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Coming July rewards

A new chapter to the Party Decoration story.
A young man is seduced in the water.
Another Mr. Wayne Club chapter.
Vanessa undergoes a watery punishment.
A daughter pays rent in a most unique way.
Tammi makes a critical error with her husband.
Another Teri 5.0 chapter. We should be concluding this thing soon, right?
Another Shelly in Cancun chapter.
An older Mrs. Riwa story about a haunted(?) log in a pool.
Another Joia chapter.

May stories/rewards will fall off at the end of June to make room for July rewards.

I just got home from mom’s house to check up on things. Why is that, you ask? Because two weeks ago today I got this call at 3 am, awakening me from a sound sleep. My mother had fallen and could not get up. I got dressed in record time and drove over. Somehow I helped her get to her feet. But her arm was hurting. I made a makeshift sling out of a length of curtain frill. Then we were on our way to the emergency room.

The good news: there was no indication of any kind of head trauma. The bad news: mom broke her left arm, which is not good because she is left-handed. Thus, I’ve been driving into town every other day to see her in the hospital and then to see her at the rehab center where she is working like crazy to be allowed to go back home.

There will be changes and adjustments coming. It’s been hard to write lately, especially to work on newer material. My mind has never strayed far from what is going on with mom. But she seems to be getting better, and should be coming home soon once they deem she will not fall again or encounter an issue I am unprepared or unqualified to deal with.

Over the past few days I’ve been feeling less stress over mom’s situation. Thus, I’ve been able to work on stories a little more freely than before. This is a good thing because I like writing for you. I appreciate all of you for being my patrons. Thank you so much.

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