Midnight Swim


It had been a long day’s drive when we finally got in. I was exhausted from sitting behind the wheel, and Stephanie was worn out from the long trip. Our 18 year old daughter Kristen appeared to be nodding off in the back seat.

I checked us in, and we all dragged ourselves to our room. I turned on the TV. My wife soon nodded off in bed while lying next to me.

Kristen sat in her bed next to us. She opened up her laptop long enough to connect with her friends. She seemed awake, appearing to have regained a bit of a second wind.

After a while, she got bored and left the room to wander around the motel. It was late, and I didn’t know where she had run off to. I was just about to go track her down when she came back into the room.

“The pool’s open, daddy,” she told me with a smile. She had never stopped calling me daddy. Apparently she enjoyed using that particular term of endearment, even though she was a senior at school.

She gave me a knowing wink as she added, “It’s open all night, daddy. Come down and swim with me?”

I made mention of the lateness of the hour. But she told me she already knew it was well after midnight. Besides, she added, a swim would tire her out and make her ready for bed.

She changed in the bathroom as I changed in a corner of the room. When she came out, she was sporting her sexy, white string bikini. I noticed she was wearing the one that seemed to go semi-transparent whenever she got it wet.

She giggled at me for looking her up and down a little too long. Then she chastised me for wearing my baggy trunks. She begged me to get into my red Speedos that I usually wore for her mother because she loved how I looked in them.

I noticed she had her weight belt and dive mask in her hands. I asked, “Plan on doing a little breath-holding, honey?”

“I sure hope so, daddy,” she giggled back. “See you down at the pool.” Then she stepped out of the room.

I dutifully changed out of my baggy trunks into the requested red Speedos. Then I headed down after her. My wife was left asleep on the bed with the TV turned down.

Kristen was already in the water when I got there. She was sitting on the bottom holding her breath and bubbling when I arrived. I looked down at her and admired her sexy young body, along with all those bubbles she was blowing.

I got into the water and did a little swimming back and forth, watching her sitting in the deep end. She went up for a breath and then submerged again, ending up on the bottom in a sitting position. Then she began to touch herself while I was watching.

Her suit promptly become semi-transparent. I could see flesh beneath it. Her nipples were hard, and her labia were plainly visible through her bottoms. I couldn’t help myself, and I started to get hard.

She waved me to come closer as I swam back and forth, so I did as she wished. She reached out and touched my bulging Speedos as I swam on by. She grinned and bubbled at me when I gave her a “naughty-naughty” finger-wave. Then she went back to touching herself.

When I made my turn and came back toward the deep end, Kristen had popped the strings to her bikini top. She let it fall away as I approached, motioning for me to come closer. Then she reached out and touched my bulge again, grinning and bubbling.

She surfaced and swam over with me to the end of the pool. “I’m really horny now, daddy,” she giggled into my ear. “But I see you’re horny too.”

She reached out and touched my bulge again. Then she took a deep breath and went back down. The weight belt took her right down.

She sat on the bottom and rubbed her tits all over while I was watching her. I could hear her moan as though she was really enjoying herself. Then she reached down and started rubbing the crotch in her bottoms. I could see how hard her nipples had become.

I swam to the other end of the pool, turned around and came back. Kristen saw me approaching, and she rose up onto her knees. Then she tucked her thumbs in her bottoms.

My daughter slowly peeled them partway down as though giving me a strip-show. She grinned at me as she finally popped the strings. Her bottoms fell away, leaving her quite naked.

She waved me to come closer again, so I did as she wanted. This time, she grabbed my bulge and gave it several strokes. She came up with me as I headed up, spewing air out of her nose as she surfaced.

We swam to the edge of the pool. “You sure are getting hard, daddy,” she giggled playfully. “Here; let me take care of that!”

She took a deep breath and went under. She slipped her fingers in my Speedos around my waist. Then she slowly peeled them down, causing my rock hard cock to spring forth.

She reached out and touched it as though excited to see it make an appearance, admiring how hard I’d become. She blew bubbles against it while caressing it lovingly. Then she rose up to the surface, panting quietly once her head popped up.

“Wow, daddy; you’re really hard! It wouldn’t be right of me to let you go back to the room without doing something about it; would it? Besides, mom is trying to sleep. We wouldn’t want you to wake her up just because you need a release; would we?”

She giggled as she took a deep breath. Then she slipped back under the surface. She grabbed onto my legs for support before she took me into her mouth.

