Shelly in Cancun 4


Andria’s laughter rings in my ears. I can feel the anger rise within me. “DAMN YOU, ANDRIA – YOU NEARLY SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!”

“No, I just ATE the shit out of you, ‘Shel’! Feel better now, babe? You feeling not so horny now?”

“No. Now I feel like dispensing some revenge!”

“Oh, SHIT!” she gasps. A moment later she inhales sharply. Then she jack-knifes back down, her ass briefly caressing the surface of the water.

I inhale deeply as I go after her. She heads downward toward the reef. This time she’s not going to be able to hide from me like last time. Besides, the bubbles marking her trail as she descends make it easy to follow her down.

Chapter 4 – The Wreck

She turns and sees me hot on her tail. It sets her to finning even harder, suspecting I’m going to be none too gentle when I catch up to her. It’s amazing how fast she moves underwater with those dive fins on her feet.

She leads me on a merry chase along the side of the reef. Formations stick out in an attempt to snag us as we fin by, the structures towering off to our right. But we swerve away and then back toward them, careful not to get to close and cut ourselves.

I suspect she’s looking for another place to hide. But this time I’m not losing sight of her.

I see a burst of air in front of me. Andria abruptly shoots up to the surface, obviously in need of another breath of air. I inwardly curse my inability to catch up to her in time to intercept her.

I shoot up after her, desperately trying to close the distance. I’m still a bit weak from my orgasm. I pop up a few feet away from her, gasping for breath as I tread water.

I menacingly gasp, “You can run… but you can’t hide.”

“OHMYGAWD, ‘SHEL’!” she blurts out, pointing behind me. “LOOK HOW FAR AWAY WE ARE FROM THE BOAT!”

I turn to look, noticing we’ve put some distance between us and Jake. Then I hear her inhale behind me. There’s a splash, and I turn just in time to see those damn fins of her disappear under the surface.

Shit! The bitch distracted me. Now she’s REALLY gonna get it!

I inhale sharply and dive right after her. To my dismay she heads further away from the boat. Andria angles down toward the sandy bottom near the edge of the reef.

Maybe she’s afraid I’ll cut her off before she can circle back. Obviously she doesn’t want me to catch her. I find myself hoping we won’t be too tired to keep ourselves afloat after exerting all this energy.

I fin down after her, keeping a close eye on her so she can’t dart into some crevasse in the reef. I don’t want her hiding in there. Otherwise she might try to pounce on me as I fin by while looking for her.

She’s close to the bottom near the reef when she suddenly stops and turns toward me. Her arms are outstretched as though trying to push me away. Her head shakes back and forth.

I grin as I zero in on her, finning even harder to catch her. That’s when she realizes her mistake. Surrendering will not stop me from inflicting my own brand of punishment.

Gurgling in alarm, she turns to flee. But I’m moving much too fast. She doesn’t get more than a few yards before I snag her fin and pull her toward me.

Andria burbles in alarm as I reel her in. I roll her over and force her legs apart so I can move in between them. She shakes her head “NOOO!”, but she’s not struggling enough to stop me. I suspect she wants it more than she wants to let on.

I move in, pulling her thong aside and burying my face in her snatch. Her hands try to push my head away. I simply reach around her thighs, grab her wrists and pull them down to her sides out of the way, effectively immobilizing her and leaving her helpless.

I can hold onto something or someone when I’ve a mind to. Andria should know that. She burbles and squirms in my grasp, but it’s much too late.

I bury my tongue in her wet pussy. She gurgles and moans, weakly trying to wriggle out of my grasp. I hear her grunt, causing my eyes to roam up her body enough to see her chest start to spasm.

It fuels my cruelty as I tongue her pussy even harder. I lick her for all I’m worth, hungrily sucking her juices into my mouth. Who cares if her lungs are on fire! She’s got this coming.

Andria shakes her head, squirming and wriggling in an effort to get free. I can tell she wants to surface. It makes me purse my lips together and blow bubbles into her pussy.

She shudders with a bubbly cry as I plunge my tongue back into her hole. A moment later she can’t hold it back. Her thighs instinctively tighten around me, locking my head in place.

Her back arches as she screams her air away. I cruelly tongue her for all I’m worth. Her body bucks and squirms in an effort to be released.

My own pussy’s wet from what I’m doing to her. But I know she doesn’t have enough air within her to stay down long enough to make me cum. She barely has enough left within her as it is!

Andria suddenly goes limp. Instead of letting her go, I hang on and keep tonguing her. She grunts as she weakly squirms, shaking her head as her eyes plead with me to let her go.

I look at her through my dive mask, my eyes twinkling evilly. I shake my head “NO”, my hands grasped firmly onto her wrists. She frantically squirms and wriggles.

