Breath-hold bondage (m/m)


A bonus story at the end of this month for the guys.

Dean and I were working one night at the “Y” when we decided to stay after closing for a little after-hours fun. It had been a while, and we hadn’t been able to get together for several weeks. So we decided to spend some time in the water after everyone else had gone home.

We were making sure the pool facilities were empty when I asked him what he had in mind. “I was thinking about a little breath-hold bondage, Alex. What do you think?”

I considered the matter and smiled at him. I knew what he was getting at. Sometimes we liked to do our breath-holding while we were tied up and helpless. It usually led to a lot of erotic situations.

“What have you got in mind?” I asked as my cock began to stir.

“I was thinking we would get to choose how we put the other one in bondage. Then we get to dictate the breath-holding terms.”

“Only if you wear your red Speedos, Dean.” He just laughed as he told me he had a pair in his locker.

After everyone was gone and the place was locked up Dean and I went to our lockers to change. He slipped into his red Speedos while I put on a pair of light blue ones. Then we headed back out to the water.

“I’m first,” he told me. Then he went over to a locker and retrieved a deflated air mattress. He took it over to the air machine and filled it up in no time.

He retrieved a set of handcuffs he had hidden away. He cuffed my arms behind my back, telling me he was really looking forward to this. Then he took me over to the inflated mattress and told me to lie down.

My cock started to stir as he retrieved some straps. He secured me to the mattress, making sure my legs were spread. Then he pushed me off the edge into the lap pool where I floated around in six feet of water.

“Be right back, Alex.” Then he disappeared. It made me wonder what he was up to.

He returned about a minute later. But I didn’t see anything in his hands. I did notice he’d retrieved his waterproof watch and had it attached to his wrist. Maybe he was going to time us.

He jumped into the water with me. He was just short enough that the water was over his head if he was standing flat on his feet. Then he pushed me over.

I rolled over until I was floating face down. I lost bubbles out of my nose as I tried to hold my breath. That’s when I felt my cock start to harden.

He slipped underneath to watch me, looking up and smiling at me. Then he released bubbles into my face. I just winced as I continued holding my breath.

He waited until I began to show a little discomfort. Then he stood up and rolled me back over. He burst up a few seconds later and clung to the side of the air mattress.

“1:18, Alex. That’s not bad for a first attempt. I thought I’d let you up early on that one. Now let’s see how well you can do.”

He submerged and then burst up, rolling me over again. I filled my lungs before I ended up face down in the pool once more. Then Dean came down to watch me.

I floated there looking down at him. Already I could see his cock starting to harden in those red Speedos of his. My own cock stiffened as I became more aroused at my situation.

He smiled at me as he touched and caressed his growing bulge. Then he came up underneath me and touched mine. I twitched at the way his fingers played over my growing erection inside my Speedos.

My lungs began to burn as I released bubbles out of my nose. I knew the signal. If I really wanted up I would have to shake my head.

Dean floated up against me face to face. He reached down and caressed my bulge. Then he blew bubbles in my face.

I bubbled out of my nose as I tried to relieve the growing strain. Would he flip me back over? Or would I be forced to give him the signal?

I stubbornly tried to outlast him as my chest began to heave. I was about to shake my head when he went to the bottom, burst upward and flipped me back over. I gasped loudly for breath as he came up and hung on to the side of the mattress.

“That was 1:50, Alex. This time I think we’re going to make you go much longer. How’d you like to do 2:30?”

I was going to protest that was a long time for only my third breath-hold. But before I could open my mouth he came off the air mattress. I gulped a huge lungful of air just in time as he shot up from the bottom of the pool and flipped me over again.

Once more I found myself floating face down. Dean came up underneath me and began pawing my body. Then he caressed my bulge through my Speedos before cupping my covered balls.

My cock twitched as I released a few nose bubbles. He floated up against me again. This time we 69’d until his bulge was right in my face.

I felt him begin to mouth me through my suit. My cock twitched again until it had really hardened. I mouthed his bulge in return until he was just as stiff as I had become.

Dean grabbed my Speedos and pulled them down a little. I know he couldn’t get them off because my legs were spread. But my cock still sprang free.

He grabbed it with his hand and tugged it as he humped my face with his bulge. Then I felt him slowly take it into his mouth. I moaned and bubbled as he started to blow me underwater.

