Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 6 Garrote Teri)


We walked a few steps over until the next display suddenly materialized right in front of us. This one was rather simple in design.

A frightened, naked Teri sat on a small, rounded piece of dark oak just big enough for her ass to sit on. It extended outward from near the bottom of a rounded wooden post eight inches in diameter. The post was of the same color and material as what she sat on.

Her knees were on the ground, barely helping to prop her up. It left her in something of a kneeling position. Her back was up against the post, her wrists tied together behind it.

What really caught my eye was the thick coil of rope wrapped around her neck. It looped back around, threading into a square wooden block and coiling around a mechanism. Attached to the mechanism, sticking out of the block behind the post, was a six-spoke metal wheel.

It quickly became obvious what I was looking at. Turning the wheel meant tightening the rope around Teri’s neck. My cock instantly started to stir with anticipation.

“What do you think, Master?” ‘Microkini Teri’ waved grandly with a menacing smile. “Simple, yet effective, don’t you think?”

The Teri in the garrote didn’t appreciate her situation in the slightest. She was on the verge of tears as she begged, “Why are you doing this to me?? What am I DOING here??”

“Oh that’s an easy one, honey,” my escort purred as she walked over and knelt down next to her. “You simply had the misfortune of crossing my path when I needed a slut for the garrote.”

She lovingly started pawing the poor thing like a beloved pet. ‘Garrote Teri’ begged me with her eyes, pleading for my intervention. “Please! I didn’t do anything WRONG! You’ve got to BELIEVE ME!”

“Nothing wrong??” ‘Microkini Teri’ sneered at her. “You dance around a stripper pole, making you nothing more than a cock-tease. That’s as good a reason as any to snuff your worthless ass… not that I really NEED a reason. I’m actually beginning to enjoy snuffing you bitches.”

“Snuff me??” she gasped in alarm. “You… you CAN’T!”

“Who’s going to stop me, honey?” my escort purred at her as she reached for the wheel. “You’re certainly in no position to do anything about it.”

I heard the wheel turn with a creak as ‘Microkini Teri’ pulled on it. Almost immediately I saw the rope tighten. ‘Garrote Teri’ gasped and squawked as the coil snugged up tight against her throat.

She looked at me with desperate, pleading eyes as my escort fondled her breasts with one hand. She cruelly purred sweet nothings at her as she held the wheel steady with the other. ‘Garrote Teri’ moaned and whimpered as my cock hardened considerably.

“Time for your first lesson, honey,” my escort cooed at the poor thing who was now starting to squirm a little. “It’s time to find out if being breathless makes you wet.”

She bent down and slid her hand down until she found the woman’s sticky slit. ‘Microkini Teri’ started fingering her. The choking, writhing stripper rasped and gurgled, her eyes getting bigger.

My escort gently wriggled a couple of fingers into her opening. The strangled woman struggled harder as the wheel squeaked with movement. I could see the rope tighten even more around her throat.

‘Garrote Teri’ began thrusting with her hips. She was involuntarily humping against the molesting digits. “Just look at that, Master,” my escort breathed excitedly. “She’s really fucking my fingers! Her cunt’s twitching like a tornado. I think she’s getting off on it. That is so fucking HOT!”

All of the sudden ‘Garrote Teri’ started bucking and shuddering, her eyes rolling. “Fuck; she’s CUMMING!” ‘Microkini Teri’ gasped joyously. “That is so fucking EROTIC!”

The garrote wheel squeaked. I saw the rope loosen around the gasping girl’s neck. She panted like crazy, her body breaking out into a cold sweat.

“You came all over my fingers!” my Teri accused her terrified doppelganger. “Lick ‘em clean, you bitch!”

“I WON’T!” ‘Garrote Teri’ gasped petulantly.

“Then you’ll fucking DIE, bitch!”

The wheel squeaked as the rope tightened again. The captive stripper gasped and gurgled. I could hear her trying to cough out the words “All right – all right!”

The wheel squeaked once more as the coil loosened. ‘Microkini Teri’ brought her wet fingers up to her twin’s mouth. “Open wide, bitch!” she demanded.

The frightened woman obeyed. My Teri moaned as her fingers were sucked clean. ‘Garrote Teri’ appeared embarrassed at being forced to taste her own pussy.

“What… you don’t like that?” my Teri observed with interest. “Well too fucking BAD!”

She cruelly thrust three fingers into the girl’s wet slit. I heard the wheel creak as the coil tightened around her twin sister’s neck again. “Let’s try it now, bitch,” my escort giggled sadistically.

Teri bucked against the post, trying to rise up onto her knees as she struggled to free her arms. Her eyes started to bug out again.

Her tongue began to squirm out of her mouth. “Well, look at what just popped out!” ‘Microkini Teri’ gasped excitedly. Then she leaned closer and kissed her writhing twin, sucking on the protruding tongue.

I heard a grunt as the poor bitch started to buck and shudder once more. “Fuck; she’s cumming again!” my Teri gasped.

A moment later I saw they were clearly orgasming together. My escort held her there a moment before turning the wheel. It loosened the rope around her captive’s neck.

She panted heavily as her strangled twin gasped and whimpered. “Damn; that was fantastic!” my sadistic tour guide gasped.

She pulled her soaked fingers out. Then she offered them to her whimpering twin. “Better lick ‘em clean again if you know what’s good for you!”

The other one obediently parted her lips. She must have decided it would be wiser not to be defiant. Unfortunately, she found herself gagging on three deeply inserted fingers before they were pulled back out of her mouth.

