Shelly in Cancun 6


Chapter 6 – Breath-holding games

Andria motions at the four of us. I can tell she wants to go again. I’m not at all surprised, being as how she’s so competitive. She doesn’t like finishing in last place.

My dive buddy nods agreeably. She starts taking deep breaths from her regulator in order to prepare. Then she grabs her mouthpiece and starts counting down from 5 with her fingers, folding each one in.

Andria and her friend grab their regs and get ready as they drift closer to us. I take several deep breaths to get ready as well. I don’t mind partaking in another contest.

At “one” I hear an audible intake of air from several regulators. 4 mouthpieces are removed. Once again there’s that eerie sea bottom quiet as exhalation bubbles are silenced.

We all look at each other for several moments. I suspect this one is going to be much more competitive. Then I see Andria’s dive buddy allow her mouthpiece to fall from her hand.

A smile plays at the corners of her mouth as she slowly starts rubbing her fabric-covered breasts. Andria looks on with amusement. A moment later she grins as she starts to do the same thing to herself.

Damn! Are those two over-sexed or what?!

I look at Andria and shake my head in amusement. My scuba partner looks at her friend and rolls her eyes. A moment later the tingle I’d lost when Andria and her friend showed up and interrupted the “attention” I was receiving returns in a rush.

An erotic thought flickers through my head. It’s possible we’re about to break out in a breath-holding orgy. The next thing I know my pussy is tingling again.

I’m a little embarrassed with myself. I find myself longing to have my dive partner start touching me again. This is crazy; we’re at the bottom of the ocean here!

I’m not surprised to see Andria and her friend abruptly stop touching themselves. They simply exchange targets as they reach out and touch each other. They caress each other’s breasts, giving each other a good grope as they bubble at each other.

They’re being rather informal with each other. Maybe my dive partner and I shouldn’t have allowed them to trail behind us all by themselves. Apparently we neglected our chaperoning duties with those two.

I turn to my diving partner and give her a wry smile. I shake my head, pointing at them. I motion as if to say, “Those two!”

She returns my smile before looking at them for a long moment. Then she shakes her head with amusement. Maybe she’s wondering which one is worse: hers or mine.

Her hand reaches out toward me. I feel her caress the inside of my thigh as her other hand hangs onto her reg. That’s no fair!

I feel her touch the fabric to my pussy. She slowly runs her hand up and down over my sensitive area. I close my eyes for a moment as I shiver with a burble.

I hear a grunt and a moan. I open my eyes and glance over at our other two competitors. Andria and her friend are going at it, fondling and caressing each other.

Both bodies appear to spasm a little. Air slips out past their lips in little dribbles. They motion at each other as if to say, “YOU give up first!” before going back to groping each other.

My naughty dive buddy rubs my crotch through the fabric. I involuntarily hump against her hand. It feels good.

I’d better fight back or I’m going to lose this one. I can feel my lungs begin their slow burn. It’s got to be close to two minutes by now.

I reach out and caress her breasts though her bikini top with my free hand. Her reaction is immediate. A look of ecstasy blossoms all over her face.

She closes her eyes as though she’s been waiting for me to do this ever since she first saw me. But she doesn’t stop touching me. I hump against her probing even more as my lungs begin to burn.

I’m determined to outlast her despite what she’s doing to me. I caress her breasts more aggressively as I lose bubbles. That’s when I release the reg in my hand, freeing it up so I can put both of them to good use. I’m rewarded the moment I force a moan out of her as she loses a few dribbles of air.

I glance over to see that Andria and her partner are spasming significantly. They’re desperately trying to outlast each other. They continue caressing each other as they squirm and bubble.

I watch them both spasm hard before they fumble to retrieve their regulators. At the same time I feel fingers press against my opening. It causes me to shiver and moan.

It’s hard to watch them and pay attention because of the sensations I’m receiving. I see Andria’s Asian friend hold onto her reg without taking a breath. She stubbornly holds out, even though her chest is spasming while her breasts heave.

Andria finally loses a big burst of air. She slams her reg home between her lips in disgust. She’s only a moment behind her friend who frantically places her own reg between her lips.

