Breath-holding in the pool with Alex (m/m)


Part 4

I didn’t see Alex for the rest of the week. I didn’t know what to expect when I prepared to go to work at the pool Monday morning. I hadn’t heard from him, so I assumed he would not be showing up.

I arrived Monday morning at my shift bright and early anyway. After all, I still had to vacuum the pool floor. I went inside and got it done with plenty of time to spare before the pool was set to open to the public.

Since I still had time, I decided to go for a swim. I stripped down to a pair of black speedos I’d worn underneath my street clothes. Then I retrieved a set of goggles.

I got into the water and did some swimming back and forth across the length of the pool. Then I proceeded to try a few breath-holds in the deep end. I submerged and went down to the bottom of the ladder where I clung to the last rung face down so as not to get water up my nose.

I developed a system where I increased my time underwater each time I went down. It was followed by some time at the surface to catch my breath. I worked myself up to a good two minutes with minimal effort. So I decided to try a few breath-holds lying face up.

The first couple of times down caused my sinuses to sting a little. But I soon got used to it. I even managed a couple of minutes looking up at the surface while holding onto the bottom of the pool ladder before ending my swim.

There was still no sign of Alex when a few elderly individuals started showing up after 9 am. I was a little disappointed. But I figured something must have come up.

I worked on Monday, and again on Wednesday. Still, there was no word. It wasn’t until Friday when he made an appearance.

He stopped by during the middle of my shift. He said he didn’t have time to swim. But he wanted to know if I was vacuuming the pool the following Monday and if I needed any help.

I told him the pool would probably need a good cleaning. He asked if it would be a problem if he showed up early to give me a hand. I said he was more than welcome. He smiled and thanked me, telling me he’d be here. Then he left.

I thought about him throughout the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t help wondering what we might do in the water together. I even found myself becoming a little aroused just thinking about it.

I got to the pool bright and early Monday morning. I stripped down to my red speedos and broke out the pool vac. Alex showed up a couple minutes later.

He changed into a pair of white speedos and helped me with the pool vacuum. I thought it was ironic, seeing him in his suit. Last time we’d been in the water, he’d worn red and I’d worn white.

After I finished running the vacuum over the bottom of the pool, he helped me put it away. I retrieved the goggles I’d used the week before. I also retrieved that brick I had stashed away, just in case we needed it to help stay down on the bottom.

Alex retrieved a pair of goggles out of his bag before joining me in the water. I had brought along my own waterproof watch, suspecting I might want to keep track of our times. He had his as well, so now we both could time ourselves.

We submerged and went straight down to the pool floor until we ended up on our knees. We held onto the bottom of the pool ladder to help ourselves stay down. But after the release of a few bubbles, neither of us really needed to hold onto the pool ladder any longer.

We both managed two minutes easily enough. When we surfaced, I told him I’d practiced the week before. He was glad to hear I’d enjoyed a little swim before my shift that day.

He smiled as he told me how much he missed breath-holding with me. He said he’d gotten busy and had been unable to get away. He was glad to be able to come back and enjoy a swim with me while setting aside the cares of the world for a while.

I wanted to show him I could hold my breath while lying face up. So I went down to the pool floor with the brick. But I got water up my nose and had to surface.

The next time down was much better. I stretched out on the bottom with the brick on my chest. Alex smiled as he swam from one side of the deep end to the other, swimming back and forth over the top of me. I even released bubbles up at him whenever he swam over the top of me.

After I had to surface for a breath, we changed positions. Alex stretched out on his back on the pool floor, the brick on his chest while he was holding his breath. This time it was my turn to swim back and forth over the top of him.

We finally surfaced together to catch our breath. A quick glance at the time indicated we only had about a half hour left to play with. Whatever we wanted to try would have to be accomplished within the next thirty minutes.

We went back down for another breath-hold. This time we held onto the same rung of the pool ladder, stretching out together side by side while we both faced downward. We soon became competitive, trying to see who could outlast the other.

We managed a 2:30 breath-hold together before I had to go up first. He came up a couple seconds later. While we were catching our breath, he smiled as he told me, “That was really hot, Dean.”

For some reason, he suddenly became a little shy. He hesitantly told me, “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, Dean. But you really turn me on. I hope that doesn’t offend you.”

