Terrie’s latest shemale victim


This is how Terrie envisioned the events of the picture above playing out…

Terrie’s Latest Shemale Victim…
…would be her last. After strangling the luscious shemale, coaxing a death orgasm from her inviting ‘clit’, and posing her for a postmortem photo, the shemale’s busty partner gave Terrie a lethal dose of her own medicine by strangling her to death. She rammed dildoes into every one of corpseTerrie’s orifices, and left her for the motel maid to find.

This is the story I wrote for her.

She said her name was Fabiola. Terrie thought the name was fitting. This attractive shemale looked absolutely fabulous and would no doubt turn out to be a sexy snuff.

Fabiola took them to a motel she knew about, willingly paying for the room since Terrie was paying extra for their time together. Then they got right to it. The fifty-something Terrie was looking forward to adding this sexy bitch to her growing collection of asphyxia snuffs.

The luscious tranny had no idea what Terrie had planned for her as they started off in a 69 position. Terrie went right to work worshipping that gorgeous she-cock. But her ultimate plan was to have it go off inside her at the moment Fabiola stopped breathing.

She was so excited with Fabiola’s large breasts and luscious fuck-tool that she couldn’t wait any longer. She climbed aboard, straddling her as she eagerly rode her in the cowgirl position. But picturing this attractive shemale gasping for breath made her impatient to get on with it.

She wrapped her fingers around the tranny’s throat and started to squeeze. “Do you love erotic asphyxiation, honey?” she panted lustfully. “I sure as hell do!” And with that she squeezed harder.

She began bouncing up and down, impaling herself time and time again while enjoying the cock that filled her. At first Fabiola seemed to be enjoying the asphyxiation. “Let’s see how much you like it now, honey,” Terrie told her as she squeezed harder while using her muscles to clamp onto the delicious dick in her throbbing cunt.

Fabiola’s eyes opened wider as she started to gasp. She tried to push Terrie off while rasping, “Too tight… too tight!”

“Don’t you know?” Terrie responded with wicked glee. “It’s supposed to be tight when you’re killing a sexy bitch like you!”

Fabiola tried to claw the hands off from around her throat. Then she tried to choke Terrie with her hands. But she’d waited too long and didn’t have the strength to fight back.

“Too late!” Terrie cackled with sadistic glee. “Now you can cum as you die, you sexy bitch! Cum in my hot cunt as you die!” And with that she squeezed just as hard as she could.

Fabiola shuddered hard as her she-cock emptied inside Terrie’s spasming pussy. Terrie choked her all the way down to the depths of oblivion. When she finally climbed off, her pussy was full of cream that also seeped out and coated the dead shemale’s still twitching appendage.

Terrie hungrily licked and slurped on the still hardened dick, sucking on that delicious piece of meat until it twitched. She grabbed one of her toys and fucked the dead she-bitch’s ass for good measure. Amazingly the dick went off, spurting all over the twitching corpse.

Terrie licked it up and then climbed aboard to fuck the shemale again. She choked Fabiola some more, even though it wasn’t necessary. Once more it felt like she was able to entice a little more cream out of the dead tranny’s twitching dick.

She used her big dildo she’d brought along to rape the tranny’s ass, causing the she-cock to stiffen a little. She sucked and slurped on it again as she abused the corpse with her toy. The dick twitched as a little bit more cream oozed forth.

Terrie was ecstatic from her kill. She propped up the dead shemale on the bed, considering how best to leave her for the maid to find. She placed the limp hand next to the still stiff, dripping she-cock, knowing it would be soft by the time the maid came in to enjoy the corpse.

She left her toy in the ass, thinking it might be helpful for the maid to use in case she too wanted to abuse the sexy body. She pulled out another dildo and shoved it in the sexy she-male’s mouth to add to the picture of a well-fucked corpse. Then the motel door opened and an ebony beauty walked in.

Terrie looked at her in astonishment. “Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m Natalia,” the woman said. “This is the room we like to use whenever we’re out fucking. And that’s my Fabiola sitting all propped up like that. What the hell did you do to her?”

“She’s recovering from our little play,” Terrie said with a smile, sizing up the newcomer. “Do you want to play too?”

“What did you do to her??”

