The consequences of snooping 3


Part 3

She grunted indignantly as she found herself looking down at the pool floor. Then the wicked Hispanic woman reappeared underneath her, grinning with cruel amusement. This time Salma wrapped her legs around her, grinding against her crotch as though she was riding her upside down.

The woman reached out to grope the bound housekeeper’s breasts again. Emma writhed and moaned, her eyes rolling. Then she felt Salma start to hump against her crotch. Gawd; the bitch was getting off torturing her!

Emma squirmed weakly, her nub getting mashed against that of the wicked hotel guest. It set her to trembling like mad as she moaned and burbled. At the same time, she felt those gentle heaves of warning originate in her stomach, only to move up into her chest.

Indignation quickly melted away as panic settled in. She began to writhe and wriggle, her lungs informing her of her growing need to breathe again. She looked at Salma in alarm, shaking her head to indicate she was running out of breath. But the bitch simply grinned back at her as though this was the best part of the torture.

Emma’s cheeks began to bulge as the woman roughly groped her tits. With wicked cruelty, Salma brought her hands up and “popped” those cheeks with a clap, resulting in a loss of bubbles. Emma’s eyes flew open in horror when the bitch then pushed hard into her stomach, forcing the rest of the air out of her lungs…


It slammed into her with a vengeance, a monster of an orgasm that enveloped her as though encompassing her within a large, warm blanket. Emma’s eyes rolled as she weakly thrashed about. Her hands flexed as her back arched a little.

She moaned weakly, shuddering from the pleasure that enveloped her. But as it faded, it was replaced with an overwhelming urge to inhale.

Emma bubbled weakly, noticing the look of great pleasure in Salma’s features. The bitch had watched her orgasm underwater. Now she was going to watch her drown!

Emma shuddered again, mere seconds from opening her lungs up to the killing pool water. Then she was flipped over onto her back, her lungs sucking down the air her body so desperately needed. Emma coughed and sputtered, moaning weakly as Salma surfaced to look at her. The woman was clearly enjoying herself.

“Why you horny little tart! You can climax anywhere, can’t you… even underwater! That is so fucking hot to watch! Why I nearly had an orgasm myself!”

“Please!” the exhausted little Asian gasped. “No more! Just get me out, ok?”

“Not until I’ve had my fun, you little thief! Just consider this the consequences of snooping through a hotel guest’s possessions, remember?”

With a flip of the body board, Emma was rolled back over again. She let out a cry, her mind screaming, “GAWD, NO! I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS!” Then Salma was underwater with her.

This time the Hispanic woman floated up underneath her in a 69 position. Emma’s head was locked between the woman’s thighs. Instinctively she began mouthing and licking the bitch’s sexy bikini bottoms, sensing she had very little time. Besides, she was simply too tired to hold her breath for long.

She jerked in alarm when she felt Salma pull the bottom of her suit aside. Then she felt a mouth on her pussy. A couple of fingers thrust their way inside.

Her mind screamed… “GAWD; NO!” Then she was hit by a devastating climax.

Emma bucked and shuddered, her back arching as her feet cocked and curled. The tongue and fingers in her pussy were too much. She writhed about, the orgasm feeling as though it was never going to end.

She thought she heard a bubbly cry as the woman locked her head between her thighs and started humping her face hard. Gawd; the bitch was cumming! Worse, she was going to end up drowning her in the process!

Emma winced as the pleasure washing hotly through her body intensified. She tried to cry out, only to blow bubbles into the crotch of her sadistic torturer. Then she blacked out again…

When consciousness returned, Emma found herself floating at the surface. She was still strapped down to the body board. What’s more, she felt weak all over from breathlessness as well as a sexual numbness.

There was no immediate sign of the hotel guest whose room she’d violated. Emma looked all around with as much movement as the straps allowed. That’s when she caught sight of Salma sitting on the edge of the pool. She had a very satisfied look on her face.

“Well, you little thief. That was quite the performance. You’re quite the slut; did you know that?” Emma panted weakly, too tired to respond.

“I don’t know as I’ve ever enjoyed torturing someone as much as I’ve enjoyed torturing you,” the woman went on. “Watching you bubble and struggle like that? You really got my blood flowing, you sexy little bitch!”