The belt around her waist took us down as she went over onto her back, pulling me down on top of her. She grabbed my ass and gave it a good squeeze as she gulped me down. I felt her take me deep into her throat, and I heard her moan as her humming gave my cock a delicious vibration.

We were down quite a while. I couldn’t help thrusting into her mouth. She made a move like she wanted another breath. But I wouldn’t let her up just yet.

She grunted and struggled against me a little before I let her surface. Then I came up with her. “Daddy, you RAT!” she gasped playfully as she hit my shoulder with her fist in kind of a love-tap.

She seemed to like it though as she added, “Let’s stay down longer; ok?” I gave her a head start as she took a deep breath and submerged. She sank to the bottom and settled onto her back.

I inhaled deeply, and then swam down after her. When she spread her legs, I swam in and grabbed her ass from underneath. I gave it a sexy squeeze as I shoved my face into her muff.

My tongue lashed out as I gave her quite a few licks. Then I proceeded to probe her pussy, pushing my tongue between her labia. I lapped up her dripping treasure as I explored the entrance to her quivering hole.

She bubbled with delight. But she really wriggled and squirmed once I pushed it right in and gave her a gentle tongue-fucking. “OH DADDY!” she squealed in a flurry of bubbles.

I got her all worked up. Then I headed for the surface. She came up a couple seconds later, bursting up and panting like crazy.

“Oh daddy; you’re wonderful!” she gushed. “Do it again! Only this time, let me have your cock! I just love having my mouth filled with daddy’s cock!”

She inhaled deeply before heading back down. I went down after her, stretching out on top of her in a 69 position. She grabbed my butt and pulled me close so she could pull my cock down into her mouth.

I grabbed her ass to keep from floating up. Then I mashed my lips against her wet opening. We went to town on each other, moaning and bubbling like crazy.

The harder I licked and sucked and blew little bubbles, the deeper she tried to take me down her throat. It was like we were trying to outdo each other. Then we both had to surface again.

When we came up for air, she told me she wanted to suck my cock again. Only this time, she wanted me to get a little rough with her. She said she loved it when her daddy used her for his enjoyment. So I pushed her head under, and she took my cock into her mouth.

I was facing the door to keep watch when it suddenly opened. I thought for sure we were in trouble. Then my wife walked in, wearing her sexy pink bikini.

She immediately saw who was in the water with me. She came right over to watch. She had this great big smile on her face.

I kept Kristen down a long time. My cock twitched in her mouth each time she groaned and bubbled as she sucked me deep. But when she wanted up, I forced her to stay down a bit longer.

I finally let her up, careful to make sure she was facing me. That way, she couldn’t see that her mother was now sitting on the edge of the pool right behind her. “Oh daddy!” she gushed excitedly.

I pushed her down again. She let up a sexy burst of bubbles as I speared her mouth with my cock for a second time. Then she was at it once more, grunting and gurgling as I forced my cock down her throat.

She didn’t act the least bit upset. In fact, she acted as though she was enjoying herself.

When I looked over at Stephanie, I noticed she was rubbing herself from the eroticism of the moment as I skull-fucked our daughter. “I woke up and you were gone,” she mouthed at me with a smile. Then she pointed at Kristen and nodded as she mouthed “Just keep going.”

I nodded as I gave our daughter a pretty good face-fucking. But Kristen didn’t seem to mind one bit. On the contrary, she kept moaning and groaning and bubbling each time I thrust hard into her mouth.

I let Kristen up for another quick breath before shoving her right back down. My wife let out a gasp of pleasure. Then she popped the strings to her top so she could grope her gorgeous tits. She was all turned on; I could tell her nipples were really hard.

I thrust in and out of Kristen’s mouth before letting her up for another breath. Then I shoved her right back down again. She groaned and sucked like a hungry little slut who hadn’t had her cum shake in a while. It was quite a turn-on!

By now, Stephanie had her bottoms off. She was busy fingering her dripping snatch with one hand while groping her tits with the other. Then I let Kristen back up.

She panted heavily, but she hadn’t yet noticed the presence of her mother. “Wow, daddy!” she panted. “Now I’m REALLY horny!! Can I sit in your lap?”

Without waiting for a reply, she climbed aboard. My daughter slowly impaled herself on my hard, quivering dick. She moaned with pleasure, and her eyes rolled.

