Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 5 Long-drop Teris)


We took a few steps away from the guillotines. Almost immediately, a large wooden gallows appeared before us. A stairway led up to the top on the right side.

On the platform 9 or 10 feet above us were three naked, hooded Teris. They stood stiffly with a noose dangling in front of each face. Occasionally I heard a soft whimper.

A fourth noose dangled on the far right next to the last Teri. But there appeared to be no one for whom it was destined. I wondered if this was a mistake or if another Teri would be produced to hang from it.

There was a fourth Teri up on the platform. But she was dressed differently. She wore high heels and a black fishnet body-stocking. I got the impression she would be the executioner, as she walked back and forth between the condemned as though getting them ready.

The first two Teris had thick, black straps around their ankles and knees, binding their legs together. The third one wore a spreader bar attached to her ankles, spreading her legs obscenely. All three had their arms cuffed behind their backs.

Behind them stood a small wooden table. I couldn’t fathom the purpose of such an object up there with them. Probably that was because the angle was such that I couldn’t see what might have been set upon it.

“Remove the hoods!” my Teri demanded with a wave as she looked up at the executioner. “Let the bitches see their fate!”

In response, the woman went up behind each one, starting with the one on the right. Then she began ripping off each hood. The appearance of a noose dangling in front of them set each one to whimpering with fright.

“You may proceed with the executions,” ‘Microkini Teri’ called up to her. “I will give the order when each one has been readied.”

‘Readied?’ I thought to myself. The executioner just nodded with understanding.

I saw her pick something up from off the table before walking over to the first one. “This first bitch is guilty of being a cock-sucking slut!” the executioner announced loudly.

She looped the noose around her doppelganger’s neck, pulling it snug. The poor thing quivered and moaned. The executioner ran a hand all over the condemned woman’s trembling body.

She seemed to take great delight in groping her replica’s tits as she continued on with the charges…. “There is no cock she won’t suck, be it single, engaged, married, divorced or simply committed to another individual. Therefore I’ve decided she should hang with this in her mouth!”

She produced what I now saw to be a large, rubber dildo. So that was what she’d picked up from the table. Then she proceeded to shove it hard into condemned Teri #1’s mouth.

The poor thing’s eyes bugged out as she tried to gasp for breath. The sex toy must have been shoved halfway down her throat. “You may hang the slut!” my escort commanded.

The executioner calmly stepped to a lever directly behind the terrified woman. I saw her smile as she pulled it with some degree of enthusiasm. There was a loud THUNK as the hinged trap dropped open.

Teri fell with a muffled scream that was cut off the moment she hit the end of the rope. With a loud CRICK, her body bounced a little. Then she began jerking around like a fish at the end of a line, her feet less than a foot off the floor of the holodeck.

Involuntary spasms claimed her for about 30 seconds or so. Then her body settled into a soft, gentle sway from side to side. Her lifeless eyes remained open wide in horror from her sudden plunge through the trap.

The rubber phallus dangled obscenely from her mouth. A trickle of urine ran down one leg. It dribbled off her foot onto the ground below.

With the execution of their identical sister, the two remaining Teris began to whimper even harder. Their eyes were open wide in horror. Clearly they now understood what their fate was to be.

The executioner walked up to the middle Teri where she calmly draped the noose around her neck. She snugged it up tight before enjoying caressing her body as well. Then she announced, “This whore is guilty of fucking anything and everything that moves! Men… women… she doesn’t care which. She’ll fuck a married man, and then the next day while he’s at work she’ll go fuck his sweet, innocent wife.”

The poor thing writhed and whimpered as she pawed and groped her tits. The executioner paused to grin malevolently at the frightened woman. “I have something special for you, whore!”

She walked back over to the table where she picked up a couple of large, black butt-plugs. She brought them back and waved them in front of the terrified creature. “Since you’ll take it up either hole, I think it’s only fitting we plug them both, bitch!”

The condemned Teri let out a frightened whimper. Clearly she was too terrified for words. My escort couldn’t help chiming in as she hollered up at the executioner, “PLUG THE FUCKING WHORE!”

Her eyes flashed sadistically. She was really getting off snuffing all these women who looked exactly like her.

The executioner smiled down at her and then turned toward her charge. The poor girl cried out as her evil doppelganger thrust the first one hard into her front slit. Her cunt appeared to be glistening as I looked up at it. Then the cruel woman brutally forced the other plug up poor Teri’s ass.

Both objects stretched her obscenely. The poor thing jerked and screamed. Her last moments were filled with pain and humiliation.

