Kayleigh’s asphyxiation


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18 year old Kayleigh awoke with a splitting headache. The last thing she remembered was being at the mall spending her allowance. Afterwards she’d gotten back into the stretch limo provided by the service and…

Was that gas she had heard… gas she had breathed in? She couldn’t remember. She had vague recollections of a hissing sound… and then nothing.

She moaned softly as she tried to stir. That’s when she discovered things were very, very wrong. Kayleigh grunted in alarm, her eyes flying open.

She was in a chair, her arms and legs tightly secured. No amount of thrashing around did her any good. What’s more, she was naked! Her favorite dress had been removed from her body. Who had done this to her??

“Hey – HEY!” she yelled. “Where am I?? Somebody turn me loose! Get me out of here! You can’t do this to me! You are going to be in so much trouble that it isn’t even funny!”

The door in the corner suddenly opened. A woman in her late twenties entered with a dangerous gleam in her eyes. She had long, reddish-brown hair that hung well past her shoulders almost to her waist.

She was wearing some sort of kinky, dark purple, two piece latex outfit. It deliberately exposed her mid-section as well as her large breasts. “Are we awake now?” the woman purred at Kayleigh. “My – my, aren’t you a petite little thing. You remind me of a Barbie doll. Mind if I call you Barbie?”

“My name is Kayleigh!” the bound teen declared indignantly. “And I’ll thank you to untie me right this instant!”

“Oh, I’ll bet a little princess like you is used to having her way at home, am I right?”

She reached down with a bare hand and lovingly caressed one of Kayleigh’s breasts. The young woman gasped at the touch. Her face reddened as her nipples started to protrude.

“Stop that!” she demanded, feeling breathless along with a shameful arousal. “Let me go; I want to go home!”

“But I want you right here with me,” the woman cooed excitedly, stroking Kayleigh’s long, blond tresses. “You have lovely hair, Barbie. We’re going to have some fun together before I’m through with you.”

“STOP IT!” the teen protested. “My father will be looking for me. You’d better let me go if you know what’s good for you.”

“Your family has no idea where you are, Barbie,” the woman told her with a sinister smile. “The chauffer for your little mall excursion was our idea. You see my people have this little, shall we say… disagreement? …with your father. That’s why you’re here.”

“Disagreement? Who are you? What do you want with me?”

“Me?” the woman said with a cruel smile. “You may simply refer to me as… ‘The Asphyxiator’. You and I are going to have a little fun. But after that…”

The woman paused for a moment. Then she smiled cruelly. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we, Barbie? First things first.”

“Stop calling me Barbie!” Kayleigh demanded indignantly.

Her tormentor chuckled sinisterly. “You’re in no position to demand anything from me, Barbie. Now let’s get started, shall we?”

She reached down and covered Kayleigh’s mouth with her hand. Then she pinched her nose shut. “Allow me to give you a little demonstration, Barbie…”

Kayleigh’s eyes went wide as she tried to breathe. But her mouth and nose had been efficiently closed off. She couldn’t inhale or exhale.

She grunted anxiously, wriggling around in the chair. It was to no avail. Her tormentor smiled down at her as though enjoying her struggles.

Her lungs started to heave as she became breathless and dizzy. She could hear a roaring in her ears as she tried to thrash about. The woman smiled all the more as she kept her hands in position, depriving Kayleigh of the very air she needed for existence.

“Interesting, is it not?” the woman observed with a lecherous grin, flashing her pearly whites. “Your lungs heaving, the agony in your chest, the sensation of extreme dizziness. Your body resists; you fight and struggle. But it does you no good. That’s what I love about my work, Barbie… the way they fight before they give in to the inevitable. Fight for me, Barbie.”

Kayleigh’s eyes got big as saucers. Her lungs heaved in her chest, her body convulsing over her need to breathe. Her eyes rolled as she started to pass out.

The hands were suddenly removed. She gasped mightily for a breath. The sudden rush of air into her lungs made her dizzy and disoriented.

She heard her tormentor chuckle as her vision began to clear. “That’s just the beginning, Barbie,” the redhead purred at her. “I want you to know how it feels to be absolutely breathless. I enjoy watching what the human body does when it fights for air. And I enjoy playing with my pets before I strangle them to death.”

