Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 4 Guillotine Teris)


We took a few more steps before another display suddenly materialized. In it two naked Teris were locked into matching wooden guillotines. They were facing each other with about 4-5 feet of space between them.

Both were kneeling with their hands tied behind their backs. Their chests rested on short, red-cushioned stools. Their asses stuck up into the air invitingly.

“Hi girls,” ‘Microkini Teri’ said with a warm, cheerful smile. “I see you both are all tucked in and ready to go.”

“Get me out of here, ok?” the one on the right gasped fearfully. “I don’t WANT to lose my head! Please?”

“She’s been like that all morning, Mistress,” the one on the left said in frustration. “I’d love someone to shut her up once and for all.”

She smiled wickedly at her counterpart in the other machine. Her meaning seemed quite clear. “You stay out of this!” the other one gasped.

The one on the left zeroed in on my hardening cock. “Is THIS the one you were telling me about?” she purred seductively at me while directing her comments at my escort. “Damn! I’d love to feel that fuck-stick in my ass the moment I’m being sent into the next life!”

“Speak for yourself!” the one on the right cried out. Then she started begging, “Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to lose my head! That would be HORRIBLE!”

“We’re stripper’s, you stupid bitch!” the one on the left told her imperiled companion with disdain. “We’re SLUTS… WHORES! We’re only getting what we fucking deserve!”

She looked at my cock hungrily. Then she said, “If I’m going out, I want to go out with a bang!”

“Just don’t take ME with you; ok?” the one on the right blurted out anxiously.

The frightened Teri turned toward us. She motioned with her head at her companion in the other guillotine. “Cut HER head off, ok? She wants it; she’s crazy! Just let me go; ok?”

My escort turned toward me. “Which one do you want, Master?” she asked with a mischievous grin. “You can have either one. Personally, I’d like to take the frightened one. I’d love to give her a good, hard fucking before her head rolls.”

“No!” the one on the right gasped in horror. “Please… let me go, ok? I’ll do anything you want!”

Her companion in the other machine grinned wickedly at her. “Don’t you understand, honey? Are you still clueless?? We’re both going to get fucked. Then we’re both going to lose our heads. I’m so excited right now that I’m positively dripping.”

She turned to me and motioned with her head. “Go ahead, Master… see for yourself if you like. I sure as hell can’t stop you!”

My cock was hard as I walked behind her. Then I lovingly rubbed her ass. She moaned softly.

She wriggled her butt as I fingered her pussy. She was incredibly wet. A puddle was already starting to form between her knees right where her dripping arousal was splattering onto the floor.

‘Microkini Teri’ was positively giddy. She gleefully stepped toward the Teri on the right. “That means I get you, sweetie!” she gushed excitedly.

“YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!” was the frightened reply.

I rubbed the eager one’s bare ass. She let out a lustful moan before begging, “Let me taste your cock, Master. Put it in my mouth before you fuck me with it. Let me suck it and get it all wet for you.”

I moved around in front of her, right between them. The other one was not as accommodating. In fact, she was begging my escort, “Please don’t hurt me! I’ll do anything you want! Just don’t cut my head off!”

“She’s right about that,” the one I was fixing to fuck agreed. “She’ll do anything. And she’ll do anyone! She’s a whore through and through. So I think you ought to fuck her good and hard before you cut her head off!”

“YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!” her terrified twin yelled in horror.

“Would you PLEASE shut her up?” the one on the left asked in exasperation, her eyes rolling.

“Computer: strap-on!” ‘Microkini Teri’ demanded.

A moment later one materialized in front of her crotch. I noticed it had somehow been strapped around her waist. It was larger than my cock – 10 inches long and fully 2 and a half inches around. I got the impression it was designed to inflict pain.

“Yeah… give it to her!” the one on the left gasped eagerly. Her eyes lit up at what was about to be inflicted on her complaining companion.

My escort moved in front of the frightened slut’s head. The poor thing immediately started to beg and plead for mercy. I could see her staring in horror at the phallus headed her way.

‘Microkini Teri’ gleefully waved it in front of her face. “SWALLOW IT, BITCH!” Then she rammed it home. Pitiful cries were reduced to muffled grunts the instant that mouth was plugged.

“Yeah… fuck that face!” the other one gasped enthusiastically.

I stepped in front of her, my hard cock standing at attention. “Your turn,” I told her.

Her eyes flashed excitedly. “HOT DAMN! FUCK THIS SLUT’S FACE!”

She opened her mouth wide like a baby bird expecting a treat from its mother. I slammed my hard cock home between her luscious lips. Her eyes rolled, and she grunted as though she’d just entered cock heaven.

For the next several minutes there was only the sound of slurping and grunting. Occasionally there was a gasp for breath. But that only happened whenever we pulled out as we face-fucked the two Teri’s.

My eager slut kept drooling all over my cock. She made it a sticky mess as she gulped it down. Perhaps she thought it was her last meal. She was certainly making the most of it.

The whore my escort was face-fucking with her strap-on sang a different tune. She kept begging for mercy during occasional gulps of air. But she didn’t get many breaths, as her mouth was kept occupied.

