Santa visits the asphyxia sisters



Saint Nick checked his schedule. He was due for a stop at a home owned by a couple of sisters. They had received the property from an inheritance after their parents had been killed in a plane crash.

He pulled up the file on Helena and Uliana. It reminded him the H was silent for Helena’s name. She’d been pretty good all year.

On the other hand, Uliana had been rather naughty. She’d actually fucked one of her sister’s boyfriends. She had also talked Helena into buying her out of a jam she’d gotten herself into.

The sleigh and reindeer landed up on the roof. Everything shrank in size to accommodate their weight and presence without alerting any of the neighbors. Then he climbed out.

He reassured a couple of antsy reindeer. A treat for Dasher and Comet settled them right down. Then he made his way to the pipe that served as a chimney.

With a nod of his head, he disappeared. A moment later he reappeared inside the house in front of the makeshift fireplace. A tree was lit in the corner.

What he didn’t expect was to see Helena sitting naked in a chair facing the fireplace. Her arms and legs were tied to the arms and legs of the furniture she was secured to. A red ball-gag filled her mouth as a big, red ribbon crisscrossed her chest.

She grunted in alarm, her eyes flying open at his sudden appearance. Her sister was sitting in a comfortable chair right next to her. Uliana was also naked.

Her eyes also opened at the sight of the jolly old elf. “Santa!” she gasped with delight as she rose up. “So good to see you! I hope you brought me something good.”

He reached into his sack. Then he pulled out a lump of coal. “I believe this is for you,” he said as he handed it over to her. “And what, may I ask, are you doing to your sister on Christmas Eve?”

“I’ll admit I’ve not been all that nice this year, Santa. I just wanted to make it up to you somehow.”

“By securing your sister naked to a chair?”

“Of course! Merry Christmas, Santa!”

Uliana quickly worked Santa’s trousers down his legs before he could respond. She promptly dropped to her knees and grasped onto his meaty pole that now stood erect. Clearly her ploy had worked to get him aroused.

She quickly began sucking him down her gullet. Uliana threw herself into it. Surely this would earn her a better present from his sack.

She’d been much naughtier this year than she cared to admit. But she simply rationalized away every bad thing she’d done. Now she was looking to undo all the carnage she’d left in her wake.

Santa looked at the embarrassed sister grunting and struggling in the chair as Uliana sucked him. He was ashamed to realize he’d developed quite the erection. It was rather unseemly, especially this time of night on Christmas Eve.

Part of it was due to the nudity on display. The aggressiveness of the naughty sister was not helping matters any. Nor was seeing the innocent sibling helplessly tied up.

Uliana worked his meaty pole like a professional. He was a busy man this night. She had no time to dawdle.

She had him cumming in her mouth in less than two minutes. She grinned inwardly, figuring he needed a break. The jolly old elf deserved a bit of pleasure during the long night ahead

“You see, Santa?” she said when she finished, showing him a mouthful of goo. “I can be nice. Are you sure you can’t replace this for me?”

She hefted the lump of coal in her hand before giving it back to him. Then he looked with concern at the sister still secured to the chair. “Oh, don’t mind her,” Uliana waved dismissively with a grin. “Deep down, she really likes it. Look; I’ll even show you!”

Uliana rose up and went over to the chair. She quickly loosened part of the ribbon. Then she went behind the chair, wrapped the ribbon around her sister’s neck and started to pull tight.

Helena began to rasp for breath. She struggled in the chair as her face turned red. “Merry Christmas, Santa!” Uliana declared. “I’ll bet you love strangling the pretty elves back at the North Pole after a long night flying all over the world. Am I right?”

Helena shuddered until a spray of fluid emanated from her winking slit. Then she went limp in the chair. Uliana let go of the ribbon and laughed as her sister sat slumped, her chest barely rising and falling.

“So how about it, Santa? Don’t I deserve a little something for giving you such a nice present on Christmas Eve?”

He frowned for a moment. He was embarrassed his pants were still down, exposing a growing erection from the recent strangling of the innocent sister. He quickly pulled them back up. Then he waved at the tree.

