The punishment room


I don’t know how Roseline found out about it. She told us the old administration building had an old punishment room inside. She was sure there was a gallows there.

She and her friend Karina were very curious about it. My buddies and I had a mild interest in the damned thing. But there were other things that impressed us far more than hangings or a gallows. Besides, there were hangings taking place at City U all the time.

Roseline really wanted to go see it. And as Aiden was her boyfriend, anything she wanted was perfectly fine with him. Karina was dating my friend Lucas and easily talked him into it as well.

I was a fifth wheel. But I respected my pals and their dates. So I was willing to go too.

We waited until late Sunday night to head over. Somehow we found a way into the old administration office. Then we carefully looked around until we found the old punishment room.

It was deep inside the building. It was an ominous room with no windows. It turned out Roseline had been right all along.

There was a gallows over in the corner. It had a lever and opened trap, with a circle marked over the spot where the condemned was to stand. We were all surprised to see a noose in place.

Roseline believed it was still being used for private executions. Lucas thought she was nuts. I didn’t know what to think, especially since the gallows looked to be in reasonably good shape.

Roseline set the trap back in place and then tried the lever. The trap folded open with a whapping sound. It startled all of us.

Right away, Karina said she wanted to try it. Lucas thought she was crazy for wanting to hang herself. She gave him a look as though he was a moron before telling him, “I don’t want to hang myself, you idiot! I just want to stand on the trap with the noose around my neck!”

She locked the trap back into position before she climbed on top and grabbed the noose. She pulled it down and looped it around her neck. Then she snugged it up behind her left ear.

“Want me to go pull the lever?” Roseline offered with a giggle.

Karina inhaled sharply. “Don’t you fucking dare! I don’t want to hang. I just… I just want to stand here and… gawd! How many students died in this very spot?” I could tell it was having quite an effect on her.

Lucas told her, “I suppose we could look up that information on a computer once we get back to the dorm.” The others looked at him as though they hadn’t considered that idea before. I thought it was good thinking, and it made me curious to see what we might find out.

“We could always check that desk in the corner,” Aiden suggested.

He went over and pulled it open. “Empty,” he sighed wistfully. “I should have known they wouldn’t leave that kind of paperwork behind.”

“My turn,” Roseline declared, startling us all as Karina removed the noose from around her neck.

We watched as they switched places. Roseline stood upon the trap and stuck her neck in the noose. Right away I could see it was giving her the shivers something fierce.

“Now I’ll hang you,” Karina declared. “You wanted to hang me, remember?”

She started to go for the lever. But she stopped just short of reaching it. Roseline stood there panting before she finally removed the coil from around her neck.

She smiled at all of us. Then she said, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if one of us hanged on this thing for real tonight?”

Karina was aghast. “Roseline, you’re crazy!”

“Yeah, but it really would be something, wouldn’t it?”

I looked at her incredulously as she stepped down off the platform. “Roseline, you’re not really thinking about…?”

“Why not, Carter? It’s not as though there’s anyone here to stop us. No one would ever have to know.”

“Not until one of us didn’t show up to class tomorrow morning,” I responded dryly.

She became indignant. “People don’t show up to class all the time. It seems there’s always an event or execution or something. It’s unusual if the university gets through a weekend without someone dying; am I right?”

“Are you serious?”

“Carter, I’m dead serious!” That made the others look at her funny before laughing half-heartedly at her pun.

“I suppose we could do it,” Karina added thoughtfully. “You got your deck of cards with you; right, Lucas?”

He patted his pocket with a smile. “Always keep ‘em right here, baby.” Then he grinned lewdly as he added, “We could always play strip poker. Loser gets to hang.”

Roseline rolled her eyes. “Oh, you guys would just LOVE that, especially since I’m not very good at poker. Why don’t we just draw for the joker? That would give us all an even chance. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in.”

Her boyfriend looked at her in surprise. “Are you serious? Would you really hang yourself if you drew the joker, Rosey?”

“Why not? Anybody else with me?”

“I suppose I can’t let you draw for the joker alone,” Karina muttered, sounding uncomfortable about the whole thing. “I guess I’m in too.”

Roseline grinned triumphantly. “Us girls are in. So how about it? Are you guys in too?”

I looked at her and shook my head. “You’d really hang if you lost?”

“Of course I would, Carter! Wouldn’t you?”

“I don’t know…”

Aiden sighed heavily. “I suppose I can’t say no, not if Rosey really wants to play. So I suppose I’m in.” Then he looked questioningly at Lucas before asking, “What about you?”

