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Coming January rewards

A Karen receives an unusual gift at an office party.
The US-UK drowning tournament voting finals.
The 3rd chapter to Chloe.
The 3rd chapter to Aravanna.
The 3rd chapter to Katia.
An aquaphile confesses her enthusiasms.
Urania does a special photo shoot.
A woman sits in a chair and gets an erotic pain in the neck.
A mother and daughter fight over the same man.
Miss Woodcock has a gallows built and gets a volunteer to try it out.
A woman swims with a young stud at a resort.
Dorothy and Zilpha find themselves in a flooding dungeon.

November stories/rewards will fall off at the end of December to make room for January rewards.

We had a week of temperatures below 0. Some nights bottomed out at -25. It was the storm that made much of the US shiver. The temps warmed up enough yesterday to where mom and I could drive into town for our Christmas dinner together. Today I went over and visited with her for a couple of hours. We had a nice chat while the ball game was on TV in the background. I even managed to get in a walk around town.

And thus, we come to the end of another year. My goal is to track down any unfinished stories I have in my files and try to complete them. I think that’s the way of it with many artists. We have projects we start, but the muse abandons us before we can get the project finished. I’m not sure where mine went. I’ll either have to track her down, or hope another takes her place.

What will happen in 2023? I hope my health holds out. I’m working on prevention and maintenance, although I need to improve in a couple of areas. Two pulled toenails is not bad for the year, considering all the other body parts I have to keep track of.

Mom still has the shakes in her hands. It was a challenge for her to eat during our meal yesterday. But she really enjoyed the food, and we had a very pleasant visit yesterday and today. So it’s ok with me if we both maintain, so long as there are no significant declines. But what do you expect when you are older than anything you own? I think I have a radio and a couple books that come somewhat close.

I hope all of you have/had a nice Christmas, and that you got through the weather ok. Take care and party safe. I look forward to seeing all of you in the New Year. Thank you for being my patrons.


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