The Seductress


I was not very popular in high school. I certainly did not know my way around girls. That left me inexperienced and vulnerable.

I was a member of the local church youth group. So I took my virginity seriously. But I was fully aware there were others who did not share my convictions.

Our youth group often went to the lake for barbecues and swimming parties. The females all wore revealing bikinis despite being church girls. Naturally they had guys swarming all around them.

I was pretty self-conscious when it came to matters of the opposite sex. So I spent much of my time in the water. It was much easier to ignore how attractive they looked when I was too busy going underwater.

I like submerging and holding my breath. It feels good from a sexual standpoint. But that means I do have to be careful coming out of the water in case I have a bulge that hasn’t softened and there are people present.

I felt like I was out of my depth around the girls in the church group. And I sensed I was the butt of more than a few discreet jokes. But I didn’t care all that much. It wasn’t important to me what other people thought of me so long as I stayed true to myself.

It caught me totally by surprise one day at the lake when Carly Walker came over and sat next to me on the ground during one of our church group swims. I noticed several people looking over at us as though wondering what she could possibly see in me. I was grateful she was showing any kind of interest.

She asked questions as though she was genuinely interested in me. I was flattered by the attention I was getting from her. I was also a bit distracted by the black bikini she was wearing, and I tried not to stare.

When she asked point-blank, I confirmed I hadn’t had sex yet, but that I wasn’t in any hurry. I tried to play it off as though it was no big deal. She seemed strangely curious.

She finally asked if I masturbated. I didn’t want to tell her, especially with the others watching. She sensed my discomfort, stood up, took my arm and led me away for a walk.

She asked again, saying she was really curious. She promised not to tell anyone. It was just that she knew I was a virgin and wanted to know more about whether or not I pleasured myself whenever I was alone.

I probably shouldn’t have trusted her. But we had walked far enough away so that we were well out of earshot. She seemed sincere, and I was flattered by her attention.

I revealed one particular manner in which I got myself off. I told her it was usually during a private swim. Being alone meant I could be free to indulge myself.

This intrigued her and she wanted to know more. I explained how the water has an effect on me, especially cooler lake water. She nodded as though she understood.

She told me it was no big deal because she knew I wasn’t the only one. There were others in our youth group who experienced a similar reaction. This made me feel better.

She asked where I swam and the kinds of things I did in the water. I told her I usually parked over by that little inlet near the head of the dam. The raft often blows into that shoreline from a west wind. So I would take it out so I could use it to get as close to the bottom as possible.

She wanted to know if I ever touched myself. She said she did that a lot whenever she was horny. Hearing her admit that made me open up even more, which in hindsight was probably another mistake.

I explained I often didn’t have to touch myself. Cool water usually makes me hard enough to cum without using my hands. I said I liked to swim down and see how long I could stay under before being forced back to surface.

She acted sincerely interested the entire time we walked and talked. She smiled as she told me she’d always thought there was more to me than the shyness I presented to everyone. She said she liked how honest I was about telling her how I liked to get myself off.

On our way back to the group, she surprised me by asking if I would like some company during my next private swim. I looked at her in surprise, wondering if she really meant it. After all, there were two or three other guys I knew who were really interested in her.

She saw my questioning look and waved dismissively. She told me the guys she sat with were just friends, although I wasn’t sure I believed her. Then she told me she was really curious because of the way I always like to go underwater a lot during our group swims.

I smiled as I told her I like to hold my breath. I was working on improving my times, and was getting close to two minutes underwater. That also seemed to impress her.

She wanted to know if I could teach her a trick or two about holding her breath longer. She wanted to come out with me during one of my private swims. So we set a date for next Tuesday evening after supper.

She said she would meet me over by that inlet in the lake. Then she went back to her group of admirers. It made me feel good knowing she’d given me some personal attention.

I was excited Carly wanted to come out and swim with me. I liked her, and she was quite attractive. A part of me still questioned her motives. But I figured I didn’t have all that much to lose.

After supper Tuesday night, I told my folks I was driving out to the lake for a swim. They didn’t question me about it, especially since I did it so often. They trusted me because I was pretty well behaved and seldom got into trouble.

I found myself looking forward to my swim as I drove out to the lake. A part of me wasn’t sure Carly was even going to show up. But I figured I would still enjoy myself. I knew I’d have my release underwater, and would be feeling pretty good once I headed home.

