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Coming April rewards

The 6th chapter to Chloe.
The 6th chapter to Aravanna.
The 6th chapter to Katia.
The Mob wife.
The Executive secretary.
A Suzan Short.
I dreamed I drowned them 8.
Our encounter with the Badjao.
The noose ride.
The break-in.
The moment she’d been waiting for.
A special Valentine’s Day present (posted in April???).
And anything else I might come up with.

February stories/rewards will fall off at the end of March to make room for April rewards.

We are expecting more snow this weekend. We still have some piles left over that were created way back in November. We’re developing some really impressive potholes around here. I’m trying to remember the last time we had so much moisture in this neck of the woods. But it sounds like a lot of you have had similar experiences this year.

It is a challenge coming up with a mixture of “wet” and “dry” stories to post. I have a system where I check to see how many stories I have prepared. That lets me know if I need to develop a few more “wet” ones or “dry” ones. I do have some projects to finish or that I could work on. But sometimes the inspiration lags. And sometimes life gets in the way.

Like this month, for instance. I just finished working on my taxes. And I drove mom to the accountant to work on hers. We were in town three times this week. Thankfully, we are all taken care of. I hope all of you are not hit too hard with taxes this year.

Oh yeah; I also had a birthday this month. Mom took me out to eat. I wasn’t sure I would reach this age. Now I’m getting the aches and pains to show for it. Oh well. On the bright side, I’m getting REAL close to getting those senior discounts mom’s been getting for quite a while now. Wow; did I get old fast or what?

I’ll soon be uploading the stories for next month. That way they’ll be up and ready in case something happens. Thank you so much for being my patrons.

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