Girl’s night out 1


Chapter 1

I have misgivings as my sister Cassandra drives us out of town. Her daughter Carrie and her daughter’s lover Hilary sit in the back seat making out. They can’t keep their hands off each other.

“You really didn’t have to bring me along, Cassie. You, Carrie and Hilary could have come by yourself.”

“Nonsense. You’re more than welcome. Besides, this is a girl’s-only night out. You’ll love it!”

“I’m not so certain. The way you described it…”

“Relax, Amanda. You’ll be safe. You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

But you said they spend a lot of the evening hanging all sorts of women!”

“I promise you won’t be doing a noose jig… at least not tonight.” She gives me a look that makes me question whether or not I should trust her.

“What about Carrie and her friend Hilary in the back seat?”

“I didn’t make any promises about them, sis.” Then she turns and grins at me.

“Will you relax? Nothing’s going to happen to us!”

“But you told me this is a place where people can get killed!”

“That happens sometimes when you play asphyxiation games, Amanda. People can get a little carried away. But not to worry. A company comes in and collects all the dead bodies and processes them into tasty cuts of meat.”

That doesn’t reassure me in the slightest. I’m not eager to end up on someone else’s plate. I shake my head as I give it some more thought.

“Cassie, I’m still not sure I see the appeal in all this. I know you told me what you and Carrie do sometimes in your private time. I’m just not sure I understand it all.”

“It’s just a little sexy, breathless fun, sis! Will you chill out already? I promise nothing is going to happen to you! We’re just going to have a little fun on girl’s night out.”

Carrie’s voice drifts up from the back seat, interrupting our conversation. “I don’t know about you, Aunt Amanda! But I plan on having a ton of orgasms before we head home!”

“I do too!” Hilary eagerly chimes in. When I turn to look back at them I see they’ve gone right back to making out with each other.

The lot is almost full when we pull in. “See?” Cassandra assures me with a wave of her hand. “There are still places to park. It’s not completely full tonight. This place is not for everybody.”

“Maybe it’s not for me either,” I mutter uncomfortably.

“Will you relax already? This is why we brought you here in the first place! Carrie and I want you to understand what we like to get off on sometimes. Right, honey?”

I hear a giggle from the back seat. I turn to see Carrie with her hands around her lover’s neck. Hilary’s eyes bug out as she starts to rasp and choke.

Cassandra looks in the rear-view mirror and smiles. “Save it until we get inside, girls.”

“Aw, mom.” Then Carrie lets go. Hilary pants for breath, looking extremely flushed. Strangely she does not protest.

We find a spot and pile out of the car. The four of us make the long walk to the entrance. It looks like a huge building.

We catch up to a couple of young women walking toward the entrance. They see us and grin. The big-breasted Latina in the skimpy skirt and blouse asks, “Are you here to watch all the sexy hangings just like we are? Or are you here to do a little noose-dancing yourselves?”

“We’re here to watch,” Cassie tells her. Then she motions at me as she adds, “This is my sister Amanda. This is her first time. I brought her along to see what it’s all about.”

“Speak for yourself, mom,” Carrie laughs. “Tonight I might want to do a little more than just watch!”

“Maybe I’ll hang you,” her female lover tells her with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“Or maybe I’ll hang you instead!” Carrie laughs. I just shake my head, still not fully understanding the appeal of all this.

When we open the door my ears are battered by the loud rhythm of a heavy drumbeat. I wince as I call out, “Does it have to be this loud?”

Cassie smiles as she tells me, “They’re probably dancing in the main room waiting for the hangings to begin. You’re going to love it once you see all those naked bodies inside swaying to the rhythm! It’s one big orgasmic buffet of sexy, naked female flesh!”

“No men allowed!” that big-breasted Latina says with a grin upon overhearing us. “It’s just for us kinky bitches!” Her friend pauses to give her a passionate kiss in response.

A woman inside the door directs the six of us toward the locker room. We go down a hall and enter a huge room with a ton of lockers. There are some women inside in a partial state of undress as they remove all their clothes.

“What’s this?” I ask as Carrie and Hilary search for empty lockers.

