Emma at the bottom of the pool


Emma is at the bottom of the deep end of an empty pool. She has an ankle cuffed, a thin wire attached to the pool drain. She’s in a nice bikini. But I’m nowhere around.

All of the sudden the pool starts to fill. Water pours up from the drain and comes in from other locations. Emma now realizes this is not a good situation she finds herself in.

She tries to work the cuff off her ankle, but it’s not coming off. She’s not sure how much wire she has. Is it slack enough to get her all the way to the surface so she can breathe if the pool fills? She has no idea.

She calls out but there’s no response. The water is up to her knees. She’s not going to have a long wait.

She looks around for some way out of her situation. She pulls on the wire again. It seems securely fastened to the pool drain. And it seems securely fastened to her cuffed ankle.

The water reaches her chest. She wades over toward the ladder. But she can’t reach it. She’s in the middle of the pool. She’ll have to go straight up to get air when the time comes.

The water reaches her neck. She has no worries; she can tread water for a long time. But sooner or later she will get tired. The question is: how high will the wire let her go.

The pool is twelve feet deep. The ladder was just out of reach. She tries to calculate how much wire tethers her to the bottom. She has the distinct impression it won’t let her reach the surface.

The water lifts her up off the pool floor. She tries to touch with her foot and her face goes under. That’s it; she’s going to have to tread water now.

She calls out again, but no one hears her. This is not good. She treads water, instinctively trying to kick the cuff off her ankle. It is a futile gesture. She looks over and sees the water has risen to the seven foot level.

She continues to tread water. The water rises slowly but surely. She can feel a certain anxiety that has given her a horrific arousal at her predicament.

She grabs the wire from her foot and tries to pull. It only succeeds in pulling her under. She lets go and pops back up.

The water’s rising fast. She won’t have long. Soon she’ll find out if she’ll be able to reach the surface or not when the pool is full.

She calls out once again. Then she sees me walk up to the edge of the pool. I’m naked but I’m in scuba gear.

“Thank gawd!” she calls out. “You want to get me out of here?” But the look in my face chills her. Am I the one responsible for her situation?

The water’s at eight feet now. Four more feet to go. At least I’m here for her. But what are my intentions? And why is my cock so hard?

I step off into the water with a splash. I’m neutrally buoyant. I can stay near the surface or close to the bottom without much effort.

I swim to the bottom and stand on the drain. I smile as I give a warning tug on her wire. Then I pull her under.

I pull her down to me. She flails for the surface, losing bubbles. Then I let her go.

She shoots back up and gasps for breath. I give another warning tug. This time she wisely inhales. The water is at the nine foot mark.

I pull her down to me. She tries to reach out for my regulator. I grab her wrist and latch a cuff onto it.

I spin her around, trying to grab her other arm. She bubbles as she fights me. But she knows I might not let her get back to the surface for another breath. So she relents.

She submissively brings her arm behind her back, allowing me to take it. I cuff her other wrist. Then I let her go.

She kicks for the surface, sir spewing out of her nose. She pops up and gasps for breath. I give her thirty seconds of treading water before I pull her back down.

This time I smile as I pull the strings to her bikini top. She bubbles air out of her nose as I reach out and fondle her boobs. She looked at me and mouths for air. I just point upward… “You’ll have to get it up there” and then I let her go.

She kicks for the surface. She treads water for another thirty seconds before I pull her back down. Now the pool has been filled to the ten foot mark.

This time I reach out and pop the strings to her bottoms. They float away. I can’t resist reaching out to touch and fondle her.

She holds her breath until her lungs start to complain. Then I let her go. She kicks for the surface and bursts up.

I give her another thirty seconds. Then I pull her back down to me. I smile as I touch her all over.

She tries to hold her breath for as long as she can. I enjoy touching her everywhere. She moans and bubbles. Then I let her go.

She kicks up for another breath. This time she feels the wire jerk on her ankle in arning. But for now her head is above water.

She gasps for breath, whimpering with fright. Then I pull her back down. Once more I have her right in front of me.

