Hanging her


She saw it just as soon as we rounded the corner down in my basement. It was my hydraulic gallows. A noose dangled above a metal disc on a hydraulic post that could be raised or lowered by a bar with a red handle attached to the upright metal support.

As soon as she saw it she began to resist me. She shook her head and started gasping, “No – no – NO!” It was a good thing I had previously secured her arms behind her back so she couldn’t fight me.

She cried out, “I don’t want to hang!” That’s when I wrapped my hand around her neck and started to squeeze. She rasped and gurgled as her eyes bugged out.

“I don’t care what you want,” I breathed into her ear. “I brought you down here so you could experience my gallows for yourself. Now stop struggling.”

She resisted a little as I pushed her forward. Pitiful cries squeaked out of her voice box. But she was not strong enough to keep me from directing her toward the noose.

“Up you go,” I told her encouragingly. I tried to get her to step up onto the elevated disc. The lever would soon drop it beneath her feet, allowing the noose to take her full weight.

“No – no! Please! I don’t want to hang!”

“But I want you to hang!” I hissed into her ear. “Can’t you tell?”

I took her cuffed hands and pressed them against my bulge. Surely she understood now how aroused I’d become. She whimpered as she shook her head again.

I had to work to get her up onto the disc. She squeaked again as I got both of her feet onto it. For a moment the noose framed her face.

Her eyes widened in horror as she stared at the dangling coil. She gasped for breath, whimpering pitifully. I had no idea I would be so turned on, especially over how frightened she’d become.

I took the noose and gently looped it around her throat. Then I pulled it snug. I made sure the knot was settled behind her left ear.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” I murmured into her ear. “Your neck looks like it was made for the noose. It’s going to stretch real nice once you start kicking.”

She moaned as I lovingly fingered the hemp around her throat. Then I allowed my fingers to caress her bare flesh. She moaned pitifully as I gave her breasts a malevolent squeeze.

I reached down and fingered her pussy, violating her as she stood there trembling. She clenched instinctively. I could not resist sliding my fingers in and out.

“You’re wet,” I chuckled at her. “Despite your fear this must really excite you. You have no idea how much it excites me.”

I stepped back to admire her. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she whimpered with fright. It looked like she was shaking.

I stepped forward and caressed her all over again. “You’re going to give me a wonderful dance, aren’t you?” She let out another frightened little squeak in reply.

“I want to watch you suffer a little. I want you to get a taste of the agony to come. I hope that’s all right with you.”

She whimpered as she shook her head. “I thought so,” I told her with a smile. “You’re always so agreeable.”

I went over to the handle and grabbed on. “This lowers the stool,” I said by way of explanation. Then I twisted it.

There was a hiss as the disc started to drop beneath her. The noose grabbed her neck and held on. She gawked as she was left on her toes before I stopped the stool’s descent.

I went around front to have a look. She was straining on her toes to lift herself up. She did not seem to appreciate the tension of the coil around her throat.

I molested her with my hands again. She trembled as she shuffled around on her feet. She kept rasping for breath as though she wasn’t getting quite enough air.

I stuck my fingers into her pussy again. She was wet and clenching. I chuckled as I told her, “I believe you’d milk me dry if I were to stick my cock inside you right this very moment.”

She rasped again as she shuffled around a little more. “Hard to breathe?” I asked kindly. So I went over to the handle.

I gave it a twist before pumping it. The disc slowly came back up under her feet until she was standing upon it again. She coughed as she tried to catch her breath.

“You understand now, don’t you?” Then I stepped up to her and caressed her all over. She winced as she whimpered pitifully.

I cruelly thrust my fingers into her dripping snatch. I finger-fucked her as I smiled at her. “Some women cum as they’re hanging. Will you turn out to be one of those kind of women?”

I pulled my fingers out of her dripping twat. Then I forced them between her lips. “Taste how aroused you’ve become.”

She grunted as I fucked her mouth with my fingers. Then I pulled them out. Once more I stepped over to the handle to my hydraulic gallows.

“It doesn’t just lower the stool, you know. It also pulls you up into the air. Allow me to demonstrate.”

I pumped the handle a couple of times. She was lifted up onto her toes. She rasped for breath as she shuffled around on the metal disc.

“You see?” I explained. “I can lift you up or I can lower the stool. What do you think about that?”

Once more I came around front and molested her. She grunted and moaned as she shuffled around on her toes. No position seemed to give her any relief.

I smiled at her as I unzipped my fly. Then I pulled out my cock. Her eyes widened when she saw how erect it was.

I reached out and caressed her swollen mounds. Her nipples were quite erect. She whimpered as I fingered them.

“You know? I had no idea how turned on I would be at the thought of hanging you. Now that we’ve come this far I want to take you all the way. Are you ready to hang for me?”

She shook her head no. That just made it all the sweeter. I loved knowing how frightened she was at the prospect of dancing for me.