When I got there I was not surprised to find myself alone. But five minutes later, Carly came driving down the dirt road in her parent’s green Ford. She parked and then got out in her street clothes.

She told me she’d made up some excuse to her folks and that she’d promised she’d be back before the sun went down. I wasn’t sure I approved of her lying to her parents. But I quickly rationalized it away. Besides, I was glad she’d come out to swim with me.

She stripped out of her clothes, revealing a skimpy pink bikini I’d seen a couple times before. She’d couldn’t have picked a worse outfit to wear, especially with her full breasts and slender build. In no time at all I found myself gawking at her.

I immediately felt a stirring in my loins. So I tried to look away while thinking of something else. She grinned at me as though she was fully aware of the effect she was having on me.

I stripped down to my dark blue swim trunks. Then we waded into the water and retrieved the raft. I put a couple of dive masks on top, ones I’d brought with me in case she wanted to use one.

We pushed against the edge of the raft, kicking it out toward the middle of the inlet. It didn’t take long for my cock to harden right up. With Carly in her pink bikini and the water refreshingly cool, I was stiff in no time at all.

We kicked farther out until the bottom was fifteen or twenty feet below us. Carly asked if we were far enough out or if we needed to go farther. I said it was plenty deep enough. I was a decent swimmer, but I knew better than to test my limits.

As we clung to the edge of the raft, Carly asked me to show her how I held my breath. So I adjusted a dive mask over my face. I told her it helped keep water out of my nose so I could stay down longer.

I filled my lungs before slipping under the surface. I clung to the edge of the raft as I held my breath. A moment later Carly joined me, the other oval dive mask fitted to her face.

The water was pretty murky. But we were close enough for me to see her body, especially her cleavage. I kept trying to force my cock to soften. But the damned thing seemed to have a mind of its own.

Carly released bubbles out of her mouth as we held our breath together. Air fizzed out of my dive mask as I stayed down with her. Bubbles also fizzed out of her mask as she smiled at me with those lovely green eyes of hers.

She came up first before I did. When I surfaced, she said she wanted to try again. I had a waterproof watch, and she asked me to time her.

We filled our lungs and then went back down, reaching up to hold onto the side of the raft for stability. She released more bubbles as she smiled at me. I kept staring at her cleavage and then had to make myself look away.

We tried several breath-holds. Her times improved the more we went under. She finally began regularly breaking a minute while holding her breath. She seemed impressed she was improving her time underwater.

After we surfaced, Carly asked if I’d ever been kissed underwater while holding my breath. I told her no. That’s when I found myself becoming self-conscious all over again.

She asked if I wanted to try it. She thought it would be fun to kiss while breath-holding. I told her I was willing if she was.

We both filled our lungs before submerging. We wrapped our arms around each other. Then we kissed as we held our breath while I pushed against the underside of the raft to keep us under.

It was awkward at first, especially with the two of us wearing dive masks. It was also the second time I’d ever kissed a girl. The first time I’d actually panicked a little, wondering how long I was supposed to maintain the lip-lock.

This time it wasn’t nearly so awkward. I figured we were supposed to keep kissing for as long as we were underwater holding our breath. She finally broke away and surfaced ahead of me.

She pulled off her dive mask and thanked me. She said now she wanted to try kissing without wearing one on her face. I quickly removed mine as well, eager to please and to follow her lead.

We filled our lungs and submerged again. Her shoulder-length blond hair majestically flowed around her. I wanted to kick myself over how lucky I was that she was underwater with me.

As we kissed, I felt her press her body up against my bulge. She had to have known I was hard. But she did it anyway.

I was still a little self-conscious, although I was rapidly losing my shyness. I was constantly aroused from a mixture of holding my breath in cool water, her close proximity while wearing that bikini, and her aggressiveness. She wasn’t the least bit shy or anything.

We surfaced after a nice, long smooch underwater. It went even better without the dive masks. She told me how exciting it had been to kiss underwater while holding her breath.

She asked if we could do it again. This time she wanted to go deeper. Now she wanted to try kissing near the bottom of the lake.

She said kissing in really deep water while holding her breath sounded hot. She just wasn’t sure she could swim that far down. I told her I’d get us down near the bottom.

First, I told her to wrap her arms around me. She smiled as she grabbed on. I liked how enthusiastic she’d become.