‘Microkini Teri’ thrust like a woman possessed. She fully enjoyed tormenting her horrified twin locked down in the guillotine. She rammed that toy so deep I thought her Teri was going to asphyxiate on it!

I finally pulled out of my Teri’s mouth. She groaned and whimpered like a bitch in heat, her ass writhing like crazy. “Fuck me now, Master! Fuck this worthless whore! Fuck me and then behead me for your pleasure! Fuck my cunt and then snuff my sweet ass!”

I certainly couldn’t resist a request like that. So I walked around behind her. Then I gave her sexy ass a swat.

She yelped and whimpered, so I smacked her again. Then I found her dripping pussy. I centered my cock against it and then ramming it home.

She let out a wild cry. Then she started thrusting back. She kept yelling for me to give her the fucking of her life.

‘Microkini Teri’ pulled out of the mouth of her doppelganger. Then she grabbed her by the chin. “Now I’m gonna give it to you good, honey,” she purred, her voice filled with menace. “Get ready for the fucking of your life!”

“CUT HER FUCKING HEAD OFF!” my slut gasped excitedly. “SHE FUCKING DESERVES IT!” I think she wanted to see her twin lose her head before she lost her own.

“NOOOO!” the terrified Teri yelled. “PLEASE… DON’T… I’LL DO ANYTHING – AAUUGGHH!”

She let out a cry of horror as my escort thrust hard into her cunt. It was quite the turn-on for me. So I redoubled my efforts by enthusiastically fucking my own bitch.

My escort’s Teri finally started moaning and whimpering. I think her body was betraying her. “That’s more like it,” ‘Microkini Teri’ gasped. “Damn; she’s getting it good! Just look at her face. She fucking LOVES it!”

The two of us pounded our bitches hard. Their combined grunts and whimpers seemed to echo throughout the holodeck. I caught a glance of ‘stripper Teri’ watching us. Her eyes were open wide in horror, perhaps at the thought two more of her identical twins were about to be cruelly snuffed.

My fuck-bitch saw what was happening to her companion in the other guillotine. I think she became overly excited because she started gasping, “FUCK HER HARD! YOU’RE GONNA MAKE HER CUM! OH FUCK; I’M GONNA CUM RIGHT ALONG WITH HER! FUCK ME HARD, MASTER!”

The one my escort was fucking suddenly stiffened. Then she let out a howl from a mixture of pleasure and pain as her eyes rolled. “FUCK; THAT’S HOT!” mine cried out. Then she went off as well, stiffening and then shuddering as her own orgasm seemed to hit her hard.

When she came down from her climax, she looked across at her moaning, panting companion in the other guillotine facing her. “Now fuck her ass, Mistress!” she suggested evilly. “I wanna hear her screams! The bitch fucking deserves it! I want to watch you rape that ass before you take my head!”

“With pleasure,” ‘Microkini Teri’ grinned, her lustful enthusiasm obvious in her features.

Her groaning Teri immediately started shaking her head. I heard her beg again, not that it did her any good. “NO… NO… NOT MY ASS – NOT MY ASS… AAAUUUGGGHHH!”

She let out a painful scream. I properly concluded my tour guide had brutally thrust hard into her anus. “FUCK!” my Teri cried out. “That is so fucking hot!” Then she made a request.

“Mistress, if it pleases you I want you to take her head first. I want to suck on her dead tongue and kiss her dead lips. Please, Mistress? I’m so fucking excited that I’m going to cum again!”

Her kinky desires turned me on. So I really started thrusting hard into her hot cunt. She let out another cry, orgasming hard as the twin facing her screamed from a brutal violation.


It was ‘Microkini Teri’ who had spoken. As if on cue, one instantly materialized near the middle of both guillotines. I was not surprised to notice this was yet another Teri.

This one was in black boots up past her knees. She wore black, thigh-high stockings. A black garter snapped onto her stockings.

Her shaved pussy was totally exposed and dripping. She wore a tight, black corset that stopped short of her large breasts, letting them freely hang. On her head was an ominous black hood with two eye holes.

“This one,” ‘Microkini Teri’ motioned, pointing at the lever to the machine of the girl she was brutally fucking. “I’m going to make her cum first. Wait for my signal.”

“NOO!” the frightened Teri screamed in terror. Once more she begged us not to cut off her head.

“MAKE HER CUM!” my Teri cried out. I think she was delirious. “MAKE HER CUM, THEN CUT HER FUCKING HEAD OFF!”

The whole thing was surreal, a bit strange to process. She really wanted to see her twin beheaded. Or perhaps she just wanted that mouth silenced once and for all.

The moment was drawing near. I became even more excited. So I pulled out of Teri’s pussy.

I found a different hole, pressing against her anus. But I paused as though waiting for the right moment. Almost immediately she started moaning, trying to push back as though desperately wanting me to impale her ass.

The Teri my escort was fucking suddenly stiffened. Then she started shuddering as she let out an orgasmic cry. With a nod from ‘Microkini Teri’, the Executioner reached over and grabbed the lever.

I took that moment to thrust hard into my Teri’s ass as the lever was pulled. She let out a painful cry, her body stiffening from its brutal violation. Then the blade whooshed down.