She smiled wickedly at her. Emma felt another erotic jolt of tingles. Then Salma told her, “I’ll be leaving you now. I’ve got to be going first thing in the morning, and I need my sleep.”

Her eyes narrowed coldly at the Asian drifting around all strapped down to the body board. “I wouldn’t go snooping around in any more guest rooms if I were you.” Then she appeared to think it over.

“You know? I really think it doesn’t matter. I think a slut like you simply can’t help herself. You might wait what… a week or two before you go sneaking into your next room to snoop around? I’ll bet I’m right, aren’t I.”

Emma felt another jolt of alarm as Salma got back into the water and swam toward her. Surely this didn’t bode well. She had to do something fast.

“I won’t do it again; I promise. Just get me off this board, ok? I’ll never snoop around in another room again; I promise!”

“I don’t believe you, hun,” Salma said sadly while shaking her head. “I think it’s best if I take care of this right now, don’t you?”

She gripped the side of the body board, her eyes twinkling with murderous intent. “Consider this the ultimate consequences of snooping, you little thief.” Then she flipped the board right over.

Emma let out a cry of horror before she was submerged again. The petite little Asian grunted and burbled.

She looked all around in growing panic as a horrific jolt of erotic tingles hit her hard. There was no sign of the Hispanic woman. Had the bitch flipped her over and left her to drown??

Emma started to wriggle and squirm, struggling against the straps. She tugged and pulled, desperate to free her wrists so she could work her way out from underneath the board. But the straps remained steadfast. She could not wriggle free.

The seconds ticked by until she felt those warning heaves in her stomach. They soon migrated up into her chest, alerting her to her growing need for air. It seemed like she was really going to drown this time!

She caught sight of Salma swimming down along the floor of the pool beneath her. The woman turned on her back and looked up at her with a sadistic smile. Then to Emma’s horror, she reached inside her own bikini bottoms and started fingering herself…

Emma was horrified. Gawd; the bitch was going to make herself cum as she watched her drown!

She simply couldn’t believe it! Had her snooping finally led to her demise? What the hell was she thinking??

Emma received a tremendous dose of erotic tingles at the thought someone was going to get off watching her bubble her last. Her lungs began heaving more insistently. So she began bubbling and shaking her head, her eyes pleading for the woman to help her. In response, Salma fingered herself harder as she reclined on the bottom of the pool floor while looking up at her


It hit her with a fury, a mammoth orgasm of devastating proportions. Emma’s eyes rolled as her body bucked and shuddered within the confines of the straps. Down below her, she thought she saw Salma bubbling from an orgasm of her own, the woman’s body writhing as she fingered herself like crazy…


Emma experienced a very painful convulsion in her chest. Her lungs were on the verge of giving out. She shuddered hard before she passed out again, certain she would never reawaken…

Emma moaned softly as her eyes fluttered open. That’s when she heard a voice from somewhere in the pool room. She was able to turn her head enough to see the Hispanic woman drying herself off with a towel.

“Regain consciousness, did we?” Salma observed with a chuckle. “That last orgasm of yours must have been a monster. I came hard myself, you little slut. It was so very good.”

“Why… why am I still out here on this board?” Emma murmured weakly. “Please! Get me off this thing, ok?”

Salma shook her head. “No can do, you nosey little slut. This is what you get for snooping around in someone else’s room. So I’ve decided to leave you out there for someone else to find.”

Her words triggered yet another erotic jolt. “You CAN’T!” Emma blurted out in horror. “You just can’t LEAVE me like this?!”

“Oh, can’t I?” Salma asked curiously. “Would you rather the two of us go have a visit with your manager?”

Emma blinked in shock. Then she shook her head. Was she really stuck with this one?

What the hell was she thinking: going into the room of some hotel guest? Now she was really fucked!

“I didn’t think so,” Salma said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Besides, I’m sure someone will come down and set you free… the night clerk perhaps?”

Emma’s heart was racing, her body tingling like crazy. “You… you can’t just do this to me! You can’t leave me like this?! What if… what if roll over?! What if I drown?”

“Then lie still and don’t roll over,” Salma replied as though she didn’t care either way. “It’s no longer my concern. You’re the one I caught red-handed snooping around in my room. Get out of it yourself, or wait for someone to come in and release you.”