“Take me down, daddy!” she begged. “I want to ride you as you fuck me!!” But I figured I pretty much had to go down with her anyway, being as how the weight belt around her waist was trying to pull us down the entire time.

Down we went into the deep end, my daughter bouncing up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt warm and tight. I could feel it spasm as she hungrily milked me with her vaginal muscles.

She groaned and bubbled her pleasure. Then she kissed me deeply. Her tongue even probed my mouth.

As our lungs began to heave, she helped me kick ourselves up to the surface for another breath. “Mom is really missing out, daddy; isn’t she?” Kristen gushed with a giggle. I smiled and nodded as I looked over her shoulder to see my wife rubbing herself up a storm.

Stephanie pointed at her and then motioned… “Take her down.” But Kristen wanted to go down anyway. “Down we go, daddy!” she declared enthusiastically. “Now fuck me hard the way you like to fuck mom sometimes!”

We both inhaled as we stopped kicking, allowing the weight belt to take us down. In no time at all, I saw my wife slip off the edge of the pool and come down to join us. She caught Kristen by surprise when she pulled her over backward, causing our daughter to bubble in alarm.

Stephanie straddled her head before sitting on her face, wedging her into place with her thighs. She looked at me with a look of rapture in her eyes. “Fuck her hard, baby!” she mouthed at me, bubbles slipping out past her lips. Then she began riding our daughter’s face as she reached down to grope those sexy teen tits.

Kristen’s pussy clamped even tighter around my cock as I started fucking her harder. Bubbles exploded up out of her mouth into my wife’s crotch. They caused Stephanie to wince and then moan with pleasure.

My wife rode our daughter’s face even harder. It was as though she was determined to make sure the teenager was going to get her off.

At first, I saw Kristen grab her mother’s ass as though holding on tight. She appeared to go after her mom’s pussy with great gusto. That’s when I saw Stephanie tip her head back, moaning and bubbling with pleasure.

I gave my seductive daughter a good, hard fucking. At the same time, I reached forward, pulled her close and kissed my wife deeply. The two of us groped our daughter’s boobs together as we enjoyed her sexy, naked body.

It wasn’t long until Kristen began to struggle a little. Her chest started to heave, her breasts swaying and jerking from contractions originating in her stomach. Stephanie just clamped onto her head tighter with her thighs so that she couldn’t get away.

I thrust good and hard as Kristen’s pussy began to spasm deliciously from her breathless agony. There were a bunch of sexy bubbles, followed by a gurgly cry. My wife became doubly excited, and as she savagely groped our daughter’s tits, I reached out and groped hers.

Kristen suddenly started thrashing about. She was grunting, bubbling and gurgling as her arms flailed wildly. At the same time, I felt her pussy furiously milking my cock as though she couldn’t help herself.

A moment later I heard my wife bubble, “OH FUCK; SHE’S DROWNING!” Stephanie let out a bubbly scream as she humped our daughter’s face hard with her pussy. At the same time, I gave Kristen the fucking of her life until her pussy seemed to go into spasms.

My cock emptied itself into her. But that seemed to intensify her contractions and convulsions even more. It was as though her naked body was reacting to her father’s seed being pumped inside her.

The life seemed to drain right out of our daughter. She became virtually lifeless between us, save for an occasional muscle spasm.

Stephanie continued to grind her pussy into Kristen’s face as I thrust nice and slow into our daughter’s warm, wet snatch. We kissed each other deeply in the afterglow of our sexual release. Then we headed for the surface with the limp body of our daughter in tow.

We pulled her out of the water and laid her out on the floor. Stephanie began pumping her stomach before doing mouth to mouth. Within a few short seconds, Kristen coughed up some water and then started breathing on her own.

At first she seemed to be in a bit of a daze. “Oh, mom…” she finally sputtered when she saw Stephanie was bending over her. “I should have known that was you!” Then she saw me kneeling nearby.

“Daddy, I felt you cum inside me!” she blurted out enthusiastically. “Then I couldn’t stop cumming and cumming and cumming! WOW!”

I smiled at my wife and daughter. “Think you two are tired enough now to get a little shut-eye?” Kristen just giggled as Stephanie kissed me deeply. Then the three of us dried ourselves off before heading back to the room, happily exhausted…

2014; 2022 (Written for “Stephanie and Kristen” Sep 10 ’14; ed. Jul 20 ‘22 by riwa)

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