“Nudity, sis,” Cassandra tells me as she finds an empty one.

She locates another right next to it and motions. “Strip out of your clothes and dump them in here. The keypad will ask for a 4 digit combination to lock up. Plug in any number you can remember. Then off we go.”

I look around and am surprised to see women everywhere stripping out of their clothes. I discover Carrie and Hilary wasting no time getting naked. I can’t help pausing to admire my niece’s naked body with those full breasts of hers. It amazes me how quickly she’s grown up… and how much she’s filled out like her mother.

“See ya, mom!” she calls out with a wave.

Cassandra tells her to hold up a second before giving her instructions. “Now don’t get yourself into any trouble, honey. If it’s going to get dangerous, make sure I’m there. If you’re going to snuff yourself, I want to watch.” She grins lewdly as her daughter smiles back at her.

“Cassie??” I’m incredulous! My sister just laughs as Carrie and Hilary rush out the other end of the locker room and disappear from sight.

I motion in the direction they went. “Are you sure that’s wise?”

“Don’t worry, Amanda. They’ll be all right. Or not.” She gives me a sly smile as she nudges me.

I finish removing all my clothes, tucking them into the locker I’ve chosen. I plug in a combination I think I’ll be able to remember. The locker chirps before making a locking sound.

I look at Cassandra who is already nude. Her nipples protrude out of her large breasts as though she’s excited about something. She shows no inhibitions whatsoever. It’s obvious she’s been here before.

I can’t help being a little self-conscious. All this nudity has me a little unnerved. But I force myself not to instinctively cover my privates.

“C’mon, sis,” Cassie says with a laugh as she leads me out. “I know a couple of rooms you’re gonna love. We’ve got a little time before the main event.”

“ ’The main event’? You mean the hangings, don’t you?” She just grins mischievously at me before leading me out of the locker room.

There are naked women everywhere. I’m surprised by how many I see as well as the ages displayed. Some look to be as young as 18 or 19. Others could easily be in their 40’s or 50’s. None of them seem to be the least bit inhibited at the sight of all this naked, female flesh.

Someone comes up behind me, catching me by surprise. Hands reach around and grab my boobs, fondling and caressing them. “Fresh meat,” I hear a breathy voice whisper into my ear before the hands withdraw.

I turn to see who groped me. Two brunettes smile mischievously at me, their hands at their sides. Neither one admits who the guilty culprit was. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

I follow Cassandra into a large room. There are women everywhere lying on what looks like a huge mattress of some kind. Pillows are scattered everywhere.

Several women are wrapped around each other in lewd poses. Some are feverishly 69ing each other. Others appear to be masturbating while watching the orgy.

“Help yourself,” Cassie motions with a lewd grin.

“Help myself to what?”

About that time a blonde and brunette come up to me. The blonde has bigger boobs than mine. Tattoos on both arms run from her shoulders down to her elbows.

Next to her is a brunette with wavy hair down past her breasts. She gazes at me like a panther sizing up its prey. “Wanna play?” she asks seductively.

“Sure she does!” the blonde gasps with a grin as she reaches out and gropes my boobs. “She wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want to play; right?”

Before I can react, they’re all over me; kissing, touching and caressing my quivering, naked body. Instinctively I hesitate, feeling well out of my depth. This wasn’t at all what I’d anticipated. The place smells of sex and orgasms.

I look around for my sister Cassandra. But she’s nowhere in sight; she’s just disappeared! I’ve been left to my own devices with a couple of barracuda.

I give in as I end up kissing them both. They grope my crotch, and I end up groping theirs in return. That’s when my lady-parts start to tingle. When in Rome; right?

In no time at all I end up flat on the mattress floor on my back. The blonde immediately goes to work licking my snatch. Her aggressive tongue is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

The brunette smiles as she asks, “Do you mind?” Before I can reply she sits on my face, mashing her cunt against my lips.

There’s no time to think, much less react. And since the blonde already has me writhing I decide to apply my oral talents to her friend straddling my face.

It isn’t quite what I expected. The brunette seems to know just how to cut off my breath. It alarms me greatly.

