Fast Lane Lifeguards


“C’mon, Brooke.”

“Gawd, Paul; not again??”


“I’ve got to change into my one-piece for my shift!”

“We have time.”

“What if Amy gets here soon?”

“Would you stop delaying already?”

He pulled her to the shallow end of the pool. There was a metal ladder right there. Brooke shook her head.

“Gawd, Paul; not another breath-hold??”

“Another breath-hold, Brooke. This time you’re going to do it upside down.”

“Upside down?? I’ll get water up my nose!”

“That’s the price you pay for being a lifeguard.”

“Can’t I just go put my suit on before Amy gets here?”

“Would you stop dawdling and get into position already?”

“What are you going to do?” Then she noticed his bulge. “Gawd, Paul; not here??”

“Better hurry before Amy shows up, Brooke.”

“What if I say no?”

“You don’t want to say no.”

“Yeah, but what if I do – WAIT; WAIT!”

Paul got her lying on her back in the water. Brooke spread her legs to wedge them in the rails of the ladder at the surface. “Paul, you’re insufferable!”

“I’m also horny. Are you ready? This is going to be a long one.”

“Paul, you wouldn’t!”

“Deep breath, Brooke!”


She inhaled deeply. Then Paul pushed her under. She got water up her nose and tried to ignore it.

He slid his red speedos aside and pulled out his semi-erect cock. For a moment Brooke hesitated. Then she thought better of it. Paul was just wicked enough to keep her here until Amy showed up, which would embarrass the hell out of her.

She took his erection into her mouth. Paul thrust in and out as he braced against the pool ladder. He submerged his face as he looked down on her while gripping onto the ladder.

Brooke held onto his wrists for support. Wildly erotic tingles flooded through her being as she sucked his cock. She could feel him twitch between her lips.

It gave her a sense of power, knowing how well her mouth could affect him. But she was also in a helpless position being upside down. Best to get him off quick.

She took him in and out of her mouth. Brooke focused on keeping all the air in her lungs. Paul was just wicked enough to force her to stay under for an extremely long breath-hold.

He pushed all the way into her mouth. She felt him hit the back of her throat. But she was used to it by now, especially the way he kept making her suck his cock underwater.

The water stung her sinuses a little. But she was already getting used to it. She winced only a moment before working Paul’s cock in and out past her lips.

She felt him grab her left hand. Then he put it into her crotch. She knew what he wanted her to do. Damn him!

She began to rub herself. Now she was becoming lubricated with arousal. This meant they would really have to hurry before Amy showed up. Catching them like this would embarrass the hell out of her!

Paul thought he heard someone at the door. Had Amy arrived already? The thought of them being caught like this only gave him an added thrill. Living in the fast lane had both its risks as well as its rewards. And since Brooke was usually up for just about anything, he usually succeeded in talking her into all sorts of risky endeavors.

Brooke did her best to vacuum Paul’s throbbing meat. He seemed extra horny. But he sure was showing extraordinary ability at holding off his release. Was he trying to get them caught with Amy?

Her chest began to strain. She’d been holding it for a long time. And still he wasn’t cumming in her mouth yet!

Brooke worked her magic on his tasty dick. But somehow he was still holding off. What the hell?? She couldn’t hold her breath forever?!

She suddenly pushed him away. Brooke burst up and panted for breath as she kept her head at the surface. Paul just laughed at her.

“Now you’ve got to pay the penalty.”

“Penalty? What penalty?”

“Be right back.”

She frowned as he swam to the opposite side of the pool. Something was lying on the floor next to the edge. Had he left it there on purpose?

Her eyes widened as he returned and handed it to her. “Oh gawd; what’s this for?”

“You know what to do with it, Brooke. Now back under you go.”

“No; WAIT!” Then she inhaled sharply. A moment later she was pushed upside down underwater again.

The cock went right back into her mouth. Then she felt him push the object in her hand against the material of her suit. A quick pull to one side and the object was right there between her labia.

She figured she’d better use it before he did something worse on her. Brooke groaned and bubbled as she vibrated herself. Damn him! What the hell was he doing to her this time??

Paul thrust harder into her mouth. He seemed to be all turned on at the predicament she was in. Was he planning on cumming before or after she vibrated herself into orgasm??

She grunted as her eyes opened wider. The toy was really buzzing the entrance to her quivering snatch. It was driving her crazy!

Why, Paul? Why do you have to keep doing these things to me? Why do I keep letting you??

He thrust harder into her mouth. She used the toy on herself a little more aggressively. What if Amy showed up? What if she caught them like this?? The thought was both horrifying, yet incredibly thrilling.

Paul eased off. Brooke sucked harder. She had to make him cum pretty soon. But what if she made herself cum first?

To her horror Paul yanked the toy out of her grasp. Then he really fucked her with it. She began grunting up bubbles as her eyes widened in alarm.

No – no – NO! Fuck; I’m out of breath! Paul, don’t do this to me!

He worked the toy deep inside her. Brooke wriggled and squirmed as she lost her breath. Her chest was on fire. Damn him!

She tried to push him out of the way. But his erection was buried deep between her lips. She would have to get him off or she might drown.


She shuddered hard as she lost control. The orgasm swept over her in a mighty wave. A moment later she was swallowing a gallon of cum from Paul’s spurting appendage.

Brooke got dizzy and disoriented. She felt like she was fading fast. Then she fell off the edge of the pool into the water.

She was back to the surface almost immediately. She coughed and sputtered, wincing as she realized the toy was still inside. She grabbed it and yanked it out, gasping and moaning.

Paul gave her a deep, soulful kiss. “Better go change,” he told her. “I think Amy’s in the building.”

“Damn you, Paul!” Then she got out of the water and rushed to the lifeguard changing room.

Why the hell did she love to keep taking risks like that with Paul?

2021 (written Jul 8 ’21 by riwa. Inspired by vidcaps from a JustPaul animation)

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