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Coming June rewards

The conclusion to Emma’s trip to the Jersey shore
Mother and daughter are feuding while facing execution
Two women in scuba gear take vengeance on a woman in a pond
The start of my club series Mr. Wayne
Dorothy attends a unique initiation with her sister
Claudia goes on vacation to get away from her husband and meets a man who satisfies her sexually
Another Joia chapter
Another Teri in the holodeck chapter
Another Shelly in Cancun chapter
A woman engages in a risky masturbation session
A guy hunts down females from 1940’s Germany to give them a just punishment

April stories/rewards will fall off at the end of May to make room for June rewards.

There have been some distractions this last month. I’ve had story arcs I’ve wanted to get back to. But it’s been more of a struggle than I anticipated. I think it’s because Mom’s health has come into question.

There was a run to the emergency room. And she has unhealthy habits. For the most part, I tend to remain stoic on the outside, mostly because I’m trying to avoid stress as much as I can. But it may be weighing on me on a sub-conscious level. She’s been trying to get things prepared at her house should the inevitable eventually occur. That cannot help but weigh upon one’s mind.

So I try to apply myself to my writing and limit stress as much as I can. I work on organizing stories, trying not to duplicate uploads. I edit older stories in advance, getting them ready ahead of time just in case. And I try to come up with new stories without locking myself down into potentially longer tales involving many chapters. I dislike leaving things unfinished, and I have a few stories I’d like to get back to and bring them to a conclusion that satisfies me (and you, I hope).

But enough about me. I hope you are all doing well. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you so very much for being my patrons.

Library note: I managed to get a star rating system in place. I hope it holds for a while. Feel free to rate a story you enjoy. I am still receiving your comments, although I am unable at this time to make them viewable to the public. I don’t want to break something while trying to fix it. My apologies.

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