Instinctively I struggle to throw her off. She just bends down and grabs my wrists, holding on tight as she rides my face. Her friend continues to lick until I’m writhing like a snake.

The brunette rises up and I gasp for breath. But she sits right back down, totally cutting off my air. The blonde keeps feasting on my quivering muff as though she hasn’t eaten clam in months.

I don’t understand the appeal of being smothered like this. It certainly scares the hell out of me. I’m almost to the point of passing out when it hits.

I shudder from a monstrous orgasm. My body struggles in vain for a breath of air as I cry out into the muff on my face. That’s when I hear the brunette gasp, “Fuck, this sexy bitch just climaxed! We’ve got us a real live gasper here!”

She climbs off my head, giving me a breather as I struggle to catch my breath. Then they change places. The brunette feasts on my cunt as the blonde mashes her dripping snatch against my lips.

Once more I struggle to get a decent breath down my windpipe. They seem to know just how to play my body. They take me right to the point where I think I’m going to pass out. Then I climax all over again.

All around me I hear the sound of women all caught up in sexual arousal and orgasms. It’s a little hard to digest. But I love the orgasms they’re giving me to the point where I find myself starting to adapt.

Cumming while being smothered isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It’s certainly frightening as hell when you can’t breathe and you think you’re going to pass out. Then the orgasm hits, and you find yourself on this sexual high right before you think you’re going to die. Then they rise up and you can breathe again.

I know from past experience this is the type of thing my sister Cassandra and her daughter Carrie do with each other. Hell, I’ve even heard rumors my mother Janine is a little kinky when it comes to asphyxia. I’m still a little hesitant about it, but at least I understand it better.

We all switch places again. This time I’m allowed to do a little servicing with my tongue. I eat out the blonde while the brunette sits on her face and smothers her.

I use my tongue as I try doing to her what she did to me. I lick and tongue until I really have her squirming. It turns me on to see her react to my sexual aggressiveness.

The brunette sits hard on her face until the blonde starts pounding on her naked body with her fists, desperate for another breath. I want to tell the brunette to get the hell off her. But I remember what they did to me, so I figure the bitch fucking deserves what she’s getting.

The blonde struggles as though she’s panicked about never being able to breathe again. It’s an incredible turn-on seeing her like that. I apply my tongue in the hopes of seeing if I can help get her to pop off.

She suddenly arches her back as she shudders hard. My face gets drenched with her fluids. Damn; she came hard! It gives me the erotic shivers something fierce.

“That got her good!” the brunette observes as she rises up and lets her breathe again. The big-breasted bitch pants in an effort to catch her breath. “Fucking intense!” she tells us, not sounding the least bit upset. It’s as though she expected to be smothered just like I was.

“You’re really talented, honey,” the brunette tells me with admiration. “My turn now!” Then she lies flat on her back, almost getting kicked by two women 69ing nearby.

I’m surprised at her eagerness. “You want to be smothered too?”

“Cut off my breath and make me eat your cunt, honey!” The blonde just grins at me as she eagerly tells me, “Do it, smother the bitch! Play with her boobs while you shut off her breath!”

I straddle her head, aiming my dripping crotch directly over her face. She begins licking me as the blonde dives into her soaked crotch. We’re putting out quite an aroma, but to be honest the smell of sex is everywhere and is almost overpowering.

I lower myself until I’m sitting squarely on her mouth. Then I reach down and grope her boobs. I watch the blonde feast on her cunt as an erotic jolt hit me hard. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to encounter a place like this!

I wriggle and squirm as I mash my dripping twat on the mouth beneath me. It isn’t long until the brunette beneath me starts grunting for breath. I don’t know why it turns me on to cut off her air like this.

I grope and fondle her boobs as she writhes underneath me. Her chest begins to heave as she tries to get another breath. Instinctively I lift myself up, allowing her to gasp for air.

She moans and whimpers as the blonde eats her out. Our tattooed playmate gives me a dirty look as she tells me, “Don’t let her breathe!” Then she goes right back to licking and slurping.

I lower myself back down onto the brunette’s face. There’s a muffled moan as she really tongues my twat. I feel like I’m going to cum all over again.