I went to the handle and pumped a couple of times. She was lifted up until her toes were all that came in contact with the pad below her. They wriggled and curled as she rasped and gurgled.

I came around front to look at her again. She looked sexy as hell struggling in place. Her toes kept wriggling as they brushed the disc below her, trying to improve her footing.

Her face started to turn red as she began to shimmy. Her legs suddenly kicked outward. Then she stretched downward, her toes wriggling until she felt a whisper of the disc beneath her feet.

She rasped as she did the Hula. She lost the disc below her, only to find it again with her flexing toes. She was really struggling in an attempt to get her footing back.

I stepped forward and thrust my fingers hard into her wet snatch. She clenched like crazy as I finger-fucked her. She rasped and grunted as air hissed down her throat.

“Is that too difficult for you? Allow me to fix it right this instant.”

I went over to the handle and twisted it. Then I pumped it three or four times. The stool rose up to meet her until she was standing almost flat-footed.

“Better?” I asked as I rubbed her naked, quivering body all over.

She winced in agony while trying to shake her head. I pinched her nipples a time or two. She jerked and winced at the pain.

“Want to cum?” I asked with a cruel smile. Then I thrust my fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. By now her fluids were trickling down her inner thighs.

She clenched again as I finger-fucked her. That’s when I smiled sadistically at her. “Tell me ‘when’, ok? Tell me if you’re going to cum and I’ll drop the stool away.” She merely whimpered as she shook her head.

I thrust in and out until she started writhing and squeezing. I don’t think she wanted to respond to such humiliation. But she couldn’t help herself.

“Do you want to cum?” I purred at her. She winced and groaned as she shook her head again. “Oh, but I think you do.”

I mauled her mounds, fingering her erect nipples with one hand. With the other I continued to finger-fuck her juicy twat. She writhed and clenched as though she was fucking me back.

“Oh, you want it bad,” I breathed sadistically. I kept my fingers inside her as I reached back for the handle. With a twist the stool dropped to a hissing sound.

She gawked as her eyes flew open in horror. Her feet fluttered like crazy for the disc below. But it had dropped all the way to the bottom of the gallows.

“No more stool, sweetie,” I murmured as I finger-fucked her hard.

Her body exploded in frenetic activity as her hips thrust outward. She began humping the air as my fingers slipped out of her. Then she started gyrating violently in the noose.

Her back arched as though she was humping the air, desperately trying to fuck my erection. Her hips kept thrusting as her knees came together and jerked upward. Then she squirted all over the floor.

She hung limp for a moment as though resting from her exertions. Then she began to thrust and gyrate all over again. Her back arched forward as her hips thrust toward me.

She tried to kick me as her legs went flying every which way. I hear a rasp and a grunt as she fought the noose. She twisted, shimmied and gyrated every which way.

For a moment she suddenly hung limp. Her feet stretched downward as her toes wriggled like mad. Then she began kicking, dancing and pirouetting all over again.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it by sheer instinct. She twisted and swayed as though she didn’t know what the hell to do. She went from arching her back to stretching her feet downward to kicking all over the place. Then her knees came up together as she jerked in the noose, spraying the floor again.

“That’s perfect!” I breathed rapturously. “Originally I was going to let you down and give you a rest before going again. But I think you’re really into it and don’t want to stop. Am I right?”

In response she arched her back as she thrust her hips toward me. I stroked my cock as we made love to each other from a distance. Then she began to shimmy and pirouette again.

I noticed her neck getting longer. Her weight was pulling hard against the noose. She no longer made any rasping, gurgling sounds.

She shimmied again, but her gyrations were diminishing. She arched her back as she tried to air-fuck my cock. Then she abruptly went limp, setting her naked body to gently swaying back and forth.

I stepped forward and thrust my fingers into her snatch. She was dripping wet while clenching furiously. Her nipples really stood out upon her chest.

Her clenching spasms began to diminish. She did the faintest of shimmies in the noose. Her tongue poked out between her lips as drool fell onto her heaving tits.

I went around back and pumped the handle, lifting her body higher until her feet were level with my cock. I went back around front and used them to give me a sexy footjob. Sporadic muscles fired until her bladder finally gave way.

Urine trickled down her legs, splattering my cock. That’s when I began to cum all over her tootsies. I was appreciative she no longer seemed to mind hanging for me.

I finally stepped back to admire my handiwork. Cum and piss dripped off her feet. Then I gave her a push.

She began to sway back and forth as she twisted a little in the noose. Her face began to turn blue as though she’d been bruised. Her neck had lengthened considerably.

I heard what sounded like something of a fart. Then her bowels gave way. Feces flowed out of her anus, staining her lower legs as it puddled onto the floor.

I smiled as I told her, “I’m going to leave you down here for an hour so you can fully enjoy the experience. I have a nice little bog out back. I think you two should become better acquainted.” Then I went upstairs. Gawd; I needed a drink!


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