A couple of presents appeared, along with an envelope. Uliana went over and took a look. She frowned when she saw the presents were not for her. Then she opened up the envelope.

“A month of free spa treatments? And a credit line at the jewelry store? Santa you’re the best!”

Uliana rushed up and hugged him. Saint Nick blushed over the warm, naked female flesh pressed up against him. Then he laid a finger aside of his nose.

Uliana found herself hugging empty air…

She turned to see her sister groaning as she came around. She grinned as she waved the contents of the envelope at her. “You see? Santa loves me after all! You should see what he brought me!”



Santa checked his itinerary as Rudolph led the way with his glowing nose. He was about to come upon that house with those two sisters Helena and Uliana. Memories of his visit to them from last year came flooding back to mind.

He settled the shrunken sleigh atop their roof. Then he checked another list. Once again, it seemed Uliana had not been very nice.

He gathered up the presents for his current location. Then he walked up to the pipe serving as the chimney. There was a flash of light before he disappeared. The reindeer shuffled around upon the roof, patiently awaiting his return.

Once more, he materialized in front of the makeshift fireplace. He was facing into the room when he assumed full size. What he saw made him do a double-take.

There was a different chair in the room from last year. This one was not quite as comfortable as the last one. And the occupant was not the same.

Uliana in her short, dark brown hair grunted into a ball-gag in her mouth. Her legs were secured to the front chair legs. Her arms were tightly fastened to the arms of the chair. A rope went around her neck to an upright post behind her.

The structure looked wooden, and none too comfortable. Santa had a good view of her crotch from her spread legs. It looked like something metal went up inside her womanhood.

Uliana began grunting as she rocked in the chair. It was obvious she wanted him to set her free. He just smiled with amusement.

“Being naughty again, are we? Sister putting you in your place this year? Well, don’t worry. I brought another lump of coal for you. I hope you can make diamonds out of it, because that’s all you’re getting this year.”

“Santa?” The voice had come from the doorway. It was Helena, wearing a sheer nighty.

“I see your sister’s been up to no good again. How did you manage to get her into this contraption?”

“It wasn’t easy, Santa. My boyfriend Mike had to help me wrestle her into it. He’s in the bedroom right now. I think I exhausted him.”

She walked up to her sister and pattered her on the shoulder. “Someone here to see you, sis.” Then she went behind the chair.

Santa’s eyes opened wide at the appearance of some sort of rod that was twisted into view. It had sat flush against the post and had not been visible until it was turned. “Say ah,” Helena chuckled as she turned it.

The rope tightened around Uliana’s throat. She began to struggle as her face turned red. “Quit’cher bitchin’,” the sister remarked. “You know how many times you had me in this last year? I’ll bet Santa knows.”

“As a matter of fact I do,” he observed as his dick began to harden in his trousers.

Helena smiled as she eased the tension on the rod behind her sister. Slack appeared in the coil around her neck. Uliana panted for breath as she let out muffled grunts, pleading with Santa to be set free.

“There’s a special feature to this chair, Santa. What to know what it is?”

“I’d love to see it, honey.”


Helena began to tighten the rod behind her sister. The rope contracted around her neck again. Then she stiffened and cried out into the ball-gag in her mouth as she began to wriggle and squirm.

“Electrified dildos up her cunt and ass, Santa. She’s been a pain in my ass all year. So tonight I’m being a pain in hers.”

The jolly old elf gave her a knowing smile. “A fitting end to the year, if I do say so myself.”

Uliana struggled in the chair as though she had ants crawling up her butt. Then she closed her eyes and screamed into the gag in her mouth. “She cums just as hard as I do when I’m in this chair, Santa. I’m so glad Mike helped me put her into it for your visit. Got a minute or two?”

“Anything for you, honey.”

Helena motioned at the more comfortable chair over by the makeshift fireplace. “You can slip out of those things for a minute of they’re making you uncomfortable, Santa.” Helena grinned as she motioned at his trousers.