We filled our lungs and submerged. She held on tight, which felt really good. I pulled us downward with my arms while kicking with my legs.

I didn’t find the bottom. But I decided we were probably deep enough. So we leveled out until we were drifting upright around fifteen to eighteen feet down.

Carly kissed me deeply. This time she gave me a lot of tongue. Sexy bubbles slipped out of her mouth and nose.

I threw myself into the kiss, giving her some tongue in return. I felt her press her crotch up against my bulge. She had to have known I was hard.

I’m pretty sure she did it deliberately. It was incredibly exciting. That’s when I felt my balls swell with anticipation.

She gave me some serious tongue action as bubbles dribbled out of our noses. It made my cock harden even more. I was self-conscious, yet incredibly aroused.

If anything, Carly humped me even harder. I felt us start to drift upward. So I used my arms to wave us back down as she kept kissing and humping me.

We finally split apart and shot up to the surface. We popped up, grabbed onto the raft, and then panted loudly for breath. “That was incredible!” she gasped.

She gave me a sly grin as though she knew the effect she’d had on me. Then she said, “I think you loved it too. Am I right?”

I blushed as I told her I did, but that it was a little embarrassing. She asked why. I told her it was because I felt like I was getting really close to creaming my suit.

She giggled as she asked if I minded what she was doing to me. I told her no, I didn’t mind. I just wanted to be careful because I didn’t want to offend her or anything. Once again I was feeling self-conscious.

She told me she wanted to go back down and kiss me again in deep water. She also said she wanted to hump me. Would it be ok if I humped her back until I creamed my trunks? She thought that would be super-hot.

I asked if she was sure about that. She said she could tell I really wanted to. But it felt as though I was holding something back.

I expressed my concerns about offending her. She repeated it was ok with her and to just go with it. Then she filled her lungs before wrapping her arms around me.

We submerged together. I angled us downward, pulling with my arms while kicking with my legs. Carly helped to kick us down until we got really deep.

The water was cold and murky. It made my cock stiffen right up, especially with her being so close. But Carly acted as though it was all right with her, even if I did become horny. So I tried not to think too much about it.

We leveled out without reaching the bottom before we started kissing again, bubbling as we used a lot of tongue. This time she humped me good and hard, grinding against the erection in my trunks. I kissed her hard as I humped her back.

I couldn’t believe it! There I was in deep water with Carly Walker, bubbling and kissing and humping her almost naked body. It was a dream come true.

I felt it swell within me. Instinctively I humped her harder, bubbles coming out of my nose as I groaned into her mouth. Her tongue deeply probed my oral cavity as I creamed myself.

Self-consciousness immediately set in after the event. I pulled away, releasing my breath. Then we both made the swim back to the surface.

She popped up gasping to refill her lungs. Then she looked at me, grinning triumphantly. “Did you cum? You came, didn’t you?”

I blushed as I told her I did. She replied, “Don’t be embarrassed. I loved it! It was fun!”

At that point I became extremely self-conscious. I rationalized how I was feeling by focusing on worrying about her being out too late. So I told her we needed to be going.

We clung to the edge of the raft as we kicked it back to shore. She seemed a little disappointed about something. I just explained it was getting late and that we shouldn’t stay out any longer.

She asked if my decision to call it a night had anything to do with what we’d done in the water. I shamefully admitted it probably played a small role. She told me not to feel bad about it. Besides, she loved making me cum in deep water like that.

When we got to shore, she asked if I always spurted my cream whenever I came out here. I told her I often liked to come out and dive naked. I explained how cool water always helps to give me an erection, and that I usually experience a release or two before I go home.

She told me it was so damned hot to hear me say that. She thanked me again for the swim before she got dressed and headed to her parents’ car. Then she paused and asked if we could come out to the lake again.

I told her I’d swim with her anytime. She smiled warmly at me. Then she got into her parents car, started it up, turned it around and drove away.

Apparently Carly wanted to go back out to the lake with me. She must have enjoyed our time on the raft. She called and said she wanted to go do it again.

I said it was fine with me. She asked if the following Monday night would work for me. I told her it was a good night because there wouldn’t be many people out on the lake.

That evening I ended up picking her up at her house. She came out the door in her street clothes. That way I didn’t have to go inside, see her family, and answer any embarrassing questions.

