The processing plant on New Year’s Eve


It was late on New Year’s Eve. Aneeqa had brought me in after work and was showing me all around the slaughterhouse. She was quite proud of the place.

There was a certain excitement in the way she described things to me. She was particularly excited about the mincer. It seemed to give her shivers as she explained how it worked and what it did to an animal carcass.

She described their method of halal slaughter. They slit the throats of certain animals in a special way. It helped them bleed out faster before removing the head.

She led me into the slaughtering room where she told me all about what went on in there. I got the impression she was a little turned on by the place. In fact, I got the distinct impression she wanted to fuck me right there from all the excitement of showing me everything about her place of employment.

The slaughter room intrigued me most of all. She spent some time describing how the animals jerked around while hanging from the hooks after their throats were slit. Strangely, I got this mental image of her naked body jerking around after having her own throat slit.

“Anything else you want to see?” she asked suggestively.

“You like this room, don’t you.”

“Oh yes!” she gasped. “It’s kind of sexy the way the animals jerk around after their throats are slit. In fact I have this fantasy of…”

She paused breathlessly. I could tell she was getting all worked up. “What?” I asked curiously.

She pointed at a hook hanging from the ceiling, bearing the number 12. “That one,” she breathed rapturously. “Sometimes I dream I’m hanging from that one.”

“Really? That’s something I’d like to see!”

She gave me this look as though I’d come up with a fabulous idea. Without a word, she started to strip. In less than two minutes I was treated to an incredible view of her sexy, naked body.

Her full breasts sagged a little, her nipples quite erect. She must have been incredibly turned on. Her modestly hairy pussy was glistening as though she was wet through, all turned on about something. Maybe it was the idea of the two of us fucking in here.

“Here,” she said as she went over to a cupboard.

She got some rope and a zip-tie before handing them to me. “You can tie me up and slaughter me right here!”

I figured she was kidding me about the slaughtering part. I assumed she only wanted to experience what it felt like to be trussed up like one of her animals. Was this the first chance she’d ever gotten at living out her fantasy?

I dutifully secured her wrists behind her back with the zip-tie. Then I tied one end of the rope to her ankles while securing the other to hook #12. When I was done, I simply pulled her up until she was hanging upside down at about eye level with my crotch.

Gawd; what a view! Her breasts hung down as she panted heavily, her nipples incredibly hard. Her pussy was really glistening, indicating she was wet as hell.

She looked sexy hanging upside down like that. I chuckled as I gave her body a push. I smiled as I told her, “Now you’re ready for slaughter.”

She gently swung back and forth, twisting in place. She gasped excitedly as though she was having trouble catching her breath. “First time hanging from the hook?” I asked with a sly grin.

She was panting as she told me, “I never had the chance before. You’re the first guy I’ve brought in here who was even remotely interested in hanging me upside down like this.”

I was incredulous. “You mean nobody else was willing to hang you naked?”

She shook her head, her curled brunette strands hanging down. “None of the guys liked being in here. You’re the first one who’s ever shown this much interest.”

I couldn’t keep from developing an erection in my pants upon seeing her like that. “I could slaughter you right here and now; am I right? There wouldn’t be a damned thing you could do to stop me, would there.”

She gasped and trembled. I heard her moan softly as though she was turned on beyond belief. “Nothing I could do to stop you, lover,” she murmured in a quivering tone.

I reached out and gently fondled her tits. She moaned and whimpered, gasping as though she was really out of breath. Then I slid my hand up to finger her pussy.

She was wet as hell. Then she moaned again. Gawd; I was so hard!

I unzipped my fly and pulled out my stiffening cock. Then I stepped right up to her, my dick right in her face. Without a word she opened her mouth and dutifully took me in between her lips.

Gawd; what a blowjob! It was incredibly hot. I even grabbed her head and fucked her face as I molested her sexy body with my free hand.

