Donna’s shore leave 4


Donna’s body spasmed weakly, her head giving little twitches and jerks as she fought to regain consciousness. Then her vision began to return in a dizzying rush.

She lifted a hand to her head in an attempt to clear her mind. When she could see again, she discovered she was sitting on the ground, propped up with her back against a tree. A grinning Leiani was squatting in front of her, eyes sparkling mischievously.

“Gawd, baby; that was great fun! When you came, I came right along with you! But now I think it’s your turn to strangle me, ok? You’re the one having all the fun. I want some too!”

Donna was still feeling little orgasmic aftershocks. For a moment she felt an overwhelming urge to give in. It would be wonderful to forget about the Enterprise while spending the rest of her shore leave with her beloved Leiani.

The young woman’s presence on the planet defied all logic. But wouldn’t it be better just to accept it… make the best of a crazy situation? After all, who knew when they might see each other again?

Her worry for her shipmate quickly returned. Donna groggily got to her feet. She soon became determined to find the missing yeoman.

Leiani’s gleeful expression faded as she saw the seriousness return to her former lover’s features. “Awww, c’mon, baby! You’re still not worried about Janice, are you? I’m sure she’s all right!”

The look in Donna’s eyes said it all. No more playtime. Her shoulders sagged unhappily. “Awwww… we could’ve had such great fun, baby! You’re such a spoilsport; you know that?”

“Damnit, Leiani; what’s the MATTER with you? Don’t you understand? Those two creatures are still out there… and Janice is still missing! We’ve got to find her!”

Gawd! Why the hell wasn’t Leiani acting more serious about all this??

“I guess you’re right, baby” the oriental said, bowing her head and appearing properly chastised. Then she got an impish grin she couldn’t prevent from blossoming all over her face.

“Hey, baby; I’ve got a great idea! Once we find Janice, why don’t we hang her ourselves? We don’t need the ‘twins’ to do our dirty work for us! Gawd – wouldn’t that be hot, baby? You can strip her down and I’ll string her up; how about it? You can even lick her sweet pussy just before we push her off into space! Whadaya say?”


Donna was horrified her former friend and lover would even think such a thing! But a moment later she felt a quiver of arousal over the terribly erotic images the young woman was painting with her words. They were images that were once more causing wetness problems down below.

Damn! She needed a change of undergarments more than ever.

“Leiani??” she gasped in horror. “We can’t do that!”

“Awww, c’mon!” the Asian woman whined. “I wanna have some fun!”

“You’re killing me here!” Donna sputtered in frustration. “Look. We’re going to go find Janice. Then we’re going to get the hell out of these woods, ok? That’s all there is to it! And no, we’re not going to hang Janice once we track her down; you got that?? Damnit, baby; this is no time for fun and games!”

Leiani put up a protest. “No time for fun and games?? Isn’t that why you brought me here in the first place?”

“Brought you here?” Donna repeated in confusion. “I didn’t bring you here! Hell I didn’t even know you WERE here! I was just going for a swim when I heard Janice up in that clearing. And speaking of Janice…”

“I know – I know,” Leiani sighed, rolling her eyes in frustration. “You wanna make sure she’s all right. Believe me, baby; she’s fine.”

“How do YOU know?” Donna demanded, hands on her hips as she eyed the young woman suspiciously. Leiani just gave her a grin of amusement.

‘Gawd – she can be so INFURIATING at times!’ the yeoman thought wearily. But then again, her former lover was so damned sexy whenever she was being playful! Gawd; how she missed that… that and all their breath-play games!

“Stick with me this time; ok?” Donna instructed. “We’re gonna find Janice. Then we’re gonna get the hell out of these woods; all right?”

“But where will we play if we can’t hide in the woods?”

“Gawd, baby; you can be so annoying!” Donna gasped in exasperation. “Now let’s go back to that ‘hanging tree’ in that clearing back there. We’ll start our search from there; ok? That’s where you and I saw her last; right? Maybe we can pick up her trail from there.”

“Anything you say, baby,” the Asian sighed with disappointment. “Although I STILL think it would be hot if the two of us found her and hung her ourselves, especially if we hung her naked. Couldn’t you at least give it a little thought, baby? If you don’t wanna hang her, I’ll be more’n happy to do it for you. That way you can watch and enjoy yourself while she dances for you.” The oriental woman giggled as her eyes twinkled mischievously.