“Not at all,” I replied with a smile. “Why should it offend me? Actually, I’m flattered.”

Up until that moment, I had not been all that aroused during our time in the water. There had been the occasional stirring. And I’d noticed he was not sporting much of a bulge up to that point.

Things changed the minute he told me that. My cock suddenly stirred in my speedos. Now I was the one feeling a little bit shy.

He smiled as he asked, “Would you mind going back down and holding your breath for me while facing upward? That is, if you don’t mind getting water up your nose again.”

My cock stirred a little more as I replied, “Not at all, Alex. Be glad to.” I don’t know why I was starting to become aroused all of the sudden.

I filled my lungs and submerged. I carefully work my way down to the bottom rung of the pool ladder. Then I turned myself over until I was facing upward.

Alex came down to join me. At first, he grabbed the next rung above mine and held onto it. We both held our breath together, him looking down at me as I released a few sporadic bubbles up into his face.

We stayed down together until our lungs began to strain. I could see him fighting it. At the same time, my chest was hitching in breathless agony. Then we both headed upward, managing a time around the 2:20 mark.

We surfaced and gasped for about thirty seconds. I self-consciously asked, “You want me to do it again?”

“Only if you want to, Dean.”

I smiled as we both filled our lungs. Then we went back down. I grabbed the bottom rung of the ladder and faced upward.

He didn’t grab onto the ladder and stretch out above me like I expected him to. Instead, he clung to the ladder with his left hand, which helped him remain down on the pool floor on his knees.

Alex settled right next to me, holding onto the ladder so he wouldn’t drift upward. His eyes were on me the entire time. I became so self-conscious that I felt my dick harden in my speedos.

He looked me up and down as though admiring me. Then he reached out with his right hand and caressed my chest. His touch felt electric.

I released a few more bubbles out of my mouth until I began to lose my buoyancy. I let go of the ladder and drifted downward until I was lying flat on my back on the pool floor. Alex drifted down with me until he was kneeling right next to me.

He slowly ran a hand over my chest again. I don’t know why, but it really made my dick stiffen. He smiled at me as he released a few more bubbles out of his nose.

I released a little more air to ease the strain in my lungs. My sinuses were flooded, but it didn’t bother me all that much. Perhaps I had finally gotten used to it. Or perhaps it was because Alex kept caressing my chest.

I felt the strain start in my stomach. It worked itself up into my lungs until I was struggling not to exhale. He caressed me even more as my lungs heaved in my chest.

My dick was rock-hard and throbbing, making a noticeable bulge in my speedos. He didn’t act as though he’d noticed. Instead, he just kept caressing my chest as I struggled to hold my breath.

I lost most of my air in a mighty whoosh. Then I shot up to the surface. Alex followed me up until the two of us were at the surface panting like crazy.

He checked his watch and smiled. “That was almost three minutes, Dean. That was really hot!”

“I guess I stayed down for a long time!” I panted, amazed at my time.

I gave him a long, curious look. He appeared to go all shy on me again. “You didn’t mind my touching you; did you, Dean? It’s just that I couldn’t help myself. And watching you struggle to hold it was really hot.”

I quickly told him I didn’t mind. Besides, I’d found it incredibly erotic being touched like that. Then I asked if he wanted a turn.

He went all shy on me again. Then he carefully answered, “I can if you want me to, Dean. But to be honest, I enjoy watching you hold your breath down there.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Ok; I suppose I can do it again. Maybe this time I can break three minutes on my back.”

“That would be great, Dean!”

We filled our lungs and submerged. I went straight down, grabbed onto the bottom rung of the ladder, and then rolled over onto my back. Alex came right down with me.

Once more he went to his knees while holding onto the ladder. Almost immediately he began caressing me again. My cock had softened once we’d returned to the surface. But it soon hardened right back up.

This time he caressed his way further down until his hand brushed over my bulge. My dick stiffened at his touch. He released a couple of bubbles out of his nose as he caressed me again.

He looked at me questioningly, as though trying to decide if I was ok with what he was doing to me. I gave him a smile of reassurance. Then I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on holding my breath.

He caressed me even more. The way he touched me helped distract me from focusing so hard on holding my breath. I lost a few more bubbles until I lost buoyancy and my body started to drift downward.