After climbing into the passenger seat, she told me how much fun she’d had at the lake with me the other day. She was hoping we could repeat some of our breath-holding experiments. The way she seemed eager about it really excited me.

When we got to the lake, we quickly slipped out of our street clothes. I’d worn my baggy green swim trunks underneath. Carly was wearing a skimpy white bikini.

Right then, I knew I was in big trouble. I’d seen her in it once before at a youth group swim party. The guys all loved her in it, especially since it had the effect of almost becoming transparent once it got wet.

I was horny before we even retrieved the raft. Soon we were kicking it out to the middle of the inlet. I offered to bring out the dive masks, but she didn’t want them to interfere with kissing me underwater. So I left them in my car.

She wanted to go underwater right away and hold her breath. So we started off by holding onto the raft while seeing how long we could stay down. Watching her breath-hold while bubbles trickled out of her mouth and nose was incredibly erotic.

I ended up beating her every time we had a contest. But she got better and better each time we went under. Then she decided she wanted to go deeper so we could kiss and make out.

We submerged with her arms wrapped around me. I took us down until we got about fifteen feet down. The bottom was still out of reach, but she didn’t seem to care once she started kissing me deeply.

Once more, she began to hump me as her tongue explored my oral cavity. In no time at all, I was hard as a rock. Carly was as aggressive as ever. It was a real turn-on, although I still felt a little out of my depth with her.

We surfaced after a couple of long, lip-lock breath-holds. That’s when Carly wanted to try something different. She wanted each of us to go down and hold our breath while the other one “had fun” as she put it.

I asked her what she meant by that. She just smiled and said I’d have to play along to find out. Besides, she wanted to explore how many ways we could have all sorts of underwater fun.

She said I should submerge first because I could stay under longer. So I filled my lungs with air before slipping under the raft. Carly came down a few seconds later.

It was murky and a little hard to see each other. But she found me right away with no trouble. Then she started touching and caressing me.

Her hands were all over me. Worse, she kept getting closer and closer to my bulge. She finally put a hand on it, rubbing me while I bubbled self-consciously.

We both finally came up panting for breath. She asked if what she’d done was all right. I told her it had made me horny. Her response was simply to grin and say, “Good; I’m glad.”

Now it was her turn to hold her breath. She filled her lungs and went under the raft. I followed her right down.

I was a lot more hesitant about groping her the way she’d groped me. I carefully touched her all over. But I made sure to avoid her breasts and crotch as I didn’t want to get into any kind of trouble.

She finally headed back to the surface. I followed her up until we both came up panting for breath. I got the impression she was a bit disappointed about something.

She challenged me by saying, “I think I can beat you this time. So I say we should make a bet.”

I was dubious. “What kind of bet do you want to make?”

“If I win, you have to remove your swim trunks.” She grinned knowingly at me.

“And if I win?”

“Then I have to remove my bikini top and we go again. What do you say?”

I was excited about the prospect seeing her topless, so I agreed. I counted us down. Then we submerged, bracing ourselves underwater by using the edge of the raft with our hands.

She looked like she was serious about our little wager. I was worried she might end up seeing my junk if I lost. So I really pushed myself.

She gave it a good effort. But I beat her by several seconds. She finally surfaced and dutifully removed her top as I was surfacing.

She tossed it up onto the raft. Then she grinned at me. “This time the loser loses their bottoms, ok? Think you can beat me again?”

I was so self-conscious that I almost backed out. But I didn’t want to spoil anything. Besides, I was having way too much fun.

I nodded and counted us down. Then we submerged again. This time she used a free hand to caress and play with her tits right in front of me. I think she was trying to distract me.

Her chest eventually started to heave as her stomach rippled. I really pushed it, unsure I wanted to get naked in front of her. She finally blew her breath away as she shot up to the surface.

I followed her up, watching as she dutifully removed her bottoms. She tossed them up onto the raft. Then she told me, “To the victor go the spoils. Now I have to kiss you while holding my breath.”

I was incredibly horny when we filled our lungs and submerged. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I took us down toward the bottom. She kissed me deeply once we leveled off, pressing her boobs up against my chest as she humped my bulge.

We were down for quite a while, kissing and making out until we finally had to surface. We both came up panting for breath from a long session underwater. Then she grinned at me.

“I want to play that breath-holding game again; ok? It’s the one where you hold your breath and I get to touch you all over. Then it will be your turn to touch me. Can we do that?”