He slipped them down, exposing an erection. Helena eased the rope from around her sister’s neck. Then she produced a clear, plastic bag.

She pulled it down around her sister’s head. She looped the rope around the bottom, sealing the plastic. Then she snugged the coil by tightening the rope just enough.

The bag began to puff and deflate. Helena grinned as she went over to Santa and sprawled out onto the floor. She raised her bare feet up and promptly began giving the jolly old elf a footjob.

Uliana writhed and groaned in the chair. The bag inflated and deflated a little faster. Her sister turned toward her and gave her a wicked smile.

“I’ll see if I can get him off before you pass out, sis. I don’t know if I can though. I want him to really enjoy himself.”

She used her feet to lovingly caress Santa’s erection. Uliana writhed as the posts shocked her. She cried out as the bag inflated and deflated even faster.

“I plan on having her sit there all night long, Santa. In the morning Mike and I will strangle the ever-lovin’ shit out of her before we let her go. At least she’ll have a lot of orgasms before we set her free.”

“Beats getting this for Christmas,” he observed with an appreciative smile as he tossed a lump of coal toward the chair. It rolled to a stop right in front of the suffering sister.

Helena timed it perfectly. The plastic was tight against Uliana’s face, her naked body shuddering. She passed out at the same time Saint Nick spurted all over Helena’s bare feet.

“Merry Christmas, Santa.” she told him as she wiped it off her foot with a finger. “I’ll get her out of that plastic after you leave.” Then she stuck it into her mouth, savoring the flavor.

“Merry Christmas, honey,” he replied.

He stood up and pulled his trousers back up. A couple of presents appeared under the tree for Helena. Then he turned toward her unconscious sister and shook his head. He didn’t have the heart to tell Helena her wicked sister had fucked her boyfriend Mike behind her back a mere two days ago.



Santa guided his sleigh toward a familiar location. To be honest, they were all familiar. But this one bore a special interest.

Once more, Uliana had been very naughty. Last year Helena had made her suffer on Christmas Eve. What would the situation look like when he arrived this year?

The jolly old elf had a feeling he was in for a surprise. He stood upon the roof and laid a finger aside his nose. A moment later he vanished from sight.

He appeared once more in front of the makeshift fireplace. If he expected to find something crazy this year, he was not disappointed. Two years in a row had provided him with an interesting source of amusement. This year was to be no different.

Helena was lying naked on the floor. She had been trussed up like the proverbial Christmas turkey. But there was an added dimension to her dilemma.

The red ball-gag was no longer in place. But Helena wasn’t able to speak very clearly. A rope went from her ankles to her neck, wrapping around her throat in the form of a noose.

She rasped as she tried to beg him to set her free. It looked like she was strangling herself. Santa felt his member begin to stiffen in his trousers.

Uliana suddenly appeared. She was wearing nothing but a smile. “So good to see you this year, Santa! Do you like the present I gave you?”

She motioned at her bound sister with a flourish. He tried to scowl at her. But his growing erection was beginning to bulge in his red trousers.

“I see you’ve been naughty again this year.” Then he tossed a lump of coal in her direction. It landed upon the floor at her feet.

“You don’t understand, Santa. She LOVES strangling for you! Last year was a mistake.”

“Oh really?”

Uliana came forward and purred at him. “No gift for me, Santa? I’ve certainly got something special for you.”

She pushed him backward into the cushioned chair that sat near the makeshift fireplace. Uliana pulled his trousers down, exposing his rigid member. “Just as I suspected,” she chuckled.

She turned toward her sister who was rasping and struggling. “See what you’re doing to Santa, sis? You should be proud!”

Uliana knelt and wrapped her lips around the jolly old elf’s stiffened appendage. Then she began worshipping it with her mouth and tongue. Helena could only watch in absolute horror as the rope tightened around her throat.

Uliana took her sweet time sucking Santa off. It didn’t bother her in the slightest how quickly he might need to travel to his next home. She was determined to earn herself a better present.

Her sister rasped for breath, strangling with agonizing slowness as she sucked him deeper. Santa was embarrassed the way he was so turned on. He couldn’t help wondering if one day these two were going to take things way too far.