I let go of the ladder, ending up flat on my back on the pool floor again. I opened my eyes and looked at Alex. He smiled as he groped my bulge, releasing a few bubbles out of his nose until he didn’t have to hold onto the pool ladder anymore.

He slid his hand up my chest, touching and caressing me. I focused on the sensations and not so much on holding my breath. Then he smiled as he slid his hand back down.

Once more he caressed my bulge. He gave me a couple of squeezes until I really stiffened in his grasp. Then he began caressing my chest with the hand he’d used to hold onto the pool ladder.

I bubbled as he caressed my chest while rubbing my bulge. He reached down and cupped my balls through my speedos. I was so horny I could hardly stand it.

I didn’t bother keeping track of the time. Neither did Alex. He was too busy smiling and caressing me.

The strain in my lungs began to manifest in my chest. I could see he was straining a little as well. He just smiled as he caressed my heaving chest while working my bulge with his other hand. It was incredibly erotic.

I fought like hell to stay down for as long as I could. I guess I didn’t want him to stop touching me. Then I lost a huge burst of air.

I shot up like a rocket, bursting up and gasping loudly for breath. Alex came up a couple seconds later. He smiled at me as he panted, “It was so hot… watching you struggle… to hold your breath, Dean.”

“What you’re doing is…” I paused, unsure how to phrase it.

He looked alarmed as he asked, “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all,” I replied reassuringly. “I think it’s… helping to distract me… helping me stay down longer.”

“Then you don’t mind doing another one for me, Dean?”

I checked my watch. We were still good on time. I shook my head and told him I didn’t mind.

We filled our lungs and went back down. Once more I grabbed onto the bottom rung of the pool ladder. Alex went right to work caressing my chest and bulge.

My cock was stiff as a board. It was becoming quite uncomfortable in its confinement. I couldn’t help wondering if Alex had any plans along those lines.

As if reading my mind, he slowly pealed back the edge of my speedos. The tip of my cock emerged. He caressed it with his fingers, releasing bubbles out of his mouth.

I could no longer keep from moaning my arousal as I lost a couple bubbles out of my nose. Alex caressed me until he pulled more of my suit down. My dick became even more exposed.

I glanced over to see how he was doing. His dick was making a noticeable bulge in his trunks. Apparently, he was greatly turned on by what he was doing to me.

I lost enough air to begin my descent to the bottom again. Alex lost enough of his breath to drift down with me. He caressed my chest with one hand while grabbing my exposed erection with the other.

I could not help moaning up a couple more bubbles. It was incredibly erotic. He just smiled at me as he enjoyed molesting me right there on the pool floor.

He was very gentle; he did not jerk me. He pulled my suit further down until he could cup my balls in his hand. My dick twitched as he smiled and bubbled at me.

I didn’t know what to do. A part of me wanted to cum. Was that what he was shooting for? Or was he just enjoying our time together?

He took his time caressing my chest with one hand and stroking my dick with the other. I stiffened in his grasp every time he squeezed. I think it helped me concentrate on holding my breath by wanting to stay down and allow him to touch me all over.

Once more, my lungs began to hurt from lack of air. My chest heaved in breathless agony. He seemed to like that a lot. He certainly smiled and rubbed my chest as he stroked my dick.

I lost spurts of my breath. Then there was a big whoosh of air. He gripped my dick a couple extra seconds as though forgetting to let go. Then I shot up to the surface.

I burst up, gasping like crazy. Alex came up a couple seconds later. “It’s so hot… watching your chest heave… as your dick twitches, Dean. I hope you don’t… mind my… being so, uh… so personal.”

I told him I didn’t mind. Then I glanced at the time. The way things were going, I figured we would be wise if we didn’t stay in the pool much longer.

He saw me check on the time. “Is everything all right, Dean?”

“I think we can do one more,” I replied. Besides, I was hoping to have a release at the bottom of the pool.

I guess he wanted to make sure things were all right with me. “Do you like what I’m doing to you, Dean?”

“I certainly have no complaints,” I said with a smile. “You’re uh… you’re sure making me feel good.”

“Would you mind if I made you cum? I mean, as my way of thanking you for swimming and breath-holding with me?” He grasped onto my exposed cock and tugged it for emphasis.

“Not at all, Alex,” I told him with a smile. “Only if you want to.”

