excitedly. “Watch a sexy slut dangle from the noose, baby!” Then she began pawing her body all over.

I heard a death rattle as the twin shuddered in the noose. “Computer: baton!” my escort called out. A black nightstick suddenly appeared in her hand.

She waved it in front of her dangling lover. “I want it all, baby,” she gasped as she knelt down, probing with the baton. “I want everything… including that last little spark of life!”

It was brutally shoved right up the poor thing’s ass. She jerked as though she actually felt it. Then the spark of life faded from the wild look of fear and arousal in her eyes.

“I knew you had a little bit left in you, honey,” ‘Microkini Teri’ gasped drunkenly. “I told you I wanted it all. I want everything you have to give me. I even want your fucking death cum!”

She knelt in front of her where she jammed her head into the dead woman’s crotch. Then she started slurping. She gasped and moaned until it sounded like my escort was cumming again, the crazy bitch!

I thought I saw a streamer of piss flow down her twin’s leg. It made me wonder if Teri got any into her mouth. But she was so drunk with lust that I don’t think she cared.

She stayed there for the longest time. My Teri licked and slurped until she finally pulled away and stood up. “Damn!” she gasped. “What a hot, dangling lesbian slut!”

She caressed her lover’s tits while sucking on her erect nipples. She kept talking to her even after she was gone. “Honey; that was fucking unreal! You went out with a bang and you damn near exhausted me! Baby, I’m gonna remember this for as long as I live!”

She caressed her dead lover’s flesh. Then she grabbed the night stick still sticking out of her ass. Teri cruelly gave it one more hard thrust. But there was no response, so she left it there, protruding obscenely.

“Computer: towel!” she commanded. One appeared in her hand. She used to wipe the fluids off her face.

She made her way over to where I was standing. I had to gather her in my arms. Her legs nearly gave out from blissful exhaustion.

“Master, that was so fucking hot! Give me a minute to compose myself; ok? Then we can be moving along.”

She looked at my limp cock and the puddle of my cum on the floor. Then she smiled drunkenly. “Did my sexy lover cause you to do that? Did her wonderful dance of death get you off? I’m sorry I didn’t use my mouth or something better, Master. Let me see if I can make it up to you with the next one, ok?”

Neither one of us bothered to look at the stripper dancing on the pole behind us. If we had, I suspect we would have seen a look of horror on her face…

2010; 2021 (written May 27 ’10; ed. Jan 19 ‘21 by riwa)

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