Donna’s shore leave 6


Personal log, supplemental: After reluctantly beaming down to the planet for a few hours of R & R, something I probably needed more than I realized, I find myself in the middle of an erotic nightmare. What’s disturbing about the whole thing is that it might be one of my own making. On this deceptively idyllic planet, my thoughts and fantasies have somehow become reality to the point where I’m seeing things I would have never thought possible.

There are two feminine-like creatures running around down here in the forest, beings I can only describe as some kind of wood nymph. They seem to have this murderous urge to hang innocent young women. I say this because they’ve already hanged me and Yeoman Rand. Amazingly, we were both rescued by Leiani. She was my best friend and former lover. But I haven’t seen since she was transferred to Earth over nine months ago. I still have no idea how she got here.

Now she’s dead, strung up by those two damned creatures. What’s more, Janice is missing. I’m concerned the many erotic thoughts and fantasies I’ve entertained while I’ve been down here on the planet have only succeeded in putting yeoman Rand in grave peril. I’m afraid those two beings are going to hang her unless I can find her first.

I’m on my own. My communicator and tricorder have been taken by those creatures. Thus, I’m unable to make contact with the ship or anyone else on the planet. All I can do is continue my search for yeoman Rand until I locate her.

I can’t shake the feeling that once I find her, those two nymphs will capture me. I sense I’m going to suffer the same fate as the one they intend for Janice. What really disturbs me is the terrible arousal factor I’m feeling at the thought of being hanged side by side with the lovely Janice Rand.

Gawd! What the hell is WRONG with me…???
It took several minutes of gut-wrenching anguish and grief over the loss of Leiani before she finally remembered Janice was still missing. Reminded of her duty to locate her missing shipmate, yeoman Donna Dangling numbly got to her feet.

She looked up at the nude, unmoving body of her former lover. It only brought the tears back to her eyes. She realized she couldn’t even reach her to bring her down from the tree and cover her nakedness.

It was humiliating being forced to walk away and leave Leiani’s corpse dangling from the tree like that. But she had to find Janice before the pretty young yeoman met the same fate as that of her former lover.

Donna carefully made her way through the woods, her senses on high alert. The limb was back in her hands. She harbored no hesitations about using it on those two damned things. After all, they’d just murdered her former best friend and lover in a rather gruesomely erotic hanging.

Now she was out for revenge, Prime Directive be damned. It didn’t matter a whit to her that they loved to hang young females, or that she and her friends had innocently stumbled into their realm. If she ever ran into them again, they were going to feel her wrath.

“JANICE??” she called out as she moved through the woods. “JANICE? IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, CALL OUT, OK? I’M COMING FOR YOU!” But there was no response.

Donna no longer worried about the possibility of the nymphs hearing her and coming after her. It occurred to her that if she allowed them to find her, perhaps they might lead her to where they were holding poor Janice… that is, if the yeoman was still alive and if she didn’t club them both to death first.

For some reason, she found herself believing – or maybe it was hoping – they were going to wait until she was in their clutches before hanging yeoman Rand. It gave her an erotic shiver to think the two beings might be sadistic enough to capture her and make her watch as they hung her shipmate. Worse, maybe they would hang the two of them together.

Gawd – what a horrible thought, even if it was terribly erotic to contemplate. At least it gave her the hope that Janice was still alive out there somewhere.

The yeoman carefully searched the woods. She did meander off what might have served as a trail. But eventually she came back to it. The yeoman was fully aware her search was taking her farther away from the beam-down point back at the clearing.

Every now and then she called out for Janice. But there was no answer. Sometimes she even called out for the two nymphs to show themselves. But her ears never picked up that familiar chittering sound they made, nor that devilish giggling they delighted in whenever they were doing something particularly nasty.

Her search took her up a small incline. As the trees parted, she saw cliffs off to her left running parallel to the forest she was in. An instant later she spotted it: an opening up in the cliff face.

It looked like a large cave up there. But what drew her attention to it was the two long, parallel poles that seemed to emerge out of the top of the cavern. They looked like they were designed for hanging something off them.

…like unsuspecting young females perhaps?

Donna’s eyes went wide. Her hand instinctively covered her mouth as feelings of arousal tingled wildly throughout her body. ‘GAWD – what a HORRIBLE place to die!’ she thought. ‘To hang helplessly above the forest floor like that? …dangling from the end of one of those poles??’

“JANICE??” she called out anxiously. “JANICE? …YOU UP THERE??” Gawd, she had to be sure!

Heart thumping wildly in her chest, Donna set out toward the cliffs. She had to find the best path she could among the trees and shrubs. She used the limb in her hands to help steady her balance as she moved in that direction.

