I drowned him in the hot tub (m/m)


One evening Alex and I were out soaking in the hot tub. We were both naked as we sat side by side. Our hands were in each other’s lap, idly stroking the other’s cock.

Alex suggested we do a little breath-holding. I told him I was agreeable. So we submerged on our asses on the bottom as I timed us.

Alex wasted no time stroking my erection. I could not resist stroking his as well. We both released bubbles as we sat side by side, our heads just under the surface.

I came up first at around 1:28. Alex stayed down several seconds longer. He grinned triumphantly as he surfaced last.

I told him his time. He thought we could both hold our breath longer. So he suggested we try again.

I timed us as we submerged together. Once more we sat on the bottom side by side, reaching over to stroke each other. We released bubbles to ease the strain in our lungs.

I pushed myself until Alex was forced to go up first. I surfaced a couple seconds later. Then I told him the losing time of 1:42.

He proposed we go down a third time. This time he suggested a reward for the winner. The loser would have to match the winner’s time by holding his breath while sucking cock underwater.

I agreed to his terms. So we both took deep breaths. Then we submerged together.

Once more we moved our hand into the other’s lap to stroke a growing erection. It felt good the way he was slowly tugging on me. I bubbled a little as I stroked him back.

We became competitive as the time approached 2:00. I was looking forward to making him suck my dick underwater. It was obvious he wanted the same from me.

We really pushed it until our lungs were heaving. I finally burst up at 2:08. Alex came up 4 seconds later.

“Ok, Dean,” he told me with a smile. “I’m looking forward to my 2:12 underwater blowjob from you.”

“I’ll get you next time,” I told him good-naturedly.

He laughed. “Not if you drown with my cock down your throat. Now get down there and start sucking!”

I filled my lungs as he pushed my head down into his lap. My face was under the surface as I wrapped my lips around his shaft. He twitched in my mouth as I began sucking and vacuuming.

Bubbles leaked out of my nose as I focused on blowing him. I could feel the velvety smoothness of his skin on my tongue. Then he wickedly pushed my head down even more until I nearly gagged on his erection.

I blew bubbles as he kept track of the time on his watch. He told me I still had 30 seconds to go. By then my lungs were burning.

He did not let me up a single second early. The harder I tried to lift my head up, the harder he pushed down. I was really bubbling with his cock down my throat when he finally let me up.

He laughed as he told me, “That’s 2:12, Dean. For a minute there I thought you were going to drown!”

“Not me, Alex. I want to go again. This time you’re going to be the one sucking dick.”

He laughed as we both started taking long, deep breaths. We both checked our watches. Then we submerged together, bubbles dribbling up to the surface as we sat on our asses.

I settled in for a really long one. I was determined to beat him. Besides, I wanted him to gag on my shaft underwater.

This time we didn’t bother playing with each other. Alex and I were serious about winning. We both wanted underwater blowjobs.

We reached 1:30 without any real effort. About 1:50 I saw him struggling a little. Bubbles came out of his nose as I released a few out of my mouth.

We reached 2:00 and kept right on going. 2:15 and we were still pushing it. By 2:25 we were both suffering.

I really pushed it as I released more bubbles. I saw Alex’s chest heave. Then he surfaced with a loud gasp at 2:34. I pushed it to 2:40 before I joined him.

I grinned at him as I told him to get to sucking. He told me he needed a minute first to catch his breath. I told him he was going to need more than that after I drowned him.

He took long, deep breaths to prepare. Then he gasped deeply before submerging. He wrapped his lips around my dick and began sucking, gently bobbing up and down.

I loved how his tongue swirled around my shaft. And I loved the way tiny bubbles trickled out of his nose. But I was determined to keep him down the full length I’d held my breath.

I began pushing down on his head, making him take it deeper. He grunted up bubbles in the hot tub. It was arousing as hell.

He wanted up, but I kept pushing down on his head. “2:20, Alex! 20 more seconds to go!”

He really struggled as I pushed down hard on his head. More bubbles came up. I cheated by keeping him down 2:42 before letting him back up.

His head shot up out of the water. He gasped for breath as he glared daggers at me. Then he smiled as he told me, “I suppose I deserved that.”

“You sure as hell did. Right now we’re even. Care to go one more round – winner take all?”

“What’s the prize?” he asked with a sly grin.

“What do you think?” I retorted with a grin of my own.

“You’re going to be the one drowning impaled on my cock, Dean.”

“Put your money where your mouth is, Alex.”

We both got serious as we took long, deep breaths. I could tell we were both trying to hyperventilate. Neither one of us wanted to lose this last one.