“Hang the whore!” ‘Microkini Teri’ ordered with wicked glee.

The executioner calmly walked back to the lever behind the condemned. Then she casually pulled it. Teri the whore fell through the trap with a cry of sheer terror.

Her cry was cut off the moment her body bounced at the end of the rope. There was another loud CRICK. Then she jerked around like a fish on the end of a line, just like the one quietly twisting and swaying right next to her.

After another 30 seconds of twitches and spasms, she settled into swaying softly next to the corpse of her identical sister. Her eyes were wide and vacant. Urine streamed down her legs, splattering onto the floor of the holodeck beneath her.

The executioner barely acknowledged the event as she calmly stepped over to the last one. The last condemned Teri was now hyperventilating. I could actually see her chest rising and falling.

“This cunt is the worst of all!” she explained angrily. “This one is a cock-tease. She is guilty of turning men on and then leaving them that way.”

“She leads them on while taking their money, making them think they will get some. Then she cuts them off at the knees. She will often have them thrown out of the club she works for, having committed no greater crime than simply looking at her.”

“This cunt is a man-hater, the worst of the bunch. So I have something extra special planned for her!”

“NO!” the condemned Teri cried out, finally finding her voice. “I CAN EXPLAIN; IT’S NOT MY FAULT! MEN ARE PIGS! PLEASE DON’T HANG ME!”

My escort snorted at her in derision. “Get on with it!” she told the executioner.

Teri walked over to the table. She came back with some sort of wooden rod. On one end was a wicked looking dildo of extraordinary length.

With a cruel smile, she bent down. Then she proceeded to work it up into Teri’s ass. The poor thing shrieked in pain as it was forced in hard and deep.

The other end was fitted to a coupling on the middle of the spreader bar. At last I had an explanation for this one’s situation. The thick wooden rod shoving the dildo up into poor Teri’s ass would be worked in much deeper should she try to kick with the spreader bar attached to her ankles.

I suddenly got the impression this one might not get the merciful long drop. My cock hardened with anticipation.

The Teri on the trap pleaded for her life. ‘Microkini Teri’ looked up with sadistic lust in her eyes. Then she hollered, “HANG THE CUNT!”

The poor thing wailed “NOOO!” as the executioner walked to the appropriate lever. Teri calmly pulled it as she stood behind her identical sister. There was a look of lustful excitement on her face.

The trap dropped open. The condemned fell through. But she came up short as the noose grabbed her neck. She’d only fallen a few inches, just enough to tighten the rope around her neck.

She gasped and gurgled as the rope took her full weight. Her legs started kicking in a frantic attempt to find solid footing that was no longer there. Each jerk of her legs forced the rod coupled to the spreader bar to shove the dildo hard into her anus.

She grunted in pain as she involuntarily fucked her own ass. Out of the corner of my eye I caught ‘Microkini Teri’ masturbating again. I heard her quietly gasp, “That is so fucking hot!”

As the cunt kicked and jerked, the rope automatically lowered her until she was level with her predecessors. It gave her a terrible view of the gently swaying identical sisters she would soon be joining in death. Her body humped and thrashed about as her secured hands jerked around behind her back.

She gurgled as her face turned a nasty shade of red. Her head was forced off to one side. Drool spilled from her tongue onto her tits.

There was more kicking as her legs jerked together. Her body bucked in response as though she was really driving the dildo hard up her ass. Her face began to turn purple as her movements lessened.

Her legs jerked hard one last time. A spray of fluid spewed out onto the floor. Her frantic dancing abruptly diminished.

It appeared to be the longest, most painful 3 minutes of her life. She was finally reduced to bodily twitches and spasms. A stream of piss arced out of her crotch.

I heard the death rattle in her chest. Her body softly swayed back and forth. Occasional her legs twitched a little as though she wasn’t quite finished fucking her own ass.

Her two dead doppelgangers watched their sister die with unseeing eyes. Their bodies hung silent in testament to their executions. I couldn’t believe how aroused I’d become.

I suddenly heard my escort gasp, “Oh, FUCK!” Then she stiffened before starting to shake. She actually orgasmed to the snuffing of the dangling cunt in front of us.

When it passed, it left her breathless. For a second I allowed her to lean against me. She finally regained her strength to where she could stand on her own.

Up on the gallows I watched with interest as the executioner stepped in front of the last noose. She took the coil of rope and carefully looped it around her own neck. Then she situated the knot behind her left ear, giving it a finishing tug.