My cock is hard. But I make no more toward her. Instead I continue to touch her all over.

I grope her tits while fingering her slit. She clenches and bubbles. I can tell she’s aroused. It must be the fear combined with being forced to hold her breath.

Her lungs heave so I let her go again. She kicks up and her head clears the surface. But the wire feels more threatening now as it remains attached to her ankle.

She looks over to see the water has almost reached 11 feet. Then I give a warning tug on the wire. She fills her lungs before I pull her back down.

She looks at me in alarm. Her tits are deliciously hard, her pussy swollen from her excitement. She must be wondering how much longer I will make her do this.

Her lungs strain and I see her lose bubbles. I kindly let her go. She heads for the surface spewing bubbles out of her nose.

When she gets there she’s alarmed to discover she’s at the end of her tether. Her head is above water, but the surface has reached her chin. It’s still got another nine inches to rise. That means it will be over her head when the pool is full.

I pull her back down to me. Then I force her to hold her breath. She gives off sexy nose bubbles as I reach out to fondle and grope her.

She looks at me, pleading for the regulator in my mouth. I shake my head and point upward. Then I let go of the wire.

Emma kicks upward and reaches the surface. But the wire almost pulls her up short. She has to tip her head back to get any air.

I rise up to see her progress. The water level continues to rise. Her head tips farther back. It’s almost to her lips.

I watch her as she struggles to breathe. She gets one more good breath. Then the water is high enough that she’s forced to snort air in and out of her nose. But that soon fails and she takes her last surface breath before being tethered vertically, her eyes now level with the water.

I point at my cock. I signal two. Then I tap the reg in my mouth… “Suck for two minutes and you’ll get a breath.”

She nods; she has no choice. The water level is already too high. So I pull her down in front of my cock.

She wastes no time taking it into her mouth. Then she begins sucking. Sexy nose bubbles leak out as she gives it all she’s got.

I monitor her progress. Then she comes off my cock. I shake my head before pointing at my watch… “No, it’s got to be two minutes.”

She goes back to sucking. Her mouth is exquisite. She’s very talented.

Her lungs are heaving when she reaches two minutes. I tap her on the shoulder and take the reg out of my mouth. I put it between her lips and watch her inhale deeply.

I give her a good thirty seconds. Then I point down at my erection and lift up two fingers. “Two more minutes of sucking for another hit of air.”

She nods as she tries to work herself down to my cock. She gets it into her mouth and starts sucking. It’s incredible to hear her grunts and moans as bubbles trickle out of her nose.

This time she stays with it. She knows she’ll get no air unless she sucks. So her lungs have only started heaving when I tap her on the shoulder indicating it’s been two minutes and she gets to breathe.

Once more she gets the reg between her lips. She inhales deeply. After thirty seconds I take it away and put it back in my mouth.

She goes back to sucking. She’s quite skilled. I’m getting close. But I’m not going to let her swallow.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and drift back to watch. She looks at me in alarm before kicking for the surface. The wire pulls her up short. The top of her head is an inch from the surface.

She looks at me and pleads with her eyes. I shake my head no as I start to stroke. Her eyes get big as she realizes what’s about to happen.

She tries to kick herself to the surface. But the wire pulls her up short each time. Her lungs begin to heave and she starts losing nose bubbles.

I breathe deeply as I watch her. Now I’m really turned on. I stroke harder and faster as I watch.

Emma kicks hard as she struggles to reach the surface. Her shoulders shift from side to side as more nose bubbles pour out of her mouth. Now I’m really stroking.

For a long moment she looks at me in horror. Then she gulps water. Instantly she loses a ton of nose bubbles as she starts swallowing gallons of killing H2O.

She hitches and jerks as my cock goes off. Streamers of cream spurt into the water. She spasms and convulses, her eyes wide in horror until she settles down. Then she hangs there tethered to the wire an inch below the surface, slowly swaying back and forth as her hair settles all around her head.

(Sep 3 ’18)

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