The Party Decoration 2


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Tawny and Kiera came over to gloat. “Now we’ve got you right where we want you.” That’s when the redhead laughed as she reached out and pawed Philomena’s tits.

The party decoration shook her head as she tried to cry out “NOOO!” Some of the guys saw Tawny groping her and came over. “You mean we can touch her too?”

Tawny laughed. “I don’t see why the hell not! We’d make her suck your cocks if she didn’t have that ball-gag in her mouth.”

Philomena let out another muffled cry, nodding her head as though that would be fine with her so long as she didn’t have to stand on the stool anymore. Kiera just laughed at her with a dismissive wave. “Oh, you would, you stupid slut. But I like you right where you are.”

Some guys came over to grope and paw her. A few of the girls came over to touch her breasts and pinch her nipples. Philomena flinched as she let out muffled cries of indignation and humiliation.

Eventually Lucia came back over to have another look. Her party decoration looked embarrassed as hell. “It’s not my fault,” she explained. “I didn’t say they could touch you. I guess Tawny gave them the idea.”

Philomena shook her head as a girl fingered her dripping pussy. She winced and whimpered. Lucia angrily told her, “Oh, knock it off, Mena! What are you so upset about? Besides, you probably fucking love it!” Then she left to mingle again as a couple of girls stuck around to caress her quivering mounds.

The humiliation was more than she could have anticipated. But it was much too late to back out now. Friends and students just kept coming over to look at her, some eager to paw and grope her.

It was eight pm when Tawny and Kiera came back over. In her hand Kiera had a drink with a straw. She held it up, working to force the straw into Mena’s mouth.

Philomena accepted the drink she so badly needed. Then Tawny began fingering her pussy. “Time for your eight o’clock orgasm, bitch. I bet you’re going to love it.”

Philomena anxiously shook her head. But she could not help clenching around the fingers being thrust inside her. The noose tightened a little around her neck as she tried to cross her legs.

“Hey look at this!” one of the guys hollered. “Tawny’s trying to make the slut cum!” That’s when several students crowded closer to have a look.

Philomena shook her head in agony and humiliation. She did not want this, certainly not in front of all her friends. A part of her desired the sexual release. But not like this.

She felt it swell within her as Tawny grinned at her. She began to writhe and whimper. Then she tipped her head back, her eyes rolling as fluid came out of her pussy.

A cheer went up from her friends. Then the boombox was cranked back up. Several started dancing as others laughed and commented how Tawny had made their party decoration cum.

Philomena was in agony. It felt like the noose had tightened a little more around her throat. And it was only a little after eight! She still had three hours to endure before it was all over.

Other students went over to play pool. But their eyes never strayed too far from her noosed, naked body. Others danced close enough to fully appreciate her erect nipples and dripping snatch.

Philomena wanted to take a break. She was starting to get tired standing naked and upright. But every time she tried to bend her legs to rest, the noose would tighten ominously around her throat, causing her to wince and grunt in alarm.

More of her friends came over to paw and grope her. They rotated in and out just to enjoy her noosed nudity while humiliating her. She was fondled by males and females alike.

The first sign of trouble came at 8:23. Couples were dancing a little too close to her. That’s when some of the guys began bumping into her stool, causing it to shift a little.

Philomena cried out in alarm, anxiously shaking her head as she felt an erotic ripple of horror. Her nipples never did get a chance to retract, not after the way she was being pawed, groped and now bumped. Every nudge of the stool made her pussy drip out of fear she might accidentally be hanged.

Couples danced even closer to her. The stool was nudged more often… and quite deliberately. Philomena stiffened as she began to hyperventilate, wondering if these bastards actually wanted to see her hang for real.

One of the guys called out, “What happens if the stool gets knocked away?”

Lucia heard the remark and hollered back, “I promised her I wouldn’t do that to her!”

“You didn’t promise I wouldn’t do it, did you?”

“Warren, no!”

He just laughed as he used his foot to slide the stool away. Philomena cried out as the noose took her full weight. She began to rasp and kick as she twisted and struggled.

Students eagerly stopped what they were doing to observe. Mena was horrified at the way the noose closed so ominously around her neck. Her hands jerked haphazardly behind her back until she could feel another humiliating orgasm coming on strong.

Tawny sternly told him, “Put it back, Warren!” But there was a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

She quickly came over and placed the stool directly under Philomena herself before helping her stand upon it. Their party decoration gave her a distraught look as she struggled to regain her footing. Tawny feigned innocence as she tried to loosen the rope around her throat.

“Sorry about that. You know Warren.”

Philomena was not reassured. She tried to protest. But it came out muffled through her ball-gag.

“Oh, c’mon!” Tawny told her with a dismissive wave. “You weren’t off the stool all that long! I came right over and caught you in time, didn’t I?”

A moment later Lucia came over to check on her party decoration. Tawny told her, “Warren kicked the stool away. But she’s ok, right, Mena?” Then the redhead lustfully groped and pawed the helpless, naked woman.