Lucas looked at Karina who nodded her head at him. Was she eager for him to play? Or was it simply that she didn’t want to be the only one risking her neck between them?

“Damn,” he sighed. “I guess that means I’m in as well.” Then he looked at me before asking, “What about you, Carter?”

I stood there for a long moment. “You know this doesn’t bode well for me, right? You guys are paired up. It’s only natural you’d want me to hang for you all.”

“Would you?” Roseline asked, her eyes dancing with delight.

“Hell no! I can’t help but wonder if one of you draws the joker, you’re going to ask me to hang in your place so you can keep your relationships intact.”

Roseline became indignant. “I would never do that!”

I wasn’t buying her innocent act for a second. “Hell, you’d be the first one to suggest I hang in anyone else’s place.”

“I would not!”

“No we wouldn’t,” Karina added. “We wouldn’t do that to you.”

“You’ve got a one in five chance to draw the card, Carter,” Roseline replied. “That leaves a four in five chance one of us is going to bite the big one tonight.”

“And that’s ok with you?”

“I said ‘I’m in’, didn’t I?” I just rolled my eyes, especially since I didn’t wholly trust her.

“If I d-draw the joker, I’ll hang,” Karina told me. Now she seemed nervous, especially since things were getting serious. Aiden and Lucas both said the same thing, nodding their heads.

I sighed heavily. “I can’t say this is the greatest idea we’ve ever come up with. I certainly hadn’t planned on coming in here and playing Russian roulette with a rope tonight. But if you’re all determined on drawing to see who gets hanged, I don’t see how I can decline, not if everyone else is going to play.”

Roseline beamed with joy as though excited someone was going to swing tonight. “That means we’re all in; agreed?”

Aiden looked her right in the eye. “Carter’s right, Rosey. Suppose you’re the one who draws the joker?”

For a moment she looked at him as though she hadn’t fully thought through the fact her existence could be coming to an end tonight on a draw of the cards. Then she appeared to shake it off. “I’m the one who suggested all this. So I’ll hang if I draw the joker. You guys can go back to the dorm and tell everyone this was the stupidest idea I’ve ever come up with. So let’s get to drawing before I chicken out; ok?”

“A stupid idea in a whole series of stupid ideas.”

“Shut up, Karina.”

Lucas reached in and pulled out his deck of cards. He really shuffled the hell out of them. I was afraid all the colors had been worn off by the time he stopped.

He hefted the shuffled deck up in an outstretched hand. “Ok, who’s first? Draw if you dare.”

“This was Roseline’s idea,” I replied. “I say she should draw. Ladies first, I always say.”

“That’s just when you want one of us to suck your cock!”

“Are you drawing or not?”

She hesitated a moment before reaching out. She tentatively pulled out a card out near the top of the deck. Then she turned it over.

Two of clubs. There was an audible sigh from the group. She smiled, but I could tell she was relieved. I got the distinct impression she and Aiden were going to fuck like rabbits once they returned to the dorm; that is, if they both survived this.

Lucas held out the deck toward Karina. She nervously reached out and picked out a card in the middle of the deck. Then she turned it over.

Nine of diamonds. She breathed a sigh of relief. Then she laughed nervously.

I shook my head as I reached out next. This was not something I was looking forward to. But I decided I would go through with it if I drew the dreaded joker.

“Carter’s drawing after all,” Roseline remarked in surprise.

“He’s our buddy,” Aiden told his girlfriend. “If we’re in, he’s in.”

I pulled out a card and turned it over. My heart skipped a beat. But it was only the ten of hearts.

There was a whoosh of exhaled breaths. Lucas went next. He drew the ace of spades. Another whoosh of relief.

Aiden went last. He picked the six of clubs. We all exhaled after surviving round one.

Lucas turned and held out the deck toward Rosaline. “Are we still playing?”

In response, she reached out, pulled out a card and turned it over. She let out a squawk when it appeared. At first it looked like the joker. Instead, it was the jack of spades.

She laughed nervously. I couldn’t resist.

“Come close that time, did you?” The look she gave me indicated she was either worried or incredibly horny about the fact she might lose her life.

Karina’s hand was shaking as she reached out. She drew a card and turned it over. It was the four of hearts.

Another whoosh of exhaled breaths.

I shook my head as I drew a card while muttering, “This is insane.” Then I turned it over.

Queen of clubs.

Lucas paused a moment before he pulled one out. Then he turned it over. It was the three of clubs.

He hefted the deck in Aiden’s direction. He confidently drew a card and turned it right over. The joker stared up at all of us.