I couldn’t hold back my release. In that situation I don’t think any man could have held back.

It only took a couple of minutes before I was spurting into her mouth. Then my cock slipped out past her lips. I spurted a little on her face. It was sexy as hell!

I remembered the location she’d told me where she stored the official dagger used for the killings. It was in a special drawer. So I went to go fetch it.

I returned and showed it to her. That’s when she got this wild look in her eyes. Almost immediately she started breathing hard as my cum trickled off her lips and down her cheek from where I’d splattered her.

“You know what we could do? We could play a little something called ‘Slaughtering in the New Year’. Afterwards, I could get rid of your body by dropping you into the mincer. No one would ever find know. Your flesh and bones would end up as canned dog food. Am I right?”

Her eyes got big as saucers. Then she started panting like crazy. “Gawd; you wouldn’t, would you?”

There was this crazy look in her eyes. For a moment, I really thought she wanted me to.

I brought the dagger closer to her neck. That’s when she winced before crying out in orgasm. Her body wriggled like crazy as she struggled to catch her breath.

“You said this was a fantasy of yours, right?” She just wriggled and squirmed like crazy. I could smell the aroma of her arousal. Her pussy was wet as hell.

I grabbed a handful of hair. Then I roughly jerked her head back, exposing her neck to the blade. She gasped and whimpered, panting like crazy.

“I think deep down you want me to. Maybe I should.”

“Oh gawd!” she murmured, her body trembling like crazy.

She looked at me and nodded. Was she nodding it was her fantasy? Or was she nodding for me to do it, resigning herself to her erotic fate.

“’Slaughtering in the New Year’… now that’s a new one on me,” I murmured, shaking my head.

I suddenly heard the chiming of some church bell from far away. I listened for a moment, deep in thought. Then I smiled at her.

“Happy New Year, darling. I guess this means you’re the first slaughter of the New Year.” Then I brought the blade swiftly across her neck.

I didn’t think much about it. I just made the slash. Maybe I was just trying to play-act for her.

Her eyes flew open as an abundance of blood poured out of the wound. I’d cut a little too deep. To this day, I still don’t know whether it was accidental or on purpose.

Instantly her naked body started wriggling and gyrating in her death throes. She gawked and gurgled, trying to speak. But she was unable to make any kind of coherent sound.

I stared at her as though I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t planned on doing that, had I? Gawd; I’d really done it now!

I was hard and throbbing, my cock stiff at such a perversely erotic sight. She jerked and wriggled for about 10 or 12 seconds. Then I heard a gurgly sigh come out of her severed windpipe.

Her body jerked a few more times. Then she was gone. Her eyes glazed over as she hung lifeless, blood still coming out of the wound in her neck – naked and sexy as hell!

I realized I could not undo what I’d just done. There was only one thing left to do. I had to finish the job.

I severed her head, removing it completely before placing it on the nearby table. I stood and admired it for a few moments. Besides, she told me they eventually cut the heads off anyway. Then I took her naked body down.

I had to dispose of her. So I threw her over my shoulders. Then I hauled her over to the mincer.

I turned the machine on and then threw her body inside. It wasted no time chewing through flesh and bone until there was nothing left.

I left the machine on as I went back over and retrieved her head. Her vacant eyes conveyed a dreamy, lifeless look. It was as though she’d gone out with a bang.

I gently kissed her parted lips. Then I told her, “I’d like to keep your head, darling. But I don’t think that would be a good idea. Here’s to a sexy New Year.”

I carried her head over and then tossed it into the mincer. There was a loud crack as it crunched through her skull, grinding her up into dog food. Then it, too, was gone.

There was nothing left of Aneeqa but her clothes. I quietly gathered them up before shutting off all the lights. Then I made my way home, wondering if it had all been a dream.

Gawd; I needed a stiff drink…

2012; 2021 (written for “Aneeqa” Dec 27 ’12; ed. Apr 25 ’21 by riwa)

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