Kayleigh’s eyes flew open in horror at the remark. “That’s right, Barbie,” her tormentor confirmed. “I’m going to asphyxiate you. I’m going to have my fun with you. And when I grow tired, I’m going to strangle the very life out of that petite little body of yours.”

There was a gleeful chuckle as hands returned once more to her face. They covered her mouth while pinching her nose shut. Kayleigh let out a muffled cry of horror as she wriggled and squirmed in the chair.

Her breathlessness returned, as did the agony in her lungs. Her eyes got bigger and bigger. She tried to scream, but failed.

This time the hands were not removed. Kayleigh’s mind screamed for her daddy to come rescue her. Then her eyes rolled until she passed out…

Kayleigh awakened on the cold floor. She was lying naked on her back upon her bound arms. Something was attached to her ankles.

She tried to wriggle and squirm. That’s when the redhead came into the room. The sadistic woman regally walked up to her.

“I hope you don’t mind, Barbie,” she chuckled with a sinister smile. “You appeared to get all flushed and sweaty from your introduction to my asphyxiation procedures. I hope this helps.”

The woman reached over to some remote dangling from a cable. Then she hit a button. Kayleigh’s legs were lifted up by some rope attached to her ankles.

It wasn’t long until her body was lifted clear off the floor. She dangled upside down as blood rushed to her head. “Hey; what are you doing to me??”

“Just going to cool you off, Barbie.”

Kayleigh looked and saw an aquarium filled with water. It was sitting on the floor where it must have been behind her. The aquarium appeared to be large enough to hold her entire body.

The redhead pushed her backward until she found herself dangling right over the top of it. When she looked down she saw the filled aquarium waiting directly below. That’s when she let out a gasp of alarm.

She cried out, Wait! What are you going to do to me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” the woman with a cruel smile. “What part of ‘asphyxiation’ do you not understand? I think we’ll start with a little drowning session.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Watch me, Barbie.”


“Deep breath, hun,” the redhead chuckled.

She hit a button on the remote. There was a sudden jerk on her ankles, followed by the sound of machinery. Kayleigh was slowly lowered until she was submerged up to her tummy.

She winced and bubbled, twisting and thrashing about as water rushed into her nose and sinuses. She hadn’t gotten a good breath to begin with. It wasn’t long before she began crying out in a froth of bubbles, struggling hard as her lungs started to burn.

She tried to bend at the waist in a futile effort to get her head up out of the aquarium. Then she felt a jerk on her ankles. She was slowly hauled back up to the sound of machinery until she was dangling above the aquarium, water dripping off her glistening, naked body.

“Lovely; simply lovely,” the redhead acknowledged as Kayleigh coughed and sputtered. “Let’s see if you can hold your breath even longer, Barbie.” Then the rope to her ankles jerked as she was lowered back down.

Kayleigh let out an agonized cry that was swallowed up as she was submerged again, dangling upside down in water up to her stomach. Her tormentor stepped forward and began lovingly caressing her naked body. The frightened teen wriggled and bubbled until she was hauled back up.

“Isn’t this fun?” the woman known as ‘the Asphyxiator’ observed with a chuckle. “I just love dunking pretty little Barbies like you.”


The rope gave a jerk. Kayleigh was lowered again. This time she was rational enough to gasp for air, filling her lungs.

She was submerged until she found herself struggling to hold her breath again. She could not help wondering how long she was going to be treated this way. Where the hell was daddy??

She felt fingers tease her womanly slit. A moment later they slide inside. She was shocked at the violation.

She wriggled and squirmed, bubbling helplessly. At the same time she felt shamefully aroused. It was both frightening and humiliating.

She was pulled up and then submerged… pulled up and then submerged again. Each time, the redhead touched her, fondled her, molested her… violated her. Fingers returned again and again until Kayleigh couldn’t stop from bubbling helplessly as her body exploded in shamefully humiliating orgasm.

She was pulled back up coughing and sputtering. She was weak and dazed, her eyes glazed over. “Now let’s really have some fun, Barbie,” the redhead gushed enthusiastically.

With the push of a button the rope released Kayleigh’s ankles. She fell into the aquarium with a splash. She ended up flat on her back, anxiously wriggling and bubbling.

She struggled to get to the surface, trying to get her head above water. Unfortunately the redhead climbed in with her. The bitch was still wearing her purple outfit.