Uliana stopped halfway through the present she was delivering to Santa. She went to a corner of the room and retrieved a plastic toy. It looked remarkably like a long, thick dildo.

“I’m not without my mercies, Santa.” Then she went up to her sister. She bent down and worked it into Helena’s wet pussy.

She pushed it all the way in. Then she turned it on. Helena instantly began to rasp and gurgle as she writhed and grunted on the floor.

Uliana went back and knelt before Santa. His cock had not softened in the slightest. She just smiled at him before going back to work on it.

He was a little embarrassed over what these two were doing to him while trussing each other up every year. Yet he spoke not a word. The night had been especially hectic this year, and he needed the distraction.

Helena was on the verge of passing out when she began to climax. It resulted in the rope tightening around her throat as her feet tried to stretch out. Uliana simply giggled with a mouthful of juicy dick until the jolly old elf emptied himself down her throat.

She came off and smiled at him with a mouthful of cum. She showed it to him before swallowing it all. She even wiped up a few drops from off her lips and the side of her chin.

She waved at Helena who had almost passed out. “Thanks, Santa. Helena thanks you as well. Got anything else for us?”

He waved a hand over at the tree in the corner. A handful of presents appeared. Then he put a finger aside of his nose and was gone.

Uliana patted her sister on her bare ass. “Enjoy yourself for another minute or two, sis. Let me go check on the presents.”

She opened her lone envelope. It was a gift certificate to a cheap restaurant. She shook her head before reaching for one of her sister’s presents.

“Santa made a mistake. This one’s for me. The one I opened is for you.” Then she laughed as Helena finally passed out, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.



It was that time of night. Santa angled his sleigh toward the home of the asphyxia sisters. This time he wondered what kind of tricks the two women were going to expose him to.

Uliana was the worst of the two. She was always hooking up with her sister Helena’s boyfriends. She also had enjoyed asphyxiating her sibling a lot during the year. Santa had all this information in his files.

The sleigh came down on top of the roof and appropriately reduced in size. He reached into his sack and produced a rather nice present for Helena. Her sister was getting something much smaller, having narrowly avoided earning herself another piece of coal.

Once more he materialized in front of the makeshift fireplace. The tree was in the corner of the room where the girls usually put it up. But he was astonished at the sight that greeted him, almost causing him to yelp in surprise.

Uliana was hanging upside down, her head barely a foot off the floor. She was buck naked, other than a red ribbon around her body. Her arms were crisscrossed and tightly secured behind her back.

She hung from her bare ankles. A rope threaded up through an eyebolt in the ceiling. The free end had been tied off.

A red ball-gag filled her mouth. Her eyes opened wide at the appearance of the jolly old elf. Then she turned to grunt in the direction of the corner.

Santa looked to see Helena sitting in the big, cushioned chair. She was in a sheer, white nightie. “Merry Christmas, Santa,” she said with a smile.

She waved at her naked, grunting sister before standing up and telling him, “Like your present this year?”

He looked at the dangling, grunting sister before choosing to examine her more thoroughly. He walked all around her, caressing parts of her naked flesh. When he was done, he turned and smiled at Helena.

“Very nice, my dear. But what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Just sit in my chair over here in the corner, Santa. Take a load off for a few moments while we entertain you.”

He went over and sat down. Helena went and retrieved a large rod in the shape and color of a candy cane. Then she walked over to her sister and grinned at her.

“Make sure you entertain Santa for us, ok?” she explained, ominously hefting the striped cane. “Besides, this is for all the boyfriends you stole from me this year.”

She ran the cane over her trembling sister’s tits. Then she stepped behind her and gave her a whack on her ass. Uliana jerked and grunted in pain and fury.

“Oh, you like that, do you? You treated me far worse this year. Hell, there were a few times I wasn’t even sure I would survive!” Then she whacked her again.

Uliana cried out as Helena gave it to her good. The helpless sister jerked and grunted each time the cane was applied to her ass. Then Helena motioned for Santa to step forward and give her some assistance.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked curiously.