I felt the strain in my lungs and I tried to swallow my air back down. I mouthed his bulge as he took me deeper and deeper down his throat. One really good suck and I just about spurted into his mouth.

He released some of his air until he began to drift to the bottom of the pool. I felt my lungs start to heave as he reached into the back of his Speedos. Then he pulled out what looked like a slender vibrator.

My eyes widened as he grinned at me. He rose up and grabbed onto my butt for support. Then he began forcing that damned thing into my ass.

I moaned and bubbled as my stomach rippled, my lungs starting to heave. Dean shoved it halfway in and turned it on. Then he took my cock into his mouth again.

He gave me several good sucks until my cock twitched in his mouth. I spasmed away a mouthful of air. Then he squatted on the bottom of the pool, shot back up and flipped me back over.

I rolled over and gasped loudly for breath. I clenched as that damned toy buzzed in my ass, making my cock twitch and drip. Then Dean grabbed onto the side of the air mattress and grinned at me.

“Not bad, Alex. That was 2:45. Now I think I’m going to feed you something while I see if you can make it to 3:30.”

I took long, deep breaths to prepare for the worst. Then he flipped me back over. I floated face down and watched as he pulled his Speedos down off his legs.

He drifted up into a 69 again. This time he shoved his erection in between my lips. I had no choice as I took him all the way into my mouth.

I felt him grab onto that damned toy and move it in and out of my ass. It made me clench and groan into the cock in my mouth as I released bubbles out of my nose. He thrust in and out past my lips as his bubbles tickled my crotch.

He mouthed my cock but he didn’t suck me. I was horny and getting frustrated. I sucked him harder, wondering if he would roll me back over and let me breathe if I could get him off.

He thrust into my mouth as he cupped my balls. He blew bubbles against my twitching shaft as I gulped and groaned. I tried to concentrate on holding my breath. But hanging upside down strapped underneath an air mattress with a cock between my lips made for one hell of a challenge.

He played with my cock and balls without sucking anything into his mouth. But he sure enjoyed fucking my face in our 69. He was teasing the hell out of me, and I was twitching like crazy.

I finally felt the warnings in my stomach. It began to ripple as my lungs started to burn. Spasms moved up into my chest, and I released more bubbles out of my nose as I tried to swallow the cock in my mouth.

Dean was being wickedly cruel and it was arousing as hell. I was running out of breath. But I was horny as fuck, forced to gulp down a mouthful of cock.

He started thrusting good and hard into my mouth until I started gagging up bubbles. My chest began to heave as my lungs strained. I tried to shake my head, but I don’t know if he was paying any attention.

He thrust harder into my mouth as my lungs burned like blazes. I forced myself to hold my breath a few seconds longer… and then a few seconds after that. A moment later he gulped my cock down his throat as he rammed my mouth hard with his dick.

He started to spurt and I coughed up cum and water. He groaned as he continued to fuck my mouth. Then he slowly pulled out, streamers of cum leaking out past my lips.

One painful convulsion later I thought I was going to lose it. That’s when he flipped me back over. I coughed and sputtered like crazy as I tried to get my breath back.

He laughed as he pushed me over to the side of the pool. “That was 3:40, Alex. Not bad.”

He started to free me from the mattress. Then he pulled that vibrator out of my ass, telling me he thought he was going to make me cum until he decided he wanted a release of his own. I told him, “Oh, don’t worry about me, Dean. I’ll get mine.”

“Oh yeah? What’re you going to do about it?”

“I’ll think of something.” But by that time something was already formulating in the back of my mind.

With my speedos pulled back on I took the cuffs from him once he got them off my wrists. I cuffed his hands behind his back. Then I went to fetch some items I was going to need.

I got what I wanted, came back to him and then tossed a pair of dive fins into the deep pool along with an extra strap I found. I took a weight belt I’d brought over and wrapped it around his waist. Then I smiled as I told him, “I think we’ll do this in the dive pool, Dean.”

I marched him over to the elevated diving board and made him climb the steps. “Off you go, Dean.” When he hesitated I gave him a little push from behind.

He went over and managed to hit the water head first in a pretty decent dive considering his wrists were cuffed behind his back. He bubbled as he went down. I waited until he was out of the way before doing a swan dive off the board.

