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End of the month bonus repost story

I finally acquired enough money to pay a visit to Patricia’s Gasper Girls. She charges some rather high prices for a few hours with her girls. But it’s worth it if you enjoy asphyxiating a sexy bitch during sex.

When I got there, Pat brought several of the girls out who were not doing anyone at the time. I picked one with dark hair and small breasts. She looked like she could give me a good time.

Pat liked my choice. “Bonnie’s quite the little asphyxia slut. She’s gasped for several of my clients and always gives the customer his or her money’s worth.”

I paid the fee and took Bonnie into a bedroom. She dutifully removed all my clothes. Then she dropped to her knees and sucked my dick.

I have a long, thick cock. It’s quite a mouthful for most girls. Bonnie was no different, but she sucked it like a trooper.

I grabbed her head and forced my cock deeper into her mouth. She started to gag on it. I think it blocked her airway.

I pulled out and she gasped for breath. Then I pushed it back in. This time I shoved it all the way in until her lips were tickling my balls.

She struggled with my meaty pole down her throat. Then I pulled out. She gasped for breath, my cock wet from her saliva.

I threw her onto the bed and jumped on top of her. I fucked her the old-fashioned way. At the same time, I wrapped my fingers around her throat and choked her good and hard.

Her face went red from lack of oxygen. Her pussy really clenched around my shaft. Then she came up a storm as she shuddered in orgasm.

I climbed off and allowed her to catch her breath. She got up off the bed, making me wonder what she was up to. Without a word, she went over to a dresser and pulled out a scarf.

She handed it to me with a faint smile. Then she knelt to suck on my dick again. I wrapped it around her throat and strangled her with it.

She rasped and gurgled as she gobbled me down. This time I didn’t choke her with my cock. I used the scarf just to see how she took it.

After a few minutes I turned her around and knelt her over the side of the bed. I pushed my dick into her from behind and fucked her hard while strangling her with the scarf. She really clenched around my thrusting shaft as she rasped for breath.

She clenched so hard that she climaxed again. She also squeezed a release right out of me. It felt incredible.

I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath. Then she led me through a back door in the room. We went down a set of stairs into a hallway in the basement.

She found an empty room and led me inside. She went over and retrieved a set of cuffs along with a plastic bag. Then she led me to a wooden chair.

She cuffed her arms behind her back. I seated her on my dick so she was facing me. Then I pulled the bag down over her head.

I gently squeezed her neck, sealing the bag. It puffed as she rode me. She seemed to love being a gasper girl as she fucked me.

Bonnie climaxed good and hard in my lap. She came all over me. It was a little messy, but it was erotic as hell, especially the way she sucked the bag tightly to her face as she fought to breathe.

I released her and allowed her to compose herself for a few minutes. She led me over to a dangling noose hovering over a bench. She smiled at me without a word as though indicating I should use that on her next.

I smiled as I noosed her up. You have no idea how that excited me. Then I pulled her to me.

She impaled herself on my cock, adjusting her position until I was nice and deep inside her. I took the slack out of the noose. Then I started pulling her up and down as she rode me.

Her cunt spasmed marvelously, her face in agony. I could tell she was trying to milk me dry. I pulled harder on the rope, making her face turn a delicious shade of red. It had the added effect of making her pussy convulse deliciously around my swollen rod.

She gasped and gurgled; the sounds were incredibly erotic. I held her there, allowing her to do all the work. I remained perfectly still while keeping the noose tight around her throat.

Her face took on a great deal of pain. But her nipples were incredibly hard. The way she rode me indicated she was really into it.

For a long moment our eyes locked. Then she appeared to give up. Her body began to shudder in orgasm.

I pulled harder on the rope, getting her to really ride me. She went crazy as she started to convulse. When she gurgled, I was unable to resist shooting a huge load deep inside her.

I took the slack out of the rope and supported her in my lap as she tried to regain her composure. I let her ride me one last time. Occasionally I pulled hard on the rope just to get her to rasp and gurgle.

About that time Pat came down to check up on me. I smiled as I told her, “I think Bonnie here has worn me out.”

“It looks like you’ve worn out Bonnie,” Pat observed. Then she grabbed her girl’s chin and kissed her lips before adding, “But I think she enjoyed herself.

“She was a good one, ma’am. She made it worth my while. I’ll most definitely be back to your establishment.”

Pat helped me release Bonnie from the noose and cuffs. Bonnie smiled and kissed me appreciatively. She had not spoken a single word during my entire visit.

“If I come back, I hope to get you again, darling.” Bonnie smiled shyly at my remark. Then Pat waved her off.

Another girl brought my clothes down, along with a towel. I cleaned up, got dressed and paid my tab. But I left an extra tip for Bonnie before I thanked Pat and left.

2013; 2021 (written for “Pat” Jul 19 ’13; ed. May 25 ’21 by riwa)

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