The trees finally thinned out as the ground became rocky. She carefully made her way to the edge of the cliff. For the moment the cave and the poles were out of sight, somewhere around the next bend.

Donna moved along as quickly as she could among the boulders, the edge of the forest just off to her right. Then she rounded the bend in the cliff face. That’s when she got a much better look at the cave opening.

She saw the two poles that jutted out a few hundred meters above and beyond her current position. Then she gasped in horror at what else she saw. Dangling from the end of each pole was a length of rope about 4 meters or so in length.

The ends of both ropes had been tied into hangman’s nooses. She was sure she hadn’t seen them there before. She supposed it was possible she’d been too far away to detect the nooses from her previous vantage point.

Donna instinctively threw herself back against the cliff face. She did not want to be spotted, certainly not with what appeared to be waiting for her. The yeoman’s heart hammered in her chest.

“Two nooses?!” she gasped quietly to herself in alarm. Her chest heaved as her body tingled like mad.

“Two nooses? They’re gonna hang the two of us??” Now she had a dilemma. What if pressing on meant the strong possibility of getting caught and being strung up right along with her friend??

Donna took several deep breaths to steady her nerves. There was no use fretting over her totally soaked undergarments. There was nothing she could do about them now.

‘I gotta find her!’ she told herself despite the fact she was trembling all over. ‘I just can’t leave without Janice!’

There was simply no way she could live with herself by abandoning her shipmate to those two sadistic creatures despite the risk to herself. So she began moving forward along the base of the cliffs in an effort to find a path up to the cave. But as Donna picked her way along the rocky base of the cliffs, she found herself seriously questioning her motives.

Was she searching because she really wanted to find Janice and make sure her friend remained unharmed? Or was it because deep down she wanted to be there when they hung the pretty yeoman, especially if they were going to hang her nude? Gawd – what a horrible thought!

‘Or was it something even darker?’ she had to ask herself. What if she was hoping for a double hanging? Was she being irresistibly drawn toward a destiny she secretly wanted for herself, a destiny she’d fantasized about for many years?

What if a part of her WANTED to be hanged? What’s more, what if she wanted to be hung next to the helpless, naked form of a woman she’d been starting to lust after?


Donna paused and took a deep breath to clear her head. She forced herself to drive the terribly arousing thoughts and images out of her mind. Then she pressed on, trying to ignore how terribly excited she was starting to become…

The path abruptly ended. Donna found herself unable to progress any farther forward. She was about 20 meters below and to the side of the cave, with no visible means of accessing the opening in the cliff face.

The poles were clearly visible now, running parallel to each other and about a meter apart. The nooses were also ominously visible, dangling there as though calling out to her. Looking down, she could see the rocks below that bordered the edge of the woods.

Donna shivered from an arousal she just couldn’t seem to get under control. This was crazy! What if Janice wasn’t up there after all?

What if she was subconsciously putting herself in harm’s way for the express purpose of hoping to experience her deepest, darkest desires? What the hell was she thinking?? Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

She suddenly heard the faint sound of a familiar voice originating from somewhere above her… “No… please… don’t do this to me… it isn’t right!”

Yeoman Dangling’s breath caught in her throat. My gawd; that sounded like Janice! Worse, it was coming from the cave. They really DID have her up there! She had to do something before they hung her from the end of one of those damn poles!

Looking up, Donna noticed an opening in the cliff face a couple of meters directly above her. It seemed like a potential opening to a passage that might lead inside. The voice had actually echoed faintly up there as well, almost as though there might be a tunnel connecting it to the big cave several meters over. But how was she going to get up there??

“…no… please don’t do this to me… you can’t… ”

It was Janice again. She sounded terrified! There probably wasn’t much time left. If she was going to go help her friend and shipmate, she had to do it now!

Looking up, Donna saw some potential handholds, places where she thought she could put her hands and feet. If she was going to reach Janice, this might be her best bet. But she was going to have to leave the limb behind, the one she’d brought along as a weapon. She would need her hands free if she was going to climb up the side of the cliff face.

Yeoman Dangling propped the limb up out of her way against the rock face. She reached up, found the first handhold and began climbing… her left hand there… right hand over there… got it!

Now the left foot… up… don’t lose your grip, girl… left hand higher up… right hand… gawd; don’t fall! …slow but sure… right foot there… left foot… left hand… easy… remember, Janice is counting on you… hand up… almost there… just a little more…

Donna slowly climbed the two meters up until she could pull herself up into the small opening. Sure enough, there seemed to be some sort of a passageway that went back into the cliff face. She stretched out on the rocky floor and panted for breath, trembling at the climb she’d just made.

She had no idea how the hell she and Janice were going to get back down. There would have to be time to figure that out later. Right now she had to –

“No… ohmygawd – please don’t hang m – MMMMPHPHFFF!”