We all gasped in shock. He stared in utter disbelief. Then he looked at his girlfriend.

“Rosey, I… I don’t know if I… don’t you want me to back out?”

Her response surprised him. “But you drew the joker, Aiden! You’ve got to hang! You promised! We all did!”

I was more than a little shocked. What the hell? Did she think that little of him??

He couldn’t believe it either! “Are you serious? I thought you were my girlfriend!”

“I guess not anymore… not after tonight.”

She suddenly had this cruel smirk on her face. Then she turned and looked right at me as a lewd grin crossed her features. “Don’t worry about it,” she told him without even looking at him. “I’ve always kind of fancied Carter here anyway.

She turned back to face her boyfriend. “You’re going to go through with it; right, Aiden? You’re going to hang for us, right? You’re not going to back out, are you?”

“I, uh…” Then he looked at Lucas and I.

We didn’t know how to respond. What do you say to someone you’ve known and treasured as a friend for years, only to have something like this come up?

“He should be naked,” Karina piped up.

“Great idea!” Roseline agreed. Her boyfriend looked at her as though he couldn’t believe it.

He looked at Lucas who just shrugged his shoulders. Then he looked at me. I still didn’t know what to say.

Roseline became impatient. “C’mon, Aiden! You’ve got to! You said you would! Do it for me, ok?”

He looked at her and then over at me. For a moment I thought he was going to ask me to hang in his place. Then I thought he was going to just flat out decline.

We watched as he slowly began taking his clothes off. We could hear him muttering, “I can’t fucking believe this! My own girlfriend wants to see me hang!”

Roseline looked all around at us. “We need some rope to bind his hands behind his back. Karina, help me look around, ok?” The more she talked, the more I questioned her relationship with Aiden in the first place.

The girls looked around until Roseline found a length of rope. She offered it to her girlfriend. Karina shook her head, holding out her hands defensively as she told her, “Hunh – unh. He’s YOUR boyfriend. You ought to be the one to tie him up, noose him up, and then drop him. Isn’t that right, guys?”

She looked at Lucas and I for confirmation. Aiden didn’t say anything as he continued to undress. I said I wasn’t about to hang my friend. Lucas said the same thing.

“Fine,” Roseline replied. “Then I’ll do it. C’mon, baby! Let’s get this show on the road!”

Aidean had a pained look on his face as he finished undressing. His cock was incredibly erect. It must have humiliated him the way we all could see him like that.

Roseline acted more and more like she was really getting into it. She eagerly marched him up onto the platform. Then she made him stand on the trap over the painted circle on the wooden surface.

He was panting heavily as she eagerly tied his wrists behind his back. His cock stiffened even more. His face went beet red with embarrassment as we all stared at him.

I was having a hard time processing what I was witnessing. I could tell Lucas was struggling with it as well. Karina was focused on the stiff appendage protruding out of Aiden’s groin.

“Wow; would you look at that?! He’s getting all horny! Are you getting horny, Aiden?” He just winced as he lowered his head in shame.

“He’s not the only one,” Roseline declared breathlessly, tugging on his wrists to make sure they were tightly secured. “You have no idea how horny I am right now!” She was hanging her boyfriend… and she was all turned on by it??

She made him stand sideways so she could face him as she looped the noose around his neck. Then she tightened it up. “Gawd, Aiden! You have no idea what seeing you all noosed and naked is doing to me!”

He appeared to be trembling as he asked, “You’re not really g-going to hang me, are you, Rosey?”

“Of course I am! You agreed; we all did! Now we’ve got to carry it through!”

“Isn’t this f-far enough?”

At that moment I think Lucas and I would have been willing to call it an evening and let him off the hook. That’s when Roseline reached out and stroked his erection. “Damn; you’re hard! Relax, Aiden. I think you’re going to love it. At least your dick thinks so.” Then she turned and grinned lewdly at us as she added, “Right, guys? Isn’t this exciting?”

Lucas and I didn’t say anything. But my cock was getting shamefully hard in my pants. I thought Lucas was starting to develop a bulge as well, although it looked like he was trying to hide it.

“Oh, c’mon!” she protested. “We all agreed! Now I want to see him hang! Don’t you want to see him hang, Karina?”

She was breathing hard, her eyes wide. I don’t think she knew what she wanted. “You want to see him hang, RIGHT, Karina?”

“R-right, Rosey.” I think she’d felt forced to say that.