My escort turned toward me. She suddenly noticed how hard I’d become. “I’m SO sorry, Master,” she said apologetically. “Where ARE my manners?”

She turned toward her moaning captive. “You WILL be a good girl and suck his cock, won’t you?”

“Suck his COCK??” her strangled twin gasped in horror.

In response I heard the wheel tighten again. The poor girl began to gasp and gurgle once more. But I heard her manage to rasp out, “OK… OK… I’LL… SUCK HIS COCK!”

“You see, Master?” my Teri giggled as she turned the wheel back, loosening the rope around her frightened twin’s neck. “She can be taught. All she needs is a little motivation to help her make the right choice. Now why don’t you bring that over here and enjoy yourself.”

She smiled as she motioned at my hard, quivering dick. I needed no further urging. Besides, I was terribly aroused seeing ‘Garrote Teri’ choking each time the rope tightened.

I was able to straddle her. She was at the right height as I moved my cock all around her face, taunting her with it. ‘Garrote Teri’ kept her lips and eyes closed… that is, until the wheel creaked again, causing her eyes to fly open in pain.

“Now open your fucking mouth!” ‘Microkini Teri ordered. Her hand remained firm on the wheel. I had no doubt she would eagerly strangle the poor thing over the least little provocation.

The half-choked woman did as she was told. I slid my cock into a nice warm mouth. “Suck him, bitch!” my Teri demanded, savagely groping the young woman’s tits. “Get him off like the good slut I know you are!”

Her twin whimpered as I thrust in and out of her mouth. Her sucking was not all that impressive. Perhaps she just wasn’t into it at the moment.

“That’s not very enthusiastic,” my escort observed in disgust. Then I heard the wheel creak.

Her doppelganger began to grunt and gurgle as she struggled helplessly against the post. The rope tightened ominously around her throat. ‘Garrote Teri’ started to choke in earnest.

“Suck him, BITCH!” ‘Microkini Teri’ ordered. Then she reached down. This time she slid four fingers into the slut’s dripping slit.

The captive twin grunted and whimpered. Her gasps and gurgles were quite delicious. My cock quivered pleasurably in her mouth.

I was close to cumming. I think my escort knew it. So I started to thrust harder.

“Master?” ‘Microkini Teri’ asked with a sly wink. “May I …just for you?”

Her eyes flashed lustfully. I could tell she really wanted to. So I gave her my permission with a nod.

I heard the wheel creak once more. That’s when ‘Garrote Teri’ really started writhing around. She grunted painfully as she humped against the fingers fucking her cunt.

I brutally fucked her reddening face. Her body acted like it wanted to explode. Then my escort knelt closer.

She loudly breathed into her ear, “This is what you get for crossing my path, bitch. I’m really going to enjoy snuffing you.” Then the wheel creaked again.

‘Microkini Teri’ thrust her fingers good and hard into her poor twin’s soaked pussy. ‘Garrote Teri’ started bucking hard. She thrust with her hips as she struggled like crazy.

I felt her tongue slither out underneath my thrusting cock. She gasped and gurgled, her face reddening. I could not resist brutally fucking her skull.

Her eyes bugged out and started to roll. Her face turned a nasty color. “Give it to her, Master!” my Teri gasped excitedly. “Oh, FUCK; I’m gonna cum!”

She let out an excited gasp as she gripped the wheel. Then she slowly turned it. ‘Garrote Teri’ seemed to explode.

Her body writhed and bucked as she thrust her torso outward. It was as though she could not resist humping against those thrusting fingers.

I exploded in her mouth a few seconds later. I was simply unable to hold back as her suffering reached its zenith. Then I heard the wheel squeak.

There was a distinct CRINCH. The shuddering replica abruptly stiffened. I heard a “GUUNNHH” that was abruptly cut off as her eyes flew open.

She suddenly collapsed until she went limp against the post. ‘Garrote Teri’ no longer fought or put up a struggle. She even stopped sucking my cock.

I pulled my dick out. Cum mixed with drool trickled out of her mouth down her cheek.

Her big brown eyes stared at me in horror. They flickered briefly as though she was trying to communicate with me. Her lips twitched as stray muscles spasmed all over her body. Then I saw the life fade from her eyes, leaving them a dull grey.

‘Microkini Teri’ let out a gasp of pleasure. She shuddered as she moaned softly. Eventually she came down from the plateau of her orgasm.

She knelt there panting heavily for breath. She pulled her soaked fingers out of her dead twin’s cunt. Then she inserted them into her own mouth.

She sucked longingly, closing her eyes as though savoring the flavor. Then she pulled her fingers out. I heard her sigh as a noticeable tremor ran through her.

“Delicious!” she gasped. “Death cum should be the liquid of choice around here. Damn; that was great, Master. Just give me a couple of minutes to collect myself. Then we’ll be ready to move on. This one got me all worked up. Now I’m really looking forward to the next one.”

I don’t know what made us both turn as one. But we both looked toward the Teri dancing around the stripper pole. Maybe we were thinking the same thing: wondering what she was thinking.

Her eyes were wide in absolute horror. But she continued to dance around the metal pole. I could tell by her movements that exhaustion was starting to set in.

“It won’t be much longer, honey!” my Teri called out to her. “Then we’ll be dealing with you!”

She let out a frightened whimper. But she did find a renewed burst of energy as she went back to dancing on the pole. ‘Microkini Teri’ stood up, took my arm and led me off to the next one…

2010; 2020 (written May 25 ’10; ed. Dec 10 ‘20 by riwa)

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