Oh, NO! That sounded like it was coming from the passageway in front of her! The sound must be carrying from the big cave with the poles.

Donna quickly got to her feet. She dove headlong into the darkened tunnel. Her heart pounded anxiously in her chest.

There was just enough light in the passageway for Donna to scoot through. She weaved her way around outcroppings while wiggling through narrow sections of rock. The muffled cries grew louder.

The tunnel went upward. As she got closer, her heart rate increased dramatically. Then it began to get lighter.

She knew she was almost there. But what would she do once she got there? What could she use as a weapon??

Donna looked around until she found a rock lying on the floor of the passageway. It was big enough to cause some serious damage were it to come in contact with the skull of a particular creature she was thinking about.

She hefted it in her right hand as she cautiously drew closer to what appeared to be an opening into the larger cave. The passageway angled to her right and toward the opening to the main cavern itself. She cautiously stepped though, emerging into the back of a rather large cave.

What she saw made her eyes go wide in horror…

At the front of the cave, the rocky floor sloped upward into something that served as some sort of rounded platform. Standing on it and facing into the cavern was an obviously terrified Janice Rand.

Her back was to the forest floor below and beyond. Any further footing dropped away sharply behind her. One false step backward and she would fall.

The yeoman was completely naked. Her mouth was stuffed with something black, an object Donna could only assume were the bottoms to Rand’s undergarments. The boots and red outfit had been casually tossed into a corner of the cavern.

There was no sign of her nylons or bra. Donna could only surmise they were being used to secure the young woman’s wrists behind her back.

Yeoman Rand was standing directly under the left one of two round, wooden poles that jutted out from the roof of the cave, shooting straight out. A noose was around her slender neck, attached to a rope that arced its way out to the end of the pole on the left. Her long, blond hair was pulled clear of the rope, only to cascade down the shoulders of the poor woman’s trembling body.

The two creatures were inspecting their victim carefully. Their backs were to her would-be rescuer. Donna could hear Rand’s muffled cries and whimpers.

Down between the poor woman’s legs was a small tuft of blond, pubic hair. Her slit which lay further down appeared to glisten with moisture. Donna was appalled to realize it would only take a gentle push to send yeoman Rand falling backward to her doom, the noose grabbing her by the neck and setting her to swinging wildly as she hung to death.

Yeoman Dangling trembled like mad. An incredible wave of shameful arousal coursed through her body at the horribly erotic scene before her. A moment later she went red with shame over how much it was affecting her in such a blatantly sexual manner.

The whole thing seemed so damned unreal! And yet there Janice was, on the verge of being pushed backward and sent to a terrifying end, swinging at the end of a rope.

Donna caught her breath to calm herself down. Now was the time to act. Thus, she hefted the rock menacingly in her hands, determined to spare her shipmate a horrible fate as she stepped forward…

“All right, you two – back away from her!”

Janice heard her voice and turned toward her. Donna saw the yeoman’s eyes go wide. A moment later the poor thing began shaking her head at her, the gag in her mouth muffling her cries of alarm.

Strangely, Donna got the impression Rand was trying to warn her away about something. That’s when the two nymphs turned toward her as well. For a horrifying moment Donna was afraid they were going to push Janice backward to her death before she could stop them.


Donna tried to use her best authoritative voice, wanting to make it sound as though she was in charge. Then she tried to reassure her shipmate. “Hang on, Janice! I’m gonna get you down from there!”

The two nymphs stepped off the rocky incline away from Rand. They chittered at Donna with a smile on their faces as they both gazed at her. Neither seemed particularly alarmed at seeing her there. On the contrary, they almost seemed… pleased?

Gawd – she was trembling like mad! The whole damned thing was too terribly erotic for her frame of mind!

She could see the noose dangling from the other pole. Deep down, she suspected it was meant for her. Donna had to keep swallowing down the lump that kept rising in her throat.

Damn! She had to get them both out of there quickly! But Janice kept shaking her head at her.

It was as though she was trying to cry out to her through the gag in her mouth. Was she trying to warn her? Of what… the two nymphs??

No problem! If either one of them got too close, she would brain them in the head with the rock. That ought to make the other one think twice about grabbing for her.

As she hefted the rock in a warning gesture, they took a couple steps toward her. “Stay back!” Donna warned them, raising the rock a little higher in her hand. “I’m WARNING you!”

They paused when she lifted the rock. A moment later, they proceeded to take a couple more steps forward. They looked at her curiously, as if to say “You’re not really planning on doing anything serious with THAT, are you?”

They paused again before taking another couple of tentative steps forward. For some reason, poor Janice was almost freaking out. She kept shaking her head while letting out muffled cries of alarm.