She removed her sister’s ball-gag. Uliana started to curse her. Helena just shook a finger at her.

“Ah – ah – aahhhhh. Not on Christmas Eve, sis. And not in front of Santa, or you won’t get anything good. Isn’t that right, Santa?”

She went over to the end of the rope. Then she leaned into it. Uliana was pulled upward until her head was just about eye-level with the crotch of the jolly old elf.

“Pull your pants down and enjoy yourself, Santa! Maybe sis can earn herself a better present before you go.”

Uliana was outraged. “Helena, you bitch! Next year, you’re really going to get it good!”

“What; no present for Santa?”

Uliana looked at the crotch in front of her. Then she winced in defeat before nodding.

Santa pealed his pants down, exposing the erection that had developed from viewing the nude, dangling sister. He pushed it between her lips, slowly thrusting as Helena tied off the rope in the new position. Then she came over with the cane.

She smiled at Santa from behind her sister. Then she swatted Uliana’s ass. Her sister grunted in pain as she tried to keep the cock between her lips.

For the next several minutes Helena punished her sister with the cane every few seconds. Santa’s cock twitched in the young woman’s mouth as Uliana grunted in pain. He certainly had to admire Helena for being so creative.

“Fuck her face hard, Santa! She fucking deserves it, if you’ll pardon my language. Merry Christmas, Santa!”

“HO – HO – HO!” he replied. Then he fully gave himself to Uliana’s torment, making use of the warm mouth while enjoying watching the pain being inflicted with the cane.

He enjoyed himself longer than he probably should have. But Uliana was a talented cocksucker. Besides, he felt she kind of deserved this.

He thrust harder as Helena spread the blows along Uliana’s body. Red welts appeared on her ass, her lower back and upper legs. She kept screaming in agony into the cock in her mouth. But her pride motivated her to give the jolly old elf the best blowjob of his life, especially on this night.

Santa finally roared his release. Uliana did her best to swallow it all. But some leaked out and dribbled down into her eyes and hair.

Helena gave her a few last swats on the ass. Then Santa zipped up. He thanked the sisters for a pleasurable break in his schedule. Then he waved over in the direction of the tree.

The present for Helena appeared as he had planned. But a second present materialized, one just a little more valuable than the one he had originally intended to give Uliana. Then he put his finger aside of his nose. A moment later he vanished from view.

“He’s gone,” Uliana panted tiredly. “Now get me down from here, you bitch!”

“Not until I’ve finished your punishment, you bitch! You fucking deserve this!” Then she came around and caned her sister’s tits until Uliana begged, screamed, cried out and then rained down every curse she could think of.

Inwardly she vowed that next Christmas would be her ultimate revenge, something she figured Santa would be sure to enjoy…



The sleigh came down upon a familiar roof before reducing in size. Santa got out and checked the reindeer. They seemed fine.

It was time to pay another visit to the asphyxia sisters. But this time he had no presents in mind. For some reason he was unsure just what he was going to give them.

He’d considered the matter before leaving the North Pole. But he simply could not settle on any specific gift for either sister. Something was making him wait until he saw them in person.

He prepared to enter the residence. This time he truly had no idea what to expect. His gut was telling him this visit was going to be rather extraordinary.

He materialized directly in front of the makeshift fireplace. Then he blinked in surprised. That’s when he wondered if his descent into the building had caused him some disorientation.

The tree was in its usual spot in the corner. And the sisters were once again naked. But what he had not counted on was seeing the strange wooden contraption against the nearby wall, a contraption Helena appeared to be attached to.

She let out a cry for help upon seeing the jolly old elf. Her sister stood naked right next to her. Uliana smiled as she motioned at her naked sister who was wearing a noose around her neck while her arms were secured behind her back.

“Merry Christmas, Santa!” Then Uliana hit the little green button on a control box on the wall next to the strange wooden contraption.

Helena gawked as she was abruptly hoisted up into the air. Her feet were a good eighteen inches off a raised section of wooden floor. A drain was cut directly in the middle.