It bottomed out with a thunk, cleanly severing the other Teri’s head from her neck. The skull with the silky red hair dropped onto the floor. It bounced as blood spurted out of the severed, major artery.

I watched as my escort eagerly fucked a jerking, spasming corpse. She gasped with pleasure. I got the impression she was cumming hard.

My Teri let out an “Oh, FUCK!” Then she came violently with a scream. That’s when I really started pounding her ass with my cock.

“Make her kiss her face!” ‘Microkini Teri’ gasped excitedly. The executioner stepped forward and bent down. Then he picked up the severed head by a handful of red hair.

I saw a look of horrified surprise in a set of eyes that still seemed to be registering life. Then the executioner pushed it in front of the head of the Teri I was fucking. She gasped and grunted under my assault. But she managed to kiss the severed head of her twin.

She moaned excitedly the entire time. I think she gave it lots of tongue. No doubt she tasted blood.

Her moans and cries increased with intensity as I fucked her harder. The head of her dead sister was pulled away. I saw a thread of spittle between both faces.

There was no life in the eyes of the dead Teri. The expression in her face had sagged tiredly.

The one I was fucking began grunting like crazy. I think she was on the verge of popping off big time. “I’M GONNA CUM – I’M GONNA CUM!” she cried out, all caught up in the moment “DO IT NOW – DO IT NOW!” Then she went off like a rocket.

She let out a scream as her ass clenched hard around my thrusting cock. I could tell she was shuddering hard. It was time.

With a nod from me, the executioner reached up and pulled the lever to my machine. She was still holding onto the other head with her other hand. Teri’s orgasmic scream was abruptly silenced forever by a whoosh of the blade bottoming out with a loud thunk.

Her head dropped onto the floor as her body exploded, bucking and spasming in my grasp. Blood spurted out of her neck stump. It wasn’t long until I was emptying myself with a roar inside her tight ass.

‘Executioner Teri’ calmly reached down. She picked up the other severed head with her other hand. Then she quietly showed them both to me.

My Teri’s face contained a look of orgasmic bliss. It was as though somehow she was still experiencing it.

Life flickered in her eyes. Her expression was incredible. It was as though she was trying to indicate it had been the best moment of her life.

“Make them kiss again!” I demanded. The executioner mashed both faces together. When she showed them both to me again, the life had faded out of my Teri’s eyes.

Her expression had sagged tiredly, just like her twin’s had done. The last thing she’d seen was the face of her dead twin as their lips had been mashed together. Had she been able to taste those lips? I would never know.

“Computer?” It was ‘Microkini Teri’s’ voice.

She pulled her strap-on out of the corpse she was fucking. Then she calmly said, “Behead the executioner!”

The hooded woman turned to look at her in shock. I heard a “Hunh???” as a look of utter astonishment filled those big brown eyes. She still held both severed heads in her hands by the hair.

I heard a brief hum. There was a pencil-thin flash of energy. It sliced right through the neck of a startled ‘Executioner Teri’.

Both heads were abruptly released from her hands at the same time. Both skulls thumped noisily onto the floor.

For a long moment the young woman just stood there as if frozen in place. Then her sexy body crumpled underneath her. Her head tipped forward and fell off her shoulders.

She went over backward as her head bounced once off the floor. Then it came to rest near the other two heads. She blinked as she looked up, complete surprise in her eyes.

My escort quickly walked around to the bloody mess. She picked up the head of the recently beheaded Teri and removed her hood. Teri’s face was a shocked expression of “How COULD you; I OBEYED your commands!”

I pulled out of the ass of my dead Teri. ‘Microkini Teri’ came over and handed me the head. “A present for you, Master,” she purred seductively. “You may fuck that face if you so desire.”

There was still life in ‘Executioner Teri’s’ eyes. I took her head and gently thrust my cock into her gaping mouth. Whether she could taste her twin’s ass on my cock or not I did not know. Her final moments must have been humiliating as I thrust my dick in and out through her parted lips.

I finally pulled out of her mouth. There was nothing left but an expression of tired shock frozen forever on her face.

My escort took the head from me. ‘Microkini Teri’ kissed those dead lips. Then she casually dropped the severed head onto the floor as though she no longer cared about it anymore.

It bounced before rolling up against one of its sister’s skulls. My escort didn’t give it a seconds thought. She simply turned toward me and smiled.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Master?” ‘Microkini Teri’ purred seductively as she snuggled up to me. She touched my semi-erect cock as she added, “It was incredibly erotic watching you fuck her head like that.”

“Very nice,” I breathed into her mouth.

The two of us kissed passionately. When we pulled apart, she took the time to arrange the three heads onto their bloody stumps. She left them in a neat row on the floor of the holodeck between the two guillotines.

She also posed headless ‘Executioner Teri’s’ body. She set it upright on crossed legs. It looked as though it was overseeing the three heads that had been placed right in front of it.

She giggled at what she’d done before slipping her arm through mine. “Onward and upward,” she said with a smile. Her eyes twinkled mischievously, and off we went…

2010; 2020 (written May 23 ’10; ed. Oct 24 ‘20 by riwa)

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