I begin to slowly fin us upward, using her as a rudder. If I’m going to push her to the brink, I’d better have the two of us close to the surface when she goes off. A moment later I bury my tongue in her hole again, using it to fuck her for all I’m worth.

Andria hitches, arching her back as her body violently shudders. A small flurry of bubbles spew out of her mouth. That tells me she has virtually no air left inside her.

I continue to tongue her as I fin us upward with greater urgency. Air fizzes out through my dive mask. Then I release her as I shove her upward.

Her body instinctively fins her the remaining few feet. Her head bursts up out of the water. I hear a loud gasp for breath as I right surface next to her.

I inhale deeply, not realizing until that very moment how out of breath I was. I move next to her and help support her. She coughs and sputters, struggling to get her breath back until she can tread water on her own.

“Damn you, ‘Shel’! You nearly….. DROWNED my ass down there! I thought we were… supposed to drown… YOUR ass!”

She pauses for a moment. Then she shamefully lowers her head as she confesses, “Felt damn good though.”

“That’ll teach you for scaring the shit out of me. You deserved everything you got.”

I notice something on the bottom of the ocean that gets my attention. Andria doesn’t see it as she vows revenge. “I’m gonna GET you for that, ‘Shel’ – Hey; Jake’s coming.”

She points over my shoulder. I hear the sound of the motor behind me. But my eyes are riveted on something large lying on the seabed.

I grab her shoulder as I point down. “Hey, Andria? What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

She turns to look as I point downward. It looks like the wreckage of some sort of boat, just beyond the reef we were playing around. It wasn’t visible until we swam to where we’re now treading water.

It’s much too big to be a pleasure craft. But it’s too small to be one of those large freighters. That’s when I hear the motor cut out from the boat that’s coming up on us…


I turn to see the sailboat’s not much more than a few yards away as it slowly drifts on by. Jake must’ve pulled up anchor and motored toward us when he saw us out this far. It embarrasses me we got so far away from him. At least he was paying attention.

“She CHASED me, honey!” I hear Andria’s half-hearted protest from somewhere behind me. So I turn to look at her.

I can tell she’s not angry. Instead there’s a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Her energy is starting to return from the discovery we’ve just made.

“Guess what, Jake? We just found a shipwreck! It’s right down there!”

Andria points down into the water. Jake smiles back at her. “That’s great, babe!” he calls back, standing on the bow as he leans over the rail. “I can see it from here! Want me to drop anchor so you two can go exploring?”

“That’d be great!”

Andria turns toward me, treading water much more confidently now. “Let’s go aboard for a couple of minutes; ok, ‘Shel’? I could use a little snack and something to drink. I’m almost out of energy. And besides,” she says, grinning at me, “You kinda took it out of me. Don’t you think I need to get my ‘fluids’ back?”

I smile back at her, nodding approvingly. I’m just as excited over our find. Her eyes twinkle mischievously. Then she hollers back at Jake, telling him we’re coming aboard for a few minutes.
It doesn’t take long until we’re back in the water after a lite meal, finning downward toward the wreck. Somehow we must have missed it when we first pulled up to the reef. It was only when I chased Andria over here that we rounded a section of the coral enough to have it come into view.

I’m not sure if the captain was trying to beach it on top of the reef in the hopes of keeping it afloat or what. But apparently they didn’t make it. It lies a couple hundred yards away from the many colorful coral formations.

We fin our way down and make a pass over the top of it. It’s about 50 or 60 feet long, with what looks like a pilot house near the bow. There’s a flat section in the middle that makes me wonder if there are a couple of cargo holds below us waiting to be explored.

Near the stern is another small structure. I can only wonder if it houses the engine room. The wreck lies in the sand at an angle to port, the bow pointing toward the reef as though it was desperate to ground itself upon it.

We both fin ourselves back up to refill our lungs, gasping quietly. There’s a certain reverence to the vessel down below that makes talking feel, well… disrespectful somehow. Neither one of us knows if anyone sank with it and died. Nor are we eager to find any skeletons lying around.

It looks like it’s been here for a while, several months at least. I’m hopeful we won’t come across anything disturbing. We quietly discuss the idea of swimming all the way around it, wondering if we can make it on one breath.

Deciding to take a stab at it, we fill our lungs and head down. Andria and I are eager to take a look at it from the sea floor. We arrive at the bow and slowly fin our way along the starboard side.

It’s not nearly as large as I first thought, maybe a couple of stories high at the most. But it’s still a wreck underwater, still something worth exploring. There are a couple of portholes higher up that appear to indicate the presence of a couple of cargo holds.

Peering in doesn’t reveal too much. So we swim on toward the stern. The props are imbedded in the sand; there’s not much to see there either.

We cross over and head back along the port side. That’s where we see two large cracks in the side. They zigzag toward the bottom and disappear into the silt, telling us why the ship probably went down.