Donna instinctively took a step backward, her body tingling like crazy. She didn’t want them getting much closer. What was she going to do if they kept approaching her? Was she really going to initiate an attack against a native species of this planet… with a rock??


Donna cried out in alarm as she backed into someone standing directly behind her. A moment later she heard a familiar voice whisper into her ear, “Now where do you think you’re going, baby?”


An instant later, she felt a hand grasp firmly onto one arm. The other reached out and grabbed the wrist that was supporting the rock in her hand. Donna inhaled sharply as she turned around to see…

“Leiani??” she gasped, her eyes wide in shock as her breath caught in her throat. “My gawd, baby; you’re supposed to be dead!”

The Asian woman giggled with strangely wicked amusement. Donna realized to her utter astonishment that her former lover was completely naked. What’s more, there appeared to be no mark of any kind around her neck where a noose had supposedly squeezed the very life out of her.

“Things aren’t always what they appear to be down here, baby,” her former Asian lover murmured seductively. “Now why don’t you put that thing down before you hurt yourself?”

Donna sensed movement behind her. She turned to see the two woodland creatures approaching without any sort of concern. They did not seem the least bit frightened or alarmed, either of her OR her former friend and lover.

Donna anxiously gasped, “Gawd, baby; you gotta help me! They’re… they’re gonna hang Janice!”

“Don’t worry, baby; I’m here!” Leiani assured her. “And I’m certainly gonna help you, all right!”

The oriental woman suddenly grinned wickedly at her. “I’m gonna help you realize your greatest fantasy, baby. I’m gonna help the wonder twins here hang you and Janice together.”

Yeoman Dangling was horrified. “Leiani?? You can’t be serious?!”

“They’re coming for you,” Leiani purred seductively.
Donna whirled to see the two creatures advancing on her. She began to wiggle in her former lover’s grasp, trying to back away from them. But she was up against the Asian woman’s naked body. Strangely, Leiani wasn’t giving any ground.

“No; let me go! What are you DOING?”

“Being what you want me to be, baby! I’m here to give you your heart’s desire.”

“No! Ohmygawd; wh… what about Janice?”

“She’s gonna look so hot when she hangs next to you, baby.”

Leiani sensuously nibbled on Donna’s ear. Yeoman Dangling shivered from a perverse arousal. She whimpered as her former best friend cheerfully addressed her next comments to the two advancing wood nymphs…

“Come and get her; she’s all yours. Don’t worry; she won’t bite.”


“You can’t resist them, baby. You should know that by now.”

Donna stared at them in horror as they got closer. Her lover kept purring dangerous words into her ears… “After all… they’re wood nymphs; right? They’re enchanted, just like you always told me how you expected them to be; isn’t that right, baby? You ought to know by now… the closer they get to you, the harder it is for you to resist their power over you”

Yeoman Dangling swallowed hard. Was it possible?? Then the Asian softly breathed into her ear, “I’m gonna help ’em, baby. I’m gonna help ’em hang you and Janice. Trust me, baby; you’re gonna LOVE it!”

Donna’s eyes flew open in horror. “NO! You can’t DO this to us!”

“Oh, but I can, baby!” It was the devil whispering into her ear…

Her body was trembling like crazy. Donna looked over and saw poor Janice shaking her head in sorrow. There were tears in the young woman’s eyes.

The poor thing whimpered helplessly. Now it became all too clear, although a bit too late. Rand had been trying to warn her.

Had she tried to alert her to the enchanting powers of the two nymphs? Or had she been trying to warn her of the presence of her traitorous lover who’d been standing behind her all along? How the hell had she gotten down from that tree??

Donna whimpered as her legs became all rubbery. The nymphs were almost to her. Her mind screamed at her to do something… screamed at them not to come any closer… screamed at Leiani to do something. But she couldn’t make a sound other than a pitiful whimper.

Her muscles felt like lead as her arms fell weakly to her sides. She tried to raise the rock in a defensive gesture. But it felt like it weighed a ton in her hand.

The two creatures reached out to take her. As they touched her, she felt a jolt of shamefully intense arousal coursing through her body. Yeoman Dangling shivered as her hand opened of its own accord.

The rock fell harmlessly onto the stone floor of the cavern with a clatter. It rolled a couple of meters before coming to rest all by itself. Then she felt Leiani shove her from behind into their waiting arms.

Donna moaned helplessly. Her body was on fire with a terrible arousal despite the fear she was experiencing. There was nothing but dreadfully exciting anticipation over what was now going to be done both to her as well as her shipmate.

She and Janice were going to hang to death… and she was absolutely powerless to do anything about it…

2008; 2022 (written for Donna May 9 ’08; ed. Jan 2 ’22 by riwa)

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