He smiled and nodded. We both began taking deep breaths as I became more and more excited. Then we submerged together.

I reached the bottom rung of the ladder and grabbed on. Alex grabbed the pool ladder to steady himself. Then he began caressing me again.

His hand slid down until he reached my exposed dick. Once more, he began gently tugging on me. A few bubbles trickled out of his nose.

I released a few bubbles as well. He stroked me a little harder. Then he let go of the ladder.

He grabbed onto me to keep from drifting upward. He slowly stroked me as his head moved closer to my crotch. He looked at me and smiled before giving the tip of my dick a little bubbly kiss.

I twitched in his grasp. He kissed the tip again. Then he slowly took it into his mouth.

For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. I moaned up a few bubbles, causing me to lose what little buoyancy I had left. That’s when I drifted toward the bottom of the pool.

Alex stayed with me as he slowly took me all the way into his mouth. A couple bubbles dribbled out of his nose. He was very slow and careful.

He kept his eyes on me the entire time. I think he was looking for any reaction on my part that would indicate a need for him to stop. I wasn’t sure I wanted a male sucking my dick. But I sure as hell didn’t want him to stop.

He slowly came off my cock. Then he took me deeper. I felt him suction me, causing my dick to twitch in his mouth.

He reached up and slowly pulled my goggles up off my face. I blinked as I lost a few bubbles. My dick twitched again between his lips.

Alex was no longer buoyant. I watched as he slowly began to shift his position. Soon he was lying between my spread legs, my dick still lodged in his mouth.

He was very slow and methodical. He would almost gulp me down before backing off and going slow again. It felt incredible.

I couldn’t believe a guy was blowing me! But it felt so good that I still didn’t want him to stop. Watching a grown man suck my dick underwater, the occasional bubble coming out of his nose and mouth, was strangely arousing.

I tried not to think about holding my breath. Instead, I concentrated on how wonderful it felt. His eyes remained focused on me the entire time.

We were into our second minute underwater when he began to increase his activity. He took me deep, slowly sucked until his mouth came off, and then took me deep again. My cock twitched and throbbed, desperate for a release.

He began to bob up and down, more bubbles escaping his nose. A few came out through the seal his lips made around my dick. That’s when I began to feel it in my lungs.

I grunted and moaned as I instinctively thrust up into his mouth. He began bobbing up and down on my shaft, losing more bubbles. I felt the agony in my lungs, causing my chest to heave.

He worked my cock harder, losing more bubbles. I grunted as I struggled not to inhale. I wanted to cum, but I was all out of breath!

I lost a burst of bubbles. Alex took me deep. I lost another burst, only to feel him cup my balls as he suctioned hard while bobbing up and down on my shaft.

I felt it start to rise up within me. So I tried to warn him off. He just sucked good and hard until my dick exploded in his mouth.

There was so much that a little cream slipped out past the seal his clenched lips made. I kept thrusting as he tried to drain me. Then my lungs heaved painfully.

I lost a huge burst of air as I pulled out of his mouth and shot up to the surface. Alex was right behind me. We popped up together gasping loudly for breath.

He panted, “That was… incredibly hot, Dean! I hope you… didn’t mind. I just couldn’t… help myself!”

I blushed as I checked the time. Then I reached down and pulled my speedos back on. He saw my expression and nodded, “Yeah, I suppose it’s time to get out of here before your customers show up.”

We climbed out and dried ourselves off. He went into the locker room to change as I got back into my street clothes. It was still just the two of us in the building when he came out of the locker room fully dressed.

“I had a great time, Dean,” he told me with a huge grin. “You’re getting really good at holding your breath.”

I smiled bashfully. “Well, I had a little help.” He just laughed.

“Thanks for letting me in early to help you clean the pool, Dean. And thanks for, uh… well, thanks for humoring me.”

I smiled as I told him, “You’re welcome, Alex.”

He paused for a moment. Then he told me, “I said it before. But I’m going to say it again. You turn me on, Dean. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, Alex. I don’t mind.”

He just smiled and nodded. Then he was gone.

For a moment I stood there staring at the door he’d just walked through. Had I really allowed a guy to suck my dick underwater? It had certainly felt enjoyable. It made me wonder what else we might do together if and when he returned for another swim.

2022 (written Jan 29 ’22 by riwa)

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