“You can’t do this to me!”

“You did it to yourself, hun. Now don’t start wriggling around, ok? Otherwise you might end up upside down, bubbling your life away because you flipped yourself over like some stupid slut.”

Salma paused as she considered the possibilities. “Now that’s a rather delicious image, don’t you think? You flipping yourself over and drowning yourself?” She licked her lips, her eyes flashing.

“Get me out of here; please?? I’ll come to your room; I’ll be your slave! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll give you orgasms; you can tie me up… ANYTHING!”

“Oh, I’ve already had my fun,” Salma told her. “Now it’s bedtime for me. Personally, I’d like to stick around and find out what happens to you once the night clerk comes in and finds you in the pool. But I’m afraid I just don’t have the time.”

She waved a hand dismissively as she headed for the door. “See you around, you little hotel snoop… unless you’re stupid enough to drown yourself on that board.”

“NO – WAIT; DON’T GO!” Then she was gone, leaving Emma all alone in the pool, floating on her back strapped down to the body board.

“COME BACK, YOU BITCH! COME BACK! YOU FUCKING BITCH!” But the woman appeared to be out of earshot… either that or she simply didn’t care.

Emma felt another massive jolt of erotic tingles as she began to hyperventilate. Now she was really fucked! If the night clerk came in, who knows what he might do to her!

He might toy with her and then drown her. Or he might simply report her to her manager. She could end up fired… or much, much worse.

Instinctively, Emma started thrashing around against the straps that bound her to the board. She had to work one free. If she got an arm loose, perhaps she might be able to extricate herself. If not, she might find herself floating there all night long… or until someone came in and found her… or worse!

Emma began struggling with the straps, jerking hard with her arms. The body board began rolling from side to side, causing her to gasp in alarm. But she could feel the strap loosening. If only she could… SHIT!

The frightened housekeeper let out a cry as the board suddenly capsized on her, flipping her upside down. A moment later she found herself staring down at the pool floor, grunting and bubbling. Now she was really screwed!

She figured she only had about a minute or two of holding her breath while trying to get loose before her lungs gave out. Emma struggled like made, desperately fighting to pull free of the straps.

When that didn’t work, she tried rocking the body board side to side. But now all of her weight was underneath. It made it that much harder to roll herself back up to the surface. She’d REALLY fucked herself up good this time!

Emma thrashed about like crazy as it swelled inside her. Being in peril was an orgasmic addiction. This was no different. But if she climaxed again, she might be too weak to struggle against the straps, drowning herself for sure!

She anxiously jerked on the straps, grunting and bubbling. Her mind screamed for Salma to come back and free her. That’s when she felt those warning heaves settle in her chest. Time was running out.

She thrashed about, grunting and bubbling like crazy. The convulsions in her chest increased as she fought to wriggle free. This time it looked like she’d really gotten herself into it. That’s when she felt it swell within her…


Emma fought one last time, her body violently wriggling around. Then her lungs convulsed painfully. That’s when it slammed into her like a tsunami.

Emma shuddered hard, her eyes rolling as her hands flexed while her feet cocked and curled. This one went on and on, like wave after wave crashing against the shore. Then her lungs gave out.

She gurgled as she sucked water down her windpipe. Emma’s eyes instantly flew open in horror. That’s when her body began jerking and thrashing about.

Her orgasm intensified as her lungs heaved, pulling mouthful after mouthful of pool water down into her lungs. She jerked and gurgled as bubbles billowed out past her lips. She felt a chaotic mixture of pleasure and pain, as it felt like water was violating every fiber of her being.

She grunted and gurgled as her struggles lessened. She stared down at the pool floor in shock as her body gave up the fight and simply relaxed. Strangely, there was a feeling of indescribable pain mixed with unbelievable pleasure.

She tried to blink; tried to scream. But her muscles refused to function. Then her vision started to fade as her senses began to fail her.

The last thing she thought of was Salma’s remark about the consequences of snooping. If only she hadn’t gotten nosey and had gone into that room to snoop around. Then she faded away, hanging limp and lifeless under the body board, her lifeless eyes staring downward.
She was found a couple hours later by the night clerk as he made his rounds…

2012; 2022 (written May 4 ’12; ed. Jan 8 ‘22 by riwa)

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