We find a few more portholes, as though there might be cabins or a passageway running along this side of the vessel. Both of us swim on without peering inside. We’re starting to run low on air.

We fin toward the bow on the port side. My lungs tell me it’ll be time to head back up soon. I find myself wondering if there might be a couple of flashlights on board the sailboat for us to use.

Jake didn’t produce any before we stepped off into the water. It makes me wonder if he forgot to look. Maybe there aren’t any on board.

I’m beginning to suspect there are no lights to use stored away on the sailboat. So we’re going to have to be careful if we do a little exploring. I figure we’ll just use the sunlight streaming down into the water.

We reach the bow and begin our ascent. Both of us are proud we made it all the way around on one breath. Then Andria pauses to point off toward the general direction of where we were before we came over to the wreck.

I look up toward the surface in the direction she’s pointing. That’s when I see it, barely peeking out around the edge of the reef. It’s a small cabin cruiser.

It looks like some sort of pleasure craft resting up at the surface. We’re probably going to have company for a while. That means we won’t have the reef all to ourselves anymore. Perhaps they’ll come over to dive the wreck we found.

I nod at her in acknowledgement as I point at it… “Yes, I see it too.” It must have arrived a few minutes ago. Maybe it got here while we were heading down for our first dive on the wreck.

Andria shakes her head as bubbles fizz out of her dive mask. She takes my arm and points it underwater as if to say, “No; look over there!” I see a couple of objects coming toward us, shafts of bubbles drifting up from what looks like scuba gear.

I was right. They see our wreck. Maybe they already knew it was here.

I nod at Andria, acknowledging that I see them. Empty lungs send us upward. We fin up to the surface and come up for air a short distance from the sailboat.

We gasp for breath as we tread water. “Damn!” Andria says, the disappointment obvious in her features. Her shoulders are slumped in defeat, her enthusiasm gone as she wines, “Looks like we’ve got company.”

I look down into the water at the wreck. Who are our new guests? I hesitantly ask, “I don’t suppose we could, uh… share, could we?”

Maybe it won’t be so bad. The sunken vessel looks big enough. I suppose the four of us can dive the wreck without getting in each other’s way.

I look over at the new craft. It’s barely visible from around the edge of the reef. It looks like it might be close to that buoy we were anchored near earlier, a nice looking cabin cruiser.

I can see the dive flag up on the stern of the craft. Two divers are headed our way. Is anyone else on board?

“Hey!” Andria offers cheerfully. “If those are guys down there, maybe we can, uh…” She trails off when she sees my stern look, my head shaking “No.”

“You’re probably right,” she says quietly. “I shouldn’t do that to Jake. But you’re certainly free to go down and take a crack at it, ‘Shel’! You could go down and get to know…”

“I’m not going down without you! We came together and I’d like us to stay together. Maybe we should wait until they leave.”

“What if they don’t leave right away?” Andria asks, disappointment in her voice. “What if they hang around all day?”

“Then we’ll just go back over to the reef. We can always do something else, right? The reef is still pretty amazing to look at, even from over here. I’m really enjoying being out here, Andria. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised if more people come to this particular spot and want to dive the…”

“Shelly; look.” Then she points down into the water. “They’re right over the bow.”

“I know; I see ’em.”

I sigh, glancing down and spotting them hovering just above the bow of the sunken vessel. A solitary exploration of the wreck was probably too much to hope for. Then I glance over at our boat.

“There probably aren’t any flashlights on board anyway. I doubt we could have gone too deep inside without it being pitch-”

Andria cries out as she grabs my arm. “Shelly; look! I think they’re chicks!”

There’s excitement in her voice again. It’s an excitement that wasn’t there a moment ago. She was probably feeling like I was, that our exploration of the wreck would have to wait.

“Look, ‘Shel’; are they waving at us?? Do you think they want us to come back down??”

“Do they?”

I stick my face into the water and look down. The two of them look to be wearing bikinis. And they certainly look like they’re waving at us. Are they motioning for us to come down and join them??

“Who are they?” I wonder aloud after lifting my head back up.

Andria’s expression is hopeful. “What does it matter, ‘Shel’? They’ve got air! Let’s go down and have a look, ok? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Her excitement has returned. It’s getting the best of her like it always does. She’s so optimistic.

I peer down at them again. They seem harmless enough. And they do seem to be waving us down. Still…

Andria quickly becomes impatient as she waves at me. “You coming, ‘Shel’? C’mon, girlfriend; let’s go get acquainted!”

“Ok – ok, I’m coming!”

I fill my lungs, figuring why the hell not? It might be fun after all. Besides, you never know until you try.

Together the two of us jack-knife downward. We fin our way toward the two female scuba divers. They hover just above the bow of the wreck as though waiting for us.

2007; 2020 (written Jul 7 ’07; ed. Aug 4 ’20 by riwa)

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