We finally went down on the count of three, both of us checking our watches. We sat on our asses on the bottom of the hot tub. I was looking forward to fucking the breath out of his lungs after I won this last breath-hold contest.

We remained perfectly still as we sat on the bottom of the hot tub. Occasional bubbles dribbled out of our noses. Neither one of us reached over to play with the other. We didn’t want to use any spare oxygen on unnecessary distractions.

We were doing pretty good as we reached 2:00. I felt it in my lungs around 2:20. I thought I saw Alex start to wriggle as he lost more bubbles out of his nose.

At 2:35 it really got serious. By 2:40 I could see his stomach ripple. I was trying to control the convulsions in my chest, but it was getting harder.

We both began losing air around 2:50. I decided I was going to make 3:00 for sure. If I still lost at least I could be proud of my effort.

We really wriggled as we reached 3:00. I lost more bubbles out of my nose. Alex’s chest was heaving noticeably.

At 3:05 he finally shot up for breath, gasping loudly at the surface. I forced myself to stay under another 5 seconds. My lungs were screaming at me when I surfaced at 3:10.

I grinned triumphantly at him. “Prepare to pay the piper, Alex. You can start by making me hard before I shove it up your ass.”

“You’re already hard,” he observed with a wry smile.

“Not as hard as I’m going to be.” Then I pulled his head down in my lap, making him bubble as I speared his mouth with my stiffy.

I made him bob up and down on my dick, allowing him the occasional breath. I let him get me nice and hard. Then he came off my cock and started hyperventilating as he kept me hard by stroking me.

“3:10, Alex. You’ve got to stay under and get fucked for 3:10.”

“I think I can do that, Dean.”

He got on his knees as I knelt behind him. I pushed my cock against the crack of his ass. Then I slowly worked it forward until his anal ring finally gave way and I slid right in.

“Get a good breath, Alex. 3:10 is going to be a long, underwater fuck for you.” He just panted and nodded.

He filled his lungs and then bent forward. I pushed down on his head, making sure he was submerged. Bubbles came up as I started thrusting in and out.

I thrust nice and slow as I checked my watch. I planned on pushing Alex until he was really struggling. I was pretty sure his clenching ass was going to milk the spunk right out of my swollen balls.

Bubbles came up as he grunted under my thrusts. His ass felt nice and tight. I loved the way he bubbled as I fucked the air out of his lungs.

“Feels good, Alex,” I called down to him. “Next time you’ll have to hold your breath longer if you want to feel your cock up my ass.” I laughed as I thrust good and hard up his butt.

He grunted and bubbled as I reached under to stroke his erection. He was nice and hard. Apparently he was pretty horny being forced to hold his breath while I enjoyed taking his ass underwater.

I cupped and played with his balls before jerking his meat. He grunted and bubbled some more. Then I jerked him really hard.

He bubbled “OW” as his head came up out of the water. I laughed as I told him, “That’s not good, Alex. Now we have to start all over.”

“You didn’t have to jerk me so hard!”

“And you didn’t have to come up for a breath either. Back down you go.”

“Wait a minute! I need to catch my breath!” I just laughed as I put my hand on his head.

I roughly forced his head back down below the surface. Alex grunted and bubbled. I laughed as I told him, “3:10 is going to be a long time to hold your breath, buddy!”

There were more grunts and bubbles as I thrust nice and slow. I watched as he reached 1:00 easily enough. I increased my thrusts as he approached 2:00.

More bubbles came up as he wriggled around in my grasp. I could feel his ass clenching wonderfully around my throbbing dick. I was looking forward to leaving a nice load up his ass.

I pumped him harder as he started to struggle. “You’ve still got 45 seconds to go, Alex!” More bubbles came up as he grunted again.

I felt his ass clench even harder as he tried to rise up. I just forced him to stay under. That’s when the bubbles really came up.

I called down, “3:10, Alex, and not a second sooner! I don’t care if you drown before you get there!” Then I laughed as I really started fucking him.

There was a huge explosion of bubbles. Then he started thrashing about. That’s when his ass milked the cum right out of me.

He finally settled down as I thrust nice and slow. My hand was on his back, but he was hardly moving. I cheated by waiting until 3:15 before pulling his head up.

I got him to the surface and checked for a pulse. There was still a decent heartbeat. He suddenly coughed before he began to pant tiredly for breath.

“You made it,” I told him with a grin. “3:15 wasn’t so bad, was it?”

His eyes regained their focus as he looked at me. With all the strength he could muster he forced me down into the hot tub. Then he sat his ass on top of me, letting me know in no uncertain terms just how much I was going to pay for drowning him in the hot tub.

2020 (written Jun 14 ’20 by riwa)

(Pictures pulled from a couple of gifs I found on the Internet.)

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