“I give up!” Donna gasped in exasperation as she threw up her hands in disgust. “Leiani, you’re HOPELESS!”

Her undergarments were thoroughly soaked from a constant barrage of arousing thoughts and images. Donna was so damned close to taking them off altogether.

She just couldn’t get her former lover to stop talking. It kept putting deliciously evil thoughts in her head. She figured at this rate she was going to continue dripping from a never-ending arousal, one that would shamefully end up slithering sensuous tendrils running unhindered down her legs. Gawd – she was a mess down below!

Donna turned in exasperation before heading down the slope through the trees. She was going back in the general direction of the path she’d been taking earlier. When she glanced back, at least she saw a disappointed Leiani following her.

She carefully picked her way downward through the trees and shrubs. Donna shook her head, muttering to herself. This was a crazy planet she was spending her precious shore leave on, with wood nymphs and hangings and a former lover who didn’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation they were in.

She was so distracted, so utterly frustrated, that she never even saw it. She heard a loud SNAP. By then it was too late… “AAUUGGHH!”

Donna cried out in surprise as something grabbed her ankle. She was pulled up into the air, her other leg bending at the knee. She flipped over and came to a bouncy halt, hanging upside down as her body swung back and forth like a pendulum.

Her tricorder and communicator tumbled out of their pouches from the belt around her waist. The skirt to her Starfleet issue outfit flopped over her waist, shamelessly exposing her soaked undergarments.

Looking up, she caught sight of the vine that encircled her ankle. It stretched up to the limb of the guilty sapling hanging directly above her.

DAMN! She’d stepped into some stupid snare!

Donna heard giggling. That figured! She now had a good idea who the guilty party was.

“Did YOU do this?” she snapped in exasperation, giving her former friend and lover the evil eye as Leiani walked up to her.

Her eyes flashed angrily as the oriental woman giggled uncontrollably. “Gawd no, baby. But I sure wish I’d have thought of it.”

Her lover lost it, erupting into uproarious laughter. “It’s NOT FUNNY, Leiani!” Donna protested as she glared at her.

The Asian woman doubled over, laughing hysterically… “OH HAWHAWHAWHAW… OH, YES IT IS, BABY! YOU SURE STEPPED IN IT THAT TIME! OH HOHOHOHOHO!”

Donna’s face flushed red with embarrassment. “Very FUNNY, Leiani!” she retorted, her eyes rolling with disgust.

She squirmed around uncomfortably as she twisted and turned while swaying back and forth. She could feel the blood rushing to her head. “You wanna get me down from here?”

Leiani’s laughter died off. She wiped the tears out of her eyes from the pure hilarity of the situation. Then she looked at her former lover as though noticing an opportunity that had just presented itself.

She suddenly licked her lips. Donna saw the woman’s eyes flash menacingly. ‘Oh, gawd; she isn’t thinking about doing that again, is she??’

The yeoman started trembling as she tried to take command of the situation. “Get me DOWN from here!” she ordered. But the look on Leiani’s face told her the young woman wasn’t taking any orders at the moment.

“Leiani? No; you wouldn’t!” But Leiani’s face had taken on a look of wicked glee.

Her former lover approached her, hands automatically coming upward in preparation for their breathless mischief-making as fingers flexed menacingly. Donna inhaled sharply as a jolt of fearful excitement raced through her body. Sexual excitement lodged in that familiar location between her thighs, setting her to trembling like mad again.

“Baby, wait! Please don’t do this! There isn’t time!”

“I can’t help myself, baby,” Leiani replied with a naughty giggle.

“Yes, you can!” Donna cried out desperately. Then she really fought against the snare she dangled from, wriggling and squirming while thinking, ‘Not now… GAWD, not NOW?!’

“But it’s just sticking out there, baby… begging me to squeeze it!”

“Leiani?? Don’t you DARE!”

“I’m sorry, baby, but this is just too good to pass up.”


Leiani eagerly reached out toward her neck again. “Gawd, baby; this is perfect!” she breathed excitedly, her fingers reaching out and tracing paths along Donna’s Venus rings.

The yeoman trembled as her breath caught in her throat. She tried to protest, but the words wouldn’t come.

She attempted to fight off the delicious sensations as Leiani’s fingers seductively traced little paths of fire across her skin. Once more she found herself involuntarily tipping her head back. She could not seem to resist exposing her neck to her lover’s touch.