Kayleigh’s head was lifted up so she could gasp frantically for breath. Then her head was slammed back down into the water. She wriggled and squirmed helplessly as her tormentor looked down and smiled at her naked, wriggling body.

Once more the petite little blonde was tormented underwater. The redhead touched her all over, fondling and molesting her while watching her bubble. Kayleigh’s lungs were seemingly pushed to her absolute limits time and time again, much to her tormentor’s delight.

The final straw was when she was forced to the bottom of the tank. The sadistic redhead brutally fingered her pussy. The petite blonde wriggled and squirmed, her lungs on fire as a shameful orgasm swelled within her. Then it exploded with devastating fury until the intensity of the breathless pleasure she endured battered her into merciful oblivion…

Kayleigh was unconscious for several minutes. When she awakened she found herself lying on her stomach. Naturally she was still naked.

She was on some sort of cushioned bench. And she was mostly dry. Thankfully she was no longer submerged in that damned aquarium.

She could feel someone tying her arms behind her back while humming a pleasant tune. She tried to turn her head. But she couldn’t see anything. Was it that redheaded bitch being wicked and evil again?

“Hey!” she grunted. “Get me out of this! You can’t treat me like this! Daddy’s going to take care of you if you don’t let me go!”

“Don’t worry, Barbie,” a familiar voice chuckled. “Your father will learn of your situation soon enough.”

Her legs were pulled back until her wrists and ankles were bound together, effectively hogtying her. There was no doubt about it. It was that asphyxiator bitch who was doing this to her.


“Does it, Barbie? Allow me to make it feel all better.”

There was movement behind her. Her legs were cruelly spread apart at the knees. Then she felt something being pushed into her wet slit. Gawd; the bitch was going to rape her with something!

“Feel better, Barbie?” the redhead asked solicitously. “We want you to feel good while you’re being asphyxiated to death.”

Kayleigh wriggled helplessly. But it didn’t do any good. The object – what felt like some sort of large, rubber dildo – had been slid deep inside her.

The bitch was actually going to rape her! It was utterly humiliating! It shamed her because of the way she was starting to become so aroused.

She moaned weakly, trying to protest her shabby treatment. Then she heard the hum of a piece of equipment. At the same time she felt the dildo start to thrust in and out of her.

Kayleigh moaned helplessly. She tried wriggling and squirming. Again, it did no good.

The redhead appeared right in front of her. She sat down in a chair directly facing her helpless prey. “You just go right ahead and cum for me, Barbie,” she told the teen. “In fact… why don’t we cum together!”

Kayleigh’s eyes opened wide as the bitch began rubbing her tits. Then the redhead reached down and started fingering the opening in her latex bottoms. She touched her glistening pussy while moaning softly.

It was horrifying to realize the woman was going to get off on her suffering. The humiliation was more than she could bear. What made it worse was the fact she could not stop her growing arousal.

It began to swell within her. She moaned and whimpered in helplessness and shame. The redhead moaned right along with her, telling her how hot she looked getting all fucked like that.

It finally exploded deep inside her. The thrusting dildo forced a humiliating orgasm right out of her. The bitch popped off with her until the two were cumming together. It was embarrassing as hell.

Kayleigh became exhausted. She began begging – actually begging – for the redhead to give her a break. But if anything, the machine thrusting the dildo in and out of her seemed to pump all the harder.

Her tormentor masturbated enthusiastically as she watched her prey. The teen was helpless to hold it back. Eventually both were overcome at almost the same instant by a second orgasm.

When it finally passed, Kayleigh went limp, panting weakly for breath. Mercifully the redhead got up. She went over and powered the fucking machine down.

There was some sort of unnerving movement behind her. Kayleigh felt her wrists and ankles being untied from each other. She waited in the hopes the dildo would be removed from her wet pussy. But alarmingly it was not to be.

A coil of rope was looped around her neck. It felt like it was being tied to her ankles. Her legs were bent behind her until her heels nearly touched her bare bottom.

Kayleigh grunted in alarm as she tried to straighten her legs. There was an immediate reaction from the rope around her neck. She stopped when she discovered she was somehow strangling herself.

The fucking machine started back up nice and slow. The redhead came around front and sat down in her chair. The helpless teenager felt the coil of rope start to constrict around her neck as she tried to stretch her tired legs.