I hit head first with my arms outstretched and went straight down. I had to kick the final few feet to the bottom. When I got there I grabbed the dive fins and attached them to my feet before grabbing the strap.

I finned upward where Dean was struggling to stay at the surface. I laughingly told him, “Sorry, Dean.” Then I took the strap and tied his legs off at the ankles. Without being able to kick, the weight belt took him straight to the bottom.

I finned down to him where I forced him onto his back. I mashed my bulge against his mouth and humped his face, enjoying the bubbles that came up. Then I turned around, straddled his head and reached out to play with his cock.

He grunted up bubbles into my ass as I cupped his balls and caressed his growing erection. That’s when he began to struggle underneath me. I thought, ‘What’s the matter, Dean? Need air?’ So I grabbed him and finned him up to the surface.

We both came up panting for breath as I tread water for the both of us. I told him, “What’s the matter, Dean? Can’t you stay at the surface? I thought you were better at treading water than I am.” Then I let him go.

I watched him sink to the bottom as bubbles came up. Then I dove down after him. I grabbed his head, mashed my bulge up against his face, and gave him a good humping.

He grunted up bubbles as he tried to mouth me through my Speedos. I thought, ‘You want my cock, Dean? Maybe I should let you have my cock.’

I slowly pulled my Speedos down until the tip of my cock peeked out. I pushed it against Dean’s lips. He bubbled as he tried to mouth it. I smiled as I thought, ‘Damn, Dean! You really do want my cock!’

I grabbed him and finned us both back to the surface, stroking his cock the whole way up. It twitched and jerked in my hand. Then I got us up at the surface.

“What’s the matter, Dean? Having trouble holding your breath?” Then I let him go. He glubbed bubbles as he sank back down.

I finned down after him and caught him before he reached the bottom. I finned us both back to the surface, jerking his cock the whole time. Then we burst up gasping for breath.

“You seem to be having a lot of trouble, Dean.” Then I laughed as I let go of him again. He lost more bubbles as he sank toward the bottom.

I finned down after him and intercepted him again. Then I swam him back up. When we reached the surface he came up gasping like crazy.

“Poor Dean. I’ll bet you’re ready to pop, am I right?” Then I let him go again.

He sank toward the bottom, wriggling and squirming. I swam down after him until I caught up with him. This time I engaged him in a 69 without letting him get to have my cock in his mouth.

I wrapped my lips around his dick and really started to suck. All those up-and-downs had him primed and ready to pop. I took him deep down my throat and felt him go off in my mouth again.

I sucked him dry before grabbing him and kicking him back to the surface. This time I kept him there until he could get some of his breath back. Then I gave him a wicked smile.

“This time it’s my turn, Dean. I hope you can get me off before you drown.” Then I let him go.

He sank as he released a stream of bubbles. I pulled my speedos all the way down my legs, carefully working them off my dive fins. Then I swam down to the bottom of the pool.

Dean was flat on his back when I got there, I made him sit up before thrusting my erection into his mouth. Then I gave him a good face-fucking, the same fucking he gave me when I was attached to that damned air mattress.

He gagged up bubbles as he struggled a little. But this time I wasn’t taking him back to the surface until I got off. I was horny and badly in need of a release.

I fucked his face harder as he grunted up more bubbles. I saw his chest start to heave, indicating he was almost out of breath. It was such a turn-on that I rammed my cock deep down his throat.

I groaned as I gave him a huge helping of my cream. He grunted and bubbled, some of my cum snorting out of his nose. I made him suck me completely dry. Then I finned us both back to the surface.

I swam him over to the ladder where I removed the strap around his ankles. He was able to stand on the ladder while I worked to get the cuffs off his wrists. Then we both climbed out of the dive pool.

He collapsed onto the floor, panting like crazy. “Damn, Alex. I never knew you had it in you.”

“That’s to make up for all the times you got me good.”

“Fair enough. Next time I get to be the one with the dive fins. Now you’d better go back down and bring up your Speedos.” And with that he laughed as he pushed me into the dive pool.

We spent another half hour holding our breath at the bottom of the lap pool before calling it a night.

2019 (written for “Alex” Jan 31 ’19 by riwa)

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