Andria glares at her for a long moment. Then a big smile crosses her face. The two are friends again as they wrap themselves in each other’s arms, their bodies pressing hard into each other.

I shudder while losing a burst of air. My dive buddy slips her fingers under the fabric of my suit, finding my sensitive nub. I can see she’s starting to spasm as well.

If only I can hold out and beat her. I also have a little competitive streak. So I desperately try to finger her erect nipples through her suit as my lungs start to spasm.

Her fingers work their way to my opening. They start to wiggle their way inside…


I spasm hard, moments away from an embarrassing orgasm if I don’t drown first. I can see her chest heaving noticeably. But I give up as I fumble frantically for the buddy regulator.

I cram it between my lips and suck hard as I glare at her. She just grins at me while still wiggling her fingers inside me. Then she pulls them out.

She makes a brief show of sucking on them. Her eyes close as though it’s the tastiest thing she’s ever sucked on. Then she pulls her fingers out of her mouth.

I watch her stuff her reg between her lips before breathing deeply. Watching her is so damned erotic. For some reason it gives me erotic tingles.

I struggle to compose myself. The four of us breathe deeply. All that can be heard inside the shack is the sound of 4 females sucking on their regulators and then exhaling heavily.

I look at my Asian dive buddy for a long, lustful moment, I turn toward Andria and her friend, only to see them grinning at us. That’s when it dawns on me they’ve been watching us the entire time.

They saw us molesting each other. They watched my dive partner slip her fingers under my silvery thong. My face goes crimson again, and I swear they’re giggling at the two of us.

I see my dive buddy exchange knowing looks with her companion. Then she nods and motions to her as though waving her out the door. Her friend nods with some sort of understanding.

She gets Andria’s attention. They she motions for them both to leave. Andria takes one last look at the two of us.

The way she grins at me makes me wonder if some sort of signal has been passed back and forth between our two Japanese friends. A moment later Andria and her dive partner fin their way out of the room. I watch as they make their way forward along the length of the wreck toward the bow.

Where the hell are they off to? Why are they leaving? Then I look at my dive buddy.

An erotic shiver ripples through me. She’s not going to take advantage of me while we’re alone, is she? I want to call out to Andria not to leave me alone with this barracuda. But she’s already gone.

My heart starts to race as my body tingles like crazy. I’m half expecting to end up on the receiving end of a sexual assault I’m partially hoping to receive. Instead, she simply smiles at me as though she knows something I don’t.

She motions for me to come along with her. I can’t go anywhere without losing the buddy regulator. And since I don’t want to head to the surface without Andria, I willingly go along with her.

We fin side by side. But I can’t help wondering what she’s up to now. Is she going to come up with more delicious ways to molest me?

We fin our way out the door. Instead of heading off after our friends, we circle around until we make our way to the stern of the wreck. We follow the deck and the railing until we’re on the starboard corner with a view up the length of the wreck.

My sexy Asian dive partner catches me off-guard when she starts to remove her dive gear. She unstraps it from around her waist, taking it off her shoulders. I nervously tap her on the shoulder… “Uh, what are you doing?”

She motions to me, indicating we’re about to leave the tank behind. I should make sure I get a good breath. Then she points toward the other end of the wreck as though that’s where we’re headed.

I’m understandably alarmed. She wants us to leave the gear behind? Are we heading back to the surface?

I gesture as though wanting to confirm her plans. She nods her head “Yes”. But I notice she keeps a careful eye toward the bow.

I look in that direction. I remember how Andria and I managed to work ourselves all the way around the wreck before swimming back up to the surface. Maybe my Oriental friend here is planning on us swimming to the end and back before refilling our lungs.

I figure if Andria and I did it and managed to reach the surface before running out of air, I should easily be able to swim to the other end and back on one breath. Besides, we just got done having a little breath-holding practice a few moments ago. If my dive partner here thinks she can make it, I know I sure as hell can!

That’s when I suddenly see it. There’s a burst of bubbles from somewhere up near the bow, coming up from somewhere in front of the pilot shack. A moment later I see another burst.

Anxiety fills me as I grab my dive partner’s arm. I point… “There’s something wrong! Shouldn’t we take the gear and go HELP them?”

She shakes her head. My companion calmly removes her reg. Then she purges it, sending up a single burst of air.