Lucia tried to sound concerned. “You ok, Mena?” The party decoration shook her head.

“You want down?” Philomena eagerly nodded.

Lucia checked her watch. “You got two and a half hours.” Then she laughed before turning and walking away. Philomena groaned as she shook her head.

Things did not improve over the next half hour. The guests had learned there’d been no repercussions to Warren’s actions. That meant the stool kept getting bumped. Each time Philomena cried out with fright until drool spilled out of her ball-gagged mouth onto her bare tits.

At nine pm Tawny and Kiera came over. The blonde had another drink with a straw. This time the redhead had a vibrating toy in her hand.

Philomena gratefully sipped from the straw. But she shook her head as Tawny pushed the toy inside her. Several students came over to watch.

Tawny shoved it hard up Mena’s cunt, causing her to wince and flinch. “Hang onto it until 9:15, bitch. If it slips out I’ll make you hang for every minute you missed before your time runs out.”

The naked woman was horrified. Would Tawny seriously let her hang for losing the toy? Lucia had promised she wouldn’t do anything like that. But what about this vindictive redhead??

She owed her money as well. Would Tawny hang her just for spite? Philomena decided she couldn’t take the chance.

She winced in humiliation at the toy wedged all the way inside. She was so wet that she had to clench to keep it in. The buzzing certainly didn’t help matters any.

She writhed and squirmed as even more of her friends gathered around to watch. It was as if she had ants crawling around inside her vagina. Tears filled her eyes as she clenched while grunting and moaning.

Tawny grinned at her as she kept track of the time. “9:05, bitch. You’ve got ten more minutes.”

One girl asked, “Are you really going to hang her if she loses it, Tawny?”

“You’re damned right I am! The bitch owes me money!”

“She owes me too. If she loses it, hang her an extra minute for me!”

“With pleasure.”

Philomena shook her head in horror. She kept writhing and moaning as she shuffled around on the stool. It was starting to become damp from all the sweat and moisture running down her legs and gathering upon the slippery surface.

She winced as she tried not to cum. She struggled to squeeze without shooting the damned thing right out of her. The noose around her throat was an alarming reminder of what would happen if she failed.

Philomena tried to call out for Lucia. But she didn’t see her host anywhere. She needed her to help keep these crazy people from hanging her!

She clenched harder. That’s when she felt the toy start to slip. Instinctively she clenched even more. But that only made things worse.

Her legs crossed together as she began to orgasm. The toy squirted out of her and fell to the floor. Everyone looked at Tawny expectantly.

“9:14, bitch. That’s one minute you owe me!” Then she angrily kicked the stool away.

Philomena cried out as the noose took her full weight again. She began to kick as she swung back and forth. That attracted the attention of everyone down in the basement.

They all came over to watch the show. Tawny kept her eye on her watch. “9:15, bitch. Now one extra minute for Myra and the money you owe her.”

Philomena tried to shake her head as she rasped and grunted. Her legs kicked wider as she began to twist and swing. She grunted through the ball-gag in her mouth as her feet searched in vain for the toppled stool.

“Times almost up. Go get the stool, Kiera.”

The blonde rushed to obey as Tawny began counting down from ten. Everyone else picked up the chant at “Five… four… THREE… TWO… ONE!” That’s when Kiera slipped the stool underneath Mena.

Their party decoration coughed and grunted as she struggled to get her feet firmly on top of it. She rasped and gurgled as she tried to catch her breath. Tawny worked to loosen the rope around her throat so she could breathe a little better.

About that time Lucia showed up. She tried to sound like she was still in charge. “All right; what’s going on down here?”

Tawny innocently told her, “We were only watching her orgasm in the noose.”

“You didn’t kick the stool away, did you?”

“Would I do a thing like that?” Tawny feigned innocence as she picked up the discarded sex toy. Mena nodded her head, indicating it had actually happened.

Lucia tried to look stern. But inwardly she found it amusing. “Well… don’t let it happen again; ok?” Then she turned and headed back for the stairs.

“Less than two hours to go,” Tawny quietly told their party decoration. “Do you want down?” Mena eagerly nodded her head.

“That means you’ll have to pay back every cent you owe Lucia. And you’ll have to pay mine back as well. Still want down?”

Philomena winced. Tears filled her eyes. “That’s what I thought, bitch.” Then Tawny groped her boobs before turning and walking away. She didn’t see Mena frantically nod her head, having decided she’d rather be let down and be forced to pay back every cent she owed.

The boombox was cranked back up. The music became louder. That meant there was more dancing. It also meant there was more bumping and jostling of the stool.

Mena was frightened to the point of experiencing an intense arousal. She didn’t understand why her nipples were so hard. Her pussy just kept dripping from a shameful, sexual excitement at her predicament. Fluid traced lines down her bare legs before settling upon the surface of the stool

She was greatly concerned how the night was going to end. Lucia had promised she would be let down. But what if the rest of her friends mutinied, wanting to watch her hang?