Once more the sexy bitch beneath me starts to struggle. This time I keep my cunt mashed against her face. Soon she’s trying to push me off.

The blonde looks up from her feast and grins at me. I maul the brunette’s tits as I sit down hard upon her face. Soon she begins beating on me with her fists as though wanting up in the worst way.

She suddenly arches her back as she begins to buck. I detect the aroma of an orgasm as the blonde licks and moans. Then the brunette goes limp underneath me.

I rise up and let her breathe. Her eyes are all glazed over as she pants weakly for breath. I’m not sure who had the bigger part to play in her climax. Cutting her air off while having her struggle beneath me turns out to be far more erotic than I could have possibly imagined.

The blonde suddenly looks off in another direction. “Hey, there’s someone here I gotta go see!” Then she gets up and goes off, leaving me alone with the brunette.

“Are you all right?” I ask, the concern evident in my voice.

“Never better. That was intense! I came so fucking hard! How was yours?”

I pause for a moment to think back, trying to remember past sexual experiences. Then I tell her, “I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever cum as hard as I did just a few minutes ago.”

She smiles as she tells me, “That’s the fun of breathless orgasms. I’ll bet the bitches who end up swinging tonight have them one right after the other.”

“Bitches who swing? You mean the hangings?”

“Unh – hunh.” And once more I get the uneasy feeling that a predator is sizing me up.

“Oh hey, Aunt Amanda!”

I look up and smile at the sudden appearance of my niece. “Oh hi, Carrie.” Then I look all around.

“Where’s Hilary?”

“She’s off having fun. What about you?”

“I just had my first breathless orgasm. Actually, I think I had two.”

“I’ll bet they were great, weren’t they? Damn! I wish I would have been here to see them!”

“You still can,” the brunette says with a dangerous glint in her eye.

I’m suddenly pushed flat onto my back again. The brunette eagerly climbs my head and straddles my face. Then she sits on my mouth, cutting off my breath.

She doesn’t even worry whether or not I can lick her. I try to breathe, but she’s totally cut off my breath. My lungs begin to protest as my chest heaves.

I struggle to push her up off my face. But I can’t get any leverage. “That is so hot!” I hear my niece gasp enthusiastically.

I start beating on the brunette, begging to be let back up. She doesn’t even touch my breasts or anything. She just smothers me until I can’t breathe. That’s when my mind screams, ‘Carrie, HELP!’

I kick haphazardly as I beat upon the brunette. She rises up and I gasp wildly for breath. Then I hear, “You should make your aunt cum.”

I start to push myself up, only for the brunette to push me right back down. She straddles my head once more. Then she mashes her cunt hard against my face, cutting off my breath.

I suddenly feel a tongue up my twat. Gawd; is that my niece?? I can’t believe it!

I struggle trying to get another breath. The fear rises within me until I’m scared out of my wits. I try to buck the brunette off, but I can’t shake her!

It swells within me until I buck and shudder as it surges through my body. I swoon as I struggle to catch a breath that isn’t there. Then the brunette rises up, allowing me to pant tiredly.

My eyes are all glazed over as Carrie comes up and kisses me deeply. I’m too weak to resist. It’s a shameful turn-on, being macked on by my own sister’s daughter.

“Gawd, that was hot! Now I want to have a turn at smothering my aunt!”

The brunette smiles evilly as she tells her, “Go right ahead!”

Scared and exhausted, I blurt out, “No, Carrie; WAIT!”

I end up flat on my back again. Then my niece mashes her cunt against my lips. Once more I find myself struggling to get the faintest whispers of air down my windpipe.

I feel a mouth in my crotch, a tongue licking and probing. That wonderful panic rises up within me, as does the cresting of another climax. Then I’m bucking and shuddering again as I struggle to breathe.

Carrie finally slides off, allowing me to pant tiredly for breath. She closes in and kisses me hard again. “That was so fucking hot, Aunt Amanda! Now you can join mom and I the next time we play at the house.”

And with that she gets up and goes off, perhaps to find Hilary. I’m left panting tiredly for breath as the brunette looks at me with a sly grin on her face.

2020 (written for Carrie Aug 11 ’20 by riwa)

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