“A little erotic asphyxiation, hun,” Terrie told her with a smile. “I fucked her while choking her out. Wanna play?”

“You bitch!” Natalia gasped as she charged her, throwing her clothes off. “You’ll pay for that!”

“I’d be delighted to see you try.”

Terrie braced for her new adversary. But her eyes opened wide when she discovered Natalia’s revealed she-cock was even bigger than Fabiola’s. Riding that hardening dick to victory while asphyxiating her was going to be a real treat.

They wrestled each other for position, hurling obscenities at each other. But it was soon becoming clear to Terrie she truly had a fight on her hands. And her previous orgasms had already depleted her energy reserves.

Her excitement and anxiety rose as Natalia managed to get on top of her. Fingers wrapped around her throat as that enormous, chocolate cock rammed inside her throbbing pussy. Her own hands rose up to meet the she-male’s neck in a battle she suspicioned only one of them was going to survive.

“I’ll fucking kill you!” Natalia gasped angrily, pounding her hard with her she-cock while trying to choke the life out of her.

“I’m gonna add you to my collection!” Terrie rasped with a confident smile. “I’m gonna enjoy your cum pumping inside me as you die!” But the grip around her throat was stronger than she’d anticipated.

Natalia rammed her hard, the sexual excitement and pleasure easing Terrie’s asphyxiating fingers. But the angry tranny’s grip increased. “I’ll fucking kill you for choking my sweet Fabiola to death!”

Terrie started seeing stars as she tried to improve her grasp. But her strength was ebbing away, her pussy throbbing from the erotic pounding she was getting. That’s when she realized she was the one who might not be surviving this encounter.

“Fucking bitch!” the tranny hissed angrily at her, her fingers tightening even more. “Look into my eyes! I want to watch your face as I fuck you to death!” Then she really started thrusting hard, trying to fuck the shit out of the woman who’d killed her beloved Fabiola.

Terrie rasped and gurgled as it swelled inside her. Then she was cumming hard, bucking and shuddering and orgasming intensely. Hands tightened around her throat even more as her eyes rolled.

She was unable to fight back as her body welcomed the fucking and the asphyxiation. She couldn’t breathe… but she just kept on cumming. She wanted to live, but it was as though her body was screaming, “YES – YES; I’M CUMMING FOR YOU AS YOU ASPHYXIATE ME! STRANGLE ME TO DEATH AND I’LL CUM FOR YOU AS I DIE!!”

She could feel herself spiraling away into oblivion. But it was as though her overly excited body was welcoming the intense pleasure as death claimed her. All she could think of was how this sexy she-bitch was fucking her to death and how wonderful it felt. Then she went limp against the assault against her flesh.

Natalia kept fucking the body long after any evidence of life had faded away. She finally pumped her full of her seed before pausing to look. Terrie stared up at her with her mouth gaping open, looking as though she’d died from a mixture of pain and euphoria.

“FUCKING WHORE!” Natalia roared as she flipped the body over the end of the bed. She thrust hard into the dead ass and started raping the corpse in rage and despair over the loss of her beloved. She stared at her Fabiola while pounding Terrie’s ass.

“This is for you, baby!” she cried out, thrusting as hard as she could. Terrie’s corpse responded by shuddering a little. Natalia thought the bitch might still be alive, so she wrapped her hands around the neck and squeezed with all her might.

Terrie twitched and quivered. Natalia thought she could feel the ass clenching. She made Terrie look at her Fabiola as she choked her out again. But the fifty-something was already gone and could no longer see.

Natalia left a second deposit in the dead woman’s ass. But there was no pulse. She pinched and twisted the nipples, but there was no response. That’s when she realized the bitch was good and dead.

There was no use taking Fabiola’s body with her. So she laid out Terrie on the bottom, before putting her dear friend on top in a 69 position. When the maid came in it would look like the corpses were eating each other out.

She made sure Fabiola’s she-cock was stuffed in Terrie’s mouth. She filled Terrie’s other holes with the toys she found. Then she left them behind for the motel housekeepers to enjoy. She hoped they would treat her Fabiola well. But they could do whatever the hell they wanted to the other dead bitch…

2017 (written Jan 9 ’17 by riwa. Inspired by Teri’s synopsis and the manip she provided.)

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