Almost immediately she began rasping and struggling. Her nipples protruded as her hairy pussy dripped and glistened with moisture. She was strangling in the rope, her naked body bumping against the wooden contraption directly behind her.

For a moment Santa was too stunned to react. Uliana took advantage of the moment to push him backwards until he fell into a familiar cushioned chair he’d been in during previous visits. Then she quickly peeled down his pants before going to work on his shamefully stiffening member.

He looked at a dangling Helena who appeared to be in agony. She also looked as though she was pleading with her eyes for him to get her down. The sight of her strangling in the noose made him perversely hard. Worse, Uliana’s exquisite mouth was keeping him from softening.

“Your sister…” he stammered in disbelief.

“…wants it this way, Santa,” Uliana finished with a sly grin. “She told me it was the best present a girl could ever give a guy.” Then she went back to work sucking on his dick.

The jolly old elf wasn’t sure he believed it. Yes, he was aware of their asphyxia games during the year. But he wasn’t so certain of Uliana’s words on the current situation.

Helena suffered immensely in the noose as she humped with her torso. Fluid spurted out of her crotch, some of it dribbling down her legs. Her knees came up as she humped until she finally dangled quietly.

“It’s all for you, Santa,” Uliana murmured, her eyes twinkling. “It’s all for you.” Then she went back to sucking.

Instinctively he put his hand on the back of her head, guiding her to find the sweet spot. His cock twitched in her mouth as Helena went into little spasms in the noose. Her bladder finally gave way, causing a different color of fluid to trickle down her legs, only to be caught by the drain below.

Santa’s seed filled Uliana’s mouth as Helena quietly expired. The sisters had taken their asphyxia sessions a little too far. Now one of them was gone… and on Christmas Eve, no less!

Was it an accident? Santa didn’t think so. In fact, he suspected it might be revenge based on what had happened during his visit last year.

Uliana swallowed every drop, licking her lips before she looked up and smiled. “And now for your present, Santa,” she said with a naughty grin.

She got up and went over to her dangling sister. The red button was pushed until Helena’s naked body came down and lay crumpled upon the floor. Uliana removed the noose before moving her deceased sibling in front of the tree, her ass propped up onto her knees.

“All yours, Santa,” she motioned with a cheery wave. “Merry Christmas. Helena wants you to enjoy yourself.”

He stood up and walked over to look at the inviting ass all propped up. He could feel his cock stirring. Then he gave Uliana a knowing smile.

“I do believe you’re correct,” he told her. “Helena would want me to enjoy myself.” And with that he corralled the noose before quickly looping it around Uliana’s neck.

Her eyes flew open in surprise. “Santa, what are you doing?”

“Thanking you for the Christmas present, my dear.” Then he pushed the green button.

Uliana was hauled up into the air, kicking and bouncing off the wooden structure behind her. Her hands frantically clawed at the noose around her neck. That’s when Santa went over and entered Helena’s raised crotch with his growing erection, thrusting into her wet pussy.

Uliana let out garbled cries as she fought the noose her sister had just ridden. Santa smiled, enjoying the show as he thrust into the dead sister’s snatch. He was amazed how nice and tight it felt. All he could do was hope it was indeed Helena’s final desire to be used by him like this in the event of treachery on the part of her sister.

Uliana’s knees came up as she climaxed in the noose. Santa was fully aware how much both sisters orgasmed when under the spell of asphyxia. This time their orgasms would be their last.

Santa pumped a load into Helena as Uliana began to settle down. She hung quietly as liquid splattered off her toes into the drain below. Her arms hung limp at her sides as her tongue protruded.

Santa sighed as he pulled his pants back on. Then he went over and caressed Uliana’s warm flesh. “I appreciate the gift, ladies. I guess this explains why I couldn’t settle on any kind of present for either one of you. I am going to miss my future visits to this house. But I guess this is a fitting end for you both.” And with that he shimmered out of existence in front of the fake fireplace.

2021 (written Sep 29, ‘21 by riwa. All five chapters are/were inspired by the Susan Coquin render I included below.)

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