Aiden looked at his girlfriend in growing alarm. Clearly he was frightened. His dick hadn’t shrunk in the slightest. If anything, it was rock hard.

“R-Rosey? Are you really going to g-go through with this?”

She grinned as though becoming maniacal. “I sure am, lover. I’ll admit ’m going to miss this” and she tugged on his erection. “But I’m going to love watching you hang even more!”

She turned her back on him and walked over to the lever. I stood there in stunned silence, my breathing heavy and labored. My dick shamefully strained in my pants.

Karina and Lucas both looked breathless. Karina’s nipples were poking through her blouse. I thought I saw her hand move down and rub her boyfriend’s crotch and the erection that was aching to be released.

“You see, Aiden?” Roseline motioned grandly. “They all want to see you hang! I’m so fucking excited right now! I can’t believe I’m going to hang my boyfriend! Any last words before I pull the lever and send you into oblivion?”

Aiden looked like he was on the verge of breaking down. I thought I saw cum start to ooze out of his dick. That’s when he stammered, “R-Rosey?? D-Don’t!”

“Close enough,” she grinned. And with that, she pulled the lever.

The flopping open of the trap made us all jump a little. But Aiden didn’t fall very far. The rope snugged him up tight as he began kicking and pedaling.

His cock suddenly started spurting. It looked like he had an amazing load to discharge. That’s when Roseline went nuts.

“Oh fuck! That is so fucking hot! C’mon, Carter! Fuck me! I’m so fucking horny right now, I could just burst! I’m going to cum anyway!”

She came down off the platform right to me. She frantically unzipped my fly, pulling out my shamefully hard erection. Then she began sucking on me as poor Aiden kicked and swung back and forth.

I heard another fly unzip. Karina was absent-mindedly opening her boyfriend’s fly as well. She grabbed his dick and stroked it as Aiden danced a jig while his erection oozed and bounced like crazy.

Roseline dropped down on all fours and flipped her skirt up while she faced her dying boyfriend. I was not surprised to discover she was wearing no panties. It occurred to me she’d planned on fucking Aiden somewhere in the building before our unfortunate game.

He looked at me in horror as he kicked and suffered while his girlfriend tried to pull me down to her. It was as though I was betraying him while he was dying. But what else could I do? Roseline wanted me… and he was going to be dead anyway.

I dropped to my knees, my erection shamefully exposed. “In the ass,” Roseline gasped. “Don’t put it in my cunt yet. Let’s wait until after he’s dead. Then it will be official. I’ll be free to become your girlfriend!”

I pushed into her ass and was not surprised how easily I went in. Aiden continued to kick and suffer, his erection bouncing like crazy. But I could tell by the look on his face he was horrified I was fucking his girlfriend’s ass.

Karina had finally dropped to her knees. She was sucking her boyfriend’s dick. I thought she was trying to avoid eye contact with Aiden. But she kept glancing at his dangling form as though utterly fascinated… and then shamed to the point of looking away.

Aiden struggled for three… five… seven minutes. His cock suddenly spurted upward as he winced in agony. Roseline cried out in orgasm as she begged me to continue fucking her ass.

I ended up pumping a load deep inside her. Lucas came in Karina’s mouth a few seconds later. It was shamefully erotic.

Aiden kicked for another three or four minutes until he finally settled down. Roseline excitedly got up and rushed to his naked form. That’s when she eagerly sucked his cock.

She got a little cream out of the tip. Then she came back over to me. She had me lie down on my back as she sat on my dick, this time impaling her cunt.

“He’s just about gone! I can’t stand it anymore! Fuck my cunt, Carter!”

She rode me like crazy. All the while she kept gasping, “Fuck – fuck – fuck!” I was more than a little embarrassed the way she and I were so turned on at the hanging of her boyfriend Aiden.

He finally settled down and dangled quietly. His cock eventually softened until his bladder gave way. He pissed himself, splattering the floor below him. Roseline loved it.

I just went with it. She wanted to fuck, and the shame of the experience made me so horny that I needed a release. I noticed Lucas and Karin engaging in the same thing.

The orgy finally settled down after another thirty minutes or so. By then Lucas was quite dead. He dangled quietly, his naked body rotating in place.

Roseline said we all should just leave him there. She said someone would eventually find him. Then she suggested we all get dressed and leave while we still could.

I was still having a hard time processing it all. I think Lucas was as well. We were down one friend, while I had suddenly gained one bat-shit, crazy-assed girlfriend. I couldn’t decide whether that was good news or bad.

2021 (written Jul 9 ’21 by riwa. Inspired by the picture included below.)

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