It suddenly occurs to me Andria and her friend may have purged their regulators. Is my dive buddy responding? Then she places it back between her lips.

She motions with her fingers… “Three… two… one” before taking a deep breath. Then she removes her reg and places it next to the tank. She motions for me to do the same.

Reluctantly I fill my lungs before removing the reg from my mouth. I place it near hers next to the tank. Then I follow after her as she fins her way forward.

She moves forward slowly and calmly. Her legs propel her with long, easy strokes as she fins along the starboard railing. She must know what she’s doing.

When I catch up to her she senses my presence. She smiles as she turns and offers her hand to me. I gladly accept it to the point where I’m not so anxious anymore.

I settle in right next to her as we fin our way forward side by side. I’m not totally certain what’s going on. But she seems to know what’s she’s doing, and I feel I can trust her.

I suddenly see Andria and her friend emerge from the other side of the pilot shack. They’re finning their way toward the stern as they swim above the railing on the port side of the wreck. Neither one of them is wearing any dive gear.

Andria sees us and points in our direction. She’s just as surprised at seeing us as I am at seeing them. The ladies we’re with don’t seem to be too concerned we’re off the scuba gear.

She and I stare at each other as we pass by on opposite sides of the wreck. She looks totally confused as to what’s going on. I wonder if she’s thinking about us the same thing I’m thinking about them… “What the hell happened to your scuba gear??”

We slowly fin onwards, my Asian companion kicking gracefully. She turns to me and smiles. I can’t help smiling back.

Her grip is reassuring. I can’t help feeling that no matter what she and her friend are up to, Andria and I are safe in their company. Have they done something like this before?

We’re next to the pilot shack as we head for the bow. The front railing abruptly comes into view. That’s when I see the other scuba tank resting serenely against the railing at the forward most point of the wreck.

My eyes widen in surprise; I’m utterly astonished. I also realize I’m nowhere near needing any air right now. But my Japanese dive buddy fins us right over to the tank.

We both reach down and pick up the regulators. Then we place them in our mouths. There’s plenty of air, and we breathe easily.

My new friend grins at me as she fills her lungs. Then she points back in the direction we’ve come. She motions as though seeing if I’m ready to return.

I suddenly figure it out. I smile at her, nodding my head. That’s when she removes her reg from her mouth.

She purges it briefly, and then once more. Instantly I recognize the signal we saw when we were at the stern: two small bursts of air. I smile with understanding as she puts the reg back in her mouth.

She turns toward the rear of the wreck. Together we look back, waiting patiently. We see one small burst of bubbles, dribbling up from behind the structure at the stern of the vessel, just the way my sexy scuba friend did before we left.

Is that the return signal? Are they indicating they’re ready? Now I get the definite feeling these two have played this game before.

I look at my dive buddy with newfound respect and admiration. A smile crosses her face. She knows I’ve just figured it out.

She gives me the ‘OK’ sign. Then she starts to count from three by using her fingers. I smile and nod as I fill my lungs.

At “zero” we remove the regs from our mouths. We gently place them down next to the tank. Then we start finning our way back along the port side of the wreck, the same way Andria and her dive buddy did.

This time we arc over toward the reef, moving farther away from the wreck as we fin our way back hand in hand. It’s as though we’re in no hurry to get back. I don’t mind at all.

I didn’t really need the scuba tank when we arrived at the bow. So I allow her to lead us in a rather large half-circle. Our path slowly works us toward the reef and then back toward the stern of the wreck.

Across from us I can see Andria and her friend taking their time as they head back in the general direction of the bow. They fin themselves up and down like a couple of playful dolphins. I can’t help smiling at them.

My dive buddy looks over at them. Then she turns and smiles at me as she motions toward them. I nod and bubble, thinking to myself this is kind of a fun little game.

We fin our way back to the stern and the scuba tank that awaits us. Hovering just outside the railing, we reach through and scoop up the regulators. I’m not out of breath yet, but that’s ok.

As we refill our lungs, my Oriental dive partner smiles at me. She nods her head as she gestures, “Having fun yet?” I nod that I am.

She motions toward the bow and back again. Then she raises one finger. Is she asking if we should go up and back on one breath?