Her mind screamed at her, telling her not to give in to the erotic feelings that were being generated. They just didn’t have the TIME for this! But her body betrayed her yet again.

A moan slipped out past her lips as her lover gently caressed her quivering throat. Leiani giggled as she gently wrapped her fingers around Donna’s slender neck. Then she placed her thumbs in line with where the rings ran parallel around her throat.

“You loved this; don’t you, baby?” she cooed seductively. “I know you do. So just relax and enjoy yourself; ok? We ALWAYS have time for you, my love.”

Donna began to gawk and gurgle. She started squirming with that uncontrollable desire to be left breathless again as flames of desire licked at her crotch. Then she remembered Janice and their need to find her.

She tried her best to fight off her cravings. Her hands instinctively came up to Leiani’s wrists in an attempt to pry them off. She even brought her head up in an attempt to deny easy access to her neck. But her lover wasn’t buying it, not for one second…

“Oh, NO you don’t!” Leiani giggled. “Don’t try to resist me now, baby. I know you want this. You know you want it too.”

Thumbs gently applied even more pressure. Donna rasped, “Stop……. no…… Janice……. GLURK!” But Leiani’s talented hands, especially those devilish thumbs of hers, were once more sending jolts of electrified pleasure from her neck to her pussy.

Donna squirmed in one last half-hearted attempt to struggle free. But it was useless, and she knew it.

A moment later she gave up in resignation. Her hands fell away as her worries over poor Janice were squeezed out of her by that delicious pressure around her throat. She just couldn’t stop herself from tipping her head back once more, exposing her neck as an offering to her lover.

Her thoughts were swirling, thoughts she could not control… thoughts that came as a result of many previous breath-play sessions in the past… “Go ahead, baby… you know I can’t resist you… throttle the life out of me, baby… leave me breathless…”

Leiani just giggled at her, knowing her all too well. She squeezed a little harder.

…and then Donna saw them coming toward them, stealthily approaching her sadistic lover from behind…

Leiani was oblivious to everything around her save her beautiful lover and the neck she was enjoying squeezing so very much. “Here it comes, baby!” she whispered with sadistic glee. A moment later she pressed her thumbs in firmly.

Donna’s mouth flew open as her eyes opened wide in alarm. She tried to warn her lover. But nothing came out of her mouth other than a raspy gurgle.

Her hands flew up again, grabbing onto Leiani’s wrists once more. She began squirming like mad in a frantic effort to pull them away so she could get her breath back and warn her. NOOOO! BABY, LOOK OUT……. BEHIND YOU……….

“You gonna fight me on this one?” Leiani gasped with delight. “Ooooh, yeah! Gawd, baby; I love it when you struggle! Fight me, baby!”

Donna could not get the words in her head to spill out past her lips… STOP IT, DAMN YOU! LOOK OUT; THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! I’M NOT FIGHTING – I’M TRYING TO WARN…


Donna bucked and struggled, her body jerking around in the snare that clung to her ankle. Her eyes felt like they were starting to bug out from their sockets. Her tongue slowly wormed its way out past her parted lips as flashing red lights appeared in her field of vision.

Her chest heaved as her lungs screamed for another breath. Leiani just giggled at her with a “Yeah, baby; give it up for me!” She remained totally oblivious to the danger behind her.

“Cum for me, baby!” the oriental woman demanded. “Gimme one more, baby. Then maybe we’ll go after Janice – AWK!”

Donna shuddered hard from another devastating orgasm. Her vision dimmed as her body spasmed in the snare. A moment later she swung freely, her neck no longer in the grasp of her beloved Leiani.

She gasped madly for breath as her vision struggled to return. That’s when she caught sight of Leiani being dragged backward by one of the “twins” as the oriental woman had once referred to them by.

She saw her being pulled backward by an arm around her neck, an arm that was choking her. The young woman’s eyes were open wide in astonishment. Her hands reached out toward her in a “Help me, Donna – something’s got me!” gesture as she gasped and gurgled for breath.


Donna coughed and gurgled as her airway opened back up, her body still tingling from those damned aftershocks. She gasped as she instinctively reached out for her Leiani who was now much too far away. But as the one wood nymph dragged off her former friend and lover, the other one looked at her and started approaching her curiously.

Oh gawd…

2008; 2021 (written for Donna May 9 ’08; ed. Nov 2 ’21 by riwa)

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