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Coming February rewards

The US-UK drowning tournament winner.
A 6th chapter to The Seductress.
The 4th chapter to Chloe.
The 4th chapter to Aravanna.
The 4th chapter to Katia.
A 2nd chapter to The Waterfall.
A Kat on a horse.
A short honeymoon.
Confessions of a Club male attendant.
Tourists and the gallows.
Jaimie goes to Chad’s Chop shop.
The newbie on drowning day.
And a couple of bonus stories I’m considering.

December stories/rewards will fall off at the end of January to make room for February rewards.

Mom’s birthday was in January. I’m incredibly blessed to still have her around. She turned 80, which gives you an idea just how old I am. I still do most of the driving, and I fetch her mail. I also fill little bottles of water for her. And we still enjoy going into town every now and then to share a meal or to help her pick up a few groceries.

I’m applying myself toward working on more stories each month. In college, I used to put off writing term papers until the very last minute. But if I have extra stories already written and in the queue, I can pick and choose which ones you might be interested in on any given month. That way, I can post something you might enjoy reading right away, while shelving other stories for a later date. It also helps me be better prepared in case life throws me a curve ball and I can’t write for a few days.

I’m kind of light this month on news to share. Then again, February is kind of light in the number of days it allows us to enjoy. So I guess it all evens out. Take care, have a safe February… and thanks again for being my patrons.

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