I wanted to say something about my embarrassing erection. But she seemed more than a little eager. I didn’t want to offend or upset her, especially since she seemed fully aware of the effect she was having on me.

I filled my lungs and submerged. Carly came right down a few seconds later. She wasted no time pulling down my swim trunks.

I almost stopped her, but decided not to. A moment later my erection sprang free. It curved upward like it always does, embarrassing me yet again.

She gleefully tossed my trunks up onto the raft. Then she grabbed my cock and started tugging on it. She cupped my balls until they were aching for a release.

I finally surfaced, embarrassed as hell. She laughed as she blurted out, “Damn, your face is red! Now it’s your turn to touch me all over.”

She paused to give me a serious look. Then she told me, “Now don’t get all shy on me; ok? I want you to touch and fondle me ALL OVER! There’s no part of my body that’s off-limits. Understand?”

I nodded as I told her I understood. She really filled her lungs as though she wanted to hold her breath for a long time. Then she submerged.

I went under and immediately started caressing her mounds. They were nice and warm, her nipples really hard. I couldn’t believe how stiff my cock had become.

She moaned and bubbled as she moved my hand down to her crotch. So I rubbed her pussy. She groaned and wriggled as she released more bubbles.

We finally surfaced together. She came up gasping, “Fuck, that was hot!” That’s when I self-consciously looked at my watch, feeling things were going to get out of hand if I didn’t do something.

“It’s getting late. Maybe we’d better be going. I don’t want to get you home too late and get into trouble.”

She gave me a look of disappointment. But I didn’t want to take any chances. Besides, I felt like I was really getting in over my head, so to speak.

She nodded and sighed, “All right. But I want to do one last breath-hold; ok? This time I want to thank you for bringing me out here and holding your breath with me. I can’t believe how much fun I’ve had out here with you!”

I agreed to do one more breath-hold. She got this huge grin on her face. Then we filled our lungs and submerged.

I had barely settled under the raft when Carly grabbed my cock and started stroking me. I got the impression she wanted to give me a handjob. That’s when she got closer and kissed the tip of my dick before taking it in past her lips.

I groaned and bubbled, amazed how good it felt. She took me further into her mouth as bubbles came out of her nose. For a moment I was afraid she was swallowing water. But she just kept vacuuming me as though she was eager to suck the cum right out of my balls.

She took me deeper until I nearly hit the back of her throat. That’s when I felt that familiar sensation in my balls as my cock stiffened. I was going to cum any second now.

I tried to warn her by tapping her on the shoulder. She just grunted as she swallowed me whole. A moment later I began spurting into her mouth.

The experience was incredible. I’d never had a blowjob before, much less one underwater. It certainly wasn’t the same as me coming out to the lake and masturbating in the depths like I normally did.

She kept me in her mouth until I stopped spurting. She sucked a little more until I had nothing left to give. Then we both headed for the surface, the two of us losing air out of our mouths.

She had this big, stupid grin on her face when we popped up near the raft. She grinned as she happily declared, “I got to swallow your cum!” I blushed a deep crimson.

She noticed my expression and tried to sound apologetic. “I hope you don’t mind. I wanted to find some way of thanking you for letting me have such a hot time in the water with you. It’s ok; isn’t it?”

I told her it was all right. Besides, I’d really enjoyed it. But that’s when I became all self-conscious again.

She saw the look in my face and waved dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry about it,” she said with a smile. “I just wanted to see if I could suck your cock underwater. I even swallowed it all. Take a look” and she opened her mouth.

I smiled and thanked her before we worked the raft back to shore. I had a couple towels in my car. So we used them to dry off.

She put on her bikini and street clothes. Then I drove her home. But I was quiet the entire trip.

She asked if I was upset with her. I told her no. I explained it had been my first time receiving a blowjob, although I’d certainly enjoyed it occurring underwater. She just grinned.

We pulled up to her house. She thanked me again for a really hot evening. She asked if we could go out to the lake again. I told her it would be all right with me.

She grinned as she told me she wanted to try sucking my cock in deeper water. Would I allow her to do that? My face went red as I nodded and told her yes.

She laughed as her eyes twinkled. Then she kissed me hard. Carly thanked me one last time before climbing out of my car and heading into her house. All I could do was shake my head, amazed at my experience out at the lake with Carly Walker.

2021 (written Apr 12 ’21 by riwa)

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