Would Lucia be able to save her? Or would she give in to everyone else’s perverse desires? The thought was horrifying… and strangely arousing.

A couple of bitches came over and cruelly fingered her ass and cunt. Philomena winced in recognition of two more individuals she was indebted to. Unfortunately it still didn’t occur to her how much better her life would be if only she could reign in her spending habits.

There was more dancing. The stool got jostled again. This time Philomena’s feet slipped.

The stool skittered out of reach as the noose took her full weight. The dancing and music stopped as everyone paused to watch. Mena rasped and gurgled as her legs kicked in a frantic effort to find solid footing.

Someone said that Lucia was coming down the stairs. The stool was quickly retrieved. Philomena was helped to stand upright, whimpering and trembling with fear. But once more she experienced a perverse excitement she still could not fully comprehend.

Lucia came over with the drink and a straw. Philomena drank as much as she could. It wasn’t nearly enough, but at least she was not so parched.

Lucia looked at her watch and smiled. “One hour to go, Mena. One hour and your debt to me will be paid in full.”

She looked all around to see what everyone else was doing. Her friends all seemed to be enjoying themselves. She smiled at her party decoration as she told her, “See you at eleven, Mena. Try not to hang yourself?” Then Lucia headed back for the stairs.

Philomena tried to cry out in protest. But her words remained unintelligible due to the ball-gag in her mouth. Tawny and Kiera were no longer in the basement, and she didn’t want to be left alone in case the stool was “accidentally” kicked out from underneath her again.

Lucia’s party guests continued to wander close in order to get a good look at her. Thankfully she was not groped and pawed as much as before. But there was still a lot of dancing. And some of the guys were getting close again, allowing their feet to “accidentally” nudge the legs to the stool.

Philomena was getting tired. But every time she tried to sag for a rest break, the noose would tighten around her throat. It made her grunt and whimper to a roomful of deaf ears.

At 10:18 the stool was nudged again. She was so tired – the surface so damp – that her feet slipped again. Philomena lost the stool, the noose pulling her up short of the floor once more.

As she began to fight the coil, her friends eagerly gathered around to watch. She kicked and suffered for nearly three minutes before the stool was returned. Her face was red as she was helped to regain her footing. But the rope remained uncomfortably snug around her throat.

At 10:43 Warren returned to molest her. “You borrowed money from me too, Mena. You owe me.” Then his foot hooked a leg of the stool before he started to pull.

Her eyes widened in horror as she anxiously shook her head. She tried to cry out through the ball-gag in her mouth. Others came over to see what Warren was going do.

He pulled on the leg of the stool with his foot. It began to slide along the floor. Philomena’s foundation began to slip away as she tried to maintain her footing with her bare feet.

With an “oops” Warren pulled the stool away. Once more the noose took Philomena’s full weight. Her legs scissored as her feet instinctively searched for the moved stool.

She grunted in agony as more of her so-called friends came over to watch. She began to kick a little harder as she fought the rope. Philomena threw out her chest as her lungs heaved. Then her knees jerked upward as she thrust her hips out.

There were oohs and aahs, followed by numerous comments she could barely make out… “Is she fucking the air?”  “No, she’s just cumming, silly.”  “Wow, look at her dance!”  “That is so fucking hot!”

The pleasure she experienced was quickly replaced by the pain of her lungs not receiving enough air. Her legs kicked harder as she began to jerk in the noose. She was so close to making it! Now she was going to hang within sight of the eleven o’clock hour…

“Hey – hey – HEY!”

Lucia came rushing forward. She grabbed the stool and put it back where it belonged. Then she helped Philomena regain her footing.

She glared angrily at Warren. “Should I guess this was your doing?”

“She owes me, Lucia! Besides, she was only in the air for…” and he checked his watch “…four minutes! That didn’t hurt anything, did it?”

“Hell, Warren! She damn near owes everybody down here! That doesn’t mean they should all get a chance to hang her!” But there were dissenting voices indicating it was perfectly ok with them if she swung a little longer.

Lucia looked at her naked, trembling friend and took pity on her. Then she checked her watch. “Ok, Mena. It’s damned near eleven. I suppose I can bring you down now.”

There were several disappointed cries as she worked to remove the noose from around the neck of her party decoration. Lucia untied her friend’s wrists before carefully helping Mena down off the stool. Then she removed the ball-gag from her mouth.

Philomena worked her jaws to make sure they still functioned. There were audible cries of “Can’t we hang her, Lucia?”  “Yeah, we want to watch her hang!”

“Some other time,” Lucia told them before taking her friend’s arm. Then she led an exhausted Philomena naked through the basement to the stairs and escorted her up to the main floor. Tawny and Kiera were instructed to fetch her clothes and bring them along.

2020 (written Jun 25 ‘20 by riwa)

(Inspired by a story request)

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