“This bitch is guilty of abusing the slut, the whore and the cunt before their appointed executions!” she admitted loudly. “I made them eat my pussy. Then I fucked each one with a massive strap-on.”

“I made them lick and fuck each other silly. Then I sodomized them all. All of this occurred outside my job description. Thus, I am guilty of a capital offense.”

She looked down at us. I could tell she was trembling a little. Then she lowered her head as she added, “I came hard several times, Mistress. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I raped them. I am getting what I deserve.”

There was no sorrow or regret in her voice. She was simply explaining what she had done, admitting to her guilt. Then she announced, “This bitch is ready for punishment.”

She stood up straight. Her arms hung calmly at her sides. Then she waited breathlessly for her sentence to be carried out.

‘Microkini Teri’ smiled up at her. “In a minute or two, bitch,” she said to her. “First I wish to admire your handiwork. In the meantime you can stand there and think about what you’ve done… and what’s going to happen to you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” ‘executioner Teri’ replied, her head bowed low. I could tell she was trembling with anticipation at her impending hanging.

“You’re going to make her wait?” I murmured to my escort.

“It’ll make her squirm,” ‘Microkini Teri’ giggled. “I love making them squirm before we snuff them.”

We walked up to the dead slut with the dildo in her mouth. My escort couldn’t help reaching out and caressing her flesh, lovingly groping her tits. “She looks so fucking sexy hanging like that. Wouldn’t you agree, Master?”

I told her I found it quite arousing. She fondled the dead woman for a few more seconds. Then we moved on to the next one.

“I’ll bet it hurt when she hit the end of the rope with her holes plugged; eh, Master?” Once again her hands were all over the dead whore. She finally gave her a push, setting her to swaying back and forth.

We made our way over to the last one. “I loved this one best of all, Master,” ‘Microkini Teri’ panted excitedly. “I loved how she fucked her own ass as the life was slowly strangled out of her by the nose. Did you see how she squirted at the end?? I’ll bet the fucking cunt felt the big ‘O’ just before she died!”

My escort suddenly got onto her knees. She buried her face in the dead bitch’s cunt. I’m sure I saw the sadistic woman lick out the still dripping twat.

I heard a moan of pleasure. Then ‘Microkini Teri’ pulled away. Her face dripped from her identical sister’s fluids.

“‘Death cum’, Master,” she murmured with ecstasy. “I’ve never tasted anything so heavenly. I can’t wait for the last one to drop.”

We stepped away from underneath the scaffold. Then we both looked up. ‘Executioner Teri’ was fingering herself through the opening in her fishnet body stocking.

She moaned softly as she writhed in ecstatic bliss. “Aha!” my Teri cried out. “Caught you, honey!” Then she looked upward as she hollered, “COMPUTER? HANG THE BITCH!”

The Teri on the trap gasped and stiffened. Her lever was pulled by some unseen hand. A moment later the trap opened up underneath her.

She plunged through with a cry. Then she hit the end of the rope with a loud CRICK. Something sprayed out of her dripping snatch the moment she bounced.

For a few seconds she lifelessly danced like a marionette on a string. Her legs kicked a little as her arms jerked helter-skelter. Then she settled down to quietly swinging around.

Muscles twitched in her arms as they hung at her sides. Her feet shimmied from stray nerve impulses. My escort couldn’t help herself.

She rushed in, collapsing onto her knees. She pulled the woman’s crotch to her face by grabbing her ass. Then she moaned as she lapped hungrily.

A stream of urine trickled off her face. She just giggled as she kept on licking. She finally pulled away and stood up.

“She came so hard when she hit the rope, Master. I couldn’t help myself. I just HAD to taste it!” There was the glisten of fluids on her face.

She called for another towel from the computer. One materialized in her hands. She wiped her face off and then took a deep breath.

“I hope you liked it, Master,” she said with a heavy sigh. “It was absolutely incredible! I never knew death cum could taste so heavenly!”

She looked down at my hard cock. She giggled before taking it in her hand and stroking it a little. “We’ll take care of that for you soon, Master; I promise! Now would you like to see what else I’ve set up for you to enjoy?”

I nodded without a word. We left the four dangling bitches hanging quietly underneath the scaffold.

As we walked away, I glanced over at ‘Stripper Teri’. Her eyes were wide in horror at her four dead, identical sisters. I saw her start to dance wildly on the pole as though praying her erotic gyrations might somehow earn her a reprieve…

2010; 2020 (written May 24 ’10; ed. Nov 16 ‘20 by riwa)

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