My eyes light up with excitement. I like the idea of being off the regs for a longer period of time. So I nod eagerly.

Unexpectedly she removes her regulator. Then she puts her hand out, asking for mine as well. What’s she doing now?

I willingly oblige. A moment later she stretches her arms out at her sides. Then she purges both of them briefly, sending two brief streams of air bubbling toward the surface.

She smiles as she hands mine back to me. She puts hers between her lips before motioning toward the bow. I guess we’re waiting for some sort of signal.

Does her friend know about this too? Will she understand by the parallel bursts? Will we get that “one-burst” reply?

As I suck on my regulator, we both turn toward the bow, waiting patiently. Sure enough, we soon see one brief spurt in reply. I assume that’s the signal for “OK”.

I find myself becoming a little more excited. We’re going to be off the tanks for a longer period of time. But I’m certain we can both handle it.

My dive partner turns to me and starts counting down with her fingers from 3. At 1 we both inhale deeply before removing our regs. Then we place them down next to the tank.

I’m astonished when she grandly gestures… “After you!” I look at her in surprise as I motion at myself… “What? You want ME to lead?”

My eyes light up with delight. I smile at her, trembling with excitement once again. She smiles back at me before motioning for me to get started

I start by finning myself down toward the sandy bottom. I like the idea of swimming along the base of the wreck, having it loom right next to us. Damn; I’m really enjoying myself!

It isn’t long until she catches up to me. Once more she grabs my right hand. She ends up finning right next to me with those long, smooth kicks of hers.

I have an incredible sense of joy as we move along the bottom together. Cool water caresses my body, making me tingle all over. I certainly didn’t expect to be using any scuba gear today. And I certainly didn’t expect to be in the company of anyone other than Andria, much less a couple of sexy Asian chicks.

I bubble pleasantly, giving my new-found friend a smile as I squeeze her hand. She promptly returns the gesture. Our shared swim is so wonderful that it threatens to take my breath away.

It isn’t long before we come to the bow. But instead of making a sharp turn and heading right back, I take us on a long, graceful arc that once more takes us over toward the reef. For some reason I just want to hold my breath longer. Thankfully my companion doesn’t seem to mind.

Together we fin our way over until we come to the edge of the reef. We follow the reef line for several yards. It’s beautiful, but after a few moments I feel that urge in my lungs telling me I’d better be thinking about my next breath.

I angle our direction back toward the stern and our awaiting tank. My reef partner does not put up any resistance. This trip is mine to do with as I please, and it gives me a thrill of excitement. It’s almost as though we can anticipate each other.

As we approach the base of the wreck, I feel them in my chest: gentle, nudging spasms of breathlessness. My lungs will be needing air soon. I welcome the thought of putting the reg between my lips and tasting compressed air. But I’m also thinking of our next run.

I find myself wondering if it will be her turn to lead us again. Where is she going to take us? Will we be away from her scuba gear even longer? I find myself looking forward to it.

I glance toward the bow as we approach, wondering if I can see our counterparts. They’re nowhere in sight. I assume they’re somewhere out of view, perhaps on the other side of the wreck heading back to their scuba tank just like we are.

A part of me feels a faint flutter of anxiety as my lungs begin to burn. But I trust Andria implicitly. I know she won’t do anything foolish… well, maybe nothing TOO foolish anyway.

I also trust her new friend. I suspect they’re both wise enough to know their limits. They’re probably enjoying their swim just like we are.

The wreck looms as we fin up to the base of the stern, directly over the buried propellers. I feel my lungs spasm a little more intently. But I don’t panic.

It feels exhilarating to have pushed it a little. Next time I’d like to push it even more, especially if my dive partner is up for it. I suspect she is, as we both seem so alike.

Then the railing comes into view. That’s when my heart skips a beat. I have to fight down a sudden surge of panic.

I break away from my companion and fin up quickly. My heart leaps into my throat as I grab the railing, looking around frantically. A moment later I hear a bubbly cry of alarm as my dive partner comes up right next to me.

Both of us look stare incredulously. Then as one, we begin looking all around…

Where the hell did our scuba gear go??

2007; 2020 (written Jul 27 ’07; ed. Oct 4 ‘20 by riwa)

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