“See that equipment over there?” the redhead said with a smile as she pointed toward a corner. “There’s been a camera over there the whole time. It’s been recording our time together. We’re recording this for your family, Barbie. Now say good bye to your father.”

Kayleigh grunted in alarm. She tried to cry out, but she felt her legs wanting to cramp. When she tried to stretch them backward she felt herself being strangled by the rope around her neck.

“Don’t worry, Barbie,” her sadistic killer told her with a smile. “You’ll have a good cum as you strangle yourself to death. Hell, maybe you’ll have more than one. I know I’m certainly going to get off watching you cum and die.”

She settled back in her chair and began to touch herself all over again. Kayleigh’s eyes got big as she began shaking her head in alarm. She tried to pull her legs forward, but she could still feel them wanting to cramp up.

The machine began to fuck her harder and faster. She began to feel the strain in her legs. It made the cord around her neck tighten even more.

She gawked and gurgled as the machine fucked her relentlessly. The redhead began fingering herself in anticipation of Kayleigh’s last, breathless orgasm. The teen wriggled and squirmed as she struggled for an unhindered breath.

Her eyes got bigger and bigger. Her legs cramped, causing her to try to stretch her legs. That’s when her orgasm erupted inside her.

She shuddered hard as she was hit with a violent wave of intense pleasure. Her legs spasmed; she was getting severe cramps. As she tried to straighten her limbs, she found she could hardly breathe at all.

Her eyes got bigger and bigger. She rasped for the redhead to help her, trying to communicate she couldn’t breathe. Her tormentor simply masturbated more aggressively.

Kayleigh began spasming and convulsing. The rope was too tight; she couldn’t breathe! The machine just kept fucking her as she involuntarily strangled herself.

She gawked and gurgled, her eyes big as saucers from her asphyxiation. She couldn’t get a word out, couldn’t seem to catch her breath. Her legs spasmed as the coil constricted tightly around her neck.

She struggled to obtain a single, solitary breath. Then her body involuntarily climaxed in the midst of her death throes. Her eyes rolled as her legs tried to stretch back until she was thoroughly strangling herself with the coil around her neck.

Her tongue protruded as she was overcome with a massive wave of dizziness and disorientation. The last thing she saw was the redhead furiously fingering herself. The last thing she heard were the enthusiastic words of the bitch’s excitement at her impending strangulation…

“Yes, Barbie… gawd yes… cum for me, Barbie… strangle yourself and die, you sexy bitch… your asphyxiation; it’s so hot… ohgawd; now I’m cumming too!”

Kayleigh couldn’t hear or see anything anymore. She was plummeting into the pit of oblivion. The terrified screams in her mind echoed over and over again until she faded away.

Her body shuddered and then went limp. Stray muscles twitched from her dying brain’s sporadic messages to keep fighting. The machine kept fucking her until there were little orgasmic twitches emanating from her soaked womanhood.

The redhead climaxed hard, almost screaming as she nearly fell out of her chair. For a moment she didn’t know where she was… only that she felt so very, very good. Then her senses returned.

She saw the 18 year old lying on the cushioned bench. Her horrified expression had sagged into a vacant death stare. The fucking machine continued pounding her wet pussy over and over again, making her body rock with each thrust. Otherwise there was no sign of life.

There was a drugged look in the teen’s eyes, a look that indicated she had orgasmed in her final moments. She looked as though she’d cum hard and gloriously as she’d strangled to death. Somehow she looked even more beautiful.

The redhead sat there for several minutes, sighing with pleasure as she enjoyed the dead body still being fucked by the machine. She finally composed herself enough to rise up and turn off the fucking machine. The teen’s pussy area was drenched. At least she’d enjoyed herself in her final moments.

The redhead reached down and scooped up some of the fluids with her fingers. She brought them to her lips to savor the flavor. “Mmmm,” she purred. “The cum of the strangled. It just keeps getting better and better.”

She had to admit that she loved her job. Now it was time to dispose of the body. Then she had to send a copy of Barbie’s final moments to her father, just to remind him how serious his obligations were to the organization she worked for…

2012; 2020 (written for “Kayleigh” Oct 23 ’12; ed. Feb 20 ‘20 by riwa)

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